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By the same token, if I don't think I look that good in it, you're telling me otherwise isn't likely to make me suddenly rethink my opinion. Having said that, though, if you do think my outfit is cute or sexy or looks good, you can say so and I will thank you. As if I gave a damn. If you agree with me.

The 5 Things I No Longer Give A Damn About Now That I'm Older

I will argue my point, particularly political, and after making my case I will give you a moment to agree. If you don't, I no longer feel like I have to beat you senseless for not having the sense to know I'm right. I know I'm right, I feel secure in my opinion and that's enough for me. However I do give a damn if you're voting for Trump. Don't tell me.

Then again, do tell, as I'll need to know I must avoid you from now on. If you're judging me. I mean who are you to judge me? You're not the boss of me! There's my 50s cartoon character again. I do accept criticism of my work; that I do care about.


But if you need to judge me as a person, go for it; just don't expect me to let your assessment matter. The advantage of aging is that list just grows and grows. Enjoy the freedom. It's far out. Want to hang with me for a few more minutes? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I don't give a damn if you call me old. The other four things I no longer give a damn about include:.

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US News. World News. Social Justice. Donald Trump. Queer Voices. Black Voices. Latino Voices. Asian Voices. Chances are you know somebody in your life who, at one time or another, did not give a fuck and went on to accomplish amazing feats. Perhaps there was a time in your life where you simply did not give a fuck and excelled to some extraordinary heights.

Same with deciding to sell most of my possessions and move to South America. Fucks given?

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Just went and did it. The point is, most of us struggle throughout our lives by giving too many fucks in situations where fucks do not deserve to be given. We give a fuck about the rude gas station attendant who gave us too many nickels. We give a fuck when a show we liked was canceled on TV. Fucks given everywhere. Strewn about like seeds in mother-fucking spring time. And for what purpose? For what reason? Easy comforts? A pat on the fucking back maybe? Indeed, the ability to reserve our fucks for only the most fuckworthy of situations would surely make life a hell of a lot easier.

Failure would be less terrifying. Rejection less painful. Unpleasant necessities more pleasant and the unsavory shit sandwiches a little bit more savory. I mean, if we could only give a few less fucks, or a few more consciously-directed fucks, then life would feel pretty fucking easy. Ever watch a kid cry his eyes out because his hat is the wrong shade of blue? Fuck that kid. Developing the ability to control and manage the fucks you give is the essence of strength and integrity. We must craft and hone our lack of fuckery over the course of years and decades.

Like a fine wine, our fucks must age into a fine vintage, only uncorked and given on the most special fucking occasions. This may sound easy. But it is not. This is no way to live, man. So stop fucking around. Get your fucks together. And here, allow me to fucking show you. When most people envision giving no fucks whatsoever, they envision a kind of perfect and serene indifference to everything, a calm that weathers all storms.

This is misguided. People who are indifferent are lame and scared.

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In fact, indifferent people often attempt to be indifferent because in reality they actually give too many fucks. They are afraid of the world and the repercussions of their own choices. Therefore, they make none. They hide in a grey emotionless pit of their own making, self-absorbed and self-pitied, perpetually distracting themselves from this unfortunate thing demanding their time and energy called life. My mother was recently screwed out of a large chunk of money by a close friend of hers.

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Had I been indifferent, I would have shrugged my shoulders, sipped some mocha and downloaded another season of The Wire. Sorry mom. But instead, I was indignant. I was pissed off. This illustrates the first subtlety about not giving a fuck. This is what is so admirable — no, not me, dumbass — the overcoming adversity stuff.

The staring failure in the face and shoving your middle finger back at it. The people who just laugh and then do it anyway. They reserve their fucks for what truly fucking matters. And an occasional lawsuit or two. And because of that, because they reserve their fucks for only the big things, the important things, people give a fuck about them in return. Think for a second.