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Can't wait to read the last book about Grace. Jul 17, LOU71 rated it really liked it Shelves: keeper-ipad-books-i-own. The author's warning: This book contains friends turning to lovers, a highly erotic secret affair, and a wicked villain who will destroy what he cannot have. A Matter of Sin: 4- stars A Moment of Passion: 4- stars This story was not as melancholy in tone as the first but it did have glimpses of ongoing family cruelty which made me feel down after a while.

I like how the chapters still begin with a quote from the scanda A Moment of Passion is the second book in The Ladies' Book of Pleasures series. I like how the chapters still begin with a quote from the scandalous pleasure book. I also like reading more about the friendships of Isabel, Jacinda, and Grace. Lady Jacinda Downing has a past where she was ruined by a rogue and shunned by Society, and worse still, she's cruelly cut-off and unsupported by her family.

Meanwhile, she is being stalked by the unsavoury Duke of Carnthorn so Jacinda enters into a fake courtship at the suggestion of an old friend, and surprisingly she asks for the benefits part due to the courage she gets from reading The Ladies Book of Pleasures. Jacinda is the classic historical Heroine who's suffered a scandal and had it rough, and needs a historical Hero to turn her world upside down. Jason, Earl of Northfield, is the Ton's most eligible bachelor, and Jacinda's long-time friend.

He knows Jacinda is a true friend because only she knows the truth of his own past so he decides to help her reclaim her place in Society by proposing the pretend courtship. Jacinda then proposes the benefits part because she has secretly loved him since she was ten. Each time they meet they challenge each other by picking things to do from the naughty book. Jason has a painful past that contributes to his own issues but I thought he was quite switched on to the psychology of his own actions. Jacinda and Jason's sexy times were intense and quite regular considering she was living with her Aunt under house arrest.

How they managed to get together so often was interesting. Unfortunately their declarations of love dialogue at the end of the story is a bit cheesy, contrived, and rehearsed. Didn't move me but made me wince. I recommend this story. So far it's a good although melancholy historical series. Dec 31, Shirley Hamlod rated it it was amazing. A really good second instalment of this series! A lovely romantic tale of love between old friends! I really enjoyed it!

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Nov 22, Susan rated it liked it. Fairly similar to previous book. Oct 15, Nikita rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , historical-erotica. Scorned and shunned by society, her family cuts her off and sends her to live with her vituperate aunt. Hopelessly ruined by the gossip-mongers, Jacinda believes herself doomed to live a lonely, penniless existence on the fringes of London society. Together, Isabel and Grace throw Jacinda a surprise birthday party. In private, she is presented with gifts from her friends, but one mysterious gift shows up in the pile too — a copy of the illicit Ladies Book of Pleasures.

At first, Jacinda believes someone is playing a cruel joke, but her friends encourage her to read the book anyways. Just as she begins perusing the inside, the Duke of Carnthorn interrupts and spots the scandalous book. Later, he uses this information and invites Jacinda to become his mistress. Jason, Earl of Northfield, cannot sit by and watch one of his only true friends fall victim to an abusive, perverted lowlife like Carnthorn. I felt so bad for Jacinda. She endures crippling humiliation on a near-daily basis and yet handles herself surprisingly well in the face of such adversity.

Over time, Jacinda begins to realize her own self-worth, taking a stand against her family and the society that rejected her through no fault of her own. Jason has sworn off love, but it is clear through his actions towards Jacinda that he has always harbored at least some form of love for her. He is protective of her right from the start and possesses a dry, witty sense of humor. Jason and Jacinda are a perfect match for one another, both experiencing deep betrayals from their family members and learning to grow past that hurt. Despite all she has been through, Jacinda grows into her new-found confidence with Jason.

Jason, in turn, learns that a life in love with Jacinda is better than any vengeful hate he felt towards his father. Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com I received this book for free from the Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Oct 11, Janette rated it really liked it Shelves: for-review.

I forgot how utterly lost I can get in Jess Michaels' writing. She has a way with words that truly makes the scene and characters come to life. It doesn't hurt to be quickly reminded just how much I love those she's created in the Ladies' Book of Pleasures series. I really liked Jacinda as I got to know her during Isabel's story. Seeing her here and learning more about her I love her even more.

She's the classic historical heroine who's had it rough and suffered a scandal, but the tragic details I forgot how utterly lost I can get in Jess Michaels' writing.

