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Me, the Missing, and the Dead , by Jenny Valentine. A visit to an art museum draws best friends Kari and Lucas into an international forgery scheme with a previously unknown Rembrandt at its center. Nickel Plated , by Aric Davis. In this moving, pitch-dark mystery, Nickel, a year-old abuse survivor, sells marijuana and blackmails Internet pedophiles in order to fund his real profession: clandestine detective. Paper Covers Rock , by Jenny Hubbard. This twist on A Separate Peace involves a pretty straightforward boarding-school death.

Paper Towns , by John Green. Of course, Margo Roth Spiegelman would have to go missing right after reconnecting with Quentin on an all-night caper of epic proportions. Picture Me Gone , by Meg Rosoff. Mila, something of a mentalist, and her father set off to find his missing best friend. The Raven Boys , by Maggie Stiefvater. The Raven Boys, friends at the Aglionby Academy, get involved with a mystery: finding the body of the sleeping king of Wales. A marvelously tangled tale. Revolver , by Marcus Sedgwick. Grades The Rules of Survival , by Nancy Werlin.

In this exceptional entry in a consistent series, troublecentric Sammy finds herself suddenly in possession of a wad of cash, a windfall that leads to both mystery and mayhem. A sophisticated mystery with well-captured family dynamics and middle-school anxieties. Because she is blind, London teen Laureth needs the help of her precocious little brother in getting to New York City and finding their missing father.

A complex mystery that is both thrilling and thought-provoking. Shift , by Jennifer Bradbury. After his best friend, Winn, disappears during a cross-country bike trip, college student Chris joins the search, even as he finds himself under suspicion. Skink—No Surrender , by Carl Hiaasen.

Trigger , by Susan Vaught. Informed that he caused his own brain injury but unable to remember the incident, year-old Jersey tries to solve his own mystery. We Were Liars , by E. A privileged family, a mysterious accident, secrets, lies, and a doozy of an ending make this an unforgettable read. Leck cleverly retrofits the detective genre with kid-friendly noir touchstones in three short cases starring the narcoleptic, quick-thinking junior gumshoe Jack Lime. Grades 5—8. In this final installment of the Alcatraz series, Moose Flanagan has a mystery to solve. Who burned down the family apartment?

Mobile sculpture, hedge mazes, and word games all figure into this thoughtful stumper, in which young Calder Pillay who shares a name with the famous artist goes missing in England. Grades 4—6.

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In droll, colloquial first-person language, year-old P. Pinkerton uses his cunning and plenty of disguises to outwit mysterious outlaws after his stepparents are scalped in Enola, the year-old niece of Sherlock Holmes, is drawn into two mysteries, both surrounding missing persons. The first title in a proposed series introduces a high-spirited heroine, breathtaking adventures, and cleverly conceived ciphers and clues.

Montgomery and illustrated by Amy Wummer. Grades 2—4. The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen , by M. Anderson and illustrated by Kurt Cyrus. Grades 4—7. Anderson continues his satirical Thrilling Tales series with an expanded cast of young characters, whose vacation becomes a series of hilarious capers featuring red herrings, both figurative and literal. The Crossroads , by Chris Grabenstein. This modern ghost story incorporates high-velocity action into a creepy psychological thriller, sending year-old Zack Jennings on a collision course with a haunted intersection and a murderous tree.

Grades 3—5. Twelve-year-old Londoner Agatha Mistery surrounds herself with a cast of sleuths who solve well-plotted mysteries like this one, which involves a missing Egyptian artifact. Escape from Mr. Eccentric game designer Mr. Lemoncello has just funded a special new library. Twelve lucky children are chosen for a special overnight in the building, but when they awaken, they find a game is afoot, with the prize going to the one who can find his way out.

Grades 5—7. When five unexpected guests arrive at Greenglass House, the inn Milo and his parents live in and operate, each of them loses an object. Hilda and the Black Hound , by Luke Pearson. Grades 2—5. In gorgeous, jewel-toned panels, plucky Hilda uses her ingenuity to uncover the fantastic truth. Hold Fast , by Blue Balliett.

On the Lake Michigan shore, an unlikely group is brought together by the promise of buried treasure. With a vivid setting and an original voice, this Goonies -esque adventure offers much more than just fortune hunting. Island of Thieves , by Josh Lacy. A search for hidden treasure leads to plenty of adventure as Tom and his not-quite-upstanding uncle find themselves kidnapped in Peru almost as soon as they step off the plane.

