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Start a Wiki. There are 21 happy faces on the title card. This was the first episode to premiere in This episode premiered on the same day as the Kids' Choice Awards. This is the seventh episode along with the sister episode " Planet of the Jellyfish " to premiere on the same day as the Kids' Choice Awards.

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This episode marks the second appearance of Fiasco, the first being " Fiasco! This and its sister episode, " Planet of the Jellyfish ," both show Squidward having a mailbox on his door. This is the second episode where the mail carrier gets Squidward's name wrong. The first is " The Great Snail Race. The first was in " Prehibernation Week.

This is one of the few episodes to have suicide jokes. The episode also shares the same name with a song sung by Megan and Liz. This episode also as well shares the same name with a song sung by Ellie Goulding.

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When Squidward climbs the walls during his rampage, it is a reference to the Wacky Wall Walker, a toy that is thrown against walls, sticks to them, and looks like it's crawling down as it falls. The toy is designed to look like an octopus. Errors In the scene where SpongeBob cracks Gary's shell, it's in pieces, but in the next shot, it's repaired, perhaps he must have re-grown it or got a new one from Angry Jack's Shell Emporium.

Squidward drops the work schedule book on the grill and it burns immediately, but nothing happened to it when it was lying on the grill while SpongeBob was reading it. Sign this petition to ban the episode Are You Happy Now? This episode isn't that bad.

Sure are you Happy Now? I'm gonna make a link to D from Toonami! Depth Strider Woah, that image is HUGE.

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Initially titled "Are You Happy Now" and features Norwegian singer Sigrid , the song was first revealed during a cover shoot interview in with Billboard magazine. Being able to come together with complete strangers to do something beautiful, sing something meaningful, to share something special is what 'Happy Now' is all about. Lyrically, he described the song as "both happy and sad at the same time", while musically, the song "rather leans towards a happier, sunnier side". Rachel Narozniak of Dancing Astronaut called the song a representation of "yet another sonic step in a direction opposite the high-powered electro constructions of earlier foundational singles like " Clarity " and " Stay the Night '".

She noticed a more minimalist melodic arrangement in the song than that in " Stay " or " The Middle ". Credits adapted from Tidal.

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Billboard Interview. Interviewed by Chris Martins.

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Zedd & Elley Duhé - Happy Now (Lyrics | Video)

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