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To block an opening or passage with an obstacle or a barrier. To enclose or exclude someone by constructing a barricade. Bluff to engage in a false display of strength or confidence, especially in order to deceive someone. Brackish slightly salty. Brandish to wave or exhibit something in a dramatic or threatening way. Circumference the boundary of an area, an object, or a geometric figure, especially a circle.

Commotion noisy activity or confusion. Concoction something that has been prepared by putting several things together; a mixture of ingredients. Conspicuous 1. Easily seen; obvious. Attracting attention; striking; remarkable. Contortion a sharp twist or bend in something. Counter to do or say something in opposition to something else. Cunning sly, crafty, or clever. Debris the scattered remains of something broken, destroyed, or discarded; rubble or wreckage. Defiance the act of defying; open resistance to an opposing force or authority. Deft quick and skillful; adroit. Destination the place to which a person or thing is going or is sent.

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Diminish to make or become smaller of less; reduce or decrease. Disdain — noun: A feeling that someone or something is bad, worthless, or low; scorn or contempt. Disdain — verb: To have or show this feeling about someone or something. Dismal 1. Causing gloom or depression; dreary. Feeling gloomy; depressed; miserable. Dispel to cause to disappear; drive away; disperse.

Eavesdrop to listen secretly to the private conversation of others. Egregious well beyond the bounds of what is right of proper; outrageous. Ember a glowing piece of burning wood or coal. Emerge to become visible or known. Engross to occupy the complete attention of someone; absorb.

Exasperation a state of anger, impatience, or great irritation. Exhilarate to cause someone to feel very happy; elate. Falter to proceed or continue in an unsteady or weakening manner. Foresight the ability to imagine what is likely to happen in the future. Fragrance a sweet or pleasant odor; a scent.

Furtive 1. Done or acting in a way that is intended not be noticed; sneaky. Giving the appearance of not wanting to be noticed, especially in showing nervousness. Grueling physically or mentally exhausting. Gusto great enjoyment; zest. Habitation a place in which to live; a residence. Hasten 1. To move or act swiftly; hurry. To cause something to happen more quickly than it would otherwise. Havoc very great destruction or disorder.

Headway progress toward a destination or a goal. My only problem was with the ones where you had to listen to the word and then spell it. Not only impractical for class, but it was sometimes picky with what words you were allowed to spell. Other than that, a pretty good list. Monday April 11th , PM. Tuesday April 12th , PM.

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I thing that it is cool but I think that they should give you the word that you missed at the end. Then you learn the word faster. Wednesday April 13th , AM. Wednesday April 13th , PM. Thursday April 14th , AM. Thursday April 14th , PM. Friday April 15th , AM. Friday April 15th , PM. Monday April 18th , AM.

Monday April 18th , PM. Yah go vocabulary. Tuesday April 19th , PM. Tuesday,April,19th, pm. Wednesday April 20th , PM. Thursday April 21st , AM. Thursday April 21st , PM. It's a very interesting website. I like how it lets you have an second try. It may be hard but it's ok. This is really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site helps me get good minded for language arts and I hit the nail on the head. Friday April 22nd , AM. Friday April 22nd , PM. Monday April 25th , AM. Monday April 25th , PM. Tuesday April 26th , AM. Tuesday April 26th , PM. Wednesday April 27th , PM.

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Thursday April 28th , AM. Thursday April 28th , PM. Friday April 29th , AM. Friday April 29th , PM.

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Invest in yourself. Always be curious. Be an optimist. Like, Conrad Hilton, the man who started Hilton Hotel, he said that he was only fifteen years old when he read a book by Helen Keller, and that book changed his life. Books can change your life. You can do those unless you understand finances.

You must have enough fuel units to live out your dream and to live out your destiny. Each word has a definition and a pronunciation and appears with at least one quotation—a moving or dramatic passage—taken from a book that middle schoolers are assigned in the classroom or enjoy reading on their own.

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Both classic and contemporary works of fiction and nonfiction are represented. Rowling, and Gary Soto. Readers can see for themselves that the words are used by the very best writers in the very best books.