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Ron Pember , Denis de Marne. Phil Willmott.

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Cole Get the script. Request licence. Path Created with Sketch. Samuel French Beowulf Pickering and Cole. Jump to Section: Current Section Overview. Cast Size Cast Size 9m, 4f. Additional Info The first half concentrates on his battle with the loathsome monster, Grendel, and his marriage to Hygd, daughter of the Danish King Hrothgar. The climax of the second part recounts his assault on a fearsome dragon, which results in Beowulf's death.

The play ends with the lighting of Beowulf's funeral pyre. The vocal score is available separately. Perusal material available. License details Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application. Casting 9m, 4f. Cast Attributes Expandable casting. More Authors. Ken Pickering. Keith R. Now Playing. Ninth English translation, imitative meter, liberal use of archaisms. Church , Alfred John. Partial paraphrase in English prose cp. Steineck Palmer , Berthe. Partial paraphrase in English prose Grendel , based on Hall English prose paraphrase for school children.

Seventh German translation, literal line for line prose. Furst , Clyde. English paraphrase. Original play based on the poem. Bjovulv: Et digt. Paraphrase in English prose for children. The best to date, according to Tinker. Church , Samuel Harden. Tenth English translation, accurate literal prose. Shahan , Thomas J.

English prose paraphrase.

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Lines in Swedish prose. Lanier , Sidney. Sample lines by a famous American poet. Eleventh English translation, simple, literal prose. German verse alexandrines. Trautmann , Moritz. Literal translation of Finnsburg materials into German prose. English prose. Hansen , Adolf. Lines in Danish verse. Petersen , Georg Paysen. In German. Sandbach , Francis E.

Lines in English. Literal German prose. German verse. Hadow , G. Passages as examples. Mabie , Hamilton W. Reprint of Shahan ; cp. Warren , Kate M. Partial English prose translation. Wilmot-Buxton , E. English prose; interesting notes and engravings. Marshall , H. English prose paraphrase for children. Cartwright , Thomas. G-R for edition. English imitative meter sections published earlier. Reprinted in Harvard Classics, Vol 49, Bronson , Walter C.

Cox , John Harrington. Paraphrase adapted to school use. G-R and Ebbutt , Maud Isabel. Paraphrase rpt. Danish imitative meter completed by Viggo J. Muhe , Theodor. A simplified version in English "for beginners. English prose "improved" from Thorpe G-R repr. Spaeth , John Duncan. G-R cp. Dixon , W. Girvan , Richie. Lang , Andrew. London , Prose summary by a famous British teller of fairytales. French prose. Kirtlan , Ernest, J. Thomas , Walter. French prose passages; see Thomas and Caillois below.

English imitative meter cp. Hall and , both in prose. Freely translated into Danish. G-R Konstantin-Hansen Webster , A. Experimental translations of lines Benedetti , Anna. Italian prose? Dickins , Bruce.

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Translation of "Finnsburg. Olivero , Federico. Translation of around lines into Italian prose see also Olivero Finnsburg in imitative meter. Does not respond to LC search. Leonard , William Ellery. Lines in Nibelungen couplets. See also Leonard Literal French prose translation omits lines ; numerous passages published earlier. Wyatt , Alfred J. Norwegian landsmaal alliterative verse, repr. English verse, attempts to be literal.

G-R ; see also "Finnsburg" added. English "Nibelungen" couplets see Leonard ; reissued in with Rockwell Kent illustrations, in with Lynd Ward illustrations. Spencer , R. Paraphrase of lines Chambers , R. English prose assisted by Klaeber. Opus 25, for chorus and orchestra: "Lament for Beowulf" text based on Morris and Wyatt Available on compact disc. English verse. Malone , Kemp. See also Malone Naumann , Hans. Nationalistic German youth group play in German blank verse. Freely translated into English verse by M. Osborn; unpublished. Finnish translation of lines and Lawrence , William Witherle.

Brandl , Alois. McCallum , James D. Gerould , Gordon Hall. English alliterative verse; repr. G-R partial and Wyld , Henry Cecil. Experiments in verse translations of lines , , , Sjoerds , Foeke. Retells the story for children, apparently in German. Kuriyagawa was a highly regarded scholar. Retold in English prose in the style of an Icelandic saga. Riggs , Strafford. New York: Appleton-Century Co. Iarkho , Boris I. Lines Sigemund in alliterative Russian meter. Literal Italian prose see Olivero Popular paraphrase in German.

Diss and English prose, literal. Ichikawa , Sanki. Lines in Japanese prose. Kennedy , Charles W. Lines in English alliterative verse, based on Klaeber see Kennedy Taketomo , S. Probable summary in Japanese; unconfirmed. Zaum , Karl. Contains Kalma translation of "Finnsburg" into Frisian Kalma [sic]. Novel about Finnsburg.

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Kalma , Douwe. Alliterative translation of the Finnsburg materials into Frisian. A direct translation into French of Olivero's Italian translation of Moran , D.

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Rusev , R. Lehnert , Martin.

Whitelock , Dorothy. Translation of lines Important revision of Hall prose by C. Wrenn; revised again in English alliterative meter based on Klaeber. Fry , , Williams , Margaret. Rome, ; copy in Biblioteca Nacionale in Florence. See also Anon. Magoun cited by Fry offers a parodic description and discussion of the Brazilian copy and translation of this work see Anon below , without, however, appreciating the original author's combination of wild fantasy with evidence of some learning. To offer just two intriguing examples, the illustrations in Basari's Italian text include readable runes, and the storyteller borrows from the story of Galahad the divinely assisted assumption to Heaven of the hero at his death.

