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According to Richard Clarke, when he told Bush that al-Qaeda was definitely responsible and that past efforts had not found any real evidence connecting it with Iraq, Bush seemed irritated, Note 17 and at a September 13 NSC meeting Bush asked again that the CIA look for possible Iraqi involvement. Bush told the Pentagon to give him plans and a cost estimate for an Iraq war.

Konami's Iraq War Game Brouhaha

Note 18 Clarke began a special project to look again for a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. At a September 17 NSC meeting Bush again directed that contingency plans for attacking Iraq be prepared, including a plan to seize its oilfields. He reportedly signed a top secret order directing the Pentagon to begin planning for war with Afghanistan -- and an invasion of Iraq.

Clarke later told 60 Minutes that the NSC sent back the first draft of the memo because it did not like its conclusions. Bush, Cheney, Rice, Stephen Hadley, Rumsfeld, Powell, under secretaries at the State and Defense Departments, and other senior administration officials received the paper. For the second goal Rumsfeld wanted a plan taking one or two months and the deployment of , troops. Rumsfeld rejected the force levels as too high and the timing for deployment as too long. He told him to question everything in the existing contingency plan for an Iraq war Oplan When the war started invasion forces were equipped with protective gear.

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What better adversary as a pilot project than an Iraq with a collapsed economy, deep internal divisions, an easily demonized head of state, and a military, never considered particularly effective by U. In reality, the attacks on the communications system contributed to the social collapse that followed the invasion, while U. The unlikelihood of objective analysis reaching the conclusion that the Iraq invasion could be considered just or necessary complicated hopes for coalition building as serious war planning moved forward.

For the British, a Blair decision to join in a U. From the neoconservative perspective, this was to give an Iraqi face to the war and justify a post-invasion INC assumption of power. After the Iraq invasion the U.

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Positive images were evidently not easy to come by. The participation of the INC and the Free Iraqi Forces it sponsored in the invasion did not go as the neoconservatives had hoped. Tommy Franks was an obstacle; he had little use for Iraqi exile groups and did not want them interfering with his war plan. Note 33 September 11 was not the motivation for the U.

An International Atomic Energy Agency report declares Iraq to be free of nuclear weapons, stating that its nuclear facilities were destroyed by U.

International Atomic Energy Agency. Our Work. Document 2 : U. Document 3 : U. Walker, Jr.

Informs the secretary of state that the origin of the U. Document 4 : U.

The Video-Game Invasion of Iraq

Department of State Memo from Robert J. Einhorn and James A. Indicates early high-level interest in aluminum tubes purchased by Iraq before even a preliminary determination has been made as to whether they are intended for nuclear weapons use -- a sample is to be shown to the president the next day. Also shows immediate U. Document 5 : U. Larocco, and James A.

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Indicates that the U. Document 6 : U.

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Documents and Articles. Document 7 : U. Document 8 : U. Search Go. News Politics Power games: learning the lessons of Iraq. Thu 15 Jun Tony Blair Center for American Progress The legacy of the Iraq invasion continues to influence British politics over a decade after former prime minister Tony Blair left office. Behind the article. Events you may be interested in. And he points directly to an overtaxed Army at even higher troop levels than they are now. One issue raised repeatedly in the study is the lack of troops — within the deployed brigade combat teams, available for other operations such as the war in Afghanistan, and lack of an operational reserve in theater for responses to major events.

He sees the analysis as a start of what will be a lengthy analysis of the conflict. Highlights of the study include validations of criticisms made at the time the war was being fought, and others that were not foreseen and only understood in the years that followed.

Iraq bans ‘Fortnite,' says video games are negatively influencing its youth

And those battlefield commanders who did find innovative solutions to ground-level problems were not only often not commended or heeded in their innovations, they were often penalized for their work that inverted policy to adapt to real time needs of the battlefield. The transformation of the Army to create more BCTs resulted in fewer units available for deployment, stretching the active units thin and requiring National Guard units to deploy in a large-scale conflict for the first time since the Korean War.

Half of all brigades in Iraq at the time of the election were Guard units.

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While the authors commended the Guard units for their service, they noted that, at the time, they were less experienced soldiers thrust into a critical time of the war without proper resourcing. And how leaders assessed their own performance during the war suffered from a lack of clear understanding of what mattered. Additional highlights include the following, as highlighted in previous reporting:. The report praises the surge and other COIN efforts, many of which have been attributed to leaders such as Odierno, retired Gen. David Petraeus and retired Lt. At the same time, some of its critiques can be levied at specific decisions of past Army leaders, including former Army Chief of Staff Gen.