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Led by leprechaun-size Kiki Strike, a team of precocious year-old girls descends to a fantastical Manhattan underworld and attempts to outwit a terrorist plot against New York City. When his friend Ellie is kidnapped, Henry, the train conductor, and a talking cat join forces to rescue her and find themselves entangled in a jewelry heist. The Lemonade Crime , by Jacqueline Davies. A savvy introduction to law and a realistic depiction of kid emotions. After his cousin disappears from a London tourist attraction, young Ted faces his own psychological challenges as he searches for his relative.

Madhattan Mystery , by John J. Lexie thinks she and her brother are just going to New York to visit her aunt. Then she overhears details of a jewel heist and so begins a Big Apple adventure. Good plot; good characters. Masterpiece , by Elise Broach and illustrated by Kelly Murphy. Grades 3—6. Weaving in elements of fantasy, this illustrated, genre-bending mystery follows a young girl to a Memory Bank, where both memories and dreams are sorted and stored.

Surprising twists and revelations drive this sweeping puzzle of a story. The fast-paced mystery, vivid setting, and strong characters will hook readers. Mostly mystery with a touch of fantasy, the first title in the Flint Future Detective series follows bright kid Steven, who receives a quadrillion-dollar bill from a blind neighbor. A heady mix of conspiracies and everyday happenings. Murder at Midnight , by Avi. Political intrigue in Renaissance Italy forms the backbone of this historical suspense story, as an illiterate boy and his illusionist master navigate the perilous triangle of a magic-fearing king, his plotting son, and a nefarious advisor.

The No. Twelve-year-old puzzle whiz Winston is stumped when he encounters a set of strange, lettered tiles that seem to link members of his town. Three seventh-grade girls at a private school on the Upper East Side find themselves on a scavenger hunt wrapped in clues about religion, literature, and math, with a museum-quality treasure at its end. In one of the strongest entries in this popular series, seventh-grader Sammy worries about school dances and other teen rites as she investigates the shady intentions of politicians and developers in a broken-down neighborhood.

In this edifying graphic novel, after three kids united by a mutual affinity for science and gadgetry have their tip-top-secret invention notebook stolen by a scheming scientist, they put their imaginative doohickeys to work fending off his planned museum heist. Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos , by R. LaFevers and illustrated by Yoko Tanaka. High action and precise details will keep readers engaged in this supernatural mystery, set in the early twentieth century. Three of Diamonds , by Anthony Horowitz. Thirteen-year-old Nick and his bumbling older brother return in a fast-paced story about the search for a missing philanthropist.

Clever puns and deadpan commentary are sure to amuse mystery lovers. Three Times Lucky , by Sheila Turnage. In this second book in the Saxby Smart, Private Detective series, the canny preteen sleuth returns for three more mysteries—all solved with unusually sharp observation and deductive logic. Wonderstruck , by Brian Selznick. Grades 4—8. K—Grade 3. When the composer is found murdered, a blustery detective questions all the sections of the orchestra, allowing Snicket to deliver his charmingly snide humor as well as a sly introduction to the crafting and butchering of classical music.

Hermelin the Detective Mouse , by Mini Grey. PreS—Grade 3. Hermelin observes a series of mysteries on his street and reveals the solutions in notes to his human neighbors. What Really Happened to Humpty? Grades 1—4. There are some very excellent books and some fantastic comments about what other books readers like. I wonder, did we get to the nub of what teenagers are looking for? Super heroes and other specialist genres are well catered for. However, what about books teens can really equate to?

Teens who get into trouble and must use their wits and training to break away? I wrote three books of fiction adventure in an effort to try and lure teens into reading and spending more time in the wilds. However, it is the fun, adventure and intrigue which make the difference. In Only The Brave Dare, Scott Morrow and his friends swim out to an old, deserted submarine that had been wrecked off the coast.

When they reach the boat they found it has a series of packages of drugs dumped overnight by a Russian trawler. A group of other Russians find the boys, retrieve their drugs and lock the teens up in an old convict jail with a lighthouse built on top. Scott escapes and turns the lighthouse into a weapon against the Russians. In Canyon, Scott and friends train to go canyoning in the wilds. The day finally arrives and within hours the weather turns nasty and threatens to trap the teens.

One of the boys has a massive accident which leaves his life in the balance as some of the boys race to get help. Fate plays a double hand as to who gets to be rescued. It's an entertaining way to kick off a new series. Aug 28, Floyd rated it it was amazing. And she has just inherited her family's goat from which they got meat and cheese and chicken meat and eggs farm.

