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However, while PewDiePie fans are unimpressed at the Swedish gamer not being featured in the video, he does get a few mentions, including a hidden Easter egg.

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If you've got a story, video or pictures get in touch with the Metro. Follow Metro. Got a showbiz story? The selection is duplicated, added to the end of the original selection, and then reversed at the speed you chose.

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Reverse a clip In the timeline , select a clip or a group of clips whose contents you want to reverse. If you want to adjust the speed of the reversed clip, drag the retiming handle. Dragging to the left increases the speed, and dragging to the right decreases it. Fruthermore, it is possible for each cut strip to run separately onto its associated roll in a manner whereby undesirable stretching of individual strips and a resulting poorer quality of wound rolls is substantially eliminated.

In addition, the individual strips to be wound never deviate from the prescribed direction during passage through the machine, so that rolls having even edges are obtained even when the machine operates at high speeds. Moreover, the pressure between a roll and its feed drum may be separately adjusted for each strip and can be maintained during the winding process. In another embodiment of the invention shown in FIGS. The web is cut into longitudinal strips 71 and 72 by cutting blades 73 rotatably mounted on the machine and cooperating with cylinder 69 to effect slitting in a well known manner.

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Strip 72 extends partially around a feed drum 74 and is then wound onto an appropriate roll shaft or reel to form a wound roll And, strip 71 extends partially around a feed drum 76 and is then, in the same manner as strip 72, wound onto a roll shaft or a roll reel so as to form a wound roll Similarly as in the first embodiment, several wound rolls 75, 75a, 75b, etc. Each individual roll has a feed drum 74, 74a, 74b, etc. The roll shafts and the feed drums are pivotally connected to corresponding plates 78, 78a, 78b, etc.

Each plate 78 can be shifted and locked in position on a slide member 88 which extends parallel to the roll axes over a length at least equal to the width of the rolls to be wound. And, it can be seen that arms 82 and 82a are respectively located adjacent opposite ends 93 and 94 of each feed drum 74 and are thus adjacent the edges of the strips to be wound.

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Similarly, arms 83 and 83a are respectively located adjacent opposite ends 95 and 96 of each feed drum Pivot arms 79 and 79c are respectively located adjacent opposite ends 97 and 98 of roll 75, and arms 81 and 81a are respectively located adjacent opposite ends 99 and of roll Arms 79 and 82, together with their corresponding plate 78, therefore provide a support for a particular roll or feed drum. Another slide in the form of rods extend toward one another from plates 78 and 78b and are respectively secured thereto within bores by means of a force fit, or the like.

These rods respectively form pivot joints s85 and 86 about which arms 82 and 83 are pivotable. Plate 78a likewise has bores for bearings through which rods extend, plate 78a therefore being shiftable along the rods. Arms 83a and 82 are connected to their respective rods also for shifting movement therealong and may be locked in place not shown if desired. Accordingly, feed drums 76 of different axial dimensions can be mounted in the machine along the same corresponding guide , and can be pivoted about joint 86 and 85 defined by rods Since plate 78 is located adjacent end 99 of roll 77, and end 95 of drum 76 can be shifted within the limits of the length of rod independently of plate 78a adjacent opposite end of roll 77, it is possible to wind rolls 77 of different axial dimensions.

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It is also possible to wind rolls 75 of different axial dimensions for te same reasons and in the same manner as that described for rolls The changeover of the machine from one width of roll 77 or 75 to be wound to another is quite simple, since only plates 78, 78a, etc. When arms 83 and 83a, as well as rod , are arranged as shown and described, then feed drums 74, 76 of different axial dimensions can likewise be effortlessly mounted in the machine, so that rolls 75 and 77 can be wound into different axial dimensions with feed drums of corresponding dimensions.

The means for mounting the rolls and feed drums in the FIG. Obviously, many modifications and variations of the present invention are made possible in the light of the above teachings. For example, means other than rims can be used for preventing axial shifting movement of the feed drums, and any longitudinal cutting device can be used without departing from the invention. Also, arms 23 of the first embodiment can be pivotally connected directly to plate 16 rather than to arms 17, and the cutting blades may be likewise mounted on plates Also, since guide 4oll 55 is disposed above the rewind means of the machine, it is possible to thereby guide web 15 to separate cutting devices, winders, etc.

Thus, the web easily accessible for operating processes so that, for example, it can be easily inserted into the machine before the beginning of the winding process. It is therefore to be understood that within the scope of the appended claims, the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically described.

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A machine for rewinding a plurality of strips longitudinally cut from a continuous web includes feed drums associated with each roll of the wound strips, and mounting means for the rolls and the drums which are together shiftable along an axis parallel to the drum axis in such a manner as to permit drums of various axial dimensions to be mounted by the drum mounting means so as to accommodate rolls respectively having various axial dimensions. Alternatively, the drum and roll mounting means are disposed for shifting relative to each other along such axis to permit the mounting of both drums and rolls of different axial dimensions.

What is claimed is: 1. A machine for rewinding a plurality of strips longitudinally cut from a continuous web, comprising: roll means; at least two rewind elements on which said strips can be respectively wound into rolls of predetermined axial dimensions; a pair of feed drums, each of a predetermined axial dimension, in peripheral engagement with said rolls; said roll means, rewind elements and feed drums being positioned for permitting a pair of said strips to pass through said roll means, over a respective feed roll and onto a respective element to form rolls; mounting means adjacent opposite ends of each of said elements along a direction parallel to the axes of said feed drums; and means for mounting said drums being respectively connected to said element mounting means; whereby strips can be wound into rolls of axial dimensions less than said predetermined dimensions upon a shifting together of said mounting means to lie adjacent the opposite ends thereof.

The machine according to claim 1, wherein said drum mounting means include rollers surrounding said drums and bearing against the periphery thereof, and means for preventing axial shifting of said drums relative to said rollers. The machine according to claim 2, wherein said axial shifting preventing means comprise a peripheral groove on one end of each said drums and rims on said bearings in engagement with said grooves. The machine according to claim 2, wherein said drum mounting means further include arm members interconnected together and to said element mounting means, said bearings being rotatably mounted on said arm members.

The machine according to claim 2, wherein said arm members are pivotally interconnected together and to said element mounting means, and said drum mounting means still further include means for adjusting the relationship between said arm members as well as between said element mounting means and said arm members, whereby said arm members may be moved outwardly of one another to facilitate replacement of the drums of axial dimensions greater than said predetermined drum axial dimensions upon shifting said mounting means relatively outwardly.

The machine according to claim 1, wherein each said drum is covered by abutting cover sections having a combined width corresponding to the width of the strip to be wound. The machine according to claim 1, wherein said element mounting means include arm members pivotally connected to a base member, and a slide member being provided in sliding engagement with said base member, said slide member extending parallel to said axes.

The machine according to claim 8, wherein a slide member extends parallel to said axes, three mutually spaced plate members at least one of which being in sliding engagement with said slide member, and a pair of elongated slide guides extending parallel to said slide member, said element mounting means being connected with pairs of said plate members including said slideable plate, and said drum mounting means being connected with said guides, whereby said element and said drum mounting means are shiftable along said member independently of one another.

The machine according to claim 9, wherein said slideable plate member is located between the remaining plate members, and said guides extend from said remaining plate members toward one other and through said slideable plate member.


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