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Following the breakdown of her marriage, Nina has a new lease of life putting energy into making the jazz club successful as well as rebuilding a relationship with her daughter. Her love for Calle remains strong, meanwhile his culinary skills in the kitchen have been rewarded with a promotion. It seems other life factors still prevent them from realising their unrequited love.

Despite Peter no longer working in the restaurant his dislike of his brother Gustav grows. Outside the kitchen, waitress Maggan lobbies to have more female representation within the Trade Union, which sets the context for a changing Sweden less driven by class divide and more focused on becoming the social state that we know today.

Spanish voice over for audiovisual media and multimedia products

Following an original idea by Johan Rosenlind. SVT1 Sweden — one of their most successful and critically acclaimed drama series ever Drew audiences of 1. Black Lake Self-contained prequel to the hit psychological thriller A small tourist cruiser on the Stockholm archipelago drops a motley array of people on an apparently deserted island. This is where cholera patients were transported in the 19th century, refugees from the Baltic states were held there during the war, and then troublesome delinquents in the s.

The island with its dramatic shoreline has always been a fated place dealing in matters of life and death, and now it is the headquarters for life coach Uno Leijon, where he runs a treatment centre for addicts. For two weeks lost souls have to endure his methods, without any possibility of them leaving the island. A trying time awaits them, both physically and mentally. And the dramatic past of the island makes its presence felt. As the course of treatment starts to fall apart for the participants, an old murder mystery is brought to light.

Is history about to repeat itself? Couple Trouble A warm, amusing and honest love story about a modern-day relationship Anders and Lise are married, in their 30s, love each other and have a wonderful daughter. The two of them are forced to laugh and cry their way through the history of their relationship; the intense highs of passion, romance and adventure; and also the lows of affairs, jealousy, disappointments and endless misunderstandings.

Will the counselling help them and can they stomach hearing the truth, allowing love to return to their relationship? Nothing seems to be able to counter his frightful ambition, to extend his Kingdom and impose his reign over Europe as a whole. But dreams have a price. Madame De Maintenon, his new favourite, drags him into implementing absolutism, causing conflicts in the court.

The king can no longer tolerate any further dissension from his people, the Protestants or the Pope himself. Vampires, cops and mobsters Juda is a low-life gambler hustling a living in the murky depths of the criminal underworld. Borrowing money from the French mafia for a seat at a high-stakes Romanian poker game he wins big, only for his luck to run out when he is robbed and bitten by a seductive vampiress.

Unbeknownst to her she has broken the cardinal rule of her forefathers by drinking Jewish blood and begun her own path to mortality. Facing a race against time she must choose; exterminate Juda within eight days before his transition is complete. His season one battle with Eve Thorogood brought him closer to death than ever before. One day at a roadhouse an affable tour guide stands next to him for a soft drink and an opportunity presents itself.

With deadly wildlife, growing terror and extreme weather — every moment is a battle. Wolf Creek Stan Australia — series 1 broke all viewing records, more than doubling the next best series. But there are still strangers in the midst. What do they want? Conflicting interests collide.

Arms are pointed at one another. No one wants to back down. Meanwhile, it becomes increasingly obvious that the premise for ruling the country is set by somebody else, resulting in a governmental crisis. The silk glove is turning into an iron fist. This crisis situation spurs a chain of conflicts that has severe consequences both politically and on a personal level.

The question that everybody has to ask themselves constantly, now that the pressure is increasing, and which is the premise of the entire season is: who can you trust? A crime drama about blood, love and human relationships Set in the steel town of Port Talbot, loner Sam has his life transformed when he comes into possession of a gun and starts to break the law. His ambitious policewoman sister Gina is paid to uphold it and makes it her mission to find the owner of the weapon. When a close childhood friend suddenly passes away Rebecka reluctantly returns to Kiruna, the place where she grew up.

