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We were given a list of what was wanted, from Planet Doom to casino to brothels to golf to hang-gliding. It works really well in the film and helps to signpost the scale and imagination of the Oasis for audience and characters. A Rubiks Cube map of the Oasis makes an appearance. Parzival uses this holographic sector map to find Aech when he first arrives on Insipio the landing portal when you enter the Oais , remarks Popplestone. It serves as a narrative device to reflect the scale and structure of the Oasis.

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Drone and CCTV feeds also needed to be incorporated. Then we had to decipher this and create graphics that supported narrative in a three second window.

We based the look on the Sixers graphic language and its a great shot for us because our graphics, mapping, drone, and CCTV footage really tell the story. A critical mandate was to make sure that the eyes of the actors always remained visible. This was more of a consideration for the glass screens in the real world and we just subtly created space for eyes to show, notes Munnings. The information in HUDs should never obscure the users field of view anyway, so it wasnt so much of an issue. Easter Eggs are found throughout Ready Player One.

We also put some of our own gamer tags into some of the UI scattered around the film and made up Twitter handles. One element that needed to be carefully thought about was making sure that the graphics felt credible and authentic to the POV at all times. Our initial concepts were all designed in first-person, but we had to move away from first to third-person to reflect the real world third-person POV, states Popplestone. Knowing how critical credibility was we refined the graphics, often on a shot per shot basis to add narrative layers that tied into the story beat and script.

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Its a great example of whats happening in the cross over between the two worlds, in which we are the visual bridge between the two worlds that are being created by different VFX leads. Overall what was really nice to see during the final battle when a lot of the characters started running out of their ammunition and need to pull up their HUDs to select alternative weapons; that created a series of back to back shots that came together really well, observes Munnings.

When you work on and deliver individual shots you sometimes wonder how it will all come together and we felt this sequence fit together well. Popplestone adds, It was a privilege to work with such talented and supportive teams at both Digital Domain and ILM; they turned a daunting project into a great experience that we were able to contribute to and learn a lot from. The type of toys or materials parents offer can help their children make more meaningful decisions.

Open-ended materials can be used in many ways so children can decide for themselves how to use them. For example, a child can imagine a block to be a fire truck or any number of things. A toy fire truck, on the other hand, is usually used as a fire truck. Foam pieces, little wooden sticks, ribbon scraps, and other reusable resources are all open-ended materials that inspire creative thinking and delight when children use them to make something no one has ever made before.

Children are intrinsically motivated.

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The impulse to play comes from a natural desire to understand the world. Because children eventually find it more important to be part of play with their friends than to satisfy their own wants and needs at that moment, children learn self-control. Children become immersed in the moment.

In true play, children are so fully engaged that they lose awareness of their surroundings, time, and space.

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In this risk-free atmosphere where reality is suspended, children have the security and safety they need to experiment, try new ideas, and investigate the laws of nature. Although they are immersed in their play, children still can recognize reality versus fantasy, something parents often wonder about. Play is spontaneous, not scripted. Often, play is totally unplanned.

A funny, sexy and all-too-real story about gaming, memes and social anxiety.

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