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Whiting , Bartlett J. Includes passages in a general discussion.

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Includes "Finnsburg" cp. Kennedy Bone , Gavin. Beowulf in Modern Verse. Close, intelligent English prose paraphrase for children, accompanied by interesting drawings by Laszlo Matulay. First attempt to translate Beowulf into Spanish verse. Translates lines a into alliterative verse, adds original poem. Anderson , George Kumler.

Numerous passages in English prose. English blank verse. Genzmer , Felix. Smith , Charles Francis Bricknell. The Story of Beowulf Retold Exeter. Prose, for children. English verse; one of the best, by a well-known Scottish poet. Musical score 16 pages. Swedish imitative meter. Retold for children in mainly blank verse; illustrated by Severin. M Brazilian Portuguese comic book version based directly on Basari even to the graphics, though these are much debased from the Italian originals.

Fry 25, but see also Fry and the note on Basari above. Sharenkov , Viktor. Possibly a U of Sofia English Department publication. Blair , Peter Hunter. Passages in alliterative verse. Baldini , Gabriele. Italian summary in Storia della letteratura inglese Torino, , and Includes excerpt from Thomas A careful prose translation into Italian based on Klaeber's edition.

Spanish prose. Passages in alliterative verse same as Kennedy ? Unconfirmed, may contain passages in Japanese: cp. Fry cites a article. See Oshitari Poem in Tolkien festschrift. Poem, in Spanish; for English translations see Borges Goodrich , Norma Lorre. New York: Mentor, Picard , Barbara. A fairly close retelling for children by one of the most famous British authors of children's fiction see translations of this novel below. G-R A. Zezmer , David M. Summary incorporating passages from Kennedy 14 pages. Bessinger , Jess B. Sound recording of Bessinger reading, with his descriptions and translations of texts on record jacket.

Leighton , Jane. White , Anne Terry. Fry 7. Flint , E. Paraphrase for children.

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Kinter , William. Twice reprinted in collections by Lattimore and Freely translated into roughly imitative meter. Art edition with drawings by Leonard Baskin, Boucher , Alan. Retold in Icelandic on Icelandic radio. Wahba , Yousef Magdi Mourad. Beowulf: A Screenplay. Stanford M. Crossley-Holland , Kevin. Verse translation of "Finnsburg. Spanish prose for children. Interesting illustrations; the book won a prize for graphic design.

Rhythmic English prose and blank verse. Rona , Eva. English prose paraphrase, published in Budapest. Alexander , Michael. English alliterative verse, lines , , , see Alexander Frey , Leonard Hamilton. Lines in English prose. Gondim , Navarro. Basari Graf , Nanette. Paraprase in English prose for students. Japanese prose. Polish prose translation of Sutcliff Sakuraba , Ichiro. Lines in English prose, published in Tokyo. Translation of Sutcliff into Japanese. Hengest's Tale. London: Macmillan, Lively historical novel incorporating the Finnsburg materials.

The Fragment occurs almost verbatim on pp. Borges Anthony Kerrigan. New York: Grove : Poem translated from Spanish. See also Borges Thomas , W. Westphalen , Tilman. A book-length study with new readings and a translation of these lines. Beowulf: A New Translation. Garmonsway , George N. Close, literal English prose translation by Garmonsway. Grendel's Mother is a medusa and the aged Beowulf cleverly kills the dragon with a hive of bees.

An interesting and lively revisionist version for children. Beowulf: A Film Script. See Suzuki German novel: M English prose retelling, originally in Czechoslovakian? A first-person narrative by Grendel himself. This is probably the best known adaptation of the story, by a professional medievalist who was also a modern novelist.

The monsters are self-aware and philosophical. The Australian animated film "Grendel, Grendel, Grendel" is a parody of this novel. Paulsen , Asta. Danish prose paraphrase. An interesting experiment in a close prose retelling-by Beowulf himself. See also Rebsamen GR Text edited for Japanese university students with English translation and Japanese apparatus. A taut, gritty translation in imitative verse, influenced by Ezra Pound, of whose poetry Alexander is a scholar. Wrenn's edition and R. Gordon's translation.

Not seen. Worden , Marny. Abridged adaptation "for those with low reading levels" brochure. Short story. Reported in OEN , 30, as also including translations of shorter poems, among them the "Finnsburg Fragment. Beowulf: A Musical Epic. Victor Davies, composer. Toronto: Leap Frog Records. A rock opera. Paraphrase, illustrated by Brian Froud. Literal line-by-line translation with no pretentions to art or even comprehensibility. Tikhomirova , V. Steblin-Kamenskii Moscow: Khudozhestvennaia.

In Russian, presumably a paraphrase. Quality Magazines. Comic book serial, of which the first is a "sword and sorcery" retelling of the story. The five sequels have Beowulf and his pal Nan-zee a sexy female substitute for Wiglaf engaging in further adventures thoroughly enjoyed by the author. A lively cult item. Dietrichson , Jan W. Oslo: H. Norwegian prose. Douglas Short reports that Vol. Fairly literal moderately imitative verse. For two decades this has been the translation of choice for many scholars who teach the poem.