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Army officers have legal immunity for their actions. Today, some internet bans still happen, mostly before death anniversaries of so-called martyrs, to prevent riots and demonstrations. That time, thousands of Pandits left the valley, suggesting that the community suffered enough intimidation to abandon their homes. On the other hand, the accounts of Kashmiri Pandits who stayed behind in Kashmir contradict claims by Pandits in the diaspora who say that Kashmiri Pandits suffered 'a genocide' and were forced 'into exile'.

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They used to be Pandits and their family lived there for 4 generations. To avoid persecutions, they decided to change their name and to convert to islam. Also known as "laanch", they run the business of dating industry in kashmiri society. Their role is to record the profile of single men and women, and find the best match, so that their families can meet and arrange a marriage. They are basically the human Tinder of Kashmir. You can meet several transgender people in the streets of Srinagar.

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Until the moment you wash your right hand with the Tush-naer pictured above, the bad news is that it's forbidden to quit the ceremony until the plate is over even if you want to pee? During that time, the groom is waiting upstairs starving , and the cooks can barely take a nap in-between cooking and serving those guests.

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Long story short, don't visit Kashmir if you are on a diet. It's often shouted in a friendly way when hanging around in the streets : an easy introduction to make new friends. The climate allows plants to grow almost everywhere. Processing it requires the workers to grind the hemp flowers on their palms before the dew dries early in the morning, and the greasy substance left on the palms is scraped off with a knife and rolled into small balls. Smuggling charas has always been a flourishing business in Kashmir. If tl;dr, better click the play button below.

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The Dictionary of Kashmiri Language. The Mahanayaprakasa and Other Kashmiri Texts. Nilamatapurana - The Leiden Edition. Supported by:. Heritage Lottery Fund, Cambridge. You can relax and simply enjoy the view of the mountain ranges around Dal Lake. After a luscious breakfast, the day is scheduled for sightseeing within the city.

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You will visit Mughal Gardens; these gardens were constructed during the Mughal time and it brings about the essence of the Persian architecture as you stroll around them. Shankaracharya Temple, located on Shankaracharya hill, dedicated to Lord Shiva. After exploring the attractions of city, return back to the hotel for night stay.

In the morning, after breakfast, you leave for further exploration.

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You will leave for Gulmarg, which is very famous place to enjoy gondola ride and just about 52 km away from Srinagar. Otherwise you will plan for other famous places like Sonamarg, Pahalgam etc. Both places offer beautiful landscapes of nature. You can hire a cab from the hotel on the direct payable basis to visit these places. After sightseeing is over, return back to Srinagar for a leisure stay in hotel.

The Ones Who Never Left: Tales of Kashmiri Pandits Who Chose To Live in The Valley

After a luscious breakfast, check out of the hotel and depart for your further journey with sweet memories.