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She's the classic historical heroine who's had it rough and suffered a scandal, but the tragic details of that scandal are inconceivable. The very way her family has handled her fall from grace is appalling - they've shunned her right along with the rest of society. The way Jacinda has picked herself up and carried on is commendable, and now she's ready to move on to something more. Just what that will be is uncertain, but the options open to her are intriguing indeed. I've said before that I'm a sucker for friends-to-lovers tropes, and this one is no exception. Jason is easily likable, and it's obvious he and Jacinda have a comfort and connection that goes back to much earlier times.

The way each comes to realize that friendship is changing and evolving into something more intimate is sweet and seductive. I enjoy watching their mutual exploration and the revelations it brings with it. Michaels sets it up well and it's justified, I think I would just prefer a little slower pace with more time for anticipation to create a slow burn.

I tend to enjoy that kind of build toward release in historicals, probably because of all the sexual tension created by impropriety. I suppose in this situation one could argue that Jacinda's already ruined and they've basically entered into an arrangement, so the build is unnecessary. I can see that, but for me I want to imagine the romance starts very early. Of course there's Carnthorn and the difficulties he presents, but for me it's Aunt Cordelia who takes the cake.

She's the quintessential crotchety old lady passing judgment on everyone which makes her so much fun to read! I don't think there's a single thing she wouldn't say - she's perfectly incapable of holding her tongue. What I desperately want to know is if there's a real life equivalent to the Ladies' Book of Pleasure?

That book is so scandalous, and the quotes as chapter headings are genius. Either there's an inspiration for those somewhere or Michaels is just that creative - I'm going with the latter. Oh and there's still the mystery of who actually wrote this carnal masterpiece? I guess only time will tell, but my money's still on Grace. Exceptional ongoing series. Can't wait for the next one! Happy for her dear friend, Isabel for finding love when she thought she never would, Lady Jacinda Downing wants the same for herself but knows it truly never will happen because she is completely ruined.

Her darling friends, Isabel and Grace, turn a normally ignored day into something very s Exceptional ongoing series. Her darling friends, Isabel and Grace, turn a normally ignored day into something very special. Even more humiliating is to have been seen looking at it by the dashing Duke of Carnthorn, who later makes her an offer which shocks her sensibilities yet gives her pause for thought when the suggestion may be her only chance for freedom without any chance of marriage.

Jason, Earl of Northfield has sworn to never marry but when his darling friend, Jacinda Downing tells him of an offer to become the mistress of the notoriously cruel Duke of Carnthorn, he decides he must save her from a terrible fate. He convinces her to allow him to make her attractive to marriage-minded men despite her ruined past. Pretending to court her brings her attention, secrets revealed, and a passion neither he nor Jacinda can deny or ignore. Whether from the words on the screen or just a fluke, who cares, the steam was coming off the pages as soon as Jason and Jacinda entered their pact to find her a good husband.

Jess creates such wonderful three-dimensional characters that they nearly spring from the pages to sit beside you as you learn their stories. I highly recommend this wonderful erotic historical romance from the mistress of erotic romance, Jess Michaels. Jul 22, Sheila Melo rated it it was amazing.

She has lived a half life in the years since. When she is approached by the Duke of Carnthorn with the proposition that she become his mistress, she considers what she wants to do with her life. She is reluctantly intrigued with the offer. Jason offers to help Jacinda find a husband by pretending to be her suitor and thus attracting other men. He also offers to tutor her in sex in order to help her overcome her poor initiation. The two are soon involved in a sexual relationship that is made special between the two friends have feelings for one another.

How will things end considering that Jason has vowed never to marry and Jacinda wants freedom from her familly? I liked it better than the first in the series because I thought that there was great respect between Lady Jacinda and Jason. Despite Jacinda's past, Jason does not judge her. Even when she is considering being a mistress, he doesn't demean her or judge her choices. Jacinda does not whine or complain or try and make Jason love her.

He chooses her on his own seeing her strength and respecting her.

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I also thought the love scenes between these two were hot but not gratuitous. I also was intrigued by the fact that the villain is bad and yet Jacinda is not repulsed by him immediately. The book considers Jacinda's choices as complex and difficult to make. The focus here is on Jacinda's wish for freedom and the lack of choices that she has to gain that freedom.

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  • Freedom comes with a price and the question is what is Jacinda willing to pay for the freedom she wants. I really loved the trust and respect that exists between Jacinda and Jason and the romance between them is really sexy as a result. The book can be read independent of the other books in the series.

