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Condor even shared her own video on Instagram to celebrate the announcement. View this post on Instagram. This story was originally published on 28th December. Related Stories. The fact that the sequel is seemingly on the table should come as no surprise, considering the massive popularity of the film, which is based on the first of three books by Jenny Han. There's inevitable drama, plus lots of "this-definitely-did-not-happen-to-me-in-high-school" epic romance. The big question regarding this reported sequel aside from wanting to know how fast it can get on our screens is how the neat and tidy ending of the film will spark more story.

Instead, she writes him a heartfelt letter, to be delivered in P. I Still Love You. Still, as long as these two are together when the credits on the follow-up film roll, how can we be anything but excited about this epic news? They take part and go all in, cheering the boys on through their example. I asked her what she does to get her adult volunteers to be so involved in participating along with the kids.

Our men are modeled worship from the worship team every Sunday. Secondly, I cast vision about worship for the kids and the leaders. The leaders know that I expect them to worship alongside the boys during our ministry times.

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And thirdly, I think seeing fruit from it—the boys starting to learn what worship is all about—is what helps keep it going. They model what worship looks like for the boys to see. I wholeheartedly agree that engaging kids in worship starts with vision.

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Help volunteers understand that nobody sits on the sidelines. Behavior is contagious in an audience. The bigger the crowd, the easier behavior spreads, because everybody feeds off each other. All you need is a spark to start a fire, and your adult leaders can help spark engagement during worship.

I led worship for a preteen event called SuperStart.

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Throughout the different sessions, the groups rotate around the room. Every now and then during one of the sessions, I would end up with a group in the first couple rows who would sit there during a song—even though I had asked the whole room to stand. They probably stayed up too late or were coming down from a sugar high, but still!

Help your team realize the power they have to disciple young Christ followers through the discipline of worship.

Remind them that they need to lead and model well because young eyes are watching their every move. Champion your volunteers with the knowledge that they have power and influence to help lead worship from within the audience. Many of you struggle with boys who have completely disengaged from worship. They may have unplugged because of a hardened heart, a negative attitude, a lack of understanding, or by following the lead of a friend.

I want to unpack a few things that I have wrestled with and processed about this.

Thinking through what you are inviting kids to do in worship is incredibly important. They expect there to be motions from start to finish of every song. When the whole room is bouncing a certain way or moving side to side on the count of three, it makes us feel good that there was a lot of energy and movement in the room. Do movements have a purpose?

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Yes, absolutely. In the process we lost a lot of meaning and purpose. We know that eating only sugar is a highway straight to decay. Is there a time and a place for the whole room to bounce and move?

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Yes, of course. Pick me up. I need You. Life is full of battles. All kids today, including boys, are dealing with some crazy stuff.