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Seulement toi. Pari entre amours. Bad romance. Jeu d'inconscience. Bossman : roman. Le Club. Tigresse et vampire amour interdit. Jeu de patience. L'amant rebelle. Traduction de : Barnard, Sara Quiet kind of thunder. L'amant maudit. L'amant sauvage. Des cendres en enfer. Les chevaliers des Highlands. Tomes Rien qu'une nuit. We went to bed in ignorance of the cause of all the disturbance. But after Hippolyte had fallen asleep de Leuven came to me and told me the whole story.

This was what had happened. As I have said above, Adolphe had written the wonderful quatrain in Louise's album that morning. When it was finished he left the young lady's room as fast as possible. Towards four o'clock, Adolphe, who had not been able to contain the news, drew his father aside and repeated his quatrain to him. Adolphe stood dumbfounded. He had signed his unlucky quatrain with his full name. If the album were opened and [Pg 46] the quatrain were read he would be disgraced! This sword of Damocles, hung over the unlucky poet's head, had distracted him all the evening. It was to get hold of Louise's album that he had made the obstinate efforts to enter her room I have detailed.

But, as we have seen, his attempts had been fruitless. When night came, Adolphe took a desperate resolve: he would go into Louise's room when she was asleep, seize her album and destroy the tell-tale page. This resolution he put into execution about eleven o'clock. The door opened without creaking too much, and Adolphe, who squeezed himself through as softly as possible on tiptoe, with but the one end, one hope and one desire of reaching the album, had thus invaded his young friend's maiden chamber.

All went well as far as the album. It was on the table and Adolphe took it, put it in his vest, determined to regain possession by hook or by crook of the four lines which had made their author so unhappy, when suddenly he ran against a little table, which fell and in falling awakened Louise. Louise, startled, cried out, "Thief, thief! Collard, whose room adjoined his daughter's, rushed out of bed in his nightshirt, flung himself on de Leuven on the landing, collared him, and, as we have seen, suspecting poor innocent Adolphe of quite another crime, dragged him into his chamber.

His father followed them and closed the door behind him. There, everything was explained, thanks to the album, which Adolphe had been careful not to let go. Collard was convinced de visu of the geographical error Adolphe had committed; he thoroughly understood the importance of that error, and, reassured in the matter of motive, he was soon satisfied about the deed. So neither Louise's reputation nor Adolphe's suffered any blemish from this occurrence. As they continued to punish Hippolyte and me next day, for Manceau's little adventure, we left Villers-Hellon without saying a word to anyone, and took the road to Villers-Cotterets.

Strange to say, I have never re-entered Villers-Hellon since. The young girls' ostracism lasted thirty years. Only once have I since seen Louise, and that was at a dinner given at the Bank, when she was Madame Garat. I never saw either Madame Collard or Madame Capelle again. Both are now dead.

But when I close my eyes, in spite of those thirty years of absence, I can still see them all, the dead and the living. I promised to tell the story of the old doctor who was Manceau's predecessor, and it would be unfair to my readers to break my word. Paroisse lived at Soissons.

A thinly scattered practice allowed him to dine once a week at Villers-Hellon, where he was always made heartily welcome. This lasted for ten years. One day M. Collard received a large manuscript signed by the worthy doctor. It was the bill for his visits. He had charged twenty francs for each visit, and the sum total was something alarming. Collard paid him, but told M. Paroisse from henceforth not to come to Villers-Hellon unless he were specially sent for. It was in consequence of this incident that Manceau was installed in the castle as the regular medical attendant to the family.

I forget what became of Manceau I fancy the poor devil is dead. Happily, this was not in consequence of the enforced bath we gave him. Arnault and his two sons—A journey by diligence—A gentleman fights me with cough lozenges and I fight him with my fists—I learn the danger from which I escaped. After the unjust sentence that was passed upon us in Villers-Hellon, I returned to Villers-Cotterets, and, disgusted with my sojourn in the aristocratic regions whence I had just been cast forth, I returned with delight to the world I preferred to theirs, wherein I could find complete satisfaction for all my heart-longings and all my proud cravings.

At the end of that time, little by little her pretty face cleared, and she ended by smiling upon me with the freshness and sweetness of an opening flower. One might have said of this lovely child that her smile itself was like a rose. While these youthful love affairs were in progress—all of them, alas! I have already spoken of Adolphe de Leuven, who suddenly took a prominent place in my life, apart from my childish friendships. Here let me also be allowed to say a word about another friend, who was to finish in certain other directions the work of opening out future vistas before me that had been begun by the son of Count de Ribbing.

One day we saw a young man of twenty-six or twenty-seven go along the streets of Villers-Cotterets, wearing the uniform of an officer of Hussars with an unusually stately grace. No one could possibly have [Pg 49] been handsomer or more distinguished in appearance than this young man. His face perhaps might have been criticised as a trifle too feminine-looking, if it had not been for a fine sword-cut which, without spoiling in any way the regularity of his features, began at the left side of his forehead and ended at the right corner of his upper lip, adding a touch of manliness and courage to his gentle features.

I do not know what chance or whim or necessity led him to Villers-Cotterets. Had he come as an idle tourist, to spend his income of five or six thousand livres in our town? I do not know It is probable. He liked the country, he stayed among us and, at the end of a year of residence, he became the husband of a charmingly pretty young girl, Louise Moreau, a friend of my sister.

They had a beautiful fair-haired child, whom I should much like to see to-day: we nicknamed it Mouton , on account of its gentleness, the whiteness of its skin and its flaxen hair. I lost sight of you such a long while ago, my dear de la Ponce!

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Whatever part of the world you may be in, if you read these pages, you will find therein a testimony of my ever living, sincere and lasting friendship for you. For, my friend, you did a great deal for me. You said to me: "Believe me, my dear boy, there are other things in life besides pleasure and love, hunting and dancing, and the silly ambitions of youth! There is work. Learn to work It is because you introduced me to the only friend who can give comfort by day and by night, who is ever near, who hastens to console at the first sigh, who lends healing balm at the first tear: you made me acquainted with work.

O dear and most excellent Work,—thou who bearest in thy strong arms that heavy burden of humanity which we call sorrow! Thou divinity, with hand ever stretched open and with face ever smiling! De la Ponce spoke Italian and German as fluently as his own language; he offered to teach them to me in my leisure moments—and God knows I had plenty of spare moments at that time. We started with Italian.

