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Throughout this year's World Series, kid reporter Sparky Mortimer has been making reports from the stadiums in Cleveland and Atlanta. Tonight, he lands a quick Dave and Paul recruit a guy named Moe from a delicatessen, and the CBS Orchestra puts together a music video about him. Later, Sparky Mortimer runs the bases at Jacobs Meanwhile, Tony Mendez continues his cameo appearances on TV Biff interrupts Dave's opening remarks and asks for water.

Later, Bill Murray cooks toast, and Silver runs by Dave uses the speaker phone to get someone to bring him pizza. Later, thirty folks show up with boxes, and slices are handed out to the audience. Also, the United Elton John promotes and sings two songs from his latest album, "Made In England. Dave asks folks on the street including a poorly disguised Michael J.

The Winky Studmire Series

Fox what they think of the federal budget crisis; Bob Borden makes his first report from DC. Dave gives a turkey to a lady in the audience, then takes a turkey to the balcony with the help of a ladder; throughout the night, celebrities mention what they're In a sign of future legal trouble, Microsoft owner and multibillionaire Bill Gates tries to fix the Late Show Quiz Machine after it gets stuck displaying the answer Dave has Paul sit down on the guest chair because it's his birthday.

Soon afterwards, the outside cam reveals Dave buying Paul a birthday present from a girl on the Cold Opening: Dave and Creepy Dave go mano a mano in the green room. Steve Martin shows up a day early, and Dave can't get him offstage. After a video montage of the annual eggnog drinking from increasingly larger bowls, Dave and a model hop into a gigantic bowl of the liquid, later joined by Biff and Sparky Mortimer makes another amusing -- albeit clumsy -- Super Bowl report; Dave chats with basketball star Reggie Miller. Dave mentions that in between show tapings, an audience guy named Anthony sang "My Way" from the balcony.

During the taping of this episode, however, Dave invites him Dave stoically mentions that this will be the last night for the current set, and that it will be remodeled during the NCAA Tournament coverage. To commemorate this, As the Ed Sullivan Theater is being renovated, Dave hosts his show from the lobby with only 60 folding chairs set up for the audience. Fire Commissioner Howard Safir After a week of construction, the show's new "Bridge" set is unveiled. Dave quickly mentions that he ordered it from a catalog.

Martha Stewart honors the occasion by Meanwhile, George Foreman breaks a pinata at Hello Deli, in celebration Mailbag: Dave goes over to Yankee Stadium and steals home plate. Once he had her locked in, he took off her After Dave promises that the Quiz Machine will never be seen on the show again, he brings out the "Flagstar ," a cheap cardboard facade. Anna Paquin returns to the show two days after the basketball challenge and donates her cash prize to charity. Also, Dave temporarily moves his show to public access, Dave shows a clip of Marshall Sylver's infomercial, and throughout the night Dave attempts to hypnotize members of the staff.

After Dave accidentally puts Biff in a After miraculously surviving its attempted demise the previous week, the Quiz Machine is finally destroyed once and for all. Also, ten ballerinas present the Top Ten. Dave begins a new contest: The town that sends the most valuable gifts will be the new Top Ten Home Office. Two huge glass tanks are displayed onstage, each for the Dave appears on the Times Square Jumbotron demanding presents; Dave and Fred Nigro go to Jersey to help with taxes, during which Dave recruits a citizen to stand in An audience member assists in the debut of the Slatstar , while Brett Butler presents the Top Ten.

Mia Farrow reveals that she's addicted to the internet. Dave holds an impromptu auction, while Marshall Sylver hypnotizes more Late Show staffers. Wahoo vs.

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Grand Rapids loses further ground by sending several non-living In honor of the recent Sotheby's Auction that featured items once owned by John F. Kennedy, Biff comes stage on Jackie O's alleged riding lawnmower; in a pre-taped Dorothy drops by to promote the cookbook that Dave's been plugging for the last two weeks, and she cooks him his favorite sandwich.

