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What Does It Take To Be A Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Insiders Guide to Facial Plastic Surgery | Dr. Athony Corrado

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Do You Need a Facelift. Common Cold. Lessons of an Opening Heart. Barbara H. In the Trenches. Emily Dewhurst. Leah Kobzan. There are few available ST3 posts and as a result there has to be a highly competitive selection process.

This survey was not conducted to deter applicants but has highlighted a number of important issues for junior doctors considering a career in plastic surgery, including the academic, personal and financial implications of attempting to secure a NTN in the specialty. Trainees also indicated that there may be additional hidden costs such as those related to loss of income during higher degrees. The results of our study have demonstrated the academic competitiveness of plastic surgery trainees from an early stage in their careers and the high calibre of those trainees who are successful in attaining an ST3 post.

Half had five or more publications in peer reviewed journals, with a quarter having eight or more. Two-thirds had five or more international or national presentations, with a third having eight or more. It has become clear that much of the variability in the scoring systems used during national selection is based around the portfolio station, resulting in the academic achievements of trainees heavily influencing their final scores. Following the Medical Training Application Service debacle, where creative writing appeared to have been as important as academic achievement or experience in the specialty, the selection process has come full circle, returning to the ideal that surgeons should have a role in research.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that plastic surgery and orthopaedic surgery are two of the most difficult surgical specialties in which to obtain a NTN. The findings of the present study may be compared with the requirements and financial costs of becoming an orthopaedic registrar, as detailed in a recent paper that showed that half the orthopaedic trainees gaining ST3 posts in had one or two publications at the time of being accepted for specialty training and none had more than eight Fig 5.

The majority of orthopaedic trainees had one or two presentations at international or national level Fig 7 whereas two-thirds of plastic surgery trainees had more than five presentations at the time of attaining their NTN. Those considering applying for plastic surgery training may use the facts detailed above, obtained directly from successful trainees, to decide whether it is a career for them. Those who do take up the challenge will be armed for the task ahead.

Owing to the limited number of places available and its popularity as a career choice, plastic surgery is a highly competitive specialty. The competition is likely to become more severe rather than easier because of workforce planning issues and a current backlog in the competition for consultant jobs. The desirable criteria set out in the person specification to enter specialty training at ST3 level 3 are becoming generally recognised as essential criteria in order to be successful.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve these required competencies and academic achievements in the time available during core training. Although this may also be true for other specialties such as orthopaedic surgery, this problem is particularly acute in plastic surgery. Undergraduates therefore have to plan early to be able to achieve what is required, and to put clear water between them and their competition.

Undertaking a plastic surgery rotation as early as possible and securing publications, presentations and audits, some of these as an undergraduate, will lay essential foundation stones on the path to specialty training. Applicants must be prepared to invest personally and financially while demonstrating a sound academic commitment to their chosen specialty.

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Insider's Guide To Anti Aging & Plastic Surgery

This book is about corrective surgery. From why you need to inspire surgery to check whether there is a fundamental issue that requirements tended to the distance to what sort of techniques that you are keen on. It covers liposuction, tummy tucks, and bosom expansion and in addition facial techniques. You'll additionally learn tips for after you get your surgery to discover more solace and speed in you're recuperating process.