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The thwarted lovers await love and punishment at the hands of the rulers of the citadel.

Warcraft Lore [Chronicle Vol 2] - Mannoroth the Destructor / Shackles of Servitude

Here they will be called on to please the single-minded Lady Berengaria, the decadent Magus, and th e wayward Princess Janna, each of whom will seek, through intimate and unusual means, to excite and prolong pleasure on demand. In the Citadel of Servitude, every avenue of sexual love must be tested, every strange pleasure explored, and every taboo broken.

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  • Buy As Gift. Overview Tormunil: the mysterious citadel of erotic mastery from which there can be no escape. The story, often retold, is that someone had mentioned to Susan Glaspell, one of the group, that a young man had come to town with a trunkful of plays and she retorted: "We don't need a trunkful, but if he's got one good play, bring him around.

    Other O'Neill productions quickly followed.

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    Remaining manuscripts - the very bottom layer of the "trunkful" lay hidden away through the years. And here they are, brought to light at last, exactly as they were originally written and tossed into that magical trunk almost four decades ago.

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    We are not, like latecomers to a rich banquet, gathering leftovers from the table. Rather, we enjoy, from the vantage point of the plays here presented an Alice in Wonderland-like serving of the hors d'ouvres, the first course on the menu, last. Every circumstance favored O'Neill beyond the good fortune of most writers.

    He had early served apprenticeship in the old theatre. He could sift and cull elements essential for his historical mission to remold the very face of our theatre in his own image.

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    Theodore Dreiser, earlier in the century had fought the first great round for realistic interpretation of the American scene. His "Sister Carrie" was throttled "aborning. It was an impelling movement, more significant than any that preceded it, and would outlive the whole procession of literary fashions yet to come, dada-ism, futurism, impressionism, expressionism, existentialism, and all the other obscure isms, parasitic air-plant cults without roots anywhere, precious and perishable.