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In addition to being an up and coming author and literary phenom, Tim finds time to run Greyhart Press , an electronic publishing house, as the Head Literary Agent and all around Expert of all things Awesome!!!

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In the real world, he is husband, Dad, sometime-brewer, and oftentimes-builder of Lego constructs to his son's designs. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. His intention behind writing this novella was to bridge his Reality War novels with another book series, which is not published yet.

The story of the novella is set in a similar extended universe as the books of Human Legion.

Interview with Writer Vica Miller

Author Tim has contributed a few novelettes and short stories in several magazines and anthologies. He has decided to collect all those short stories and publish them together in Author Tim was once working on a couple of fantasy and young adult short stories along with his partner and co-founder of Repository of Imagination.

He had even begun writing the both the stories under the pen name of Crustias Scattermush. However, his parter passed away suddenly at a time when the stories had reached only half way through. As a result, the stories remained unfinished and they are so even today. Author Tim felt very sad about the loss of his friend and partner.

The stories are very close to his heart and always remind him of his friend. He has stated that he is going to start working on them soon and finish them as soon as possible. The Human Legion series written by Tim C.

Meanderings and Muses: Keeping up with Twist Phelan

Taylor is comprised of a total of 5 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years and The series is set in A. It is described that a million children were sold into slavery around 5 centuries ago. This was the price paid by Earth to protect itself from regional superpower. A small group of slaves was augmented and bio-engineered for fighting for the alien officer as Human Marine Corps.

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Most of the aliens see the Corps as a big joke. They think that the Corps are stupid to believe that they are considered genuine warriors. But, there are several others who see potential in them.

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Such people think that the Corps are destined for something far greater. It was released in the year He has to undergo 3 years of combat exercises, brainwashing, and drills for being able to qualify for the post of a Marine. If he fails to qualify, then the only alternative for him is death.

Arun McEwan goes on to forge an unlikely bonding with a scribe of aliens. Because of this, he enters into a world full of conspiracy and treachery.

Meanderings of the Pen

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-Vica Miller, Writer, Communications Executive, Literary Salon Founder

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