All of which are verboten to the vegan appetite. And that does not include the newest member of the family, Tammy, a Vietnamese potbellied pig. And as the reader moves from chapter one to chapter two, we find that Tammy has opened a barrel of worms - except the worms were gone and now all we had Bones To Pick by Linda Lovely A Review Brie Hooker is a vegan, not a vegetarian, a vegan. And as the reader moves from chapter one to chapter two, we find that Tammy has opened a barrel of worms - except the worms were gone and now all we had were human bones.

Now to find the killer - the victim had probably been killed forty years or so in the past. Even then, he was not well liked. Any number of people could have involved in the murder forty years ago, but now there were questions to be addressed in the present. We get to meet the people of Ardon County, South Carolina. There seems to be as much love in this county as there was between the Hatfields and McCoys a bit further to the northwest.

Families are convinced that they have been defrauded, others are accused of stealing land, and the legal paperwork is covered with forged signatures that might make any check writer proud. Like most of the cozy mysteries coming from Henery Press, the story combines suspense, humor, and a smattering of romance hey, Brie is being courted by two great, but very different guys. What is there not to like. Life [on the farm] was going to be interesting. The opinions are mine alone.

Aug 03, Rowena rated it it was amazing Shelves: chick-lit , chick-mystery , mystery , cozy-mystery , southern-mystery , fiction , humerous-mystery , murder-mystery , mystery-series , whodunit. What a fun and fast read! Lovely has done a great job of setting up developed characters that will only become more so in the next series installments.

The story is paced in such a way that while I kept telling myself I'd only read one more chapter, that one would become five. I was pretty sure I knew who the guilty party ies , no spoilers here, but finding out the how and why kept reading past my What a fun and fast read! I was pretty sure I knew who the guilty party ies , no spoilers here, but finding out the how and why kept reading past my bedtime.

Sep 21, Cheryl rated it liked it. Cozy mystery fans might enjoy this book. The storyline was fine. I read the first half of the story with no problems. However, I started to find myself getting bogged down; not by lengthy details but mainly due to minimal excitement and the characters. Speaking of the characters, I wanted to really love them but found them to be more casual acquaintances. I could not really find my footing with them, although Brie, her Aunt Eva, and the rest of the folks were a bit whimsical.

When it came to sol Cozy mystery fans might enjoy this book. When it came to solving the mystery behind Eva's husband, it seemed that there were many opinions. Some were plausible and others not so believable. Yet, it was interesting to see all of the did angles. Again, I would have enjoyed it more if the story had more action and not so much talking amongst the characters. Hopefully, the characters and the next story get stronger. Aug 04, Amary Chapman rated it it was amazing Shelves: cozy. While vegan chef Brie struggles with the changes in her life, life at the farm becomes anything but 'quiet in the country'.

From two smokin' hot age appropriate males showing interest in her Don't miss this tale of intrigue that contains more than a bit of humor.

Review: ‘The Stone Man Mysteries Book One: Stone Cold’

I can't wait to see where she goes next. Sep 29, Betty rated it liked it Shelves: arc , dogs , cats , cozy , e-books , animals , cold-cases , vegetarian. The first in a new book, a new author for me. I found a well written easy to read the story. The plot is unusual and creative on an old theme.

An excellent comment about the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. The characters are developed and several are offbeat. Like animals this book has a number hundred goats, Their 5 guard dogs voice announced rather friend or enemy. There is even a wolf. Guns are plentiful and surface violence is in play. An unusual love triangle is forming. I The first in a new book, a new author for me. I didn't like the negative comments about the rival clan. They were unnecessary. Tammy, the pig unearths a skull rooting around the area. The skull proves to be that of Jed Watson, Aunt Eva missing husband.

Aunt Eva is arrested for his murder and it up Brie Hooker to save her from a life in prison. Brie needs to work fast before she ends up like Jed. I recommend this book. I would like to thank them for this opportunity to read and review the book.

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The opinions expressed are my own. Mar 07, Lisa Morin rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. I really enjoyed this book. The title was interesting and the story was excellent. I had a great time reading this book and I loved the way I connected with all the characters.

The story itself was interesting and I was pleasantly surprised with the story line. I can't wait to read more in this series. Oct 06, Dorothy McFalls rated it it was amazing. I have a bone to pick with Bones to Pick. I found myself reading it when I needed to be working. The characters are funny and sweet and I look forward to getting to know them better in future books. I ate up every morsel of fun the book had to offer and was also reminded of how much I love goat cheese. I look forward to reading future books in this series. Oct 14, Mary Brown rated it it was amazing.

