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How to Buy: Look for compact heads of cauliflower that are firm, clean, and white. Avoid those that have any dark spots or brown coloring. How to Enjoy: I especially enjoy cauliflower roasted whole in the oven and covered in nutty, melted Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. First, steam the whole head of cauliflower until al dente, then cover with Parmesan and roast until caramelized and golden brown. When properly cooked—in this case, roasted—cauliflower should have a sweetness to it with a caramelization that is deep, earthy, and nutty. It should not taste at all sulfurous. In a large pot fitted with a steamer basket or insert, add enough water so that it reaches just below the insert being careful not to let it touch.

Heat the water over medium heat to a rapid simmer. Add the cauliflower to the steamer and cover with a tight-fitting lid; steam until softened, about minutes. Meanwhile, preheat the oven to degrees F. In a small bowl, whisk together the olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes; season to taste with salt and pepper. Set the marinade aside. Remove the cauliflower from the pot, pat dry, and let rest until cool enough to handle. Transfer the cauliflower to a roasting dish; drizzle with the marinade to lightly coat, then sprinkle with a generous amount of cheese.

Roast the cauliflower until cheese has turned golden-brown and the cauliflower is slightly charred in spots. I love citrus when in season in the middle of the winter—blood oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes. The colors make me happy in the dead of winter, with all of its gray. How to Buy: Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes should look plump and feel heavy, and about to burst with juice. How to Enjoy: I love to squeeze lime juice on almost anything.

I use lemons in vinaigrettes and for marinades and in sauces, and to give that bit of acid flavor to most dishes—on fish, in soups, in cocktails, etc. Blood oranges are so beautiful and exotic with their crimson-colored flesh. They are fantastic simply juiced, and they lend themselves to sauces and salsas because of their sweet-tart flavor and color.

Grapefruits I love to eat with a sprinkling of sugar. In a glass bowl, combine all of the salsa ingredients, except the salt and pepper. Stir well to combine. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. You can make the salsa a day ahead, if you like. Preheat oven to degrees F. Season both sides of the salmon with salt and pepper. Place the salmon in a shallow baking dish and marinate with the cumin, lemon juice, minced garlic, olive oil, and agave.

Let the fish marinate about 25 minutes. Then turn the broiler on, and broil your salmon for 4 minutes to create a nice caramelization on the top of the fish this last step is optional. When your fish is done, top it with the delicious salsa. Garnish with the fresh cilantro and serve. Like everything else in New Orleans, our produce seasons are slightly different than everywhere else. We pretty much have winter and summer with a few weeks of spring and fall peppered in there.

So for us, winter produce is pretty cool—I love that we get beautiful collard greens and Brussels sprouts in the winter. How to Buy: Collard greens should be dark green and about eight to ten inches long. How to Enjoy: Collard greens are hearty and thick. When eaten alone and raw, they may have a bitter flavor. I love them every way! But I tend to braise them so they get a great flavor.

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Simmer all ingredients over low heat for hours until greens are tender. To me, delicata squash tastes like a combination of fresh corn and pumpkin. It not only tastes amazing but is really good for you, too, because it is low in carbs, rich in fiber, and contains vitamin A and C. In Season: Fall through winter. I usually find it from the end of October through the end of February. Contrary to its name, this winter squash is grown in the summer and picked in the fall and winter. At the restaurant, I love it on a pizza—at Pizzana, we have a special pizza with wood-fired delicata, Asiago cheese, date caramel, pine nuts, and crispy sage.

This is an ingredient that many people seem to gloss over. The flavor can be similar to black licorice and that turns people off.

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Any ingredient this delicious, and this underappreciated, is something I get excited about playing with. How to Buy: Should be firm, sort of like buying celery. How to Enjoy: Shaved fresh in a salad, pickled, and braised in cream. Fennel fronds, the green part that looks like dill, can also be eaten; they make a great garnish. Lightly toast mustard seeds, peppercorns, and juniper berries.

Crush the juniper berries by placing them under a pan and pressing down firmly. Place mustard seeds, peppercorns, juniper berries, vinegar, sugar, and salt in a pot over low flame until dissolved. Julienne the fennel and place equal amounts in 4 different pint-sized mason jars. Put 1 clove garlic and 1 bay leaf in each jar. Pour the liquid into the jars, trying to evenly spread the spices. Seal and store in the fridge for 2 days.