    Warning: This review may contain spoilers A Moment of Passion by Jess Michaels is the second book of The Ladies Book of Pleasures series and tells the story of Miss Jacinda Downing, a spinster brought to scandal by actions of a rogue who refused to marry her. On her surprise birthday party, she is gifted by an anonymou Warning: This review may contain spoilers A Moment of Passion by Jess Michaels is the second book of The Ladies Book of Pleasures series and tells the story of Miss Jacinda Downing, a spinster brought to scandal by actions of a rogue who refused to marry her.

    This review was originally posted on my blog I Heart Romance Oct 10, Amy Alvis rated it it was amazing. This is book 2 in the Ladies' Book of Pleasures series Lady Jacinda is horrified when she opens up a birthday gift to see the much talked about Ladies Book of Pleasures. She doesn't need anything else to tarnish her already shaky reputation. Unfortunately, the Duke of Carnthorn sees her gift and wants her as his mistress.

    Jason, the Earl of Northfield, is a longtime friend of Jacinda's and offers to act like he is courting her to keep Carnthorn away. But what happens when their pretend courtship t This is book 2 in the Ladies' Book of Pleasures series Lady Jacinda is horrified when she opens up a birthday gift to see the much talked about Ladies Book of Pleasures. But what happens when their pretend courtship turns into something more than just friendship? His personality just won me over, so I was excited to read his HEA. Michaels did not disappoint. I loved that Jason stepped up to help Jacinda.

    It showed what type of man that he was and had me falling in love with him all over again. I also really liked Jacinda. She has a shy personality and Jason brought out the best in her. The dialogue between the characters had me laughing outloud during several of the scenes. Always a plus in my eyes! As with all her stories, Michaels has a way of drawing you in and making you believe that you have a personal relationship with the characters. I know I'm reading something really good when I actually feel the heartache of a character in the story. This happened multiple times throughout this story.

    I can't wait to read Grace's story, A Measure of Deceit. Thanks go out to Samhain Publishing via NetGalley for a copy of the book in exchange of an honest review. Dec 30, Kimberley rated it liked it. I read the third book, A Measure of Deceit and needed to come back and re-read this. I wanted to remember the amazing feeling I had after reading A Moment of Passion It was even better this time!!!! And so begins the intense and passionate education of Jacinda!!!!!!

    A Moment of Passion by Jess Michaels

    Swoon Jason. I loved the journey with Jacinda and Jason, even with Jacinda's despicable family as the villains. This is a really well written series. Oct 22, Marilicious rated it liked it Shelves: Jason and Jacinda have been friends for many years. Even after the Incident drstroyed her reputation, Jason did not abandon her. Now seven years later and Jacinda is tired of living under her aunts thumb. She is intrigued when she receives the Lafies Book of Pleasures for her birthday.

    Even though she is "fallen", there was no pleasure in he act. When she receives a scandalous proposition, she thinks of it as a way out. Even if it ruins her forever at least it was a path she chose to take. As he Jason and Jacinda have been friends for many years. As her friend Jadon is concerned that she is open to the proposition and makes her an offer himself. One that includes a sexual education. Jacinda know that nothing long term can happen with Jadon for he had vowed to never marry.

    I liked that even though Jacinda was in a vulnerable position she was trying to make something different happen for her. She was no longer going to be passive in her own life. Sep 06, Maria rated it really liked it. I love this series from Jess Michaels. Lady Jacinda receives for her birthday a scandalous gift, The Ladies Book of Pleasures which is the now scandalous gossip amongst the ton.

    Jacinda has scandal in her past and knows she will never make a good match. A Duke has seen her receive this gift and wants her. Jason, the Earl of Northfield is a sexy rogue who has known Jacinda for a very long time. She is the only one who knows of his past and secret. S I love this series from Jess Michaels. She is a true friend. He is bound and determined to help her avoid Carnthorn. He seeks to help her in all ways, but Jacinda is curious about the book and who better to help her than Jason. Carthorn has other plans for Jacinda.

    This was really hot and sexy. What a great erotic historical romance! I highly recommend it. An awesome read! While, 2 in "The Ladies' Book of Plesures", it can be read as a stand alone. The characters are well developed, engaging, and enticing. The storyline is intriguing, unqiue and well developed. I love this series! The passion between the characters is simply explosive, sensual and tastefully written. A must read! Another hit by his author. I would highly recommend this title. In fact, I would recommend reading "A Matter of Sin" as well. What a delightful and enjoyable read.

