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Norway Fulbright grant. She went to study wintertime mindset above the Arctic Circle, a part of the world where winter reaches Game of Thrones proportions. That's certainly why I went to study — how can they be this happy when it's cold and dark? So what can we learn from the Nordic embrace of their long winter to help us get through our, come on, admittedly shorter and usually tamer cold months? It's much easier to see cold weather as an inconvenience when we won't actually acknowledge it, says Leibowitz.

In Norway, people dress appropriately , Leibowitz says.

Love of Winter | The Art Institute of Chicago

Their winter clothes are actual winter clothes that protect them from the cold and let them be outside in the snow and teeny digit temps. Since returning from her arctic studies, Leibowitz slides a pair of woolen leggings under her jeans before she heads out in the Jersey cold, she says. They also do things like, oh, insulate their houses sufficiently in northern climates. I might not be whining so much about my freezing, drafty old house if we'd invested in some serious insulation!

Instead of looking at winter as something to be endured, Leibowitz says, Norwegians really lean into it. Of course with summers there likely to be rainy, cold, and drizzly, winter really is the best season. Cold weather is no excuse to stay indoors in Norway, Leibowitz says. Where there's snow there's skiing. Created to preserve and showcase the rural culture of Sweden, it showcases old houses, farmsteads, and gardens. There you can also find a Zoo with many Scandinavian species.

Nordic Museum — this is the place where you can learn and understand the Swedish way of living since ancient times to nowadays. The museum is huge and stunning, definitely a place to visit in Stockholm.

2. Cozy Fires

There are different exhibitions happening in the Nordic Museum, you can choose one or visit them all. The Abba Museum is not only a place to see the costumes and the memorabilia, the museum is all about experience, to the point that you can record your own ABBA music. Spritmuseum — Hours dedicated to good alcohol!

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Different exhibitions talk about the ancient traditional of producing alcohol, especially vodka. The museum is a sensorial experience, with smells, tastes and food! We were so lucky, during our 3 days in Stockholm the sun was shining and the days were beautiful. The City Hall is one of the top attractions in Stockholm, the impressive building is one of the symbols of the city.

Inside there are two famous halls where the Nobel Banquets happen. You can admire the building from outside or book a guided tour to discover the history inside. There are many delicious cafes and restaurants in Stockholm, the list of places is endless. This food market is a must visited place in Stockholm. What is so special about it? Well, it has organic food, fruits, veggies, coffee, sweets and savory dishes that you make you drooling from the moment you get inside of it.

How to love the cold, according to an arctic researcher

Until the restaurants and stalls will be serving the same delicious food on a temporarily covered market on the square in front of the original building. The view is beautiful and the menu mouthwatering.

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  7. So if you need to choose one place to visit in Stockholm during nighttime, my suggestion is the Fotografiska Museum. Art, history, stunning places and good food, Stockholm is a great travel destination even during winter time. Follow our suggestions of what to do in Stockholm, where to stay and places to visit. My last advice is about how to travel to Stockholm. To find the best flights use Kiwi.

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    If you are already traveling through Europe or Scandinavia, a train trip can be a good choice. We traveled through Scandinavia [and Central Europe] all by train.

    First, accept that winter is a real thing

    For 3 months we traveled with Eurail Pass and the experience was easy and hassle free. For more information about traveling with Eurail check out our blog post: 7 reasons to travel with Eurail Pass. Very good and interesting travel tips! Thank you. Hi Hanna!! Cheers, Nat.

    Why Love Is Harder in Winter

    Lovely post. If I did this would be a great starting point for a trip. What were the daylight hours like? Hi Mark, Summer in Scandinavia is a magical time, but winter has the snow charm that is unbeatable. You have listed some of my favorite places in Stockholm. It must have been a great experience to be there during the Winter. I have been there twice, but both times in the Summer. Teach me to love winter because it will end, and eventually the sun will return as it always does. Remind me that nothing lasts. Not now.

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