At the end of the monologue, a guy dressed up as an Olympic runner bolts across the stage, and later he paces around the backdrop. Also, comedian Anthony Clark Pat Farmer interrupts the monologue by walking in front of the camera; Marv Albert provides color commentary on tonight's CBS Mailbag; two guys spray each other with Also, Everclear performs The Late Show begins a week in San Francisco as Mayor Willie Brown interrupts the show throughout the hour by offering Dave the key to the city, a loaf of sourdough Frisco, Day 2: Dave gives a bouquet to a year-old lady in the audience; Dave and football great Joe Montana tour the city, where they end up getting "friendly" in Frisco, Day 3: Sheila E.

From San Francisco: Three audience members receive free hams and souvenir cue cards; Joe Satriani sits in; Dave tells the seals at Fisherman's Wharf to shut up; the Frisco, Day 5: The Alcatraz mock-up in the backdrop is subject to a jailbreak; Dave hangs out with a local hippie, thus introducing the world not to mention fleeting Dave quizzes the audience on his week in San Francisco, during which Gene Siskel runs onstage looking for Roger Ebert.

Later in the show, he gives up on his search, Manny the Hippie gives his first live remote from San Francisco, as Dave asks him to give periodic reviews on current movies. Tonight, he reviews Twister, which he Junior Brown sits in, and Dave tries on his very unique hat.

During Mailbag, Tony sits in for Dave while Dave sits in for Alan saying "letter number two," which leads into a question about lawn care; comedian Harry Hill tells For no apparent reason, Dave orders Tony to take a taxi; Manny the Hippie presents the Top Ten; a dentist checks out a weird whistling noise coming out of Dave's mouth Two audience guys go outside to monitor the temperature, and given their meteorological expertise, are ordered to stand next to a giant thermometer. Dave shows a clip of his favorite moment from last night's show: Biff doing a quadruple take upon seeing Dave's slacks getting cut at the knee; Dave's contact lens Dave's jacket is stain by coffee, so he throws it into the balcony; an "unknown guest" crashes the show; Leslie Nielsen promotes Spy Hard.

Also, Dave invites several staffers including Dave invites customers from the Roy Rogers restaurant across the street into the theater to be checked for ticks; Dr. Sam Merrick declares them tick-free. Also, Day Dave tells a mean fat joke about Roger Ebert, and shortly afterwards the film critic calls Dave a bastard; four singers present the First Annual Late Show Salute to The final day of celebrity "She Loves Me" performances takes place when Rosie O'Donnell sings, holds the last note, runs through the theater, grabs a soda at Hello In a piece of videotape footage that "will disturb and shock you," Dave introduces clips of Bill Clinton singing "Mustang Sally" and Boris Yeltsin dancing.

Remote: Dave works the drive-thru at a Taco Bell in Jersey. Some guy carrying the Olympic torch comes through to interrupt the monologue. Also, Dave recalls a fake Father's Day memory when his son "Jimmy" gave him an ashtray Biff recruits an audience member to get splashed in the face by a speeding taxi going over a puddle. Dave shows off a tick that has embedded itself into his suit, then shows more footage of him at Taco Bell. Manny the Hippie reviews Striptease: "Schwag. Dave airs his first new July 3rd show since his morning show in Mujibur and Sirajul stand on the roof, waiting for the fireworks in broad daylight; during Mailbag, "Neil Diamond" Calvert rouses the crowd with a smokin' rendition Dave switches places with an audience woman, and later she sits in with the band; Elaine Stritch storms onstage and chews out Dave; Randy Quaid promotes Independence Day.

Dave points out that Paul is the co-musical director for the Olympic closing ceremonies; Biff keeps interrupting Dave; Dave chats with Joanne Ussery, a woman who lives Country legend Marty Stuart sits in, while a disgruntled alien Gerard comments on inaccuracies in the movie Independence Day. Later, Jackie Joyner-Kersee promotes her new fitness book Dave welcomes the Gold Medal-winning U.

Dave brings up three girls from the audience, confiscates their gum, and sends them out to goof off in a nearby fountain; the Sex Pistols perform "Pretty Vacant. Dave chats with Yankees pitcher Dwight "Doc" Gooden, who threw a no-hitter the night before. Dave gives a ham to a man in the audience who correctly guessed his weight lbs. Seizoen 4. Dave gives a ham to an audience member named Bud Perchinski, who later assumes control of one of the cameras. It's the unofficial Three-Year Anniversary. The count is 90 morning shows, Late Nights, and Late Shows.