It was the easiest language—the honey of which Horace speaks, the gilding that clothes the outside of the cup of bitter drink given to a sick child. That book gave me an idea of, an insight into and a feeling for romantic literature of which previously I had been totally ignorant. In two months' time I could talk Italian fairly correctly, and I began to translate poetry. Furthermore, a change took place in the office greatly to the advantage of my literary education, but not to my legal education. Niguet, that precious head clerk who had told tales to M. Mennesson of my love-disappointments, had bought in a neighbouring village a lawyer's practice, which I believe Lafarge had been obliged to sell as he had not been able to find the wherewithal to take it up; and Paillet, a friend of mine, who was six or eight years my senior, had succeeded Niguet as head clerk over me.

Paillet was well-to-do; he had a delightful property two leagues from Villers-Cotterets; his tastes were luxurious; consequently, he let me off more readily than Niguet who was an old Basochian [1] without any fun in him and entirely wrapped up in his business to pursue the simple luxuries I could indulge in, namely, shooting, flirting and dancing. So it came about that instead of encouraging me in treading the narrow and difficult path of a provincial solicitor, Paillet allowed me to cast my eyes abroad, instinctively understanding, doubtless, that the work they had put me to was not what I [Pg 51] was cut out for.

It can easily be seen that Paillet exercised material influence over my future destiny, apart from the moral influence exercised by de la Ponce and de Leuven. I was then perfectly happy in the love of my mother, and in a younger and sweeter love growing up side by side with hers without injuring it, and in the friendship of de la Ponce and of de Paillet, when de Leuven came to complete my happiness: I lacked nothing save that golden mean of which Horace speaks; had I had that too, I should have had scarcely aught to wish for.

Suddenly we heard that M. Deviolaine was going to retire with his family to his estate of Saint-Remy, and let his house at Villers-Cotterets to the Count de Ribbing. So the house wherein I had been brought up, the house peopled for me with a host of memories, was to pass from the hands of a relative into the hands of a friend The beautiful garden had taken M. De Leuven and his father settled, then, in Villers-Cotterets, where Madame de Leuven joined them in a fortnight's time. As for de la Ponce, he rented a house at the end of the rue de Largny, the first house on the left as you come from Paris: it had a large garden and a fine courtyard.

My time was soon divided into three portions—one was devoted to my friendships, another to love-makings, and the third to my legal work. The reader may suggest that my mother was perhaps a little neglected in all this. Is a mother ever forgotten? Is she not always there, whether present or absent? Did I not go in and out of my home ten or twenty times a day? Did I not kiss my mother each time I went in? Every day de Leuven, de la Ponce and I managed to meet. Generally it was at de la Ponce's house: we transformed the courtyard which I have mentioned into a shooting range, and every day we used up twenty or thirty balls.

De Leuven had excellent German pistols Kukenreiter. And we never any of us received a single graze! I remember one day after heavy rain we found I do not know how many frogs in that gloomy, damp courtyard. Here was novel game for us to pot at, and we exterminated every frog with our pistols. Every little while de Leuven read us a fable or an elegy of his own composition; but he was cured of making geographical errors by the nocturnal misadventure at Villers-Hellon and no longer mistook the South for the North, or Spain for Siberia.

One morning great news spread through the town. Three strangers had just come to stay with M. Arnault and his two sons, Telleville and Louis Arnault. He had a most superabundant flow of spirits and excelled at repartee; he could strike as rapidly at his object as the most accomplished fencing-master could parry a blow or deal a right-handed stroke. The only fault one could find with this wit was its keen, biting edge; but, like bites made by healthy teeth, the poet's bites never left poison behind them.

Since that day, M. Arnault, Frenchman in mind, had struck up a friendship which though broken by death was continued between their children. Telleville Arnault was a handsome young officer of a charming disposition and of tested valour. He had fought a Dud over Germanicus with Martainville which had made a great sensation in the literary world. Louis was still a young lad of about my own age.

I prudently kept from visiting Adolphe all the time M. Arnault and his sons were staying with his father; but M. Deviolaine having invited them to a rabbit shooting in the [Pg 53] Tillet woods, I was present, and the acquaintance which began by chance during the walks in the park was sealed gun in hand. This gun had a barrel not fourteen inches long, which filled me with wonder, for I still believed in length of barrel and hunted with siege-guns. When M.

Arnault left Villers-Cotterets, he took de Leuven with him. It was heart-breaking to me to see Adolphe depart. I had two memories of visits to Paris, one in , the other in These two recollections sufficed to make me passionately envious of the lot of every favoured being who was going to Paris. I remained behind with de la Ponce, and I redoubled my devotion to the study of Italian.

I was soon sufficiently far advanced in the language of Dante and of Ariosto to be able to pass on to that of Schiller and of Goethe; but this was quite a different matter. After three or four months' work, de la Ponce put one of Auguste Lafontaine's novels in my way: the task was too difficult, I soon had enough of it. German was dropped, and I have never had the courage to take it up again. My first serious dramatic impression dates from this period. Some nabob who had done business through M.

Mennesson, out of unheard-of generosity, left a hundred and fifty francs to be divided among the lads in the office. Mennesson distributed it in the following way: thirty-seven francs fifty cents each to Ronsin and myself, seventy-five francs to Paillet. It was the first time I had found myself possessed of so much money. I wondered what I should do with it.

Paillet proposed we should both club our thirty-seven francs fifty cents to his seventy-five francs, and that we should go and sink this fabulous sum of fifty crowns in the delights that Soissons, the seat of the sous-prefecture , could offer us. The suggestion was hailed with joy. Paillet was deputed cashier, and we boldly took seats on the diligence for Paris, which passes through Villers-Cotterets at half-past three in the morning, and arrives [Pg 54] at Soissons at six o'clock.

From la Vertefeuille to Soissons, therefore, I was left alone with this person, who was a man of forty years or thereabouts, very thin of body, pale of face, with auburn hair and well groomed. He had laid great stress on my sitting near him, and, in order to leave me as much room as possible, squeezed himself as closely into a corner of the coach as he could. I was much touched by this attention, and felt sensibly drawn to the gentleman, who had condescended to treat me with so much consideration.