On investigation Martinsson soon discovers that her friend was actually murdered and she refuses to leave until she has uncovered the truth. Rebecka is pulled into a thrilling hunt for the murderer who she thinks may kill again. As she homes in on the truth, Rebecka is forced to confront a traumatic past event which still haunts her and caused her to abandon the very place she lived as a child. Vidago Palace A love story between two young people from different classes, ready to face all obstacles Vidago Palace is a story set in an extraordinary historical context, in a spectacular and luxurious spa hotel which opened in Vidago at the beginning of the 20th century to cater for the most select members of European society.

As fate would have it the summer of was to be an unforgettable one. This is the story of a woman fighting to steer her destiny in a world that is collapsing, changing and swarming in danger. On The Edge A bold and uncompromising three-part anthology looking at life in Britain today These distinct but thematically linked films shine a light on key perspectives of the justice system — the story of a criminal, a witness and a victim — and serve up a raw slice of real life in contemporary Britain. Through The Gates: Aimee has spent most of her youth in and out of prison. Both are trapped in vicious cycles.

Can they help each other find a way out? That Girl: Free-spirited Ashley refuses to grow up, enabled by sensible flatmate Becca. When Ashley is forced to confront a reality she tried to bury in her past, their faithful bond is tested. A tense psychological thriller 40 year old Caroline lives an ideal life with a beautiful house, a loving husband and an 11 year old son. A modern and dynamic woman, she works in a surgery treating mostly female and upper class patients.

One day, on the same journey Caroline makes daily between her house and work, she sees a man who is ready to jump from a bridge. He is so familiar to her. Why does she not call emergency services straight away? Why does she risk her own life to rescue him? And why does she offer him therapy?

Vincent has everything he needs in life to be happy. However one day he is witness to a deadly accident which rekindles a terrible event from his past. Vincent now finds himself in danger of losing everything. Eventually he must come to terms with the drama of his past and realise that he is the victim of Yann who has manipulated him. Shamed In this timely single drama a 27 year old woman exacts revenge for her teenage self Aged 17, Sarah Ivy was a happy, carefree teenager with a world of opportunity before her.

Fast forward 10 years and she has two men kidnapped and held in a room. The first is Nathan Bowyar, who is looking forward to his stag do and wedding day. Neither of them believe they know Sarah, or what she would want with them, but Sarah knows. What happened to her? What has led her to this? And what will be the fate of Nathan and Mani? As the plot progresses the connection between Nathan, Mani and Sarah reveals itself. The role social media has played in their lives becomes clear; it has been used to shame each one of them.

In this true story, a group of excited children and their teachers embarked on a trip to a volcanic plateau in New Zealand for a confidence-boosting, team-building exercise promoting environmental awareness. No one would have predicted that a multitude of factors would collide together resulting in the deaths of seven — faulty technology, an extreme weather pattern, instructor inexperience, distracted staff and a lack of training. This drama remembers what happened that fateful day — a cruel twist of fate, a tragic loss of young lives that should never have come about.

But out of this tragedy has come an inspiring story of bravery and human resilience. Jean Flying solo The story of how Jean Batten, a s aviator and celebrity risked everything to become the first person to fly solo from England to her homeland of New Zealand. In , Jean Batten is on top of the world. A brilliant aviator, she has fame, fortune and a man, Beverly Shepherd, who adores her. But her ultimate dream is to be the first person to fly solo from England to her homeland New Zealand, a flight critics dismiss as foolish, given the expanse of the treacherous Tasman Sea. Undeterred, Batten embarks on the epic flight, overcoming dust storms, monsoons, enervating heat and near misses.

Her successful arrival in New Zealand causes an outpouring of love and adulation from her homeland. Profoundly depressed, Jean gives up on flying. One of the most powerful true stories in New Zealand history. After witnessing the attempted beheading of a Mongrel Mob member by the Black Power right outside his home, Chris Crean, a young church going family man, felt he only had one choice — to stand against the gangs and bear witness in court.

The police pleaded with Chris to go into witness protection, and the Black Power put a hit on his life.


After three attempts he was shot at his own home. Fast paced and irreverent, this criticallyacclaimed and wildly funny comedy series, satirizes our daily lives, celebrating the absurd and highlighting the down-right embarrassing. The brilliant all-female cast draws upon 15 years of comedy experience and multiple collaborations to present an insightful, emotionally grounded series capturing the banalities of just trying to get along in the world. Offering a witty take on everyday. For Romain, the move is a return to his roots, a chance to reconnect with old school friends, Fred and Daniel, and to open his new practice as a psychologist.

