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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. NOOK Book. CHAPTER 1 Tyree sat on the balcony, contemplating the next chapter of his life as he tossed a handful of leaves pulled from a nearby tree. He had been standing there for twenty minutes, slipping off from yet another boring business event. The glamorous party scene was getting old to him, considering he had been doing it since he was seventeen.

Tyree Johnston was hand-picked, "the chosen one," to take over the family business, Johnston Incorporated. After years of grooming, he reluctantly agreed to run it just as his father wished. He had just celebrated his thirtieth birthday and was now about to embark upon his second marriage. The first marriage had taken its toll on him, and all he had to show for it was a beautiful seven-year-old son. After ten years, he only had him as a reminder of the incredible love they once shared. He met his ex-wife, Mia, when they were children; and he was in love from the moment he heard her laugh and saw her smile.

It took him years to gather his courage and finally admit the love he felt for her. They spent most of their childhood together — along with his brother, Miguel, his sister, Asha, her little sister, Janelle, her brother Rick, when he was home, and her cousin, Milan — but it wasn't until they were teenagers that he professed his love. Against the wishes of her father, Richmond, they were married the day after graduation, and they stayed married ten years before splitting.

Between Heaven and Hell

The split was Mia's idea, of course. Now here he was, sitting on the balcony that held so many memories for him, all of which included Mia. The party he was attending was at the house he had spent so much time in over the years: her house. Well, her brother's house. Mia had relocated two years ago, and he hadn't seen her since the divorce was final. They had been sharing custody of their son, Kyan. Even though she refused to see Tyree, Mia made sure he had his time with Kyan, sending her brother, Rick, and his wife, Cassandra, to handle the pickups and drop-offs between them.

The whole thing made him angry, feeling like they were adults and should be able to meet to hand over their son. As he stood, still leaning over the edge, Tyree realized that as angry as he was with Mia for leaving him without an explanation, he couldn't blame her. The truth was, he was irresponsible, and it cost him his wife. The whole situation they were in now stemmed back to one thing: the kidnapping.

FIREWIND: Between Heaven and Hell

His son had gotten taken on his watch, and Mia never got over it, not even after Tyree dropped everything to look for him. Upon returning home, Tyree quickly found out that his wife and child had moved on without him. As hard as he tried to reaffirm their love and win her trust back, Mia just wasn't having it.

She told him she had moved on and, after his repetitive pleas, she ultimately served him with divorce papers. After the divorce, she decided she needed a change of scenery and went off to head the branch of her family's company, Livingston Enterprises, in Paris. Tyree was devastated by her rejection and went back into seclusion, only coming out for work until he met Renee. Renee came into his life and was a burst of positive energy.

She was fun and exciting, everything he needed in his frame of mind. She helped him to get reintegrated into the world. She brought him out of the darkness and helped him find his way back to what was left of his family. He fell for her hard and fast, proposing after a year of dating; and he finally felt like everything was back on track until he learned of the business deal that set this whole night in motion. Miguel and Asha were both vital parts of Johnston Incorporated; and, despite the failed marriage between Mia and Tyree, their families were still very much intertwined.

Not only did they share Kyan, but they also shared an import and export business together, which, up until a few months ago, was small. When Miguel noticed the potential business they could bring in from overseas by expanding, he consulted with Rick, thus making their dealings that much more frequent. This particular party was a celebration of the fact that they had tripled revenue from last year's numbers. Tyree was ecstatic about the business, but he knew the more time he spent in this house, the more he would drift back into memories of something that no longer belonged to him.

He cared for Renee, she was a great woman, but no one would replace Mia. A piece of him would always belong to her. It had been two years, and he could still smell her perfume. Maybe it was his imagination, but he swore it was getting closer. Sniffing the air, Tyree knew it wasn't his imagination, it was really there, but he couldn't help the smile that crept across his face.

When he jerked around hoping to find her there, he displayed a light, disappointed smile, finding Cassandra walking toward him. Already tired of seeing me this summer? Cassandra was stunningly beautiful and, even at the age of forty, she had a youthful presence. As he scanned her appearance, everything about her screamed perfection. From her golden skin to her bright brown eyes, she was amazing.

She sent this perfume to me in Kyan's bag some time ago. I hardly ever wear it, but I just felt like dabbing a little on for tonight. It's a wonderful scent.

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Anyways, what are you doing out here all alone? In case you missed it, there is a party going on in there for you. This is more Miguel and Asha's scene than mine. I'll let them soak it up with Rick. You know you're only thirty, right? No need to lecture me tonight. I'm happy; I really am.

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I'm about to marry a beautiful woman, my son is here with me, and the company is flourishing. I'm living the American dream. Let's not forget, I've known you since you were in diapers, and I know when you're lying. I'm just saying, it's never too late to have it all. Stepping back into the foyer, he looked himself up and down in a full-length mirror. He had frown lines that weren't there before, and he ran his fingers over his semi-wavy fade.

He had always been described as a fairly good-looking man with his chiseled physique, creamy golden skin, and warm brown eyes; but he was feeling like a shell of his old self. He felt like he was way beyond his thirty years and he was desperate to feel some semblance of how he used to.

His body was still at its optimum prime, but his face now held wrinkles that made him look a little older. Tyree sighed, watching Renee walk across the room in her red strapless gown. She hadn't spotted him yet, but he watched her as she scanned the room, undoubtedly looking for him. She had been off with Asha and her husband, Terence, for most of the party, but he knew it would only be a matter of time before she sought him out. Unlike him, she enjoyed these events.

She loved the attention. Renee was a very impressive woman to look at. She was gorgeous, standing five feet six, with creamy caramel skin, bone-straight brown hair, and dark brown eyes. She's cute, the outfit is cute, and she has a sword. Instead of something expected like a staff.

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    Between Heaven & Hell

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