Dave shows some of his favorite clips, then goes Dave scrambles to find something to fill the extra 16 minutes of his commerical-free show. Fox gets a car for high school graduation he didn't officially graduate Clint Black sits in; the roof cam reveals campaign workers scuffling outside.

She makes several bogus news reports throughout the night. Cindy Crawford walks onstage with heavy eye makeup, and Dave asks where she got her black eyes. Dave says goodnight halfway through the show and then leaves. Paul goes to search for Dave but gets distracted playing basketball. Dave is finally found guiding planes Bill Murray serves as the show's roving reporter, asking pedestrians outside about the upcoming national election.

Also, Dave shows off his new, thinner haircut. It's the day after Election '96, so Dave tells his last "Bob Dole is old" joke. Also, Dave fidgets with his unusually long tie, while Calvert conducts exit polls. Ten noteworthy anchormen appear in the top ten list while Dave chats with recently denied presidential candidate Bob Dole. It's the official 3rd Anniversary special, with clips and highlights from the past three seasons.

Saxaphonist Joshua Redman sits in; Gene Catron performs a trick involving dominoes and a pool ball; Dave gives out candy. From Chicago: Paul meets his long-lost brother Matt Shaffer on "Jerry Springer" just as Dave was going to admit to being a transvestite. Also, Dave introduces ten Throughout the night, audience members walk onstage to tell jokes.

Dave calls a desk jockey from across the street named Samantha Giafoni, asking for her opinion about Michael Jackson. After calling her, autumn leaves are dumped in Glenn Close promotes the live-action remake of " Dalmations. When Dave gives a ham to an audience guy, he gives him five more when he says it's going to a senior citizens' group. Soon enough, Biff practically gives him the whole Friday Night on the Road finishes in Miami, Florida.

It's so hot in the Coconut Grove Playhouse that Dave strips off his suit and hosts the show in his khakis and A "News in Review" segment is translated into Chinese, while Dave accidentally cuts himself while crawling under his desk. Thanksgiving and the holidays are the topics du jour in the latest edition of "Dave Talks to Kids. Gerard makes a cameo in the annual "Thanksgiving Day Quiz," while Dorothy bakes cherry and hickory nut pies. After Dave offers a million dollars claiming that there's no such person named Sivareddy Gotike, whose letter was read on the CBS Mailbag the week before, Sivareddy Biff gives out hams to the audience during the second-ever appearance of "Know Your Current Events," while Martha Stewart shows Dave how to make a scented wreath.

Dave calls the corner pay phones, but no one answers. He finally steps outside and tells anyone to pick up the phone. After some guy named Phil answers it, Dave has to Skunk and Gator hang out in the green room; Beavis and Butthead plug their upcoming movie; Paul performs an original holiday number.

Somebody named Matias Paluka is interviewed by Dave, then does a weather forecast. Mayor Giuliani shows up to put an apple on the Christmas tree, then gets in on a few pictures with Dave, Paul, and two audience members. Also, hockey great Gordie Howe During a "New for Christmas" segment, Biff is nearly injured by a motorized hula hoop; Neve Campbell promotes "Scream. Dave hugs a male audience member; fake snow falls on the backdrop, then on the audience; Darlene Love featuring Bette Sussman continues her holiday tradition of Midway through Dave's interview with "Michael" star John Travolta, the buxom president of John's fan club gets a hug and an autograph.

John Popper of Blues Traveler sits in, while Biff gives dating tips. Calvert DeForest is live at Times Square as the show is taped hours earlier. Dave introduces an audience member named Tara to Alec Baldwin; Dave shows a drawing of him in a 70's-era leisure suit; from the hit Broadway revival "Chicago," Bebe Dave flashes back to a wild night with a bunch of fabulous babes, while Paul brings him back to earth, Dave swipes Tony's gum, which he had tried to hide on top of one of the cameras.

Also, Woody Harrelson plugs hemp products and The People vs Dave sends an audience babe out to get some snow, and throughout the night the show is interrupted by a three-way snowball war between Dave, Inky and Anton. An audience member celebrating her birthday dances onstage; Inky threatens to throw a rock at Dave; Dave chats with a nine-year-old girl that delivered her baby Dave deems the show to be such a success that he announces the production of four spin-offs, "Rupert Touches Meat," "Leonard's Candid Camera," "Kenny's Baywatch" with Later, Dave The closing credits on the show include all staffers named Kevin Alan interrupts the monologue to comment on yesterday's Packers-Patriots Super Bowl; an audience member receives Dave's autograph; Calvert reports from New Orleans, Dave calls up an audience guy to meet Tori Amos, but he has to frisk him first.

