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Adom : Joshua, I would like firstly to take the pleasure of thanking you for participating in this conversation on the work of the late CLR James 4 January — 31 May Joshua : I recall distinctly the first time I encountered him—and it did feel, really, like encountering the man as much as his work even though this was some years after his death, and I never met him. It was the late s; I was James, at that time, would not have featured on many syllabi like that.

2. Philosophizings Born of Struggles: Conditions of Emergence of Africana Philosophy

But my professor in that class was a wonderful scholar called Michael Denning ; he thought James belonged. And so he gave us C. I recall the book vividly: The C. James Reader right. And here was this guy who had done it.

Toussaint Louverture by C.L.R. James

I found him thrilling! And I still do. But he remains vastly important to me. Especially, and most of all, in his ideas about the Caribbean—his insistence that the Caribbean, long thought of as this marginal place, actual belongs at the centre; that the Caribbean belongs, really, at the centre of any story we tell ourselves about the making of the modern world. Wherever the sugar plantation and slavery existed, they imposed a pattern.

It is an original pattern, not European, not African, not a part of the American main, not native in any conceivable sense of that word, but West Indian, sui generis, with no parallel anywhere else. He was concerned to emphasize that the Caribbean was central to the making of the Atlantic world, to the creation of the world capitalist system.

C. L. R. James′s Caribbean

The wealth those slaves created, the ways that fed the birth of capitalism in Europe, were revolutionary. And so, of course, in different ways, was the Haitian Revolution—this astonishing drama that played out in French Saint Domingue, on the island of Hispaniola, over the last decade of the 18 th century.

It was a shattering event. He wrote that because of this history—because of how its people had been so involved; how its children of slaves and indenture had learned European languages; had worked at industry and lived for generations in places where long-distance trade and cultural mixing were dominant facts of life—the Caribbean had a unique role to play.

Joshua: Yes. Because the Caribbean is everywhere.

Dr Adom Philogene Heron, Post-doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Integrated Caribbean Research

The Caribbean is everywhere in our soundscape and in our culture, whether we know it or not. You know, if James had his way, he probably would have advocated for membership in the West Indies Federation to be extended to Cuba, too! Which is why the breakup of the Federation, as you know, was hugely sad for him.

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Constance Webb has led a remarkably full life as a committed political activist, a fashion model and actress, a writer whose works include the first biography of her friend Richard Wright, and the wife and confidante of one of the foremost intellectuals of the twentieth century, CLR James. Raised in Fresno, California, Webb became an ardent Trotskyite while still a teenager.

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He fell in love instantly with. Pease 4.

C.L.R. James and the Moment of Beyond a Boundary

James is one of the few political thinkers whose ideas have made a genuinely significant contribution to the development of emancipatory ideas in the twentieth century. This study is the first to excavate the elements of a Jamesian political philosophy. Not Surprisingly, the result is that Bogues has produced the best work to date on the early political. James and the Caribbean worlds about which he cared so much. It provides an accessible entry to the many worlds enriched by James: Marxist theory and practice, Caribbean and African politics, Western literature, popular culture, cricket and world revolution.

He assesses the contribution James made to modern political thinking and to the growth of Black consciousness.

He celebrates his love of cricket and shows how the concepts of fair play and gamesmanship could and did become the abiding principles of a Black colonial revolutionary. In his eyes, the thirties and forties are a blur of factionalism, splits and hopeless fantasies. Such disdain, however, does not make for illuminating biography.

Matthieu Renault: Decolonizing revolution with C.L.R. James / Radical Philosophy

James books Anthologies of C. James full Bibliography C. Urbane Revolutionary: C. It is not a question of whether one agrees.