For feisty Parisian Anna, heavily pregnant with their first child, the move is a leap into the unknown. Can Romain help Fred negotiate a fairer distribution of household chores? As financial pressures build, maybe a weekend visit from some intellectual Parisian friends, or a New Year group holiday to Normandy, will help… or maybe not! Their youthful hopes are dashed as they discover that raising a child, maintaining a marriage and furthering a career is the same as it ever was. Their lives revolve around the same social events, the same arguments and the same problems as their parents did — just with fancier electronics.

Good alone The wonderful unpredictability of human chemistry is the essence of this entertainment format. Diverse singers are brought together in a brand new kind of audition to discover one unique and surprising vocal partnership the nation will fall in love with. A giant curtain divides them, only when two voices combine to create one magical sound is the curtain raised and the singers are revealed to each other. In that ecstatic moment the singers become a duo and move on to the next phase in the episode.

Once duos are formed they must perform for the first time together in the episode showdown. Can they reignite the spark that brought them together? The winner will be two individual voices brought together by fate to create one unique and harmonious sound. This format dares all hobby cooks, home bakers, foodies and culinary inventors to mesmerise the judges and the entire nation by creating their own plate, snack, drink or recipe.

Under the guidance of a comical host duo the contestants battle during the preliminaries for the desired tickets to the big finale.

But first they will have to convince the jury, which consists of big names from the media and food scene, of the potential, originality, quality and of course the amazing taste of their food invention. Nowadays, incredible performers have changed our expectations, and crowds around the world are filling arenas to be blown away by ambitious live events. With live auditions we give the viewers a feeling of being at a live concert, and it allows them to interact from the very beginning. Who has what it takes to put on a breathtaking show?

Who will stun the audience and claim the big stage for themselves? Treasure Map Fly away on an adventure race over the nation Take off on a breathtaking quest that makes you discover — or rediscover — your country; its gorgeous sights, unique crafts and customs, but also its history and secrets. Set in a different region each time, two contestants race against time and each other to solve riddles inspired by the area. For their quest they use helicopters for the challenge, flying over beautiful landscapes and heritage sites. While on the ground, they ask local people for. Only the fastest contestants will open the Compass which holds the cryptic directions to the treasure, but will they be able to unravel the final mystery and find the prize before time runs out?

Ready, set, fly! Popular with younger demos more than doubling the slot average. Season 2 already commissioned A locally based adventure game with standalone episodes Spin-off of the cult classic format Treasure Hunt. Cook inside the box, think outside the box In this relay cooking game show being good at cooking is not enough. With just a few clues to pick up and only seconds to communicate, the skill they need to master is teamwork.

In each episode, two teams families, friends, workmates… enter visually and acoustically isolated cooking boxes to face three challenges.

Provenance Research :

The first is about intuition: can they continue cooking what their teammate started only with the clues on the moving counter? The second is about communication: with only 20 seconds to tell the next. The final round is a showdown between two contestants: will they come on top for their team? In the end, who will win in this game of taste, intuition and strategic cooking?

What happens when you mix a quiz with ten pin bowling? In this entertaining game show, two celebrities help a contestant try and win a big cash prize. To climb the money ladder, they have to answer multiple choice questions. The trick is the better they bowl the easier it gets. Each question has 12 possible choices and one player bowls before each question. For each pin that they knock down, a wrong answer is removed and if they make a strike, they climb directly to the next step without having to answer at all!

But be careful, one single mistake and the contestant leaves empty handed, unless the amount has been locked in before. During each game there are two locks but will the contestant use them at the right moment or take the risk to wait for more money. This new competition gives four pairs of celebrities with a passion for food, the chance to launch and run their own restaurant. One will be in the kitchen,. Under the watchful eye of a top-notch chef, the duos have precious little time to come up with a concept and look, put together a menu and get cooking.