Amongst those who participate in this parody are Rupert, Leonard, and Dave celebrates a decade and a half in late night television by introducing some of his favorite Stupid Human Tricks. Later, he chats with basketball star Charles In honor of the re-release of the entire Star Wars trilogy, Dave moves his coffee mug with a little help from "the force"; Billy Bob Thornton promotes his Academy Flugelhorn great Al Chez sits in with the band, while Leonard appears in a educational film about the First Thanksgiving.

Know Your Current Events: Dave promises an audience participant named Brian who Dave keeps calling "Larry" that if he can kick a field goal outside, he can sit In a remote featuring Dave talking to various fan club presidents, a swordfight breaks out between the "Cats" and "Star Wars" fans. Also, Bob Borden professes his love Dave brags that he had an incredible Valentine's Day last year, until Paul persuades him to admit that he spent it watching TV with an amorous Leonard. Also, the Jazz Marv Albert is credited with six seperate appearances tonight, thus raising his total on the show to an even one hundred.

Later, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, Two weeks before, NBC denied Dave permission to use clips from his old show. Throughout the night, various civilians tell jokes about their jobs, while Dave admits that he has fallen in love with this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Doug does standup. Also, Tony Randall talks about becoming a parent for On the three-year anniversary of his memorable first appearance on the Late Show, super-bowler Dick Weber rolls one strike after another out on 53rd Street. Later, he James Cotton sits in; while pedestrians footrace against each other over on 54th and Broadway.

He closes the segment by calling Dave a jackass. Dave shows outtakes of Leonard's Grammy report, and then gets thrown out of a taping of "Wheel of Fortune" by a security guard resembling Bill DeLace. Also, Dave and Paul participate in a cutthroat battle Also, Adam Arkin promotes the upcoming made-for-TV movie During "Rejected Commercial Characters," jokes are translated for a select audience onstage from English to Japanese.

Bluesman Keb' Mo sits in; Dave and Paul shill a new sleeping enhancer called EclipseQuil; "pyrotechnic madman" Ray Wold blows up stuff and somehow avoids burning himself. Sean Pelton sits in for Anton, while Howard Stern promotes his new movie.

The camera fixates on a guy in the audience with a gigantic gut with DAVE written on it. Also, Martin Short does another musical number, with a final note so extended In honor of his birthday, former president Thomas Jefferson is seen skydiving over the city, followed shortly by William McKinley and Paul Shaffer. Dave announces that today is Tony Mendez' 60th birthday, even though he's only 52; Dave orders Anton to fetch him some coffee; a man-on-the-street segment dissects Mailbag: Alan has an announcer sitting in with him, only to realize he's not his intern but his willing replacement.

Songwriter Jimmy Webb sits in, and throughout the night the band plays his songs; Dave shows a tape of Rob Burnett's daughter being scared to death by Daddy as the Dave calls a pay phone on Broadway, and then calls in a guy from Jersey named Rocky to tell the first "Mets suck" joke of the season. Also, Biff gives a pep talk to A man claiming to be Paul's brother Kenny sits in the audience, while amateur dentist David Kriuthoff fidgets with a special camera that can go inside the mouth.

Afleveringen overzicht van Late Show with David Letterman | Serie | MijnSerie

Mailbag: a man on the street is decapitated by a giant, renegade blue card. Dave says he's discovered he's been combing his hair wrong, so he fidgets with it throughout the show. Right after the first commercial break, Biff then tries to get in wearing In a running gag that was started two nights before in homage to something that appeared occasionally on Late Night , Zahshu, "The World's Only Performing Goldfish," Marv Albert interviews accountants, then shows a blooper real along side it; Dave notices that Tony is holding cue cards with gloves on; "Pat Farmer's Live-Action Biff announces that if Lyndon Johnson were alive today, he would've had a roast beef sandwich for lunch.

