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A Woman's Path of Awakening

Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 13, Wendy Campbell rated it it was amazing. Claudio has continued his magic here, taking Iliom and her travelling companions deeper into themselves as well as the lands they need to travel to remove the darkness from their world. I loved the way that Iliom and the others deepened their knowledge of their potentials through the trials that awaited them.

As with the first book, this book was VERY hard to put down! Now to buy and enjoy the third and final book in the series Mar 06, Pia Harwood rated it it was amazing. Beautiful, magical, mystical, prophetic, poetic writing. Flowing and sumptuous, dark and intense.

Not afraid to go where it needs to. These books written by Claudio have been the best books I have read since my beloved Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb. I thought none would ever match the soulful, detailed and all encompassing journey of her writing.

Awakening to the Light CD | sacredresonance

But this trilogy so far seems to be satisfying all dimensions of what I love in fantasy novels - the journey, the spiritual metaphors, the wisdom, being Beautiful, magical, mystical, prophetic, poetic writing. But this trilogy so far seems to be satisfying all dimensions of what I love in fantasy novels - the journey, the spiritual metaphors, the wisdom, being completely taken into another world which is so perfectly painted that you can almost feel taste and touch the scenes… Except there is one things makes the huge difference - Claudio's writing is infused with Alchemy for the journeyer - the writing has hope in it.

Not a dire air of despair which is usually lingering around the main character in fantasy novels. As the reader I want to fully relate and engage with the main character, and hope the writer doesn't lead me into dark recesses of my mind without showing me a way out of there afterwards.

Magic and beautiful. They lived in accordance with the creative cycles of life, death and rebirth.

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You do not need to look outside yourself. The answers are within. Yet after centuries of our womb wisdom and magic being undermined, ignored and reduced to only a painful function, is it any wonder you feel unsure of your innate power? By awakening the power that resides within your physical body, you can heal your shadow, reclaim your destiny and access your innate gifts and wisdom. Is it time to reconnect to your magical, creative centre from which everything is birthed into existence? This is the source from where you create everything in your life.

So what is it that you ready to birth?

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By integrating the power of the feminine, you are not only awakening on a personal level, you are contributing to a collective transformation of your global sisters and brothers. Yet the seat of your deepest intuition is in your womb or hara for men and as you focus on creating balance and harmony here, this will naturally flow into to other parts of your Being.

Our physical body is the vehicle for this earthly existence. Our feelings are divine messengers that contain so many gifts and are a key to unlocking our intuition. Awakening your womb involves releasing and clearing this sacred space, which leads to more creativity, love, passion, peace and clarity.

The process of Womb Awakening brings the masculine and feminine energies back into balanced sacred union and creates a necessary foundation for our next evolutionary shift. The feminine energy has been unbalanced for thousands of years due to an overly dominating patriarchal ruling. So at this time, many women and men are choosing to reclaim their innate wisdom and create harmony between the masculine and feminine energies. Near Death Experiences are in the news and on many book shelves.

People are finding other realms with spiritual teachers, drugs, in nature, with music, drumming, dance, or chanting. Others find an experience of their own divinity in extreme sports, life crises, or in the course of losing a loved one.

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People can find awakening while gardening, parenting, and caring for the less fortunate. People report experiences of spiritual awakening in dreams, meditation, heart full prayer, or simply just being very present in the moment. There seem to be many avenues to a spiritual awakening but they all have one thing in common. What is common to all spiritual awakening is when we get out of our normal mental world, our awareness finds something greater.

At the time we think it is the near death experience, drug, extreme sport, music, nature, or sudden life crises that is the cause of our awakening. But with further exploration we begin to understand it is when our awareness is set free of the routine busy-ness, when we drop the mental baggage we are carrying, we discover another part of ourselves.

1. The womb births the collective energy of the world

All the different paths towards a spiritual awakening seem to suggest it is not the activity itself, it is not what we do that counts. It is what is happening within us that is important. The particular path towards spiritual awakening is an impulse to something very deep and integral to our essential self, our higher self, to God inside of us. Indeed each spiritual awakening has many common details no matter what stimulated the experience. We find a very present love or light which is more real then real. Beyond words, this love or light is not observed, thought about, or imagined but is literal, directly present.

In these moments our awareness is the light. We are the love. It is who we really are. There is an ever growing vastness, a border-less experience beyond our mind, beyond our body, seemingly spreading forever. In this expansive realm there is only heart that is mysteriously deep inside our heart. And this heart lives forever.

Womb Awakening

Eternity is very real. The spiritual awakening is an experience of our infinite being. There is literally a home for each of us that we recognize and return to. Many who have these experiences don't really want to talk about it. We hide the experience from ourselves and others. Not wanting to receive what is really happening, not wanting to sound different in our judgmental world, many experiences of spiritual awakening sit within people for years yet never go away.

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A spiritual awakening is too real to put aside, forget, and move on from. It is always a part of us. No matter how we arrive at the spiritual awakening we feel changed. Our personality, likes and dislikes, our personal story, our material needs, everything is seen differently.