    Once An awesome read! Once again, Ms Michaels has hit the mark. She is an awesome storyteller. Simply wickedly delicious! Aug 05, Sandy rated it it was amazing. Broken souls help heal each other. Jacinda and Jason are a match made perfect as they both had been hurt in the past and they have carry it with them throughout their life. Jacinda who is a ruined lady knows that no man would want her and so when she is offer to be a mistress to a Duke, Jason steps in to make that not happen.

    He teaches her about pleasure but from the notorious book which has been given to her as a present from an anonymous person. I do not think I have hate a heroine's family a Broken souls help heal each other. I do not think I have hate a heroine's family as much as this book though to be honest; Jacinda's family is the worst that can be But the passion that both Jacinda and Jason have for each other as they start to be together more often in the book explodes and you would not want to miss it.

    Aug 06, Angela rated it it was amazing. This is a friends to lovers story and what a story it is. It is heart-wrenching at times and so very warm at other times. Jacinda was part of a scandalous incident years ago and is basically shunned from society and her family and she feels she cannot love but wants to experience passion and decides that the only way is to be a mistress. Jason is appalled at her choice but offers to help her find a suitor. Unfortunately he also has intimacy issues and does not feel that he can give love. Their p This is a friends to lovers story and what a story it is.

    Their path to love is very emotional and passion-filled. When I was finished reading this book I just had to sit stare into space it was so emotional. Apr 24, Faye Lawson rated it it was amazing. Pleasure under the tutoring of an expert--a rake. Jacinda Downing, a fallen woman, best friend to a Duchess, Marchioness, and a rake, was given a book, The Lady's Book of Pleasure, for her birthday. Upon being seen by a villainous rake reading the book, he offered her the position of mistress! Her rake friend, Jason Northfield advised her to turn down the offer and offered himself as a suitor and at her request, a tutor in seeking pleasure!

    I have to wonder why Jason did not give her a detailed d Pleasure under the tutoring of an expert--a rake. I have to wonder why Jason did not give her a detailed description of the villainous Duke of Carnthorn's character. Aug 05, Tammy rated it it was amazing. Jacinda Downing was ruined in her second season and her family threw her away after she was cruelly ruined. Sending her to be the companion to her Aunt Cornelia.

    When she is asked to be the mistress of the Duke of Carnthorn, her friend Jason, the Earl of Northfield steps in to protect her from the Dukes sadistic ways. He will pretend to be courting her and help her find a husband. A sexy and exciting read, I loved it. The characters are colorful and Jason and Jacinda have wonderful chemistry. I Jacinda Downing was ruined in her second season and her family threw her away after she was cruelly ruined.

    I love this series and am looking forward to more. Finn and Phoebe's story is loaded with drama, humor and spice. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I really enjoyed this installment of the series-- all of them are great! The author is a great story teller. I have already finished all the books in the series that are available to date and am going to try some of the authors other books! Start at the beginning of this series to get the most out of it!

    Enjoy the read!! I really had mixed emotions about this story. Whey to many misunderstandings and the storyline just wasn't that good. Dressmakers and Designers opening up a trade shop. No if you were a part of the Aristocracy of the era. This would not have been allowed but everyone excepted it as if it were normal. But all in all it was a okay story. That was a big disappointment!! It need much more romance and much less angst!! Lady in Demand is the story of the second Langley sister, Phoebe, and Finn, a friend of her brother-in-law. They were both strong, stubborn characters and I enjoyed their banter.

    They couldn't help falling in love, despite both feeling that they were all wrong for each other. I particularly liked the interactions between Finn and his twin younger brothers. There were some editing errors that were a little distracting. This was a light Regency romance and I would continue to read the series.

    Hume’s Moral Philosophy

    This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. I liked it even more than the first book! The insults between our heroine and hero are so genteel and cutting, that you just have to laugh. They love to hate each other sooo much, but secretly, they really are attracted. Great characters, good plot and intrigue, nice romance. There are some sexual situations but not terribly graphic.

    I enjoy reading books by Wendy Vella, because she always has interesting stories, great characters, and romance that doesn't focus on sex, but does contain a couple of steamy scenes. This one's plot and characters were weaker than others, but it's still fun to read.

    It's also a stand-alone that doesn't have to be read in order and won't leave you hanging, but it does follow characters in the other books. See all 85 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway.

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