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Identify the patterns that have continued to show up in all of your relationships. If you find that low self esteem is the reason, work on improving your self worth.

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Your mind is very powerful. The same problems that repeat themselves in different relationships stem from limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Married at 44, one woman shares the big lesson she learned while waiting many years for Mr. Right.

Your thoughts determine your feelings, which then determine your behaviors and actions. Negative thoughts lead to not feeling good about yourself. In order to solve relationship problems, you need to adopt a different mindset by questioning the negative thought s and replacing them with positive ones that are as or more true. Whatever you perceive someone doing to you is really about him and less about you. For instance, my husband hates having his picture taken, so much so that he will make odd faces to the camera. I value pictures a great deal; they have sentimental meaning to me.

We were vacationing in Lake Tahoe and I really wanted to have a nice picture taken of us at a specific location. Focus your thoughts, visualize and feel as if this is already your reality. The more you see yourself in a loving relationship, the more inspired you are, which sets the momentum in your favor. The universe will then conspire to bring you what you believe to be your reality.

In your relationship with your partner, act as if what you would like to have is already here. If you want loving interactions, clearly visualize this and expect loving interactions to take place. You are perfect the way you are. Instead of trying to be a carbon copy of someone else, be your unique self. Be authentic and let men see your self-perceived quirks.

The right man will find them endearing. In addition, we are all connected.

How To Attract Your Ideal Partner Using The Law Of Attraction!

If you feel disconnected from your partner, your ego is getting in the way of your ability to connect to yourself. You grew up with a certain belief system; the way you think is based on your role models most likely your parents and experiences as a young child. These unhealthy thoughts keep you from seeing other perspectives and possibilities. Instead of letting unhealthy thoughts debilitate you, identify the ones that have negatively affected your love life.

Work on replacing those thoughts by doing The Work from Byron Katie. In a romantic relationship, love the person enough by allowing him to be exactly who he is and what he chooses to be, without expecting anything and being attached to an outcome. True love is about loving a person for who they are, not for what you think they should be.

10 Secrets to Finding True Love | Love for Successful Women

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I feel happier and have more energy than ever before. Thank you, Pamela for this amazing program. So how do you shift from discouragement to faith? Whenever I work with women who have not been in a relationship for a long time, what I discovered is that relationships had become so painful for them that they were subconsciously BLOCKING love from their life. After hearing their stories of heartbreak and painful dating experiences the message that came through loud and clear was.

If you feel completely powerless about a past heartbreak or have been blaming the other person or blaming yourself for the end of a relationship you are choosing to live in the past. And the message you are telling yourself about what happened to you is keeping you stuck from finding love in your present. And this attitude is probably not only showing up on your dates, but also in the type of men you attract. Does any of this sound familiar? When you can see your past experience for what it really is and are able to feel grateful for all your romantic and dating experiences, you will find yourself open up to receiving love.

Because the better you feel, the faster you will find love. He said that one of the biggest things they left out of the movie was God. So as you are looking for love- how does God, or Spirit, or your Higher Self play a part attracting your true love? There is a Source, God, Life, Spirit that co-creates with you everyday. Do you ever feel like you have to do it all alone? Most single people feel this way. Especially single woman. But this is simply not true. The Truth is, is impossible to do it alone. Because you are always creating in your life all the time.

And Spirit is with you all the time, you are just not aware of it. By now you probably know that limiting beliefs are blocking you from achieving your dreams. And that what you believe is what you will receive. But one of the best ways to eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts is to develop the positive qualities, beliefs and thoughts that will enable you to attract loving relationships.

And you already have these positive qualities inside of you- right now! Receiving True Love 21 Day Program. In this program, you will discover how to:.


The meditations helped me to become more clear on my ideal mate. Love is who we are and Pamela does a great job helping us to reconnect to that truth. Click here. In order to have love, you must first be love. You will receive:. An inspirational guide for each of the 21 Days including inspiring quotes about finding love and exercises for you to connect to your true love;. Four downloadable teleseminars which reveal the secrets of the Law of Attraction that no is telling you about! If you have been struggling to manifest love, you will find out why on these teleseminars.

Daily practices so you can manifest your true love quickly and easily! Click here to purchase the program now! Receiving True Love.

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If you do the daily exercises and meditations this program will work for everyone. The meditations utilize deep breathing and relaxation techniques which put you in a totally receptive state so you will easily receive love! They also use special musical tones to penetrate your subconscious and allow you to access your own divine wisdom. The Receiving True Love program will help you feel at peace with any residual relationship heartbreak and let go of any old relationship pain that is not working for you.

You will feel free and happy in your life, which is the exact place you need to be to attract your true love. There are million unmarried people over the age of 18 living in the United States. We are now living in a world with more technology, resources and freedom to create our lives exactly the way we desire. Not only that but for first time in history people are creating loving, fulfilling partnerships with their equals, their true love.

Relationships based on joy, mutual respect, shared values and love rather than survival and need. Now is the best time in the history of the world to meet your True Love.