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They both finished breakfast and was ready to go watch T. Kyle reached for the remote and tried to turn it on. He noticed the batteries were dead and decided to go search. She opened it and took two double-A batteries out of the pack and put them back in. She walked back to Kyle and arranged them into the remote and the T. Kyle turned it to a porno and Carrie began to blush. Kyle replied "I- uh Should I turn it? I don't think so, Kyle. Kyle looked at the T. She slowly moved her hand over her left breast and began to squeeze and play with the nipple.

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Carrie didn't try to resist as her tongue slipped into his mouth. Kyle placed his hand over Carrie's breasts and began to squeeze them gently, applying pressure to her nipples with his thumbs. Carrie brushed her hand over his crotch as he pulled down his pants and revealed his penis. The tip was red and the shaft was completely hard! You're so big. Un, fuck me, please! Kyle looked at his sister, red in the face.

She was so beautiful, but he knew it was wrong. He couldn't resist however. He pulled up her gown which revealed a beautiful shaved vagina. It was leaking a clear fluid down on her leg and the couch cushion. Kyle moved his hands up her legs and spread them apart. He could feel himself oozing as he lied flat on Carrie. His penis ached as the tip entered the vaginal crevice of his sister. Carrie let out a small moan as her leg began to switch. Kyle felt like he was going to explode at any moment.

His penis had never felt such pleasures. Kyle completely entered the crevice as Carrie erupted.

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