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What bills she stayed at home with her mom and sister so what bills did she have? Yuri and Kandle's relationship was confusing. Uzi talked about the type of female that Kandle was, but he continued to sleep with her. Qua claimed to love Wynner so much but he leaves her in the hospital to go to Miami to handle business. Shouldn't his wife be his number on Not sure about this one Not sure about this book.

Shouldn't his wife be his number one priority if he loved her so much. Then to know your wife is sick and you kicking it the next chick. Then he doesn't mention that he married. Qua is on some ish. I don't know a lot about lupus, but I have work with someone who had it, and I've never know her to be in the hospital as much as Wynner. I think that was a little over board. I love Jah and Tweeti though, they were the only characters would made sense in this book.

Hopefully book 2 will be a lot better than this book. Because I know Jahquel can write some bad assets books. Oct 05, Kris Danielle rated it really liked it. The author built up the characters so they can stand up on there own and without a partner. Remi was very independent and head strong and just wanted some one to love. Tweeti was my girl her and Jah were hilarious.

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Lira was aggy af and Uzi gave her too much play. Oct 14, Tierra rated it it was amazing. Surprise Tweeti has to be my favorite character. I enjoyed her openness and her charisma. She love who she is and I think that's why her a Jah get along so well. But she be cracking on him like crazy. I feel bad for Wyn has to go through, and I'm starting the 2nd guess Qua. I have this feeling he is up to something.

Each relationship has a challenge but the brother in this book know how to treat a woman. Uzi's mom however always gives him a hard time about woman. Uzi is bullheaded, he challenges Surprise Tweeti has to be my favorite character. Uzi is bullheaded, he challenges everything but he love hard. I kept trying to figure out this hold Lira had on him, like girl get your life.

Boy boy when I say that ended escalated quickly, Geesh. I don't know what Remi is going to do, but I have feeling it's going to be some smoke in the city.

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Dec 14, Robin Perryman rated it really liked it. Okay Read It's an okay read so far. These characters keep going back and forth like they don't know what they want. I like Remi but she needs to slow down with Uzi because he seems like a control freak to me. He's leading Kandle on by entertaining her while pursuing Remi.

Now it seems he's got secrets. I'm feeling Tweetie and Jah and hope they work out because they look like a fun couple. I sure hope that Qua gets it together before he messes up his relationship. It looks like hee starting to sme Okay Read It's an okay read so far. It looks like hee starting to smell his self since he's making a little change. I'm about to get into part 2 to see what's going on between Uzi and Kandle. Oct 17, kali williamson rated it really liked it. My heart is beating so fast right now Jahquel never disappoints and this book was no different. I love Jah and Tweeti together because they have this dope chemistry.

I'm not sure how I feel about Uzi and Remi. I think he has way too much going on with Lira to be trying to wife Rem especially with that bomb she dropped. I get the feeling Qua about to do something dumb since that Olay chick popped up, I just hope if he does Wyn is strong enough to handle it on move on cause I can guarantee that Ola My heart is beating so fast right now Jahquel never disappoints and this book was no different.

I get the feeling Qua about to do something dumb since that Olay chick popped up, I just hope if he does Wyn is strong enough to handle it on move on cause I can guarantee that Olay chick going to end up pregnant Feb 05, Jessika rated it really liked it. Very good Very good book.

Kept my attention. I loved Jah and Tweeti together, they're my favorite. That whole Lira, remi, uzi love triangle is a real whopper. Can't wait to see how that turns out. My only gripe and it's very small is that sometimes it hard to keep up with who is speaking when multiple characters are having a conversation. It would make it a little bit easier if the author would make note of who is talking bc it gets confusing. But other than that it's a very good st Very good Very good book. But other than that it's a very good story and I'm on my way to part 2 right now!!!

Mar 30, SweetDee rated it it was amazing. I just know everything that follows will be on fire! First of all Jah is bae! I just loveeeeee him. Tweeti is everything and a bag of chips with her out spoken self. Hoping their mom gets clean and stays that way. I hope Qua dont turn out to be a wolf in expensive clothing.

And poor Wyn having to deal with her illness.

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Sep 28, Ladii Zig rated it it was amazing. I'm wondering do his family know. I have so much high hopes for Qua and just hope he doesn't do anything to hurt Wynner. I love me some Tweeti because she so honest and straight foward and her and Jah are perfect for each other. Bout to read part 2 to see what it's about to bring.

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Great read!!! Jan 20, Malaika rated it it was amazing. These characters had me talking to my iPad! I love Remi and respect her love for herself and hustle. Tweeti is a mess but I think she has a good heart. Jan is a good match for her and vice versa. Uzi needs to get himself together and leave Lira alone. He has a good woman but wants to mess with trash. I need one of these couples to actually be committed to each other and faithful.

They dream of being together. He is a boxer and sometimes acts like a child. She suffers nightmares. One day a man with a strange appearance enters their life. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. No sorrow to equal your crimsons enslaved, or the fierce blood of your dark eclipse, or the dea-mute violence preciousin your vague borders, or your mighty chained king, robed in janitor's cloth!

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They are the ones. They are the ones who drink silver whisky at the foot of volcanoes and gulp small pieces of heart on the frozen heights of the bear.

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On that night the king of Harlem with a hard, hard spoon scooped out the eyes of the crocodiles and banged on the monkey butts. The blacks, confused, cried out under parasols and suns of gold, the mulattoes pulled on condoms, anxious to fall upon a white body, and the wind spotted the mirrors and opened up the veins of the dancers. Blood has no exit in your night with its belly up to the sky.

There is no blush. Raging blood hidden by black skin, lives in the thorn of the dagger and in the breast of the countryside, beneath the pincers and the brooms of Cancer's celestial moon. Translated by Prospero Saiz. Fire of all times slept in the flints and the beetles drunk with anis forgot the moss of the villages.

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That old man covered with mushrooms went to the place where the Negroes were weeping while the spoon of the King crackled and the tanks of putrid water arrived. Roses escaped along the edge of the final curves of the air, and in the heaps of saffron the boys were mauling small squirrels with a flush of stained frenzy. It is necessary to cross the bridges and to reach the black murmur, so that the perfume of lungs strikes our temples with its suit of warm pineapple.

Necessary to murder the blonde seller of brandy, and all the friends of the apple and sand, necessary to bang with closed fists the small Jewesses that tremble full of bubbles, so that the King of Harlem sings with his multitude, so that the crocodiles sleep in long rows under the asbestos of the moon so that nobody doubts the infinite beauty of funnels, graters, feather-dusters, and saucepans in kitchens. Ah Harlem! There is no anxiety comparable to your oppressed scarlets, to your blood shaken within your dark eclipse, to your garnet violence deaf and dumb in the penumbra, to your great King, a prisoner with a commissionaire's uniform.

The night had a fissure and still ivory salamanders. The American girls arried babies and coins in their bellies and the boys fainted stretched on the cross of lassitude. They are. They are those who take silver whisky near the volcanoes and devour bits of heart through the frozen mountains of the bear. That night the King of Harlem with a very hard spoon scooped out the eyes of crocodiles and spanked the monkeys on their bottoms. The Negroes cried abased among umbrellas and golden suns, the mulattoes were stretching gum, anxious to reach the white torso, and the wind blurred mirrors and burst open the veins of the dancers.

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