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The Knowing Ch. Daphne I Ch. The Uninvited He forced his way into her home and her body. Peaches and Cream Ch. The Alpha's Assassin Ch. Heaven in the Desert Ch. An Extended Family Ch. The Knowing Two people reunite after years apart. The Second Act A soon-to-be divorced wife tries a different sexual path.

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Adventures of Mega: Felicity's Rules Mega and her assistant get into a sticky situation. Thorne Ch. Your Ex-Lover is Dead Ch. If you're interested, here is the link. Maybe you will be the next heroine in my new contemporary romance series May 19, PM. P for Possession see the description below Authored by A. You've made it through another day Last tip: swing away. Now what could possibly be Marina's problem?

Two words. And as time passes, Marina eventually commits the greatest sin of all--at least where Devlin is concerned--she falls in love. Falling in love with Xander, and thereby breaking the heart of a Warrington, is not only dangerous to Marina Soon, the bodies are piling up, and Marina comes to the realization that she is the real target of the killer.

But is it Devlin? Jul 02, AM. Welcome to Willow Ranch and meet Kassie and Ash, discover what it truly takes to love again with this stubborn, loving couple. Sep 07, PM. Michel Atherton and Nyah Morrell's story spans two continents as they attempt to overcome life's obstacles, both past and present. Please check out Goodreads and my website, www. Happy reading, B Buena. Sep 08, AM. The Entrepreneur's Widow, a bwwm contemporary romance now available for pre-order.

It goes live November 1st. Synopsis: While working to define herself as something other than the surviving spouse of a great man, Mariah Jones receives a life-changing offer. Which will she choose? Love, or her career? Mariah Jones has lived a charmed life--a life of distinction and luxury. As the wife of an entrepreneur, she has enjoyed the kind of things most others only dream of.

But everything screeches to a halt with her husband's untimely death. Now destitute, pregnant, and alone, Mariah must pick up the pieces and make her own way in the world for the first time. After giving birth, she lands a job working as a personal assistant for the CEO of an electronics company. In no time, she proves her worth, and her boss, John Donovan Jr. The only problem? She absolutely hates him. To make matters worse, Mariah's workplace rival burns with animosity and unfounded jealousy.

At least, Mariah thinks it's unfounded--until her boss does the unthinkable. John Donovan Jr. Has had every aspect of his life mapped out since birth. A stint in boarding school, an Ivy League degree, and years of private tutoring culminated in him inheriting the company built by his father. Only after Mariah Jones walks into his life does he realize everything he's been missing. Working with her breathes new life into both his ambitions for his company and his yearnings for love.

With conflicting needs warring inside him, John faces a serious problem. He is in love with a woman who is off limits. A woman who works for his company. An epic internal battle culminates in John doing the one thing he knows he shouldn't, and the fallout shakes the very foundation of his business and his life. All seems lost until an unexpected second chance at love gives him a reason to hope. Sep 30, AM. Congratulations my dear.. I enjoy reading stories. Oct 13, AM. Before Ethan and Michelle were the parents of Nova and Noah, they were friends in college, having fun and falling in love.

This is a fun, erotic romantic comedy set in the 's. Thanks for your consideration. Nov 01, PM. New release. With her new job, she proves that she is more than just the discarded widow of an entrepreneur. She is also a force to be reckoned with. She embraces her new path head on, but then the unexpected happens. Her boss, imposing CEO John Donovan, makes her an offer that changes the course of both of their lives.

Adrienne wrote: "New release. I'll check it out! I hope you enjoy it. Gisele, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for giving it a chance. Jan 05, PM. New Hot Release! Hi, I have a newly released novel titled "Weeping Well" the first book in the series. Get your copy today! Jan 06, PM. When her brilliant plan to travel on Christmas Day backfires due to a snowstorm in Atlanta, Alexa is in no mood for any more mess. The absolute last person she wants to see is the one man who makes her feel out of control. When Lucas Massino spies his pretty coworker acting like the last kid selected for a team, he jumps at the opportunity fate provides and offers her a place to stay.