I slept well and anywhere in those days. So, as soon as we got out of the town I fell asleep, only to wake when the horses were changed, and I should most certainly not have waked up then if the three passengers who left us had not trodden on my toes as they got out, with the habitual heavy-footed tread travellers indulge in at the expense of those who remain behind. When the passenger saw I was awake, he began to talk to me, and asked me, in a kindly, interested way, my age, my name and my occupation. I made haste to supply him with full particulars, and he seemed much interested therein.

I told him the object of our journey to Soissons; and, as I coughed while I related my tale, he good-naturedly offered me two different sorts of cough lozenges. I accepted both, and in order to get the full benefit of them I put them both in my mouth together; then, although I found the gentleman's conversation agreeable and his manners fascinating, there was something even more seductive and pleasing than that conversation and those manners, namely sleep, so I wished him a good-night, and, with plenty of room to dispose myself in, I settled down in the corner parallel with his, with my back upon one seat and my feet on the other.

I do not know how long I had slept when I felt myself awakened in the oddest fashion in the world. My sleeping fellow-traveller had apparently passed from mere interest to a more lively expression of his [Pg 55] sentiments, and was embracing me.

Avis à venir

I imagined he had a nightmare, and I tried to awake him; but as I saw that the more soundly he slept, the worse his gesticulations became, I began to strike him hard, and as my blows had no effect, I cried aloud with all my might. Unluckily, they were descending the hill of Vaubuin and they could not stop the coach; the struggle therefore lasted ten minutes or more, and without in the least knowing what danger I was combating, I was just about to succeed in getting the better of my enemy, by turning him over under my knee, when the door opened and the conductor came to my rescue.

Paillet and Ronsin were sleeping as I should have slept if my travelling-companion had not waked me up by his overpowering friendliness. The gentleman of the auburn locks hoisted himself on the roof, without opening his lips, and the diligence started off again. Although I was now alone once more and consequently more at my ease inside the coach, I was too much excited by the struggle I had just gone through, to think of going to sleep again.

I could hear the conductor, in the cabriolet, relate my story to my two fellow travelling-companions, and apparently he presented it to them under a gayer light than that in which I had looked at it myself, for they roared with laughter. I did not know what there could be to laugh at in an interchange of fisticuffs with a somnambulist or a maniac.

A quarter of an hour after the gentleman had been installed on [Pg 56] the imperial, and I reinstated in the carriage, I heard by the heavy sound of the coach wheels that we were crossing under the drawbridge. We had reached our destination. Five minutes after we had left the coach, Paillet and Ronsin told me why they had laughed, and it sounded so ridiculous that I rushed off in search of my gentleman of the cough lozenges almost before they had finished; but I searched the imperial in vain in every corner and cranny:—he had disappeared.

Among the pleasures we had promised ourselves in the second capital of the department of Aisne we had put the theatre in the first rank. A company of pupils from the Conservatoire, who were touring in the provinces, were that night to give a special performance of Ducis's Hamlet. I had absolutely no idea who Hamlet was; I will go farther and admit that I was completely ignorant who was Ducis. No one could have been more ignorant than I was. My poor mother had tried to induce me to read Corneille's and Racine's tragedies; but, I confess it to my shame, the reading of them had bored me inexpressibly.

I had no notion at that time what was meant by style or form or structure; I was a child of nature in the fullest acceptance of the term: what amused me I thought good, what wearied me—bad. So I read the word tragedy on the placard with some misgivings. But, after all, as this tragedy was the best that Soissons had to offer us to pass away the evening, we put ourselves in the queue waiting outside; in good time, and in spite of the great crowd, we succeeded in getting into the pit. Something like thirty-two years have rolled by since that night, but such an impression did it make upon my mind that I can still remember every little detail connected with it.

The young fellow who took the part of Hamlet was a tall, pale, sallow youth called Cudot; he had fine eyes, and a strong voice, and he imitated Talma so closely, that when I saw Talma act the same part, I almost thought he imitated Cudot. As I have said, the subject of literature was completely unknown to me. I did not even know that there had ever existed an author named Shakespeare, and when, on my return, I was instructed by Paillet that Hamlet was only an imitation, I pronounced, before my sister, who knew English, the name of the author of Romeo and of Macbeth as I had seen it written, and it cost me one of those prolonged jokings my sister never' spared me when occasion offered.

Of course on this occasion I delighted her. Now, as the Hamlet of Ducis could not lose in my estimation by comparison, since I had never heard Shakespeare's spoken of, the play seemed to me, with Hamlet's grotesque entrance, the ghost, visible only to himself, his struggle against his mother, his urn, his monologue, the gloomy questionings concerning the fear of death, to be a masterpiece, and produced an immense effect upon me.

So, when I returned to Villers-Cotterets, the first thing I did was to collect together the few francs left over from the trip to Soissons and to write to Fourcade who had given up his place to Camusat, of whom I spoke in connection with old Hiraux, and who had returned to Paris to send me the tragedy of Hamlet.

For some reason or other Fourcade delayed sending it to me for five or six days: so great was my impatience that I wrote him a second letter, filled with the keenest reproaches at his negligence and want of friendliness. Fourcade, who would never have believed anyone could accuse a man of being a poor friend because he did not hurry over sending Hamlet , sent me a charming letter the gist of which I did not appreciate until I had studied more deeply the question of what was good and what was bad, and was able to place Ducis's work in its due rank.

In the meantime I became demented. I asked everybody, "Do you know Hamlet? At the end of three days I knew the part of Hamlet by heart and, worse still, I have such an excellent memory that I have never been able to forget it. So it came to pass that Hamlet was the first dramatic work which produced an impression upon me—a profound impression, composed of inexplicable sensations, aimless longings, [Pg 59] mysterious rays of light which only made my darkness more visible. Later, in Paris, I again saw poor Cudot, who had played Hamlet. This piece of poetry was entitled Les Bourbons en Mennesson, as I have said, was a Republican; I found him a Republican in , and when I saw him again in he was still a Republican.

And to do him justice, he had the courage of his opinions through all times and under all regimes; so freely did he express his opinions that his friends were frightened by them and made their observations thereon with bated breath. He only shrugged his shoulders. At this very moment he was in the seventh heaven of delight. He had got hold of a piece of poetry, in manuscript, against the Bourbons—I do not know how. He had read it to everybody in the town, and then after reading it to everybody, when I came back from Soissons, he, as I have said, ordered me to make two or three copies of it, for those of his friends who, like himself, were anxious to possess this poetical pamphlet.

