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His works represent a unique poetry of destruction as they focus on the transformation of the material trough time that present the viewers with the artistry of the creative process and the forces used in that process. His action sculptures represent controlled experiments that include objects exploding, colliding or being catapulted into space. In the artist created one of his first famous sculptures Action with a Fuse.

By placing a fuse between Appenzell where he was born and St. Gallen where he now lives and letting it burn slowly from each end accompanied by an almost invisible set of fumes, the artist created the metaphor for his both life and life in general. The slow burning of a fuse and the violent action of the explosion that occurred when both ends meet represent the path between the meditative and the eruptive two interchangeable dynamics of life. He continued along the same path in when he catapulted the chair of a window to create his Kurhaus Weissbad masterpieces and two years later when he launched a table into four buckets.

In Roman Signer presented his work in the Swizz pavilion on Venice biennial. For the occasion, the artist has created a minimalist sculpture by placing stacks of paper containing pages each precisely arranged in 50 centimeters intervals. But this was just the first stage of the creation of his dynamic sculpture.

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In the following phases, this static objects were charged with explosive and with one simple click they were fired into the air and transformed into a multifaceted white wall. This ephemeral wall only lasted a moment before the papers sunk back down to earth and magically turned back to thousands of paper sheets.

By juxtaposing the vigorous energy of the explosion and the meditative decent of the paper the artist managed to turn the atmosphere in the pavilion from frantic to serene in just a few moments 3. The artist installations are executed in several stages. First, he chooses the objects with a potential for change like bicycles and paper stacks. The second stage refers to the actual new prospect of change, the explosion or the catapulting.

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The third and final stage show the result of the previous process like the decent of papers or the chairs to the ground. From a restricted array of processes and materials, Roman Signer produces a poetics whose tones range from the melancholy to the excitement, from the amusing to the violent. Featured image : Roman Signer — Portrait via arttv.

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A Roman Singer by F. Marion Crawford

They rise into the air, collide with each other, carom off the ceiling and walls, and finally die in mechanical spasms on the floor. The effect is both humorous and disturbing, as the toys seem to transform into a swarm of gigantic insects intent on their own self-destruction. His film, video and photographic works deal with their natural settings and give little pause to contemplate the urban rumblings of the world at large. The body of this practice comprises simple, elegant forms, animated and detonated to elucidate the cinematic ideas of suspense, climax and conclusion.

His best-known works are Super 8 films and video wherein the artist stages a spectacular event…or makes a banal moment spectacular in its slapstick simplicity. Image Credit: Roman Signer, Swiss, born

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