First they receive some help and advice from the chef while they test their menu on a panel of friends and family. After a first round of duels, the finalists will face the toughest challenge of all, three days of full shifts. How do they handle stress, who can deliver the smoothest service and most of all who will serve the most delicious food and win over the critics, chef and customers?

During their trip they have to travel a set course from A to B and overcome multiple challenges. Through all of this they must also survive on a very limited budget. With the universal language of gestures and the power of positivity, what could possibly go wrong? They compete in. Haves and have nots share the same house, bonding or falling out while they face increasingly challenging tasks and regularly vote to send out the least deserving pairs home.

Obese people go on a journey to heal their mind, body and soul This programme follows the journey of eight obese people over three months as they discover the barriers preventing them from optimum health in mind, body and soul. In each episode, one participant seeks to understand and overcome their negative coping behaviours with the encouragement and insight of Paralympian and athlete experts who have triumphed over their own adversity and learned that a positive mindset is the key to overcoming barriers.

At the end each participant tackles a physical objective that reveals how their life and attitude have progressed over the course of their journey to health. These brave patients commit to a drastic treatment based on an ultra-low calorie diet, that could reverse the condition in just eight short weeks. The format follows them living together at the Clinic, and struggling to keep up with the treatment at home.

It also focuses on prevention with celebrities at risk of diabetes checking in to learn how they can avoid developing the condition altogether. Based on cutting edge research and devised in coordination with medical institutions, this is popular science at its best, striking the perfect balance between informative and entertaining. Could this revolutionary clinic be the answer to a severe health crisis? Game show requiring a keen eye and sharp first impressions Do you have the makings of a modern day Sherlock Holmes?

Then you could go home rich in this brand new game show. In each game, a duo of contestants are faced with a group of strangers. To win, they have to guess the connections between the central protagonist, and the other seven characters.

But beware, an intruder is hidden in the panel! The contestants get to test six characters in studio to try and find out the correct links. Once the match is locked, the team banks money for each correct connection but to walk home with their jackpot they will have to answer a series of questions about the protagonist. Will they trust their wits and risk their whole jackpot or split it to get some help from the host? Survivor is a show that tests the spirit of a group of ordinary, and yet extraordinary, people. Marooned on an uninhabited tropical island, with little more than the clothes on their backs and their own animal cunning, every second of their adventure as castaways is recorded over several weeks.

As they catch their own food, build their own shelter and order their own society, castaways must compete in increasingly difficult tests of strategy, guile and ruthlessness. With an unforgettable twist every episode climaxes with the tense drama of the Tribal Council. The castaways gather to vote one of their group off the island. The vote is by secret ballot, and the castaways may have different motives for casting their vote resentment, jealousy or even a personality clash but the result of the Tribal Council is final and one castaway must be eliminated in each episode. Temptation Island The ultimate test of faithfulness Take four couples in committed relationships and get them to spend 12 days and nights in paradise — without their partner.

Life in both camps is filled with wild parties and romantic escapades. After the twelfth night the couples are reunited. Stars On The Rocks Two celebrities, castaway for charity Stranded on the shores of a mysterious remote island, two celebrities embark on the adventure of a lifetime, pushing themselves to the limit and all for a good cause. Cut off from the world, the stars are left to fend for themselves in the wild for five gruelling days; but surviving is just the start of it. Miles away from the island, the host awaits the celebrities on a boat to take them back to civilisation.

On the island, stripped of their fame and status, the participants reveal who they are and what they are made of. The ultimate time-travelling game show adventure A team of five contestants, led by an eccentric Maze Master, journey through four fantastical time zones in this epic adventure game show. Set within an astonishing maze, each of the four time zones — Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic — is a unique and visually stunning world that challenges the team in different ways.

In each zone a team of excitable characters choose who will tackle a variety of Physical, Mystery, Mental and Skill games in a bid to win elusive crystals worth five seconds in the iconic show finale — the legendary Crystal Dome. The team use their time to collect gold tickets in a bid to secure a grand prize.

Channel 4 UK — 2 entertainment series in Season 3 commissioned. TV3 Denmark — tripled slot and almost 6 times the average for target demo TV3 Sweden — especially popular in the target demo A perfect mix of strategy, heroism and spectacular challenges Production hub available.