I have never seen it in print, I have never read it since the day [Pg 60] I copied it out three times, but such is my memory that I can repeat it from beginning to end. But lest I alarm my readers, I will content myself with quoting a few lines of it. Ils entrent! Then the author exclaims—in those days authors all exclaimed—abandoning general considerations for the detailed drawing of individuals, and passing the royal family in review:—.

Then the author ends off his discourse with a peroration worthy of the subject and exclaims once more in his liberal enthusiasm:—. Twelve years later the Bourbons were hounded out of France. It is not only revolutionary bullets which overturn thrones; it is not only the guillotine that kills kings: bullets and the guillotine are but passive instruments in the hands of principles. It is the deadly hatred, it is the undercurrent of rebellion, which, so long as it is but the expression of the desires of the few, miscarries and spends its fury; but which, the moment it becomes the expression of general requirements, swallows up thrones and nations, kings and royal families.

Casimir Delavigne was one of those men who celebrate in song revolutions that were accomplished facts, but who do not help revolutions in the making. The Maubreuil trial was the outcome of the piece of poetry from which I have just quoted these brief extracts—a most mysterious and ill-omened business, in which names, if not the most illustrious in Europe, yet at [Pg 62] least the best known at that time, were mixed up with acts of thievery and premeditated assassination.

Probably I am the only person in France who now thinks of the "affaire Maubreuil. I made a copy at the time from a manuscript in a strange and unknown hand, which gave an account of the sittings. Let us now try to clear away the litter left by the events of the year When the Almighty prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, He said to Ezekiel, "I will make thee eat thy bread prepared with cow-dung" Ezek. Thou hast served us more hardly than Thou didst the prophet, and hast made us eat far worse than that at times! Napoleon was at Fontainebleau, the empress at Blois; a Provisional Government, occult and unknown, carried on its operations on the ground floor of a house in the rue Saint-Florentin.

Is it necessary that I should add that the house in the rue Saint-Florentin belonged to M. On 16 March Napoleon had written from Rheims:—. You will not have any news from me for several days. If the enemy advances upon Paris in such force that you decide any resistance to be useless, send away my son and the regent, the grand dignitaries, ministers, officers of the Senate, presidents of the State Council, chief officers of the Crown, Baron de la Bouillerie and the treasure, towards the Loire.

Do not desert my son, and [Pg 64] remember that I would rather know that he was in the Seine than that he had fallen into the hands of the enemies of France. The fate of Astyanax, prisoner of the Greeks, has always seemed to me the unhappiest in history. This letter was addressed to Joseph. The treasure referred to by Napoleon was, be it understood, his own private possessions. On 28 March the departure of the empress was discussed. Joseph, with the emperor's letter in his hand, insisted upon her departure.

It was decided that she should leave on the following day, at nine o'clock in the morning. Afterwards M. A pale and cold smile flitted over the vast chasm which served the diplomatist for a mouth. I urged that she should stay to further her departure. O monseigneur, Bishop of Autun! On the morning of 29 March, through the uncurtained windows of the Tuileries, the empress's women could have been seen in the dubious light of the growing dawn, by the still more dubious light of lamps and dying candles, running about, pale with fatigue and fear, after a whole night spent in preparing for the journey.

The departure, as we have said, was fixed for nine o'clock. At ten o'clock the empress had not yet left her apartments. She was hoping to the last that a counter order would arrive either from the emperor or from Joseph. At half-past ten the King of Rome clung to the curtains of the palais des Tuileries in tears; for he too, poor child, did not want to go. By a quarter to eleven, the empress, clad like an amazon in brown, stepped into a carriage with the King of Rome, surrounded by a strong detachment of the Imperial Guard.

On the same day and at the same hour, the emperor set off from Troyes for Paris with his flying squadrons.

Controversy in French Drama

It is well known that the emperor was arrested at Fromenteau, but what follows is not known, or but imperfectly known. When time and occasion serve— apropos of the July Revolution, probably—we shall revert to one of the men whom fate, for some unknown reason, branded with a fatal seal. We refer to Marmont. We will show what he was, rather than what he did: he was superb, during that retreat, in which he left neither gun nor prisoner in the hands of the enemy; superb when—like a lion at bay against the walls of the customhouse at Paris, surrounded by Russians and Prussians, in the main street of Belleville , his right arm still in a sling, after the battle of Arapiles, holding his sword in his left hand, mutilated at Leipzig, his clothes riddled with bullets, wedged in between the dead and the wounded who fell all round him, with only forty grenadiers behind him—he forced his way to the barrier where he abandoned, pierced with wounds, the fifth horse that had been killed under him since the beginning of the campaign!

Why did he not go to Napoleon, with his coat in shreds and his face blackened with powder? How determinedly fate seemed to oppose him! How different would have been the verdict of the future! But we, who are now a part of that future, and well-nigh disinterested spectators of all those great events, we who by nature are without private hatreds, and by position have nothing to do with political animosities, it is for us to enlighten posterity, for we are poised between the worlds [Pg 66] aristocratic and democratic, the one in its decadence and the other in its adolescence: it is ours to seek for truth wherever it may be buried, and to exalt it wherever it may be found.

And now, having defined our position, let us return to Napoleon and Marie-Louise. Let us pass over several days and say naught of great betrayals and shameful dishonour; even so we are not, unhappily, at the end of these things. From 29 March to 7 April the following events happened:—. On 30 March, Paris capitulated. On the 31st, the Allied armies entered the capital. On the 2nd, the Senate declared Napoleon to have forfeited the throne. On the 3rd, the Legislative Body confirmed the forfeiture. On the 4th, Napoleon abdicated in favour of his son.

On the 5th, Marmont treated with the enemy. On the 6th, the Senate drew up a scheme for a constitution. On the 7 th, the troops of the Duc de Raguse rose in insurrection and refused to obey his orders.

Also, Napoleon made his plans for withdrawing across the Loire. It will be seen that the Government of the rue Saint-Florentin had been quick about its work. The empress remained at Blois, where she learnt in rapid succession the declaration of dethronement by the Senate, the emperor's first abdication and the defection of the Duc de Raguse. On the 7th, she learned in the morning of the recall of the Bourbons. Until that moment, as a cloud hid the future from sight, the self-seekers watching and waiting had not yet ventured to show their hands in her presence.

