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Computer animation Fantasy.

New Adventures of Scotty the Westie Dog

Cartoon Network. When the evil witch turns all the knights into frogs but Henri, he's the only one who can save the kingdom. When Jimmy loses his dad's prized mandolin, he makes a deal with a witch to replace it. When Jimmy and Lance's bickering gets in the way of them serving Henri and Wilfried in battle and now they need to learn to work together, like partners.

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When the entire realm is blindly selling out and wearing Wilfried's line of clothing, Jimmy refuses, determined stay true to his family colour. When Jimmy finds he's too small to complete a squire competition in gym class, he sneaks a swig of Perlin's magic growing potion. After a foolhardy challenge causes Jimmy and Lance to be captured by Bad Jack, Henri and Wilfried must team up to save their squires.

When the Black Rats are attacking all convoys supplying the kingdom, Henri is sent with a supercarriage to defeat them. After Bad Jack burns their crops, the Queen asks Henri to lift her subjects' spirits by composing a song.

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Henri and Bad Jack race to find an extremely rare treasure; Jimmy lies to Bjorn, and must try to fix their friendship. Jimmy and Cat learn that Colbert never completed his field exam, and he must go on a field mission with Henri to keep his job. Cat is feeling down about her prospects of becoming a knight, and Henri tries to save her with a song, which sends her on a solo quest. Henri offers to help Jimmy win the school talent show, but one of the judges turns out to be a witch in disguise.

After Bad Jack is banished from the kingdom, and replaced with his brother, Jimmy joins forces with Bad Jack to oust Jeff. When the Queen is kidnapped by a witch, Wilfried becomes regent, and arrests Henri for breaking his new laws. The Queen begins to shrink after eating a lollipop, and Jimmy and Henri must capture a witch to get the antidote.

The Cat Hildegard Is a Bully by Edda Walsleben (English) Paperback Book Free Shi

Jimmy convinces Ronny Flash to interview a rock monster, and then must accompany him into the Dark Lands. To impress the other squires, Jimmy pretends that Bjorn is his pet and Bad Jack threatens to burn Epic to the ground. The Queen calls a truce during battles in order to give her nights a break, and the two sides enjoy a minstrel concert.

When Jimmy and Cat use science to win the sorcery faire, their classmates believe they are masters of the Dark Arts. Jimmy encourages Cat and Bjorn to spend the day with their parents, but the Queen and Bad Jack's plans interfere. Henri believes he wins fights because of his lucky charm ritual, and loses his confidence when the charm is stolen.

Bully Cats 😜🐱 Funny Cats (Full) [Funny Pets]

Caught trading assignments, Colbert assigns the knights to return to Squire School to relearn the spirit of true knighting. Jimmy complains that he is treated like a baby.

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Lance gets a hold of a video taken of Cat in action against the Cyclops and uses it to blackmail her and Jimmy, forcing them to find a way to get it back.