The Bravest True courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome it! Each episode features two epic trials, group challenges and duels, sending the weakest contestant home one by one until The Bravest is crowned. Temperatures drop as the competition heats up, combining terrifying missions, intense rivalry and spectacular scenery with the challenge of completing a 2,km journey on snow, ice and water.

Drama and action are at every turn. Each week, one of the competitors is eliminated, and in the end only the strongest, most determined and smartest will reach 71 Degrees North! This unrivalled primetime phenomenon is still at the top of its game thanks to successful relaunches and new commissions in many territories. The action takes place in an imposing 19th century fortress built in the middle of the ocean — a truly unique and intimidating setting.

It provides the perfect backdrop for strenuous against-the-clock physical challenges and mind-boggling riddles which push contestants to their limits and beyond. They must also crack codes and confront strange characters in order to reach the famous Treasure Room, which is guarded by tigers! Only the fittest and most intelligent contestants can hope to conquer Fort Boyard. Celebrating 29 years in production More than 1, episodes made in 30 territories A proven hit in France 29 series , Sweden 20 series , Denmark, Russia, Germany, Canada, UK First season in Finland launched this summer and coming back in Germany this fall Prima Czech Republic — a hit in and recommissioned in Markiza Slovakia — launched summer A spin-off kids version has enjoyed success in the US and UK.

Tribes of beautiful people compete to attract new members to their apparently idyllic island communities. Drama, intrigue and romance are guaranteed when two teams of good-looking contestants compete for a big cash prize. Being marooned on a South Pacific island, isolated from civilisation, can be paradise or purgatory depending on how the competition is progressing.

There is strength in numbers so the rival communities use every conceivable tactic to convince each new arrival to join them since the largest tribe will take home the prize. Returning in the UK early , this classic reality hit is coming back in a supercharged version for a new generation, packed with secrets, hidden treasures, tempting traps and cunning twists.

The game show where your only lifeline is a bunch of kids Child Support is a studio-based game show featuring adult contestants and priceless interactions between a comedian and a group of five unpredictable kids. Contestants are asked to answer 10 open-ended questions to earn the top prize. If they answer correctly, they move up the money ladder. If they answer incorrectly, the contestants have a chance to be saved by the five kids who have been asked the same.

If the children also get the answer wrong, the contestant leaves the game emptyhanded. But if even one of the five kids gets the answer correct, the contestant has been saved, and they continue on. Rob your opponents but beware, the Guillotine might slash your prize In The Legacy, six contestants compete in a variety of games to take home a hefty cash prize. At the start of the game, the prize fund is split in equal shares between the players but harmony is short lived and soon the stealing starts!

After each round, the weakest contestant picks an opponent in an attempt to save themselves. This series of merciless knockouts culminates with the iconic money round — The Guillotine — that will decide the fate of the finalist. In this high stakes round the jackpot is halved for every wrong answer, but the finalist can come back to fight another day and try to increase their earnings.

RTBF Belgium — a local adaptation launched fall Adapted in 9 territories Rai 1 Italy — a TV phenomenon: daily access primetime hit for the last 15 years TF1 France — boosting the daily mid-day slot since Highly adaptable to daily, weekly and primetime slots. Can they find love at first swipe? With the rise of dating apps, looking for love has turned into a spectator sport. In this daring, modern dating show, join everyday singles who look for love from the comfort of their couches with the help of their hilarious friends and families.

Follow our lovable cast on their dates and back on the couches, as from episode to episode they keep flicking for Mr or Mrs Right. Nine Network Australia — aired with strong ratings for the younger demos The dating show with its own app. Get to know your country behind the numbers This fun factual entertainment series layers graphics of statistics over intimate stories of real people. It explores how households across the country compare to one another while allowing the viewer to discover where they themselves fit into the bigger picture.

Each fascinating, light-hearted episode focuses on one important aspect of our lives to reveal both our similarities and our differences. Social House With a little help from my friends, fans and followers In this never attempted before experiment, a duo of famous vloggers set out to prove that virtual communities can make a difference in reality. Digital stars settle in a dilapidated house; they have one month and nothing more than an internet connection and a couple of smartphones to try and enroll people to help them renovate the place and transform it into a community centre.