But at the news of the return of the Bourbons everyone sought to make his peace with the new power. The same thing that happened to Napoleon happened to Marie-Louise. It was a race as to who could most openly and with the greatest speed desert her; it was a race of ingratitude, it was a steeplechase of treason.

She had left Paris a week before, the daughter of an emperor, the wife of an emperor, the mother of a king! She had a court around her, a treasure in her arms; two peoples, those of France and Italy, some forty millions of souls, were her subjects. In a week she lost rank, power, inheritance, kingdom; in an hour she found herself left alone with a poor deserted child, and treasure that was speedily taken away from her.

God forbid that I should pity the lot of this woman! But those who betrayed her, those who deserted her, those who immediately robbed her could not plead the excuse of an unknown future still hid from them. On the 7th, as we have said, the whole court fled. Finally, on the morning of the 9th, this announcement appeared in the Moniteur :—. This order was elastic: it did not make any distinction between the public treasure of the nation and the emperor's private property. Moreover, they confided the execution of this order to a man whose hatred for the fallen house would naturally incline him to the most violent measures.

They chose M. I am happily too young to be able to say who this M. Dudon was; I have therefore asked the Duc de Rovigo, whose accuracy is well known. Here is his reply to my questions:—. Dudon was imprisoned at Vincennes, for having deserted his post, for having left the army of Spain and, full of [Pg 68] cowardly fears himself, for having communicated them to whomsoever he met. Nevertheless, M. Dudon hesitated; he looked about for an intermediary; he did not dare to put his hand directly upon this wealth, which was so much needed to pay for past treacheries and defections to come.

Again, what has M. Let him be unto us the bronze mouthpiece of truth: I write under his dictation. He had been charged to escort the money. This young man, seeing the way to make his fortune, gave himself up to M. He collected his regiment, carried off, with a very high hand, the coffers which contained the Emperor Napoleon's treasure for they had not yet been unloaded and set off for Paris, which he reached without striking a blow.

But even all this did not satisfy them: they had robbed the empress, they would now kill the emperor. Each episode will focus on a different animal, with a magazine-style format, with recurring themes and topics repeating throughout the series to keep young viewers involved. The series will explore facts about animal species, behaviour, environments, food, relationships and some of their more horrible habits. Producer: Fettle Animation United kingdom Badaboo.

Baba, Dada and Boo are three colorful and adorable friends who pack an impressive dose of creative superpowers. By shaping and coloring the world, they perpetually re-invent their own universe and experience the most fantastic adventures. Together with the young audience they learn and discover in the most creative and playful way. Barbara is a little girl who is full to the brim with dreams and imagination. In that order, or even out of order. Who cares. But make it now. Right now. One day, Paul, the founder of the hotel disappears.

Luke travels time and space using the elevator and learns why his grandfather disappeared and secrets of all the relics and antiquities of the hotel. He decides to search for his grandfather and solve problems using the elevator. We follow the crazy adventures of 3 friends in the SunnyDay mall. Oh, and by the way, they are plants! Have you ever dreamed of spending the night in a shopping centre? Well, the Bitkiz have done it! Even better, Mia, Pete and good old Al are there every night as they actually live in the SunnyDay shopping centre and they are never short of ideas.

But the only limit to their playground is the glass ceiling of the shopping centre. Producer: Dandelooo France Boogaloo and Graham. Boogaloo and Graham are two opinionated chickens! Graham is rational and knows everything about science. They celebrate both sides of the brain by letting the viewer experience science and imagination. Is it important to know the science of this world? Yes it is. But equally important is imaginative speculation and just as Boogaloo needs Graham, and Graham needs Boogaloo, so do children need both the mythic and the machine for while science teaches us how we live, stories teach us why we live.

Goethe Beautiful tale of little girl who has a special dress, a traditionally embroidered garment which she inherited from her great-grandmother. She simply has to recite a magic spell and clap her hands to invoke its magic powers whenever she feels in need of a little helping hand. Meet Caiman, an inquisitive 5 year old crocodile. Caiman lives with his family in Trickle End, a buzzing and bubbling community in the mangroves, where the river meets the sea. Somehow, things never quite go to plan when Manny, a forgetful and very easily distracted lobster, is in charge.

Come and see the colourful world where Caiman lives! Candide is a series of absurd short stories, with the main characters appearing in ever-changing roles. The young Candide travels the world with an unshakeable optimism acquired from his arrogant master, Pangloss. Candide is desparately in love for the gender-aware femme fatale, Cunegonde, whom he chases throughout the story.

The stories aim at a good balance of adventures and philosophical discussions. Charly dreams of one day becoming a vet, just like her dad! Charly lives with her parents in the countryside where her father keeps a veterinarian practice. Her best friend is Yanis, his parents run a big farm.

Charly assists her daddy and both friends volunteer in an animal shelter and a zoo. Together they help animals in danger. Like all children in the country, their main pastimes are messing around in nature, building tree houses, and have a lot of fun! Charly is active on all fronts and she does everything possible to save animals in Danger or distress.

Together with Yanis they have incredible adventures! Together with Yanis they. Now in their teens they work out of an old abandoned cinema, where they run a monster mystery blog. The main idea of the project is to show, with lots of humour and no drama, how hard it is to stay good and polite, despite the fact that you are different, even gifted, but not accepted by the society. Producer: Zographic Films Bulgaria Draongarten. Every episode is a self-contained story. The storylines are simple, covering problems and situations that kids could easily relate to, such as loosing a tooth, keeping a secret,.

All this set in a vivid fantasy world with a tender watercolor approach. The humor is gag-based and fast-paced. Every little dragon has a particular personality and their troll Nanny barely and rarely manages to keep the control. At the same time, they can also make each other crazy.


The Sparkles have magical powers, and because of them they live life to the fullest. They are constantly going on adventures and missions. With great magical powers come great responsibilities! The Sparkles have magical powers,- and because of them they live life to the fullest. Since he knows me, Ernest has given up being a practicing microbe. It tells the story of a little creature called Moo and his best friend, Sticky a small branch that fell from a magical tree called Sleepy Tree.