Goodreads Review: The characters are well developed and well rounded, and very likable. Living on a goat farm is not the ideal scenario for Brie, who is a card-carrying vegan, but she knows her aunt needs her and she will do whatever is necessary to help her family. When her aunt is accused of a long ago murder, Brie will do whatever it takes to see the real killer brought to justice. Paint and Andy, two locals that are close to Aunt Eva, provide love interests for Brie, and I am curious to see who and how she will choose between the two.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and through much of the book, I felt like I was right there watching all of the action taking place. I could see the goats and potbellied pig and all of the chores that were required on the farm. The mystery was well plotted and difficult to solve. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.

There is plenty of humor wait until you hear how Brie cusses , great characters and a well developed mystery that will keep you guessing. There is a little bit of minor language but it is very mild. This is a great start to a new series and I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Henery Press for the opportunity to read and review this great book. The aunts were twins sisters. She is going to stay on the farm to help her surviving Aunt Eva operating the goats and cheese farm. He walked out on her and now we know what really happened to him.

Who is killing off all these people and trying to frame Aunt Eva? Brie along with two suitors plus her best friend, Mollye decide to investigate. Great array of artistically create characters and quirky, colorful, vivid supporting characters involved in a well plotted, puzzling plot.

Great job in description making the reader a part of their experiences.


A fun cozy and I'm not kidding. Okay, since it is a goat farm you know I had to go for it. Not a vegan, do not like goat cheese, but do enjoy reading about the various foods and critters on this dairy. Rita, the mule, is my hero.

Amusing love triangle. I am so glad to see this is just the beginning of a series. The publisher provided a copy via NetGalley for my voluntary review. Sep 01, Ellis Vidler rated it it was amazing. Bones to Pick is a clever mystery with a cast of interesting characters. Oh, and a couple of hunky neighbors. It all makes for a fun mystery with a bang-up finale. I was given an Advance Reader Copy for review and enjoyed it. It's a good read for fans of cozy mysteries. Sep 30, K.

Davis rated it it was amazing. The quirky characters add to the charm of the story and captured my attention from the very first page. I found the protagonist, vegan chef Brie Hooker, to be an entertaining character from her ironic name to the situation she finds herself in helping her aunt run a goat farm, to her dilemma of the handsome vet and the BONES TO PICK, the debut in the Brie Hooker Mystery series by Linda Lovely starts out with humor in her acknowledgement and the chuckles continue throughout this delightful read!

I found the protagonist, vegan chef Brie Hooker, to be an entertaining character from her ironic name to the situation she finds herself in helping her aunt run a goat farm, to her dilemma of the handsome vet and the moonshine man showering her with attention.

The author provides many clever names and sayings that are quite entertaining. I was intrigued with how the cold case was woven into the new murder along with fraud and forgery that kept me guessing at how the threads were going to come together. But come together they did in a very exciting, suspenseful conclusion!

I received an advance copy with the hopes I would review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Sep 10, Laura Reading rated it it was amazing Shelves: craving-for-cozies , netgalley-edelweiss-storeycartel-re , what-an-animal. What a great beginning to a new series. The characters are delightful and have so much potential for trouble, danger and fun! I felt as if Brie was an actual thirty something person telling this story from her viewpoint.

Brie's life is about to change. She had a scumbag fiance she was able to leave behind, a job she didn't care for, and dreams about doing something more enjoyable and valuable in her future. Sadly, the event that brought about her opportunity to change was her aunt's death.


Family What a great beginning to a new series. Family is very important to Brie, even when they have different ideas for her life. Her choice of cheesy swear words is to please her mother. Being vegan is a core value for Brie who also loves adapting recipes to leave out any animal products. Still, when called upon, she will sell cheese to keep her remaining aunt's farm in the black.

She is not interested in dating until she finds herself sandwiched between two hunky and available bachelors. Not just bachelors - best friends but oh so different from each other! I see her resolve melting quicker than cheese on a griddle, which leads to the difficult decision - who to choose and how to keep both as friends? Dating has to be put on the back burner when a skeleton is discovered on the farm which heats up a 40 year old cold case. A cold case that centers right there on the farm and threatens its survival.

Brie and wacky friend, Mollye, make it their mission to uncover the truth behind dirty dealings and crooked cops. It doesn't hurt to have the two hunks protecting their backsides. Or to have a killer attorney in the family! One bad thing happens after the other and more skeletons will fall from the closet or be unearthed before this tangled tale is disentwined.

