Manual Faithpreneur: God is not an Agent for your Failure but for your Success

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Norman Vincent PealeThis book has helped me immeasurably, and anyone who wants to be a successful person should read it. Show More Show Less. Add to Cart. Any Condition Any Condition. See all Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. People who bought this also bought. Nonfiction Books. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews See all 15 reviews. The most helpful, character building book I have read Bettger is so helpful because he has no reservations about telling us about his failures. Great Sales Book!

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger (1992, Paperback)

Tested sales ideas The original writing of this book is many years ago. How l Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling This is a very good book it is easy to read and and how practical information that can be implemented right away. Bettger Very good book and received it in very good shape! Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Unfreedom of The Press by Mark R. Levin , Hardcover Blue Book of Gun Values 40 40th Edition. Sabatine Ringbound, Revised Edition, The Book of Enoch by Enoch , Paperback Save on Nonfiction Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days.

Linda McCartney. You may also like. People wanted to hear my ideas. But running against an incumbent is difficult because they generally are able to raise more. The experience enabled me to see what I was really good at and that was expressing points of view on topics that really matter. This realization led me to radio and to television.


My real core strength would not have been realized had I not run. The same about me being fired by BET I was doing very well on BET. I am very grateful for the 5 years spent on BET but the question is do I want to stay in a marginalized space and talk to only black people all of my life or do I want to branch across cultures? Does Barack Obama only want to be a senator representing the south side of Chicago his whole life nothing wrong with that or does he want to be president of the United States? I would not have known that I could be on PBS every night or on NPR or on the cover of Time magazine as one of the most influential people of the world.

All of this came once I got out of the cocoon and went on to blossom and flourish on a much larger and national stage. All of this happened because I got fired. This is the message I want to impart from the book. All the lessons I learned, I learned through defeat… through failure. Failure is your friend. You learn lessons from these failings then go on to do greater things. Smiley steps from behind the curtain of success to share intimate stories of his missteps, misdeeds, and often highly publicized miscalculations in Fail Up: 20 Lessons On Building Success From Failure.

According to the U. This means that they have been unemployed for at least 27 weeks or longer.

Faithpreneur - God Is Not an Agent for Your Failure, But for Your Success

Employers can now expect more skills, extra talent, higher education and additional qualifications; yet they are more likely to pay less for those attributes today than they would have paid ten years ago. In light of these facts, how does a person stand out in the workforce to gain job offers or promotions? I recently attended a career development workshop where Senior Executives spoke about specific qualities they look for when hiring. Although there are a range of different qualifications that can be beneficial to potential employees, the list can be summarized into three top categories: Technical Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Character.

Technical Skills Technical skills are the knowledge and skill you have to actually perform the work for which you are seeking. Interpersonal Skills Your interpersonal skills are based upon how you relate to other people. Do you work better alone or within a team? How do you treat people? Are you a good listener? Are you stable and dependable? How do you handle stressful work environments? Does your personal life always im-. Character My pastor says that character is who you are when nobody is watching. Do you stand up for what you believe regardless of what others may say or think?

When you see something that needs to be done do you do it, even if no one is around? Do you have a sincere passion for the job or work for which you are applying? As you can see, it appears employers are looking for MORE. They are looking for some of the same qualities that can be found in most business owners. The book deals with how faith based entrepreneurs should experience more by incorporating faith based principals into their businesses. I believe that employees could experience more success if they applied some of these same principals into their work ethic.

Employers are looking for workers who will treat the job or position like it was their own business. They want you to be prepared to seek additional skills that will allow you to work smarter and better. They want you to treat every customer like they are your customer so that they will always be a returning customer. I have kept good employees during times when revenue indicated the need for layoffs.

As a faith-based believer, I understand that when. I also believe that using your Christian values, morals and faith will eventually lead to job promotion. Many times it is hard to determine the Christian from the non-Christian employee in the workplace. You may find people from both groups that are stealing time by posting on Facebook, taking and making excessive personal calls while on the clock or putting down time worked when it was really time wasted. On the other hand, treating your position in a Christ like. I am certainly not suggesting going over the top and holding Bible study during work time.

