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Many of the examples do include a combination of techniques for the ultimate punchline. And please bear in mind, delivery of a joke can make or break it. A misdirection is when the audience has an idea of where your story is going and then, whoops, you pull a fast one and deliver an unexpected twist.

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The great comedian writer Gene Perret wrote that comedy is like pulling the rug out from under your audience. But there is one more floor below. It has 15 feet thick walls and no windows. It is always damp and cold and dark. This floor was the perfect place to keep the….. Telling the bitter truth is similar to being painfully obvious. It was a warning to would-be traitors as well as one of the first version of a bird feeder.

When something is absurdity it means it is wildly unreasonable and illogical.

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Add some exaggeration to the absurd scenario and you got yourself a recipe for the biggest cake of laughter your audience can just stuff their faces with. If your phone goes off while in there, you will be stuck DEAD! Now an osteopath would charge you a fortune for this, but after about 3 inches any therapeutic value is lost. This technique helps make a stranger become more familiar, especially if the self-teasing is about something very relatable. Near the end of the tour, the Yeoman takes off his big, tall hat for a demonstration.

They clearly know how to run these properties, as I saw in almost every other attraction in Egypt. After a few hours, I was willing to forgo some photos I was hoping to get just because I wanted to leave … which meant getting another taxi. Most of the independent travelers I met in Egypt had an experience similar to mine.

If you do get a chance to visit someday, I hope you can learn something from my visit to make it more enjoyable—below are some additional tips to make for a smoother Cairo visit than mine! Other travelers will often leave some gems of tips in the reviews there. Great travel insurance protects you if lose your gear, if you need medical help, or just need trip protection—we recommend contracting World Nomads coverage for the duration of your Egyptian trip.

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There is nothing to see inside the pyramids themselves, so dont bother wasting your time and energy. Just take a walk around on the outside. I had researched it well before i went to the pyramids. I booked a hotel right in front of the sphinx, so i didnt have to carry any cash or anything else with me, i left it all in my hotel room which was like 5 minutes walk from the sphinx.

All I had with me was a couple of 10LE bills and my cell phone tucked safely in my pocket, and a photocopy of my passport. When approached by the hagglers I just stood my ground, shook my head, and pointed to my pockets turning them inside out to show that I had no wallet or money on me. Once they realized that, they quickly moved away as they didnt want to waste time with someone who had no money — LOL :. While i understand the situation with poverty and their struggle to put food on the table for their kids and families, but that in no way justifies their attitude and behavior.

Their are other decent and honorable ways to make a living. Anyway, I am glad that i came out of that place with no damage done and i was able to spend some quality time on my own, inspite of the occasional rush of these vendors and camel owners etc. They all disappeared once they knew that they wont get anything out of me even if they beat me to a pulp hehehehehe. I had always wanted to go to the Pyramids but when I got there it was a completely miserable experience and I was still disappointed about it almost 20 years later.

In October I decided to try it again, just to see if I could set things right. This time I booked a guided tour in advance through Marriott iSeatz. The driver and guide kept all the hustlers away and I had a great time. Spent three hours walking around taking pictures with virtually no hassle. Total from my first trip and left me with a much, much better feeling about the place. This is not a place for tourists to be wandering around by themselves. Same thing happened to me, but I was scammed for a lot more. My quotes in USD were outrageous. At this point I knew they were lying and asked to go back to my hotel because I knew I needed more research no internet on me was a real downfall.

They brought their offers down just slightly. Wtf did I just pay for? The only benefit is that as a solo traveller, my guide took a lot of pics of me. The cat calling is relentless and has made me a starving recluse in my hotel room. This is such a great post. I went there with 3 other friends in and had the exact same feeling of harassment.

No matter were we went, the begging or pushing you to give your money is horrible. On the day we went to Giza to see the pyramids, we rode horses to get there and we could see the great amout of trash around the pyramid area. Seriously, I was shocked and I am from Brazil, things here are not perfect but, dude, our tourist parks are decent! We were all so disappointed.

We were actually angry!!!! We could not enjoy the visit as we expected. We refused, but it was not easy.