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Alternatively, can and keep indefinitely. Parsnips have a wonderful creamy quality, but with a multitude of applications. They make a silky, smooth puree, and their earthy flavor pairs well with winter truffles and local Peconic Bay scallops. How to Buy: Buy from local organic farms, as we do. The outside does not depict the quality.

How to Enjoy: I like them diced small and caramelized with butter, which pairs very well with seafood, such as halibut; julienned and fried crispy, for a heightened textural experience; or simmered with other root vegetables, including carrots, turnips, and potatoes, and mashed with butter and nutmeg for a wonderful stoemp [a Belgian side dish of mashed potatoes with mixed winter vegetables] to go with braised lamb shank. Persimmons are one of my favorite winter ingredients to work with. At Momofuku Nishi, we use both fuyu and hachiya persimmons.

For the fuyu, you want a semi-firm, bright orange fruit. Hachiya persimmons are a bit different.

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  5. How to Enjoy: Hachiyas are probably my favorite of the two. At the restaurant, we serve both in a salad dressed with yuzu vinegar, puffed farro, shaved bottarga, creme fraiche, and trout roe. I think either type is great with yogurt and granola as well. They are sweet when in their prime, can be eaten raw in salads, can withstand long, slow-braise broth soups which are perfect for winter weather , and absorb any flavor applied to them.

    In Season: During cold winter months are the best, from December to February. At its best, it should be sweet in taste and have a clean crunch. How to Enjoy: It all depends on the radish. Or for daikon or kabu, we like to slow simmer them—with miso, or a sake-soy sauce—in their own broth for many hours 4 to 6 at least on low heat. Radishes are also great when grated and can be added to vinaigrettes, sauces, dips, etc. The possibilities are endless.

    Wrap dried mushrooms, kombu, thyme, and bay leaves in cheesecloth. Combine water, cheesecloth sachet, and daikon in a stock pot.

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    Bring to a simmer. Remove the sachet of herbs. Add in fresh mushrooms, and simmer for another 15 to 20 minutes. Garnish with shaved fresh radish and dill leaves. Season with Maldon salt and pepper to taste. I get very excited about sweet potatoes in winter. In Season: October through January are months of higher availability.

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    How to Buy: Medium-sized ones are better, as they have the right amount of natural sugars. Too big are less sweet, smaller are too sweet. The color changes from variety to variety. They should smell a bit like a slightly sweeter potato and should feel firm. How to Enjoy: As mashed sweet potato with a bit of butter and light brown sugar. It is a heartwarming and homey dessert, and a good side to roasted turkey or chicken.

    They are really beautiful with bright purple skins contrasting a bright yellow interior. We like that these potatoes maintain some firmness when cooked—they have great flavor and sweetness without the mushy texture of regular sweet potatoes. In Season: From the very end of summer until the end of winter. How to Buy: The skins should be bright purple, and the potatoes should feel firm. How to Enjoy: In the restaurant, we cook them briefly in salted water with garlic, then fry them to create a crispy texture on the outside, while still maintaining the creamy texture on the interior.

    By Crystal Shi. January 9, Updated: January 9, Share. Recipe courtesy of Clare Langan Cabbage Greg Proechel Executive chef, Ferris New York City I love cabbage, and it reaches its optimal sweetness and tenderness this time of the year, which makes it easy to use raw or very lightly cooked. Garnish with parsley, if using, and serve.

    In Season: January through March. In Season: December through March. Some things of beauty are a joy forever, but delicate flowering quince—a traditional symbol of love and abundance—lasts only a week or two. This blooming-good imitation is the exception. Give us your delicate dinner plates, your tarnished silver, your smudged stemware. We'll show you how to make them shine and sparkle, right in time for the season of celebration.

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    As the perfect finishing touch to a tree, this skirt is trimmed with wintry designs for a sophisticated look. We looked to our favorite fine china styles—including Royal Copenhagen, jasperware, and pierced creamware—for Easter egg inspiration and came up with techniques so remarkably simple, you'll want to pass them down, too.

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    Simply add the paint appropriate for the surface you're working with and brushes and you'll have everything you need to instantly elevate floors, furniture, and more. Take a step inside a lush, blooming garden. At the entrance, this lattice fence is decorated with a delicate flora motif indicative of the natural beauty hidden behind it. More Photos.