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A masterful and comprehensive text, featuring interviews with Clapton from across the decades, coupled with a selection of great photographs, make this amazing eBook edition essential reading for Clapton fans everywhere. This uncensored and independent title has not been viewed or approved by the artist or his management and is completely free to tell the unvarnished story of Eric Clapton as it really happened. Paul Wolfle.

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Nadia Hashimi. Kitty Genovese. Catherine Pelonero. Silent Witness. Don W. What Remains of Me. Alison Gaylin. The album topped various international charts and sold more than two million copies. The album title refers to the address on Ocean Boulevard in Golden Beach, Florida where Clapton lived while recording the album. The street address of the house was changed after the album's release due to fans flocking to the property.

The house has long since been rebuilt and the street address restored. A remastered two-disc deluxe edition of the album was released in , which included a live concert recorded at the Hammersmith Odeon and additional studio jam sessions. After overcoming his heroin addiction , Clapton realized that he had wasted three years of his life, stating he had not done anything other than watch television and get out of shape. When Clapton sought help working on a farm, he began to listen to a lot of new music and old blues records he had brought with him and started to play again, even writing whole songs out of simple ideas.

With these song ideas in mind, Clapton was given a demo tape by Carl Radle , the former bassist for Derek and the Dominos , with songs performed by Radle with keyboardist Dick Sims and drummer Jamie Oldaker. Clapton liked the recordings, calling them "simply superb". Clapton was given time to write new material for a next album by Radle. When Clapton set to work on tracks for the upcoming studio release, he wanted to leave his songs as incomplete as possible, so that the musicians, who were going to record with Clapton in the studio, would get the chance to make them their own.

After Clapton appeared in the rock opera Tommy , his manager at the time, Robert Stigwood , contacted him about a new project. When the time came to record the new album, Clapton was worried about both its commercial and artistic success, noting his concept of a new album would work only when there was chemistry between the musicians. Clapton also hired guest vocalist Yvonne Elliman and guitarist George Terry as full-time members of his group. Stigwood also paid for Clapton to live at a rental house at the address Ocean Boulevard in the town of Golden Beach near Miami.

For the recording sessions, Clapton used his Blackie Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. He also played vintage Martin acoustic guitars. In his autobiography My Life , Clapton recalls that he was very pleased with the song's lyrics and instrumental parts of "Let It Grow", which he wrote himself. However, music critics and also Clapton noted, that the melody and chord progression is nearly the same as Led Zeppelin 's " Stairway to Heaven ". He wanted to record the song, because Clapton thought the song would fit to the album's track listing.

He persuaded Clapton to record a version of this tune, which Clapton disliked, because of its "hardcore reggae" melody. Finally, the band convinced Clapton to put the song on the album, noting it would definitely become a hit single. When Clapton met Bob Marley years after his take on the tune was released, Marley told Clapton he really liked the cover. Two singles were released of Ocean Boulevard. Author Chris Welch believes that the song benefits from this "slow burn". The album finishes with George Terry's "Mainline Florida", which "breaks away from the established tone of the record" and features Clapton's using talk box during his outgoing solo.

Writing for AllMusic , critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine calls the studio album a "tighter, more focused outing that enables Clapton to stretch out instrumentally" and adds that the "pop concessions on the album [as well as] the sleek production [and] the concise running times don't detract from the rootsy origins of the material". Finishing his review, Erlewine notes, the Ocean Boulevard "set the template for Clapton's s albums".

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The critic awarded the release four and a half out of five possible stars. Pareles also described Clapton's remake of "I Shot the Sheriff" as a copy with no original arrangement; he also praised the song "Let It Grow", but criticized it for sounding too much like "Stairway to Heaven". Robert Christgau wrote in a contemporary review for Creem : "As unlikely as it seems, Clapton has taken being laid-back into a new dimension.

Perhaps the most brilliant exploration of the metaphorical capacities of country blues ever attempted, way better than Taj Mahal for all of side one. On side two, unfortunately, he goes a little soft. But I'll settle for two questionable live albums if he'll give us a solo record as good as this every three years. By opening the first side with 'Motherless Children' and closing it with 'I Shot the Sheriff', Clapton puts the rural repose of his laid-back-with-Leon music into a context of deprivation and conflict, adding bite to soft-spoken professions of need and faith that might otherwise smell faintly of the most rural of laid-back commodities, bullshit.

And his honesty has its reward: better sex. The casual assurance you can hear now in his singing goes with the hip-twitching syncopation he brings to Robert Johnson's 'Steady Rolling Man' and Elmore James's 'I Can't Hold Out', and though the covers are what make this record memorable it's on 'Get Ready', written and sung with Yvonne Elliman, that his voice takes on a mellow, seductive intimacy he's never come close to before.

In another retrospective review for Uncut , Nigel Williamson finds, that with Ocean Boulevard , Clapton "rediscovered the primacy of music in his life". The journalist finished his review, calling the Ocean Boulevard the album, in which Clapton's "incomparable talents and this inspired song set were finally captured".

Emerson also questioned Clapton's decision to play a dobro on the album, but called "Let It Grow" a highlight.

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Emerson also considered Clapton's re-arrangement of "Motherless Children" to be too upbeat for a somber song. Therefore, it was one of the few pop-music albums to be legally sold in the USSR. Over the years, the album was reissued several times including in , and for reunited Europe, also in compact disc format and via digital music download.

The album itself is one of Clapton's most successful commercial releases, reaching the Top 10 in eight countries. It also peaked at number one in three territories including Canada [33] and the United States.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eric Clapton. Excerpt of the album's number one hit single "I Shot the Sheriff". The blues rock tune "Mainline Florida" was written by George Terry for the album. Clapton: The Autobiography 1st ed. United States: Broadway Books. Miami New Times. Retrieved 9 October Backbeat Books.