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Learn more More Like This. Legend of the Werewolf The Ghoul Horror Thriller. House of the Long Shadows Comedy Horror Mystery. Terror's House of Horrors Sword of Sherwood Forest Adventure Drama History.

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Night Creatures Adventure Horror. Island of Terror Horror Sci-Fi. Tales from the Crypt Drama Horror Mystery. The Gorgon The Hound of the Baskervilles Horror Mystery. Horror of Dracula The Curse of Frankenstein Horror Sci-Fi Thriller. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: John Mills Colonel Bertie Cook Donald Pleasence Sir Giles Marley Barbara Hershey Marion Evans David Birney Sir John Gifford Margaret Leighton Ma Gore Peter Cushing Sir Edward Gifford Brian Glover Sidney Gore John Savident Sir Roger Keith Buckley Herald Neil McCarthy Ben Willoughby Thomas Heathcote Tramp Bernard Hill Lawyer Diane Langton Edit Storyline A group of British aristocrats, who call themselves "Knights of Avalon", isn't content with the system of justice and executes judgment themselves.

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DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. For the White women who populate this fictional landscape the Southern code of manners reserves a kind of pre-articulate, vernacular model of feminine virtue that might be called "gracious living. Gracious living is a particular kind of moral sensibility, an ethos that is expressed by the "habits of choice" that her characters manifest in every domain of their lives Booth Hopewell in Good Country People to insist "that people who looked on the bright side of things would be beautiful even if they were not," and the ultimate reason why Mrs.

Taken together, as Olivia Dukakis put it in Steel Magnolias , these habits of choice demonstrate that "you were brought up right.

To see how these two projects dovetailed in her own mind, consider the following passage from The Teaching of Literature :. It is the business of fiction to embody mystery through manners, and mystery is a great embarrassment to the modern mind. About the turn of the century, Henry James wrote that the young woman of the future, though she would be taken out for airings in a flying-machine, would know nothing of mystery or manners. James had no business to limit the prediction to one sex; otherwise, no one can very well disagree with him.

Or as Martha Nussbaum, another Jamesian disciple, is fond of saying: everything about a piece of literature, "the selection of genre, formal structures, sentences, vocabulary. She insisted throughout her career that the fundamental challenge for any Catholic writer was discerning the presence of grace as it appears in the world; and that as a result, every good story must have "a moment of grace" in which fallen humanity is given an opportunity to be restored.

The hard business of literature was to confront the mysteries of the Christian incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection through a style that never separated theological concerns from dramatic sensibilities. These wide-ranging commitments make for a lot of balls to keep in the air at once. Painted in broad strokes the story explores how Mrs. Rather than attempting to rehearse bits and pieces of the story, I have selected a passage where the main themes of the story come together:. You can either be a nigger or white-trash," what would she have said?

Turpin occupied herself at night naming the classes of people. Above she and Claude were people with a lot of money and much bigger houses and much more land. But here the complexity of it would begin to bear in on her, for some of the people with money were common and ought to be below she and Claud and some of the people with good blood had lost their money and had to rent and then there were colored people who owned their homes and land as well.

Although he remains the mere suggestion of a character, and in that sense remains what Morrision calls a "dark and abiding presence" in the story, the two red Lincolns and registered whiteface cattle are essential for the Jamesian literary endeavor of capturing a "world so beautifully and so disastrously solid" Trilling , Another remarkable quality is how quietly she has drawn our attention to the way distinctions based on race and distinctions based on class feed off each other in the South. So instead of a single code of manners separating White from Black, there is a vast library of folk traditions used for distinguishing one kind of White from another, as well as one kind of Black from another.

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While the complexity of Southern cultural distinctions quickly overwhelms Mrs. A bit later in the story, she gives us a glimpse of the "elaborate manners" the Black side of the color line has assembled for their own protection when Mrs. You so sweet. That is to say, the sense of grace as attention to the markers of style and decorum has left no room for her substantive, theological understanding of grace as love, charity and forgiveness.

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When considered in this light, the Jamesian aesthetic strategy of thickly describing the cultural meaning of grace is also seen as an attempt to simultaneously draw our attention to the absence of the substantive theological meaning. Thus, we find the matriarch of Everything That Rises Must Converge looking at the changing landscape of race relations in twentieth-century America and concluding: "They were better off when they were [slaves]. Her writing reveals a political vision that is almost Augustinian in tone, in this case crediting the inherited code of manners for establishing enough discipline to forge a coherent cultural identity while criticizing that ethos because there is very little grace in this form of graceful living.

They are stories about the grace that makes clowns of us all, liberals no less than reactionaries, the old no less than the young, the genteel no less than the uncouth" Wood , However, I would add that this quality of her writing has more to do with her Jamesian inheritance than her "Catholic" or "theological" heritage. Looking back on her work, it does not look like the product of an artist making do with a thinly composed and historically impoverished culture. Booth, Wayne The Company We Keep.

Berkeley: University of California Press.

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Himmelfarb, Gertrude The Demoralization of Society. New York: Vintage. James,Henry Literary Criticism, Volume One. New York: Library of America. Melville, Herman New York: Norton.

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Morrison, Toni Playing in the Dark. New York: Vintage Press. Nabokov, Vladimir