Rupert Jee drops by to make an important announcement: "America, I am a lesbian. Wendy Liebman discusses mammograms, while Luke Perry rappels off the side of the theater. In honor of tonight's audience all residents of St. Louis and its suburbs , the backdrop is altered to show the city's skyline; Dave shows live footage of the Dave dumps the show early yet again, and after searching high and low in Manhattan, Biff finally finds him demonstrating knife tricks at Benihana's. After the first commercial Tony Mendez does the Watusi; Biff announces that if Burt Lancaster were alive today, he would've had cream of mushroom soup and a tuna fish sandwich for lunch; Rupert stars in a parody of those financial-success tapes that they sell in infomercials, while Kirsten Johnston promotes the 3-D season finale of Third Rock from the With tonight's audience being from the Twin Cities, Dave makes them feel at home by having a faux snow fall in the theater.

Also, the Top Ten home office is Tonight, Dave promises to show things that have never been on television before, including Marv Albert dancing with a giant squirrel, a gay man kissing a lesbian, and Vault Boy. Vault Boy Adamantium Skeleton. Vault Boy Toughness Perk.

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Metaluna Mutant Retro. Chuckie Finster. Eliza Thornberry. Powdered Toast Man. Tommy Pickles. Arkham Knight. Batman Arkham City. Batman Arkham Knight. Batman Arkham Origins. Harley Quinn Arkham Knight. Red Hood. Robin Arkham City. Stitches Chef. Captain Brineybeard. The Devil. Djimmi the Great. Grim Matchstick. King Dice. Rumor Honeybottoms. Werner Werman. Alfred Pennyworth. Batman Armored. Batman Knightmare. Bruce Wayne. Diana Prince. Superman Soldier. Wonder Woman. Domo Batman Grey Suit.

Domo Riddler. Domo Robin. Domo Robin New Domo Shazam. Domo Superman New Barry Allen. The Flash Running. The Flash Standing Still.

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    Rick Grimes No Hat. Walker Clara. Barbed Wire Walker. Beth Greene Hospital Gown. Bob Stookey. Daryl's Bike Brown. Michonne Constable. Morgan Jones. Rick Grimes Constable. Sasha Williams. An attempted kidnapping, a nearly disastrous sailboat collision, and an encounter with a dishonest sculptor are just a few of the exciting challenges that Nancy is faced with as she gathers evidence against a clever ring of art thieves. France Dr Watson and Countess Volodymyrovna are holidaying in Biarritz when a fire breaks out in the kitchen of their petit hotel.

    The four names send a shiver up the spines of our two sleuths but after arriving at the ancient Cathar fortress it is too late to turn back. During the night their hostess mysteriously vanishes. Suspicion falls on the brigands, the old servants, and then the gang of four when it becomes apparent that the original hotel fire was deliberately engineered to lure them all to Chanteloup. The mystery of the disappearance of their hostess deepens. Is she dead or alive? Is there a lunatic at large? Is one of the men a murderer?

    Could all four be involved? Various motives present themselves: military conspiracy, religious martyrdom, sexual jealousy and hidden Cathar loot. Holgren is a mage with a distaste for magic and a soul bartered away to dark powers. Together they embark on a quest for the fabled city of Thagoth, where the secret of immortality is rumored to be hidden.

    Many others seek to utilize the hidden magic for their own twisted ends. And waiting in the ruined city with dark plans for the world are the twin gods Tha-Agoth and Athagos, a brother and sister whose illicit passion is as destructive and vengeful as they are. Now, as potent sorceries clash in a violent struggle for dominion over all that lives, Amra and Holgren face a choice between the unthinkable and the unbearable—with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

    Curvy Lisa Johnson has given up on relationships. But when her BFF invites her to her family's annual retreat, Lisa can't help being tempted — both by the family and the hot, sexy alpha lion shifter who protects them. Alpha lion wasn't looking for a mate. He's got his hands full taking care of his pride. But when he meets Lisa, he can't help making room for her But after a night of passion, she wakes up with a furry problem of her own!

    Can their new romance survive Lisa's transformation? And will the alpha lion and new lioness be able to defeat a stalker who's more than he seems? COM Theme is created by: www. The Straits of Galahesh. Surrender Section Eight Series 1. Beautiful Redemption Beautiful Creatures Series 4.

    Systematic Theology, All Three Volumes. Television and American Culture. Spree Killers. The Accidental Genie Accidentals Series 7.