However, allow others to be certain about whether. Sunday around 1pm. Instead, they should be the core of WHO you are! When you incorporate your faith into your work ethic, employers will see the advantage of hiring you because of your strong character, the difference you bring as an employee and your commitment to get the job done in a more excellent way. At least one-third of the people we know are introverts. They are the ones who prefer listening to speaking, reading to partying; who innovate and create but dislike self-promotion; who favor working on their own over brainstorming in teams.

I prefer listening to talking, reading to socializing, and cozy chats to group settings. I like to think before I speak softly. When brothers, Soleus and Montana, compete for the affection of Princess Luna, one of them learns the true meaning of heart break. For discounted bulk sales, please contact Prindle House Publishing at She has two children, Cameron and Kierre, to whom she dedicates her life.

Although DeeAndra was raised in Jacksonville, she was born in Atlanta, so she considers herself a Georgia Peach that ripened under the Florida sun. DeeAndra currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. As the middle class disappears and the safety net is shredded, and West, building on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. They chalto re-examine our assumptions about poverty in America—what it rehow to eliminate it now.

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The cover story features broadcaster, author, publisher, advocate, and philanthropist, Tavis Smiley to discuss his book, Fail Up. He helps y See More. In the end, there is a high level of qual- 8 ity in his work that supersedes all others. With this I am led to believe that opportunities precede failure. Tell me your take on this. Given the option to attend at a student rate, I used some of my student loan money to cover the registration cost. But running against an incumbent is difficult because they generally are able to raise more 19 money and they already have gained a broader exposure.

Does your personal life always im- 20 pact your professional life? On the other hand, treating your position in a Christ like manner can be the difference which makes you stand out to your employer. I researched several coaches before I hired Nina; she was absolutely the right choice! When I contacted Nina, I was afraid. I was scared to have the feedback of another on an intimate dream I had nourished alone for so long. As I travelled the path of trusting her with my burgeoning book, Nina managed to follow my dream, lead me forward through the challenging terrain of making my dream a reality, all while standing beside me along the way.

I feel understood by Nina in a very distinct and personal way. To me, this feeling clearly indicates her professional skill with bringing out the best material others have to offer. In moments of feeling at a loss to communicate my message, Nina is able to magically grasp the gist, surprising and supporting me in the process. Her input is invaluable and her knowledge of what it takes to make a book happen critical for anyone ready to get serious about a dream.

Nina gave me some very valuable tips during our phone session. Her advice was the perfect launching pad for me to get to work on my book and really make it happen. Nina is like the behind the scene stage crew who helps you get the work done upfront for your book. She pushed me to get the words on paper.. She is the best! Nina has a beautiful way of being encouraging and supportive while professional and focused. She is easy and fun to work with and a great author resource. Once I stopped the endless research, I made much faster progress.

Nina Amir provided me with many valuable, practical tips for formatting my posts and my website. She also convinced me of the benefits of blogging my book and gave me specific examples for moving forward. I was amazed at how much usable information was covered in such a short time!

She left me feeling more focused and motivated by the end of the session. I just finished my coaching session with NinaAmir. She is a wealth of knowledge, and I feel her advice will be life changing! An international speaker and award-winning journalist and blogger, I am known as the Inspiration to Creation Coach because I help creative people like you get from the moment of inspiration I believe we are all born with a Divine creative spark within us.

The Faithpreneur

It's my purpose to help you combine your passion and purpose so you get or stay inspired and take inspired action to create what you desire. It's also my dream to help you make a positive and meaningful impact in the world with your written words.

I have a proven track record, too. I'm a seasoned and award-winning blogger. As a hybrid author, I have self-published 18 books and had as many as six books on the same Amazon Top list authorship and nine books on Amazon Top lists at the same time. I am a true Author Coach with both traditional and self-publishing experience. I write books on the topic of publishing, blogging, and succeeding as an author.

I've contracted with five literary agents, and I'm known as a book publishing and blogging expert, especially in the area of nonfiction. I often speak at writers' conferences and am featured on writing and publishing related podcasts. An Author Coach will:. Show you how to develop your idea. Provide strategies for developing a book's content and structure.