They spend hours exploring its surroundings. On their big, little adventures, the two best friends may travel to the Frozen River where Mr. Blobby the frog lives, or delve bravely into the Crooked Forest, home to Charming the Prince. With all of these marvelous characters around, Moo and Sticky have many adventures, and exciting opportunities to explore unknown lands and to make new friends. FMF is a series about courage and of course, about being true to your friends.

Blobby the frog lives, or delve bravely into the- Crooked Forest, home to Charming the Prince. While innocently digging a hole in the ground to bury a hambone, Flea, a fun-loving and clumsy stray dog, uncovers a mysterious portal and tumbles through it. While paradise will never be the same, it sure will be a whooole lot more interesting. But paradise is. Having a bad day? You need Hopscotch, a happy young horse, on a mission to cheer you up! Eight-year-old Hopscotch lives in the heart of a city, surrounded by animal friends and neighbours.

Despite being completely different they both share a common goal — they want to take control over the world. The father, aware of his long forgotten popularity, is desperately trying to make the ends meet while Junior patiently works on a plan of exterminating mankind. Junior owns some superpowers that help him to physically impact the objects. However, he will need his father in order to activate his superpowers. Travelling back to the present, he is stuck when the time machine breaks. With Big Chrono, the warden of the nexus they try to use time to their advantage with one harebrained scheme after the other.

Siegfried, the radiant hero from the classical German Nibelungen saga, a dragon slayer? No, more likely Siegfried the wannabe bard! Without his young helpers — IGGI, the young puppeteer and GINA the involuntary skillful pickpocket — Siegfried, at most, would merely have been a footnote in the world of literature! Every thousand years, all the animals are allowed to defy the king. Sole goal: snatch the crown! No escaping the law of the savanna. For one full year, every day is the big day for Kikoumba, the day to defend the crown!

Every morning Master spends time with Bunny and Doggy before going to work. As soon as he leaves, strange and extraordinary things happen. Everyday objects come to life, surroundings change, things appear or disappear and objects behave unexpectedly. For Bunny and Doggy, these unexpected events are the gateway to breathless adventures in an extraordinary new world.

They bring challenges, problems and surprises for Doggy and Bunny. Producer: Milimages France Loopy Fruit. An anarchic, slapstick, character based sketch show in the tradition of the Minions and the Muppets. The show features Otis, a Californian orange who loves the sun, Brian, a self-conscious banana who just wants to be taken seriously, Adam, an apple with anxiety issues, Percival, a scheming plum with a mischievous sense of fun and Rambu, a crazy rambutan. Built on strong characters, and featuring European performers voicing fruit from around the world Loopy Fruit will appeal to a wide international audience.

The children. The people in the library, 3 adults and several children, are not aware of it yet but they will have to face the absurd, unbelievable situation the next morning: the library is sailing on the ocean… Obviously, they need to organize life on board, and their courage and imagination will turn the journey into a wonderful human experience. Macadam Valley is the city of all possibilities, even the worst. He soon discovers that the Hedgehogs Den is an undercover meeting place for local closet gays.

Manivald starts to interact with the other troubled characters and realizes that he has talent for listening. The adventures of these musical instrument characters provide a humorous and irreverent counterpoint to music from different genres, making some episodes soothing, slow, sad, gentle, hypnotic, therapeutic, while others lively, exciting, passionate, chaotic, and fast. While each episode is driven by a clear story with one or more of the main characters, a section of each episode involves abstract shapes to illustrate the emotions of the music Producer: Unanico Group United Kingdom Menino And The Children Of The World.

And the results are considerable. European animation has become the leader on its own territory. Spotlight on Ireland! The French city of Toulouse will host the 27th edition of Cartoon Forum, the co-production platform for European animation series that will present 8 0 n e w p r o j e c t s ffrom across. The French city of Toulouse will host the 27th edition of Cartoon Forum, the co-production platform for European animation series that will present 8 0 n e w p r o j e c t s ffrom across Europe from September Over the past quarter of a century, Cartoon Forum has steadily grown in quality and size.

This year a record was reached: 22 countries have selected projects. About 8 5 0 s e c t o r p r o f e s s i o n a l s will have the opportunity to discover some hours of animated series that can boast of original stories and innovative visual material. As many as four Polish projects will participate in the Cartoon Forum, which this year is held from 13 to 16 September in Toulouse.

During the threeday event, the producers have the chance to present their projects to the group of broadcasters, investors and potential partners from 30 countries. This year's edition of Cartoon Forum is held from 13 to 16 September in Toulouse. Productions which were selected are presented by the authors to the representatives of media and production companies as well as to distributors in the form of minute presentations on the forum. This year, 4 Polish projects produced by the studios Animoon and Grupa Smacznego will participate in the Cartoon Forum.

Toru decides to continue his Grandma's idea. The series is directed and written by Krzysztof Ostrowski. The episode series is produced by Animoon. The full list of the projects in on the organiser's website. Le pitch? Target Audience: 6- 9 years old Series: 26 x 12 mins An aristocratic family who have lived on a vast estate for generations have fallen on hard times and have been forced to sell off much of their land. Their old mansion has been. Being of proud and noble stock, moving in amongst the great unwashed offers many challenges for the family.

The fact that they are a family of ZOMBIES really puts the cat among the pidgeons and they are confronted by many obstacles and adversaries as they try to integrate. Toulouse Francia , 15 sep EFE. Por su parte, "Alike", producido por "La fiesta P. Contentos con el resultado y tras ganar un Goya, sus autores aspiran a saltar a la pantalla internacional. Musique, danse et ateliers sont au programme. Photo : Xbo Films. Fresh concepts—and faces—at Cartoon Forum From the world of Snoozeville to a land of closeted LGBTQ anthropomorphic animals, this week's event in Toulouse is bringing originality to a new level.

Net Monday 19th September, An alum of Valence's prestigious La Poudriegrave;re animation school in France, Harel's works there include "Les jambes du serpent" , and "L'eau agrave; la bouche. A 2D animation film mixing drama and fantastic elements "Snake" explores the relationships between children and elder brothers. We will pay tribute to the Irish animation industry with a host of events throughout the three days of Cartoon Forum. On the strength of its eight selected projects this year, Irish animation will appear as a constant thread throughout Cartoon Forum. Ireland will also invite all the participants in the Cartoon Forum to a colourful closing dinner and reception on Friday, 16 September.