They start with absolutely nothing — no tools, no water, no furniture, no food! The format combines a real-world event with a digital and a linear programme. Members of the public can follow the progress of the experiment in real time on social media and are constantly invited to take part by providing material help.

Then the whole story is retold through episodes aired on the channel. Public Games The first fully interactive social media reality show 24 participants, ruled by an all-knowing artificial intelligence. A big cash prize at stake. This cutting-edge reality format pits four teams of contestants against each other, selected from online communities that form their support base. Players all live together under the watchful eye of The Bot, the computer programme that runs the game. Their fate lies with the viewers — who will be saved? Fox Life Italy — doubled slot average through season 1 and tripled it for the final episode 2 seasons aired Easy to watch entertainment show to which everyone can relate An engaging blend of gossip and empathy Highly adaptable to a daily slot.

In every episode, one brave mum opens her door to three other mothers, who judge her daily routine. Are they top or a flop at playtime, mealtime and bedtime? What about road safety and body insecurity? Each mum has something to teach and something to learn, but the contestants can be brutal in their judgements. Fortunately, two celebrity parents a father figure and an impartial mum and an education expert, are on hand to provide emotional and practical support.

Each mother gives a score out of 10, but the team can award bonus points. Celebrity School Celebrities head back to the class room This new primetime entertainment format pits a panel of four celebrities against groups of elementary, middle and high school brainboxes. Packed with surprising experiments, unique music challenges, trivia, action and nostalgic VTs of childhood classrooms, this is family entertainment at its very best.

The famous contestants face three rounds of four games each inspired by a chosen school topic such as English, Maths or Science. As the quiz progresses, the kids get older, the questions get trickier and the points get bigger. The final speed round can lead to dramatic changes in fortune and the winners get cash for their current or former schools. Brainpool for Sat.

Every country has its regional rivalry, but when it comes to food, it makes for finger-licking clashes. The competition is divided into three knockout heats — in which the loser of each duel is eliminated — a semi-final and the grand finale, where one will be crowned Best Regional Chef. Local flavours and cultures are one of the main riches of any country, and this format explores the many delicious differences that are the spice of life.

Now into a fourth season. An additional 80 episodes in production An authentic cooking show that celebrates local food and chefs. In this game show celebrities win money for disclosing personal secrets. Guests must answer 10 provocative questions on real life events covering topics such as their career, love, divorce, children, parents and health.

For most of them the show is a dramatic opportunity to confess their secrets. But not many will dare to answer the most difficult final question — a truthful answer will be rewarded with a massive cash prize. It is hard to surprise the host who keeps a file on every celebrity and carefully prepares questions for each and every guest.

To get to the truth the host invites witnesses to confirm facts right in front of the audience, never missing an opportunity to uncover anything from gastronomic predilections to personal tragedies to youthful indiscretions. Extraordinary pranks and hilarious reactions This cool entertaining format takes a bunch of prankster-kids, and basically, well… just sets them free! It is naive as it is wild, brand new, yet classy, youthful but still responsible, and most of all — hilarious. Kids from all over are invited to spend time with the magnificent Gotcha! Can rapid intimacy lead to love? This hands-on social experiment format sees two complete strangers meet for the very first time, and undress each other in a bedroom.

The couple are given instructions and questions to encourage physical and emotional interaction. Meanwhile, we get their profiles, with all the juicy details of their personal histories, and directions to encourage the interaction between the couple. What happens when they hug for 30 seconds? Based on a series of scientific tests that look at accelerating the process of falling in love through heightened intimacy, and bodily contact, Undressed puts the theory into practice.

After 20 minutes together, each couple faces the kiss test. Will embarrassment overcome them? Will they click or even fall in love? Will they stay or will they go? Watch your heroes hanging out together and singing their hearts out. In each episode, the spotlight is on one of the stars while the others interpret their catalogue of hits, each in their own style. Remember, the pressure is really on — the person who made the song famous is sitting just a few feet away. Accompanied by a fantastic live backing band, expect never-beforeheard interpretations of big hits from. All Against 1 Can one contestant beat the entire nation?