If you pay close attention you may even pick up a few tips and tricks. Sadly, there were no vegan recipes included at the back of my advance copy. My only question at the end is about a deed with a forged signature. Will that come up again in future books? Spoiler - but a good spoiler - all the animals live.

I accepted OK, I begged for an advance copy of this novel. The rating and opinions are my own. I look forward to visiting this group again. Jul 31, Breakaway Reviewers rated it liked it. Amateur, female investigators……………… Apparently, Linda Lovely writes a blend of mystery and humour. Well, you could have fooled me. Brie is a vegan chef with a predilection to uttering food types instead of expletives. Her aunts run a goat farm and make cheese which is sold locally and by mail order.

During the family get together to read the will the remains of a body are found which turns out to be those of Eva Amateur, female investigators……………… Apparently, Linda Lovely writes a blend of mystery and humour. The wicked sheriff points the finger at Eva and locks her up. So starts a run of murders and mystery. The characters are two dimensional and the local lawmen are caricatures of the Deep South crooked constabulary. I am quite happy to suspend belief when reading a crime mystery novel but in this case, credulity was stretched to breaking point and beyond. I awarded 3 stars as the plot hung together and moved forward logically although I almost deducted a star for the whimsical tone.

The novel is promoted as Brie Hooker 1. I shall not be rushing out to purchase the second or subsequent releases. Sep 22, Verity W rated it it was ok. I had some issues with this. But it's the first in a series, so it could just be teething troubles. Firstly Brie. On paper a nice idea, the reality is that she's too stupid to live, constantly getting herself into situations anyone can see are a bad idea and then she's all sanctimonious about the joys of veganism everytime any food is mentioned.

And food is mentioned a lot. Secondly, the local police. I mean, I know that police getting the wrong end of the stick is a regular trope in cozy crime, but this lot take the biscuit in so many ways. They are so over the top rubbish it is bonkers. And the one thing that is actually a sensible thing to do even if Brie can't see that it is - question the wife of the deceased - is done in such a bonkers over the top way that my eyes nearly rolled out of my head. Very few of the characters in this felt like three dimensional people, and the love interests that are being set up are done so clunkily that it drove me mad.

Oct 19, Marie McNary rated it really liked it. That is what we find out in Bones to Pick, the first installment in a new series by Linda Lovely. A death in the family brings Brie Hooker home and before she knows it she finds herself moving back home to live with her aunt on her goat farm. This book is a nice start to a new series. Full of action, adventure, and cozy fun. Here are my top reasons to check it out. The Title Fits the Book So many cozy mysteries have cleaver titles, but they have nothing to do with the book or the story. Bones to Pick is a fitting title for this book and gives the reader insight into the story.

Great Supporting Cast of Characters I love a good multi-generational family story. Aunt Eva added humor and spice to the book and she kept me entertained from start to end.

Bones to Pick

Laugh out Loud Humor This is an entertaining read. It is witty and keeps the pace of the book moving along. It is fun, creative, and will keep you engaged until the very end. Oct 24, Taryn rated it it was amazing. What a wonderfully fun start to a fabulous new series, and you don't have to be vegan to love it! In this new series you meet Brie who has moved in with her Aunt to help run her goat farm because her other aunt has died in an accident.

While at the wake a precocious pig named Tammy finds a bone who ends up being the missing husband of her living aunt. During the wake Brie is introduced to Andy the local vet and Paint the local moonshine maker. Both men have been friends for years and both are at What a wonderfully fun start to a fabulous new series, and you don't have to be vegan to love it! Both men have been friends for years and both are attracted to Brie. They both jump in to help her figure out just what happened all those years ago when everyone thought her aunts husband had just run off. With half of the town being related to the man and most thinking her aunt murdered him for his land will Brie be able to keep her aunt out of jail.

This was a well written story filled with eccentric characters that you can't help but fall in love with. The banter between Brie and her Aunt is hilarious especially when it comes to the food that they choose to eat. I so look forward to what comes next for these two and to finding out if Brie will be able to choose between the two guys. I usually like one guy over another when reading a book but in this case I loved them both so it will be interesting to see who she picks if she even picks one of them.

Eva's twin sister, Lilly, has died recently, and Eva needs her help in the goat cheese business and farm the sisters co-owned. It seems to be an odd match for a vegan, but Brie is devoted to both aunts. Things begin to get strange at the farm during Lilly's wake.