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Well… the disappointment was so, so big…. I saw this post was from April and nothing has changed. In fact, it got worse. I went to Egypt April to give some training for a bank. Big mistake going alone. I also took the taxi uber which was the best part of the visit.

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I was harassed to take one of those donkey carriages. These guys are even more aggressive. And they charge in USD. My currency is to the dollar!!. What a joke. I end up paying more than I should way more!!! The police are corrupt and extort money from these so called camel and donkey carriage guides.

So they end up charging you more cause they have to pay bribes to the police. We also have a lot of poor people where I live but this is now way to treat tourists. We have learnt that tourism is a great source of income for a country. The pyramids are grossly neglected. There are no signs where to go or what to do. If they just spent some money on upgrading the site, add some parking, put up some signs, open a decent shop or two, have guided tours at regular intervals, protect the tourist and so on and so on.

A lot of the local population close to the pyramids could benefit greatly from this attraction but instead they go the gung-ho way of exploiting the tourist. This should have been one of the best experiences for me but it turned out to be the worst. Maybe some of you had a better tour but I was left disappointed and scared. Wish I had seen this post before leaving. Never again, what a shame! Everything you said is true, but having been to Egypt several times there is a very simple solution. Act like a big, giant asshole.

Did you want it to be la resort? Sorry this was not helpful at all. I was expecting practical tips! Many thanks Gary. Regrettably I have decided not to visit this time. But something to think about for the authorities definitely. Most of the information in this leaves me feeling sad about the whole situation. One thing I was glad to hear was that the pyramids are so close to an establishment like a Pizza Hut. Thanks for the article! Thank you Gary for the incite. I could have used it a couple years ago when I went the first time. I thought I would share my first experience to my second experience.

Pre-revolution I was traveling with one other person and set up the taxi ride with the concierge. The first stop was the City of the Dead. It was kind of cool but with the unexpected stop, it felt a little nerve racking. The Museum was an Art Store. Again nerve racking, but it led me to buying a painting that I have hung in my living room.

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Finally we get to the Pyramids and we were ready to see the Pyramids. The taxi driver leads us into the tour business. In the tour business, we were brought to the rear of store where they tried to sell a camel or horse ride. Since I was educated about the Pyramids, I knew that we could walk the main 3. After tell them we would walk, they were very insistent on selling us the ride. We did leave with a tour guide and of course there were pluses and minuses.

The guide brought us through a side gate where there were 2 guards and brought us around the pyramids. The guide was very friendly and helped us get rid of the annoying camel people. On the other side, he was working for money so in the end we had to pay out more money. There is no set of money when it comes to the guide. This taxi driver took us straight to the main entrance. We went along with guide because of my last experience.

This guide was totally rude and had his own agenda. He tried to get us on camels many times after we were clear we wanted to walk. We did go inside the Great Pyramid after paying for the ticket at the entrance.

Should you hire a personal tour guide in a foreign country?

Prior to going in we were met by a guard sitting in a chair. After we get inside, we are met with a different tour guide. We were exiting the pyramid, I tipped the guide and the guard in the chair tried to shake me for more money. I told him that I tipped the guide and he would have to get his cut out of him. The original guide got out of the mess and we were on our way.

After seeing a small portion of the sites, the guide kept trying to take us to another Art Store and said its part of the tour. He led us down a dark alley before getting to the store. After leaving the store, he brought us back to the alley where he demanded money for the tour. I am going back in a couple weeks and I am sure there will be more experiences, but with a little education, you will enjoy this impressive site. But yeah. Reading this post after visiting the Pyramids today and haha — nothing much has changed in But I am staying nearby in Giza so I knew what to expect and mentally prepared for it.

Wearing headphones and listening to music is a great strategy for almost all busy tourist destinations. And of course as you say anyone who does anything for you no matter how small will expect money. Smile and be friendly but know that if you engage much deeper you are probably going to have trouble getting away. The thing that got me was actually how expensive relatively entrance to the main pyramid is.. Entrance fees in total for the day: Overall admission: 80 Main pyramid: Other pyramid: I paid 50 for a camel ride later in the day and really enjoyed it.