The event will include Guinness as an aperitif, a choice of Irish beers, whisky tasting and a French tasty dinner in the colours of Ireland, all of which will be following by an Irish reception. For more information, visit cartoon-media. When not - UK entertainment working on Slurpy, he runs an animation festivals website Les Toons sont parmi nous! Cartoon Forum event in Toulouse, France. Also honored at the ceremony were the Cartoon Tributes awardees, selected by animation professionals Cartoon Forum. Also honored at the ceremony were the Cartoon Tributes awardees, selected by animation professionals attending the Cartoon Forum.

Ireland was selected to be the first Spotlight country in a renewed bid for the EU-funded Cartoon Forum to ensure diversity. Founded in , the annual Forum was, at first, in a different city every year, before settling in Toulouse. It could thus concentrate on perfecting its very efficient model, rather than having to reinvent itself each year to fit a new location. Given the strength of French industry and the location, there is, however, the danger of it losing its diversity.

So, the new Spotlight idea was introduced this year and Ireland, with its strong animation sector, was a perfect match. In fact, Irish animation is probably more successful than the French industry if the economic performance and audience statistics were converted to a per capita basis. Secret of Kells. In Toulouse, he and Animation Ireland —an association of 22 Irish animation studios— were in the shepherd role, paving the way for the Irish Spotlight presence. There was also a significant student presence with four students from Dun Laoghaire IADT and four from Ballyfermot Irish School of Animation, a wonderful opportunity for emerging talents to observe at close hand the cosmopolitan coproduction crossroads of the very lucrative European animation sector.

They also got a chance to meet the Irish Ambassador, Geraldine Byrne Nason, down from Paris with her team for the opening of the Forum. At the Cartoon Forum, like any animation production, everything is efficiently scheduled and synchronised. At breakfast aka Croissant Show , in the vast luxury canteen downstairs, intros are made and trailers played for the pitches you can see that morning, three of which will play at any given moment, in the Pink, Purple or Blue rooms upstairs. The pilot is a music video rap song by two inner city foxes, rhyming, moonwalking and oozing attitude, as they scavenge their way round Dublin.

You could watch it over and over. Toons with tunes. Others planned include boars in Berlin, swans in Paris and rats in New Yawk City, all smartly educational and sublimely entertaining, aimed at year olds of all ages. Dans le top Le Mr. The result is Caiman, a friendly young alligator living in a semi-tropicalparadise. His world is full of color not just the vegetation but also the cast of characters that inhabit this lively mangrove community. Ireland are represented at Cartoon Forum by 8 projects.

Cartoon Forum will take place 13 — 16 September and this year, for the first time, will be putting the spotlight on a country. Ireland, very active and very creative in animation, has offered its candidature for being the first country to go under the full glare of the media. Ireland has always been a hub of creativity and artistic talent, and nowhere is this clearer to see than in the Irish animation industry.

Irish animation studios are working with some of the biggest names in global broadcasting—including Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and the BBC—making animated series that are shown to millions of children all over the world every week. Award-winning features and shorts, animated programming for adults, apps and games are made here by our dynamic, technically advanced—and entirely indigenous—2D and 3D studios. Created in to boost the co-production and distribution of European animation for television and new media platforms, Cartoon Page 1 of 5 Forum has helped animation series obtain financing to the tune of over 2,3 billion euros.

COM www.

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The Forum took place from 13th - 16th September in Toulouse and is the biggest annual get-together of the European animation industry with more than participants. This makes it an important addition to 11th Animation Production Day May , to promote the competitiveness of the German animation industry. The event "German Alliance in Animation" is accompanied by a call for tender of the Animation Production Days for projects with production partners from Germany and one of the focus countries. The Animation Production Day is a business platform for the German and international animation industry.

In effective one-on-one meetings, APD brings together financing, distribution and co production partners for animation projects and offers focused debates and industry insights at the APD conference. Each year around participants negotiate cooperations for more than 30 innovative animation projects for all media platforms. The projects presented at APD show a high success rate.

More than one third of all projects presented at APD in recent years were able to acquire important financing elements and have been successfully produced. Please download the guide via this link: www. The Bulle Dark themes, light tech at Cartoon Forum Kidscreen's features editor Jeremy Dickson :nds promising projects at this year's event—and a surprising lack of digital extensions. Unfortunately, deaths occur in four of the :ve new nominated :lms including spoiler alert two dog deaths. Funding and resources are always issues, but of the 20 or so pitches I attended from the beginning of the Forum, only three presented digital extensions that have either launched or are actively in development.

The company is also sliding into a VR experience. The 27th annual Cartoon Forum wraps up today. Mais surtout aucun complexe. There has been a strong presence of Irish projects at Cartoon Forum over the past ten years. Some of the most successful Irish IP was introduced to the world at the Forum pitch sessions. Par VA. Two Belgian broadcasters have partnered with a local studio to coproduce a series that will be pitched at Cartoon Forum in France later this year.

The 2D-animated show is aimed at six- to eight-year-olds and follows a young girl who volunteers at an animal shelter with her best friend while dreaming of being a vet when she grows up. Chicken Town went on to be picked up by French distributor Mediatoon, which sold [1] it to broadcasters around Europe as well as to Netflix in the US. Meulemans also claimed there is strong interest in Charly Vet from potential coproduction partners in the UK, France, Spain and Luxembourg, as well as a French distributor. All rights reserved.

For the first time, a county was chosen to be highlighted at Cartoon Forum. Ireland, very active and very creative in animation, was offered its candidature for being the first country. The annual ceremony is held during the Cartoon Forum; a co-production platform dedicated to European animation series, held September in Toulouse, France. The Cartoon Tributes honor companies that had a positive and dynamic impact on European animation.

Letonia, Lituania, Est. Irish animators eye major commissions at Toulouse showcase Producers have been invited to bloc-pitch as Ireland's cartoon boom continues. He believes that the success of Irish animators in recent years lies in our storytelling traditions and an ability to embrace new technologies: "The technology to be able to create things at a volume that makes it affordable is something that a lot of people haven't done very well overseas.