Alexa is no fool and spending time with someone she knows is preferable to being in a hotel with strangers. But alone, the two cannot fight their mutual attraction. Alexa chalks their behavior up to one of convenience, but Lucas knows better. Please be aware this is an erotic romance. Jan 10, AM. Bookriot just released their most anticipated books of list. I saw this title and decided to share: An Extraordinary Union At the height of the Civil War, a former slave with an eidetic memory and a Pinkerton detective are both spies.

They end up working together when they uncover a potential turn of the tides for the Confederacy, and find they want to uncover each other, too. Kai wrote: "Bookriot just released their most anticipated books of list. However, I really love the cover, and I like Alyssa Cole as an author. So I'm going to give this one a shot.

That looks like a good one and I like Alyssa Cole. I'm way behind on my IR reading. Jan 12, AM. TheFountainPenDiva wrote: "Kai wrote: "Bookriot just released their most anticipated books of list. Dukes and earls are always spying, but realistically the best spies would be the supposedly invisible people.

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Think about it, servants and slaves were thought to be uneducated and stupid. People talked around them about the most intimate things, treating them like furniture. The wealth of information they were privy to would have been incredible. Jan 16, AM. Hey y'all! I am a new author, and my book is now Live on Amazon for Kindle. I loved finding suggestions in this group when I was just a reader and I hope that I can count on y'all to let me know how you think I've done with BWWM and what you may want to see down the line.

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I'll update this post with the full link when it goes live. Note: While it is not erotica, there is strong language and explicit sexual scenes when there is sex or discussion about it. Here's the Blurb: Hockey Center Greyson Mathieson is a hockey legacy, growing up with a dad that also played pro. Well…none except for Daya. Greyson met Daya two years ago by chance, when he decided to blow off some steam by chatting with a stranger online. But what started as a virtual fling has come to mean more to Greyson than he ever expected… All he can think about is meeting Daya in person and finally turning late night fantasies into the most delicious reality.

Daya Kincaid is an introverted freelance writer, with only three rules in mind when it comes to men: 1 No relationships. Finding a sexy man who was willing to bare it all for some virtual fun without any commitment or strings attached, sounded like the most perfect arrangement in the world…until he wanted the real deal and she wanted to keep her life as it was. She wants things to be kept simple, and for Greyson and his phenomenal body and his raw sex appeal to stay far, far away. But sometimes, life puts you in exactly the right place. A man can only take so much.

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With her own truths to face before she can truly trust anyone with her heart, Daya has to be careful or this might be one game that nobody wins. Feb 25, PM. If he fell off tomorrow, would you stay true? Or, will the first good thing that comes along tempt you? Tekah Hathaway has her life planned out. Her writing career is in bloom, and her husband has worked his way up to a good paying management position at the local factory.

D&D Stories #72: The Book of Erotic Fantasy

Their twelfth wedding anniversary is around the corner and she's pregnant with her second child. Their life is great, so how could it get any better? How about worse? When Kyle skids off into a ditch during an ice storm, his injuries are severe enough to leave him without the use of his legs, catapulting the Hathaways into disaster.

When she meets a client whose money comes at just the right time, it seems too good to be true, and it is; it comes with strings attached. The young and handsome, Hezekiah Smith, doesn't mince his words, and he wants Tekah to fulfill more than the details of their contract. Will Tekah fail the test of her resolve to stay true to her husband? Or will love keep her? Mar 09, AM. I just released my second book yesterday.

I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think :.

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Jul 09, AM. Aug 09, AM. Hi, everyone! Signed copies will be available on my website. Find me and my social media on my website. I love connecting with people! Dec 09, PM. First time romance author here! I just published my first book, inspired by my romantic flings in the middle east as a white woman. Jan 02, AM. I hope this will be of interest to the gro That sounds so different, refreshing, and just the kind of thing I wish I could read more of.

Will definitely be reading this book! Add a reference: Book Author.