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That Elise chose Hummel instead apparently did not mean the end of their friendship with Beethoven. Several days before the composer's death in March , Elise visited him.

To remember her former admirer, she cut off a lock of his hair and accepted one of his quills as a present. How, then, could Elisabeth Roeckel have remained a mystery to musicologists over all the years?

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And why has the piece so often been attributed to Therese Malfatti, who Beethoven proposed to in ? The Beethoven scholar Ludwig Nohl may be to blame. When he discovered a draft of the work, he published it in with a dedication to Therese. Nohl claimed to have seen the original manuscript, saying it had been discovered in Therese's estate, but it has never been found since. All that exists is an incomplete draft of the work, sketched on a sheet of paper Beethoven had apparently used for brainstorming other works.

This has been dated to , around the time of Beethoven's engagement to Therese Malfatti. If, however, the A-Minor melody was indeed composed for Elise and not Therese, it is not immediately apparent how and why the original manuscript could have made it into Therese's hands.

Für Elise (Beethoven)

Kopitz admitted that his theory on this point is not particularly scientific: "Therese Malfatti comes to Beethoven's house and sees the "Fuer Elise" manuscript lying on top of his piano, so she asks 'Who is this Elise? Do you still want to marry me?

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The musicologist's theory is currently in the process of being published and has not yet garnered widespread acceptance in the field. The director of the Beethoven Archive at the Beethoven House in Bonn, Bernhard Appel, said he was skeptical of Kopitz' hypothesis, though he emphasized that he could not make a conclusion until the report was available for detailed review. He added that, to prove who Elise really was, it would be essential to clarify what path the manuscript took before it disappeared.

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Under the motto "In the Light," this year's Beethovenfest features internationally acclaimed artists, plus complete Beethoven cycles and an inspiring series of out-of-the box events. What made Beethoven Beethoven? We'll conclude our exploration of that composer's early years in the Rhineland. This hour: the kind of music the young Beethoven was immersed in during his youth in the Rhineland, including works by his teacher Christian Gottlob Neefe and two cousins named Romberg.

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