In this bold, addictive format, the contestant and the viewers are all asked the same questions, based on the outcome of a variety of unique and outlandish experiments, ranging from everyday science to crazy sports dares or spectacular stunts. Nelonen Finland — series 1 doubled primetime slot average. Season 3 just launched. NRK Norway — ratings above slot average. Second season in production. Digital phenomenon, perfectly integrated second screen app with record downloads.

Can the contestant outsmart everybody else or will a lucky viewer claim the winnings for themselves? Big Fan The biggest stars versus their biggest fans A studio-based game show featuring one celebrity and three of their most dedicated fans, who battle it out to prove who is the ultimate super fan. The winner moves on to the final round in an ultimate showdown, where they go head to head with their idol. Could the super fan really know more about the star than they do about themselves? If the super fan wins, their reward is a priceless experience with the celebrity they admire most. A true breakthrough in primetime entertainment, this unique format brings the world of apps and TV together, enabling fans to duet with their favourite singers… and become stars themselves.

Packed with high notes and high emotion, Fantastic Duo showcases the amazing talents of both wannabe singers and established stars. Using a karaoke app, it invites viewers to sing along with exclusive versions of hit songs recorded specially. To audition, or just for fun, fans upload videos of their half of the duet. The most-liked get to sing with their heroes in front of a live studio audience. In each stand-alone episode, new stars select their perfect singing partner.

The duet of the winning Fantastic Duo is immediately made available on music platforms, turning successful contestants into instant chart-toppers. The irreverent TV-themed panel show where nothing is sacred This hilarious hit format sees a witty host put a panel of opinionated guests — TV commentators, comedians and celebrities — through their paces in a series of fast-paced formatted segments that catch up on, discuss and make fun of the latest shows and news in the TV world.

Plus resident comedians perform parody skits and celebrity guests drop by for a chat. Ding dong, do you know the songs? Eight closed doors, each with a doorbell that chimes out a popular song! Can the contestants recognise hit tunes in this wacky form? Each door hides a star impersonator, and the contestant who can reveal the most lookalikes goes through to the final round.

Wonderkids The true meaning of talent Classical arts can move us, but when the performer is only a child, vying to reach perfection, the emotion is even greater. To win, contestants will need to overcome a range of fantastic obstacle courses and challenges. Wild Things is a funny and physical game show that plays on the universal themes of slapstick and couples bickering about directions.

The best of them then perform in front of a live studio audience, battling for the title and a large cash prize. They must prove their brightness across a range of robust and entertaining challenges aimed at testing all forms of intelligence. Much more than a general knowledge test, they must demonstrate creativity, logic, intuition, memory, emotional and spatial awareness and physical dexterity. Tipping Point is the long-running suspense-filled format that has smashed ratings records in the UK. The machine is filled with counters worth money. The contestants answer a series of gruelling questions, and every time they get an answer correct, they take control of the machine.

Join the electric atmosphere as an entire studio audience plays for a guaranteed jackpot by predicting the outcome of eight titanic clashes. It might be a thrilling celebrity versus amateur battle, an astonishing man against machine contest, or a cross-discipline face-off between famous sports people. Audience members who guessed correctly remain in the game, but all is not lost for those who get it wrong. If every player is eliminated before the eight rounds are up then everyone is back in play!

How many people will share the jackpot? Engaging audiences with a play-along app. An elite group of ex-Special Forces soldiers put a group of physically fit civilians through an extraordinary series of physical and psychological tests, each from the real selection process. Physical fitness is just the start — the true test is one of character.

The recruits are cut off from the outside world to eat, sleep and train together. Over eight days they are subjected to intense psychological profiling, sleep deprivation, endurance tests and interrogation. Most will reach breaking point and withdraw, but which recruits will be among the few who make it to the end?

Every year thousands of couples elope around the world to get married in popular sunny destinations. This format gains access to a dedicated team of planners who make the weddings possible. It captures all the drama, laughter and emotion as brides and grooms get set to tie the knot. From lost rings to ruined dresses, forgotten speeches to missing cakes…with a wedding abroad a million and one things can go wrong. This show has it all: tirelessly problem-solving wedding planners, budget-busting young bridezillas, heartwarming marriages after illness and wedding parties spiralling out of control.