Also gave some kids a 20 for some postcards and bookmarks made the mistake of leaving out a third kid who then followed me for a long time. Could have saved over half of that by skipping going into one pyramid. All in all it was slightly harrowing but still a great day..

I would recommend it, just mentally prepare and do your best to carry small bills so you never need to argue for change. Let me preface this by saying that I visited the pyramids and have also traveled extensively abroad in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, so I can discuss this with some context. Get off your high 1st world horses or camels and chill.

What the writer and others did not indicate to you was how much an Egyptian pound is worth:. Unemployment disguised as underemployment may exceed 30 percent. Do your research before visiting you have the computers and money. Go with tour groups, be respectful, hope for the best, plan for the worst.

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If it is your dream to visit, go visit, but examine it without the idealisms presented in National Geographic, but also not by the negatives presented here. Generalisation is bad but! This place takes a cake!! My ordeal started with the hotel concierge! My initial booking with them to visit the pyramids was LE.

On the day of the tour which was only the following day, the price had jumped to If you despise dishonesty, you will be disgusted in Egypt. It is a culture of so many, i wonder where good religious people are hiding! Thank you for your honesty, and for writing abt travel as it can be — not as we imagine it to be! I went few times to Egypt as well. Pyramids is just disgusting to go, unless you like to get ripped off. Went there with private car and driverfrom hotel.

Guide tried to ripped me off at any chance. Trying to go to carpets and jewelry etc. Finally arrived at pyramids.

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Negotiated price for camel ride. But did not negotiate price to get off camel!!! But arguments and almost fights with about 10 guys. I couldnt fight all of them, so I paid, after few guys punched me from behind in back. It is so aggressive there. I have been to many poor countries 3rd and 4th world countries. No reason to be aggressive. You should contact the Supreme Council of Antiquities. I was really sad to hear about your visit, and I believe you. I have spent my whole life since I was a child wanting to go to see the Pyramids in all of their glory, but now I find myself not wanting to go at all.

Makes me sad that there is a pizza hut across from the sphinx. Thank you for being so honest. I recently read a post about how much harassment tourists get in Egypt. Great that you shared this experience about visiting the pyramids so others can avoid as many issues as possible. I love that you pretended to be from some obscure country. I had a similar experience at the pyramids back in March of this year.

I traveled from Istanbul overland to Cairo and the touts in Egypt definitely test your limits with how aggressive they can get. I suppose it is the price you must pay to see the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World. I was there shortly after Mubarak stepped down and the tourist numbers were still down. So when I went to the Pyramids there was hardly anybody and the camel riders really targeted me. My little piece of advice on dealing with the camel riders is to pretend your a running back and start doing zig zag patterns.

The situation is the same if not worse now that the tourist numbers have fallen after the January revolution. It never stopped. My wife and I have traveled a lot. This was the first holiday where we were glad that it was over and we were going home. My experience is exactly as written but I did learn two things that I would like to share.

All this trouble is in front of the pyramids. I went around to the back, and was virtually the only one there. It was great. This is not only the Pyramids but Egypt in general. The scams started the moment I arrived in Alexandria where I caught a cab and agreed upon a fare of 15 LE, after the cab ride handed him a 20 and he decided to just keep it and suddenly pretended to not understand English. Funny he spoke perfect English just earlier…I had to threaten him to get my change back.

Then at the subway station the guy selling tickets pocketed a pound for himself, the subway fare was 1 LE, I gave him a 5 and he gave me 3 LE back and refused to understand that the change was wrong. One time someone shoved a T-Shirt into my hands, I just let it fall to the ground and walked on. The scams and rip offs are annoying but I understand the economy is extremely bad and people are desperate….

What a hard read. I mean, as far as I was able to read. I just kept hearing a bunch of whinning! I have traveled to many parts of the world where people try to rip me off. Get over yourself.

Visiting the Pyramids of Egypt: A Survival Guide

I traveled to Madrid one year where I went into a cafe and ordered a cup of coffe and a pastry, I gave them a 50 dollar bill, and they refunded me a few cents. So you see, you need to be aware of where your going, and not be neive. Well rudeness is never acceptable, but honestly what do you expect when handing them the currency of another country? Oh man! Excellent article, but not the kind of news I wanted to hear.