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Yet, training in Birmingham as he winds down his preparations for London, Bolt remains engagingly uncomplicated. He does not shy away from a single question or seek refuge in evasive self-effacement. Instead, he is honest in underlining a belief that his "ups and downs" will make retaining his three Olympic titles all the sweeter. The key thing to remember is that hard work does pay off. If you put the work in, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Bolt speaks plainly when suggesting that, after enduring unfamiliar adversity, he has become mentally stronger.

It gets annoying but, after a while, you get used to people making their own comments and just judging you. But I'm always positive. I know what I want. I know what I am capable of.

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But it makes you stronger when you have to work so hard to get better and you have to go through all these trials. So I don't stress. I just focus on what is necessary.

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He sounds convinced he is now in the kind of shape that will ensure his victory in both the m and m Olympic finals. I have no other duties now, no worries, it's all about training, eating and sleeping. I have a lot more time and can put a lot more effort into training.

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I'm feeling better every day. As long as I'm feeling myself I'm definitely in no doubt I can go to the Olympics and win. It's easy to believe in Bolt — primarily because of his outrageous speed and ebullient conviction — but today I am utterly persuaded by his willingness to confront some darker moments. It can be heard in his insistence that "it's always good to lose. It wakes you up. Yet footage at last year's world championship captured Bolt's angry devastation at being disqualified. Asked if those emotions defined the worst moments of his career Bolt is emphatic: "Yeah, definitely.

Without a doubt — because I worked so hard in coming back from injury last season. Everything came together at the right time and for me to squander it explains why I was so upset with myself. At that very moment it felt so bad because I knew I could've won the race. Surely the one false-start rule seems crazy to Bolt?

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If it happened in London, and Bolt or Blake was disqualified, it would kill a much-anticipated race not just for the affected athlete but for billions of viewers. For me to make a mistake does not now allow me to say we should change that rule. My coach [Glen Mills] always explains that it's not about anticipation. It's about being professional and getting it done and when you're out there you should listen because the starter is the judge and jury. You should just focus on getting the start right.

Bolt has often struggled with his start, for it is the weakest area of his otherwise imperious sprinting pedigree, but does his disqualification in Daegu haunt him? Did it affect his slow starts in Ostrava and at the Jamaican trials? Me and my coach sat down and evaluated and talked a lot about this. We've figured out where I have gone wrong and what I need to do to make sure I get a consistent start. Has he found a method to produce that more consistent start? I've actually bought some blocks that we're going to be using at the Olympics and I've been training with them.

I will be much more comfortable and much more consistent starting with those blocks at the Olympics. And yet, right next to him, or just a few lanes away, Blake will hunker down into his own blocks. Was Bolt shocked to suffer successive defeats to Blake? For me, it's good to have your eyes opened wide. To have ups and downs so you can really evaluate what you did wrong or what you need to do to get back where you need to be.

It was extremely good it happened at the trials so I could refocus. Was he shaken by his sluggish run in Ostrava where, briefly, he appeared bewildered by his performance?

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It wasn't really a concern for long. I just knew [Bolt laughs] I wasn't getting enough sleep. All I needed was some sleep and then I felt better. The next day I was back to my normal self. Some critics suggested Bolt was partying too much, but did defeat rekindle his hunger for success? I just need to put things in place to make sure it doesn't happen at the Olympics. I just try and get over it and get my confidence up to a level where I'm comfortable at the Games.

Bolt was not physically at his best, and struggling with a tight hamstring, but he refuses to excuse his successive losses in Jamaica. Great sprinters, after all, require great rivals to lend gravitas to their legacy. Has Blake emerged, just in time, to push Bolt to even more extraordinary heights? But I think, definitely, Tyson Gay is one of the fiercest athletes out there. A therapist should be considered a crucial part of your care team, just as important as a gastroenterologist or cardiologist.

Lundquist said. You can find a list of additional resources at SpeakingOfSuicide.

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Some relationships end entirely, casualties of an unfair and misunderstood illness, while others get stronger as you find your true support system. But most of all, your relationship with yourself changes.

Chronically ill people research their diseases ad nauseam. They try more treatments than they can count.

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Learning as much as I could helped me feel a sense of control, so I bought every available IBD book and spent hours reading studies and forums online. I made lists of questions for my doctors and insisted they give me their personal phone numbers. Fun, eh? So what can cause this totally unscheduled bleeding? Read on to find out the 12 most common causes of random menstrual blood guest appearances in your life.

For most of us, the first few years of our menstruating careers are marked by irregular cycles , which can make getting a handle on how to do this whole "period" thing very confusing. But in addition to seemingly randomly scheduled full-tilt periods, we often experience spotting throughout our first periodic years too, with our menses reappearing at random intervals like the villain in a horror movie whom you could have sworn was dead. Why all this bloody mess? Our bodies are still working out the kinks, so to speak, within our reproductive systems — and sometimes, this means that a hormonal misfire can lead to our uterus shedding some its lining at the wrong time of the month.

Don't worry, little uterus! Practice makes perfect! Sometimes, your period doesn't get the memo that you guys have parted ways for the month, and it keeps hanging around your vagina, dripping all over your pants and asking if you want to go to the mall later. Ugh, your period is so clingy sometimes!

Doesn't she have any friends of her own? This kind of spotting happens when your uterus didn't manage to slough off all of your lining during your actual period — as your new uterine lining grows, sometimes old pieces can fall out and cause spotting. Also, I'm sorry your period is so annoying and never stops quoting The O. She means well, I swear. An IUD may eventually liberate you from getting a period, period. But in the first three to six months after you have one inserted, it is very common for IUD users to spot, no matter if they're using a hormonal or copper IUD.