Follow all the ups and downs as staff and guests collide in a high stakes drama of tears, tantrums and plenty of wedding tiaras. Season 2 rated well above average across key demos. Highly formatted structure can be adapted for any territory. Face To Face Silence can be golden Words play the main role in almost every conflict. We blame each other, we throw accusations back and forth. Often things only go from bad to worse. Then we never want to see each other again and everything seems lost.

Things will never get better. In this format, we meet people who want to get back together with someone who means a lot to them but who they fell out with because of a misunderstanding, row or accusation. Each episode consists of multiple stories and starts with the request for help from a person who wants to make up.

Then the moment when the two sit down and just look at each other in silence. Afterwards, both sit on the couch with the host who interviews them both on what will happen next. Viewers can follow how the two move forward on the website of the show. The Great Masterpiece Challenge Can you find the fake? In this format members of the public visit art galleries and attempt to spot masterpieces that have been replaced by fakes. The programme follows them as they use their detective skills to find seven elaborate fakes of real paintings hanging on the walls of galleries around the country.

Those who correctly identify the fakes could be invited to take part in the series finale and win a specially commissioned copy of their own. Each episode explores a particular period of art history, featuring interviews with curators and contemporary artists. DNA Detectives Using cutting edge science to reveal decades of family history Identifying ancient forebears and reuniting long-lost relatives, this epic format uses DNA testing to reveal who celebrities really are and where they come from.

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Revealing what cultures the celebrities are connected to, exploding lineage myths and reconnecting severed branches of family trees, DNA Detectives decodes the mysteries hidden deep inside the cells of a range of wellknown participants. Are they who they think they are? In The Mind Of… Can a proven champion conquer a whole new sport? By interviewing them, and spending time training in their sport, the host learns what it was that made them become the best in the world. Celebrating the popularity and skill of mobile delicatessens, this format challenges the best street chefs to showcase their best-selling recipes.

From pizza and pasta to tacos and burgers, there are incredible flavours from all over the world. In each qualifying episode, a host and celebrity guests select eight contestants from 16 contenders. Across the next four episodes, four chefs compete against each other. After demonstrating their chosen dish, only two of them will cook at a live event, such as a music concert or football match, where the hungry paying public are the judges.

The truck which earns most goes through to the final — a street food festival — to fight for the title and cash prize. A powerful, emotional, and fast paced format featuring dramatic stories of people in chronic debt and those whose job it is to get the money back. Hearing from all sides involved, it witnesses violent confrontations with often dangerous criminals, distraught debtors, downright liars and genuine cases of hardship.

With each episode containing four contrasting cases, this acclaimed series has become a massive hit with viewers, delivering at every level. Coming back for a second season this fall. In partnership with Coca-Cola in Italy. Season 5 currently on air and season 6 commissioned. DR1 Denmark — 3 seasons aired, ratings above the slot average on both global and commercial demos New adaptations in on La Sexta Spain , Nine Australia , France 2. Eat Well For Less? On a mission to prove families can eat well but spend less money Experts tour the country to show families how to spend less and eat better.

In each episode, the resident experts show a new family how to shop, cook and eat for less. With the help of a nutritionist, they analyse the groceries the family buys and set a target for how much they could save. The hosts also suggest alternative weekly meals and new recipes for the family to try. Are they too attached to big-name products?

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For the original ensemble, but with the two piano parts arranged for both players at one instrument. Arranger Amit Bentabou. Arranger Fernando Angulo. Arranger S. Part for one pianist and one page-turner playing only the very lowest line , with "cuckoo" used to indicate position of clarinet entries. Arranger Colette Mourey. Arranger Pierre Gouin - Contact. Arranger Lucien Garban — Arranger Brian Chandler. Arranger Farid Zehar.

Arranger Sarah Kuo. Arranger Elaine Fine. The Ditson Trio Album, Vol. Arranger Pietro Cecchi.