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"Hampelmann" in English

Translation resolve, solve or settle? Comment settle a conflict sounds to me like it could be slightly different than solve or resolve. Settling a conflict might mean "smoothing people's feathers", settling the dispute, dealing with the aggression, etc. But technically, settle a conflict is another way of saying basically the same thing. Forums Trainer Courses.

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In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. The examinations methodical flaws therefore are persistent. As the authors of the evaluation report in noticed, the majority of criteria represents the quality of processes, for example the documentation of the care.

But experts agree that the quality of results in nursing homes should be tested. If you want to read further: Prof. Klaus Wingenfeld wrote about this subject. On the whole, the examinations can only give an indication of shortcomings and serve as a suggestion for people to inquire more about their homes in their area.

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We compared the prices and the beds of the different homes in relation to other homes. As for the prices, we use the part the inpatients have to pay for themselves for the care in care-level 3 for a full month.

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  8. This differs a lot, from less than to more than Euro per month. On top of this, the patients have to pay so-called investment costs, which differs as well and can often be around Euro per month.

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    We wanted to include these costs in our analysis as well, but for most of the homes the AOK did not hand us clear data, but rather a possible range of the investment cost from minimum to maximum. We compared the price of every nursing home to the average price of nursing homes in the same state. We did not compare it to the average national price because the prices between the different states differ a lot.

    We grouped the price into five parts: very expensive, expensive, moderately priced, cheap, and very cheap. The cheapest 20 percent is labeled as very cheap. For the data on beds, we also used the AOK data and compared the number of occupied beds with other homes. This time we compared the number to the national average because the numbers are more homogenous and there are almost no state regulations that affect the number of beds in nursing homes. Again we grouped the numbers into five parts very big, big, normal-sized, small, and very small. The smallest 20 percent is labeled as very small.

    The description of the data prices, beds, grades and the automatically generated 13, texts are not a product of our own judgement, but only an analysis of the data of the transparency reports. We compare the numbers to other homes to make it easier for people to understand them, but we do not judge the numbers. Besides the public transparency report data we used for our guide, the MDK creates a detailed report on every single nursing home.

    These data should be published. We also collected information from several state-controlled Heimaufsichten nursing home supervision authorities. The Heimaufsicht is organized differently in every federal state.

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    Some nursing home authorities publish their reports online. But many of them are simplified or misleading. Other authorities keep their reports a secret. But we can only publish reports from eight federal states. For the federal states that do not publish their reports online, we provided example reports and published them on our platform. All other reports are at first not publicly available.

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    For every nursing home, we provide a link to our partner-website, FragDenStaat. Click on the particular link, then our website will generate an automatic request according to the German freedom of information act. Through this, you can request the examination report for your nursing home of interest.

    Every report you requested will be published by us in our guide. The more you take part, the more supervision reports we are able to publish publicly and the more transparent nursing homes will get. What really happens in German nursing homes. We focus on long-term investigations.

    Your donation helps us to remain independent. June What kind of data is available? Our own criteria for deficits in nursing homes We took the 77 criteria behind this overall score and took five important areas for examination and analyzed them.

    German-Chinese Bureau of Economic Research (GCB) | China Economic Bulletin

    Are necessary decubitus treatments carried out? Are the measures of treatment of chronic traumas or decubitus based on current state of knowledge? Is the report of the treatment of chronic traumas or decubitus being evaluated properly and is the doctor updated correctly?

    In cases where the patient is limited in self-care for nutrition supplies, are the risks measured and necessary measures carried out? Are necessary measures carried out if the patient is limited in self-hydration?