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The effects of toxins are magnified when poor diets deprive us of the essential nutrients that our detoxification systems need in order to remove toxins from our bodies. A major source of dietary toxins is processed junk food. Processed foods, from breakfast cereals to hot dogs to dinner helpers, are loaded with toxic artificial preservatives, colorings, and flavorings, plus nitrites, MSG, artificial sweeteners, and many other toxins.

As toxins accumulate in our bodies, normal cell function is increasingly impaired, and premature aging along with health problems of every description, including overweight, result. All of us started life as a single cell, the smallest unit of life in the plant and animal kingdom. A mature body is made up of between 50 and trillion such cells.

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When our cells are healthy and functioning normally, the entire community functions harmoniously. When this happens, we say the body is in homeostasis, meaning that our body is in balance and able to function at its highest potential.

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Health is the state in which all cells are functioning optimally, communicating and cooperating with each other, and the body is self-repairing, self-regulating, and balanced. Being overweight is a diseased state where there is massive cellular malfunction resulting in injured molecules and cells, oxidized fats, cross-linked proteins, nutrient deficiencies, depleted enzymes, and metabolic chaos in general. In most cases, dieting only makes this situation worse. No matter what name you give to a disease, the essence of disease is that a massive number of cells are no longer functioning normally; they are no longer properly communicating, self-regulating, and self-repairing.

Getting well or losing weight permanently requires that this be reversed. When a person's cells are no longer operating normally, it can manifest as a common cold, the flu, polio, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer, depression, or any other so-called disease, including overweight. The thousands of diseases that conventionally trained physicians categorize, diagnose and treat are truly only one disease, which takes on many different faces because there are many thousands of possible combinations of cellular deficiencies and toxicities, all acting through a unique set of genes.

These combinations produce a myriad of symptoms, giving the deceptive appearance of many diseases with unknown and mysterious causes. Deficiency, one of the two causes of disease, frequently manifests as disease in certain organs because specific tissues require higher amounts of certain nutrients, and that amount is not being supplied in the diet. For example, both the prostate gland and the retina are zinc-rich tissues, requiring more zinc than other tissues.

The thyroid gland is rich in iodine and the female cervix rich in vitamin C and folate. When any nutrient is in short supply, the cells with the highest need are the first to suffer impaired function and show signs of distress. A deficiency of even one amino acid in the brain impairs thinking and behavior. A zinc deficiency, for example, can cause cellular malfunctions manifesting as numerous so-called diseases such as vision problems, including macular degeneration; skin problems, including acne; emotional problems; problems with attention span, learning ability, and short-term memory; enlarged prostates; immune suppression and birth defects.

Each individual has unique nutritional needs, and some people have exceptionally high needs for specific nutrients. Zinc deficiency is common and is often a limiting nutrient. According to the USDA Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals CSFII , zinc deficiency is a significant public health problem; 73 percent of Americans are not getting the recommended dietary need for zinc partly because modern farming methods have stripped the zinc out of our soils and therefore out of the foods. Toxicity is the other cause of disease, and mercury toxicity is another significant public health problem.

Most of the mercury comes from mercury-amalgam dental fillings, vaccinations, and fish. Some of the symptoms associated with mercury toxicity are depression, anxiety, hypertension, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, sinus problems, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, and constipation. That person may be seeing five different specialists who, almost certainly, never think of looking for the single cause. Rather, each specialist suppresses the different symptoms by prescribing a variety of toxic drugs.

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Unfortunately, the drugs increase the patient's toxic load, add to cellular malfunction and create even more disease. Unfortunately, most Americans are in this state. We suffer from combinations of deficiencies and toxicities that throw the body into biochemical chaos, producing a multitude of symptoms that baffle our physicians and cause them to mistakenly believe there are thousands of diseases.

To modern medicine, disease is just one great big mystery! Modern medicine embraces the idea that exposure to microorganisms will result in sickness. This is a myth.

In order for infection to occur, your cells must already be malfunctioning and your immune system compromised. If this were not the case, everyone who is exposed to a particular pathogen would become sick. We know this does not happen. An allergic reaction, eating sugar, a deficiency of vitamin C or zinc, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, stress, and many other factors impair immunity and allow you to become infected.

Healthy cells keep our immunity strong and hold infections at bay. Because they were healthy, people like the Hunzas lived to an average age of , without suffering as much as a cold. You are not a powerless victim!

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Because of the way we have been programmed to think about disease, this is probably a startling new thought. Fortunately, cells have the ability to heal and repair, and the body is constantly replacing old, damaged cells with new ones. About 90 percent are replaced each year, so almost any disease, including overweight, can be reversed. The cells in the lining of our stomach are replaced every 2 days, liver and skin cells every 90 days, and blood cells every days.

If you are overweight or sick, the way to restore normal weight and health is to replace old, sick cells with healthy new cells.

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Once you understand this simple yet revolutionary concept, you literally have the power to rebuild your body and prevent and reverse almost all disease. Moving in the wrong direction toward cellular malfunction and weight gain can happen so slowly that we don't notice at first. The decline begins with a small number of cells malfunctioning, and slowly the number of unhealthy cells increases. By the time a disease is diagnosable, you have most likely been sick for a long time.

Our health is constantly changing along a continuum, varying as a result of the choices we make. Optimal health is at one end of the continuum, always accompanied by healthy weight. Death is at the other end, often accompanied by excess weight. Very few Americans are even close to the optimal health end of the continuum. Between optimal health and death is pathology or diagnosable disease.

Never Be Fat Again: The 6-week Cellular Solution to Permanently Break the Fat Cycle

Unfortunately, more than three out of four Americans have a diagnosable disease. Pathology is the point at which health has been seriously compromised, and cellular malfunction is occurring on such a large scale that the symptoms of a medically diagnosable disease are present. As the body becomes increasingly impaired by toxins and depleted of nutrient reserves, cellular damage begins to exceed daily repairs, and the body starts to age and fall apart.

The body becomes less able to respond to new challenges, whether a pregnancy, a night out on the town, a long trip, a stressful experience, or exposure to toxic chemicals and infectious microorganisms. With reduced reserves, each new stress throws the system further out of balance. Finally, death is the state where all cells have ceased to function. Happily, your position on this continuum is not permanent. No matter how old or overweight you are, changing your direction is possible.

We have personally witnessed miraculous turnarounds in individuals in their nineties, and even among advanced-stage cancer patients who initially appeared to be beyond hope. The human body is incredibly self-healing when we give it high-quality nutrition and stop giving it deadly toxins.

A lot of people we talk to mistakenly think they eat a good diet, even if it isn't perfect.

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Only a diet rich in nutrient-packed plant foods, along with high quality supplements for insurance, supplies cells with the required raw materials to make all the necessary proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, antioxidants, and other chemicals they must have to solve our disease and weight problems and keep healthy. Human health, and where you are and in what direction you are moving on the Health and Performance Continuum depends on the complex interaction of many factors.

In this breakthrough book, readers will learn why low-fat, no-fat products can actually make you fatter. They'll discover how a missing nutrient can signal their bodies to store fat. Plus, they'll be exposed to the truth about how common chemical toxins, found in most foods, alter the expression of weight-control genes and can make them pack on pounds.

The body already knows how to balance its weight. It just needs a fighting chance. With its simple concept of one disease, two causes and six pathways, Never Be Fat Again shows how to give it that chance. Notes Includes bibliographical references pages and index. View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links Set up My libraries How do I set up "My libraries"? Canterbury Bankstown Library Service.

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