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Will you cry and rejoice and hold your breath? Will you find the book as exciting, wise, and profound as I did? This book is remarkable. Beautifully told. I was with her every step of the way.

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I read this novel in two big gulps. Join Reader Rewards and earn your way to a free book! Join Reader Rewards and earn points when you purchase this book from your favorite retailer. Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. Also by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. See all books by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? It is more about the simple impact of being connected and valued.

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Is there more to life or knowledge acquisition than this? One of the premier people in my life with a history of being broken record is my oldest sister. You brought back many memories. The same stories turn up again and again like a bad penny. We both knew it. I had the same worry about long posts. Every post finds its readers. Hong Kong, for real?

That explains a lot of things. Good to have you back, dear. Great photos, as always. My goal is to convey the emotion or experience as well as I can, in however many words it takes me! So I appreciate the readers, like you, so much! I was in Hong Kong a long time ago, about ten years ago, but it made quite the impression!

I see that it did. Just in case, stay away from public transport. Thanks so much for reading and for your insight. I did something similar too, I was in a relationship that made both of us miserable, but I still stayed longer out of a sense of duty, loyalty and to prove that I was a person of my word, basically every reason except love! It should have been only about love! That ideal is often not at all easy to achieve. I appreciate everyone taking the time to read a post of this length.

I must warn you, this is one of my shorter pieces! Like Like. As ever, you mesmerize me; your writing, your images, your heart. I so admire the ways in which you live and write so fearlessly, from the grey area.

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By grey area, I mean outside of the black and white, with a truth and self awareness that takes both courage and intelligence. You face humanity head on. I think this piece displays that beautifully. I think your decision to keep the title, even through your own moments of discomfort, displays a bravery, in saying…here it is, mess and beauty and humor and truth, because what else is there but telling it like it is. If I ever gain the ability and courage to write even a fraction as brilliantly as you, I will be doing something great. Thank you, as ever, for an incredible piece.

Your encouragement means so much to me! When one looks for it, the world is full of naysayers, critics and cynics, but who among them has the courage to be vulnerable and earnest? With this in mind, I try to write courageously. Thank you for your beautiful comment! It was a strange and awkward situation indeed! I had to share it with you, it helped me to look back at it and wonder what I could have done differently.

But this one of the few! I LOVE reading your articles!!!

Boy Who Saved My Life: Walking Into The Light With My Autistic Grandson

I cannot wait to read your bookS!!! I feel the same about Hong Kong!

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Thanks so much! I received a bit of criticism about the title! I love reading your comments! Wow, this was an incredible post, and it left me with an ache in the pit of my stomach. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

The Boy Who Saved My Life: Walking Into the Light with My Autistic Grandson by Earle Martin

Yes, definitely be aware of where you stand when traveling!! Everywhere, not just in Hong Kong. Stay safe! I had the same feeling after I said goodbye to Jake, an ache in my stomach, especially when I realized how miserable he and Ann had been for such a long time. Oh, please, Jake. You yelled out. Most likely, the horn woke Ms Baecker from her reverie. Just stop. I got your back, sister. Like this:.

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This is so human! And so misunderstood by so many. That is supremely self-aware! I have issues with a friend in my life, even now, but I realize that the issue is as much me as he. Every thing that annoys me about him annoys him about me. His arrogance is my arrogance. So insightful! The other is how perceptively you understand that we do, indeed, hold our own happiness in our hands.

But it is ours, if we want it. Too often, we idealize what happiness means, and idealize a situation as a key to our happiness. But that is not from whence happiness comes. It comes intrinsically. Even in the face of great unhappiness, they refused to let that story go. We should be happy. We have so short a time, in the scheme of things, but we only reap the happiness that we sow.

When life is hard, my favorite song says, you have to change. Like Liked by 3 people. It is truly a joy to read your comments Tom! I wish you were there to talk some sense into Jake! The real heroes are the ones who make us see ourselves as potential heroes and to act as the hero in our own lives, no real hero demands appreciation for themselves! I often wonder just how inevitable getting hit by a bus was that day, I must have replayed that scene thousands of times but it sure felt close!

As I mentioned to another commentator, I have been hit by a car before yeah street crossings are def not my thing! I, like you, have another person in my life who manages to annoy me all the time.

Yet last Wednesday my life was saved by a Bud Light…

That friction is not necessarily bad! Love your blog. I am glad your trance was broken by Jake on that crossing in Hong Kong, although I have a feeling someone or other would have done that eventually, maybe the bus driver would have noticed you and applied the brakes.