The Irish have naturally taken to it," Mr Phelan told Newstalk. While Section offers healthy tax incentives to investors who want to invest in productions - Animation Ireland believes that more funding is needed to aid the development of Irish productions. What we would love to see is now can you create more good stuff in a sector that's doing well. Why cut it - why not bring more into the sector?

Les rendez-vous :. When things go wrong, a mysterious snake appears. The 27th annual Cartoon Forum, currently taking place in Toulouse, France September 13 to 16 , is putting the spotlight on Ireland. For more information on Cartoon Forum, click here Tweet. Cosas que les sorprendan, les emocionen, y sobre todo les inspiren. As every year, Licensing Made In is the licensing media partner of Cartoon Forum, the only European co-production Forum which groups almost producers, broadcasters and investors.

A unique opportunity to discover the latest animation trends and what may be the next kids IP. For the first time ever, Brands Media has also organized a delegation of licensing professionals who attended the event for the first time ever, bridging the gap between licensing and animation. Following a selection of the potential IPs launched at the Forum, which may developed into tv animated series in the next couple of years and with high licensing potentialities.

Every night when she falls asleep, Alice is welcomed in Wonderland by her friend Lewis, a rabbit. Licensing Potentialities: Based on one of the most famous kids fairy tales, the stories of each episode are positive and enhance the friendship values. Each of the seven pretty beads was an actual petrified troll, each with the single goal of causing Alva strife. But Alva must skill up to defend herself against the seven duplicitous dunderheads while teaching them a thing or two about nice behaviour at the same time.

Licensing Potentialities: Alva and the Trolls aims to be a kids show that links preschool social and emotional development with transferable media literacy skills though a classical fairy tale format. High collectible potentialities of the protagonists, strong story, highly colorful and a. By shaping and coloring the world, they perpetually re-invent their own universe and experience the. Licensing Potentialities: Very simpl e and cl ear el ements which characterize the series and a good mix of basic shapes and colors, very suitable for the youngest audience.

Finally, the aim is to develop a cross-media project. Producer: Creative Conspiracy Belgium. The add values of the series are: comedy, adventure, magic, a boys and girls target, collectible elements thanks to the many creatures present in the series and the amulets of the young protagonists. Caiman lives with his family in Trickle End, where there is also its school and friends. Licensing Potentialities: A good style and colorful characters and background. The protagonists are positive and safe. Producer: Illuminated Films United Kingdom.

Licensing Potentialities: An anarchic, slapstick, character based sketch show in the tradition of the Minions and the Muppets. Built on strong characters,. The Sparkles have magical powers and they are constantly going on adventures and missions. Kip is a goofy, carefree year-old kid who with his buddies, Pillow and Tick, just wants to Pillow is a laid back memory foam pillow, who always provides laughter. Tick, on the other hand, is an easily wound up alarm clock, who is a stickler for time and gets frustrated by the ever changing rules of the world.

These likely bedfellows chase the dream of one day climbing the social ladder in the surreal world of Snoozeville. A surreal series rich of colorful and peaceful monsters. Suitable for boys and girls. Licensing Potentialities: A warm and charming preschool comedy with diversity and friendship at its heart, produced by one of the leading UK production studios.

The characters of the Forest Folk have high collectible potentiality. A style and design well defined which enhance the commercial development of the series through licensing and a cross media platform. Licensing Potentialities: Link to a classic fairy tale and based on the homonym books of Claire Evans. The show taps into the current and hugely popular superhero genre in a fast-paced, entertaining and comedic way. Licensing Potentialities: Zombies is an evergreen theme. Original idea development with nice logo and music. A good way to combine scary, comedic and daily life elements together to amuse children.

Producer: Keg Kartoonz Ireland.

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  8. Designs and the creative direction led by Oscar-nominated French director Samuel Tourneux. Synopsis: While innocently digging a hole in the ground to bury a hambone, Flea, a fun-loving and clumsy stray dog, uncovers a mysterious portal and tumbles through it. Hopscotch is 8 years old and is a very happy horse. He lives in a mews in the heart of a big city, surrounded by animal friends and neighbors.

    In every episode, one of the animals faces a happiness crisis. Whenever she senses a happiness crisis, she quickly invents a fun or surprising adventure, ropes in all the neighbors, and helps to solve the problem. There are ups and downs along the way, but they always get there in the end. As the characters learn how to change their moods, so will the children watching. The series aims to promote positive mental health in little ones through their earliest TV viewing. Per capire cosa sia successo nelle giornate del Forum Cartoon fate conto che si giochi Francia-Italia questa sera.

    E meno. Una disfatta. E, appunto, la Francia ha presentato 21 progetti da sola e 7 in coproduzione. Non ci siamo proprio. Noi proprio no. E rimaniamo a guardarli giocare. Ciao Franco Bianco, regista e produttore di Supermimmo. Che dici di questa introduzione? Spiegati meglio. Lo so.

    Nouveau Film complet en Français Romantique 2017 - Film d'amour complet FilmPress

    Noi su queste pagine ne abbiamo parlato spesso. Recentemente anche con Alessandro Carloni, il primo italiano ad essere stato regista di un lungometraggio di un grande Studio statunitense. No, gli artisti proprio non mancano. Di sicuro. Prima di noi la. Francia e la Svezia. Grazie, Franco. Ma non finisce qui. Alla prossima! Our latest in-demand data in association with Parrot Analytics comes ahead of Cartoon Forum in Toulouse this week. Click to enlarge The chart covers the top American- and European-produced cartoons over the September period.

    Unsurprisingly, family favourite The Simpsons is first in the UK and second in France and Ireland, taking more than 1. Parrot notes that only The Simpsons, Steven Universe and Adventure Time appear in all three markets, and each charts shows notably different Demand is Ireland is significantly more driven by preschool. Click to enlarge With the European business descending on Toulouse for Cartoon Forum on Wednesday for the annual pitching event the news provides food for thought.

    Cartoon Forum will feature programmes from a record 22 territories, with one series, Snowsnaps, being the first from Canada, which is known as a prolific provider of original kids TV. France, as usual provides the most entries, with 26 projects, while the UK is second with nine and Ireland third with eight.

    The only problem for Kip is that reality keeps popping up in some way, shape or form to spoil things. Even in his dreams, Kip has to do chores, go to school, and reluctantly brush his teeth. The former head of content strategy at Angry Birds producer Rovio Entertainment is developing an animated series based on a Finnish gaming app.