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The Frankland family are admired for their tremendous stockmanship and together, the family had worked tirelessly to present what was a tremendous showcase of sheep and an excellent example of a commercial Yorkshire farming enterprise. North Sheep would certainly not have been possible without the support from local friends and neighbours, and on behalf of the entire family, I would like to thank them all very much indeed.

With the day focusing on key issues, including sheep exports, share farming, sheep health and welfare, and the future for Environmental Land Management Schemes, locals and farmers from across the region and beyond experienced a day of knowledge transfer, discussion and debate whilst witnessing the latest industry trends and equipment.

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Shearing is a vital industry skill and, in a competition, sponsored by British Wool, there was a strongly fought battle of the counties, which resulted in a first for Lancashire YFC, Cumbria YFC scooping second place and Yorkshire YFC achieving third. NSA North Sheep is organised by the National Sheep Association NSA — a very important industry body, the voice of the sheep industry and one which deals with policy and politics at the very highest of levels.

This is a family farm, and family farms such as this are very much at the core of the sheep industry. This was a very good day out and the highlight, for me, was the Farm Tour. The seminars gave fantastic business advice and as anticipated, people were really there to look, listen and learn, and this has never been so evident through the seminars.

Jan 2, Stuxnet was the most sophisticated virus ever discovered. This virus was successfully able to destroy numerous centrifuges. Hear who did it an Dec 15, Israel has their own version of the NSA called Unit Listen along to learn what someone gets into the group, what they do, and what these members do once they leave the unit. Guest Very spec Ep Chartbreakers. Dec 1, Something is wrong with the Apple Podcasts top charts. As a podcaster, this personally annoyed and intrigued me.

Fundación Myrna Mack Calls Hearing "Unprecedented"

I investigate how this is happening and who is behind it. Images of Podcast Promote Nov 15, A lot of criminals want to get a piece of that. The Pursuit of Justice in Guatemala. Operation Sofia: Documenting Genocide in Guatemala. The Guatemalan National Police Archives.

Global surveillance disclosures (2013–present)

The Guatemalan Military: What the U. Files Reveal.

Washington, D. Diario Militar vs. Doyle's prepared testimony was followed by questioning by the Petitioners' legal representatives, and nearly 45 minutes of questioning by the seven judges. The representatives for the State chose to not ask questions. The following text is an excerpt of Doyle's testimony. Slides referenced in testimony can be found in a copy of the power point presentation 9. To begin, the State of Guatemala has systematically hidden the information in its power about the internal armed conflict. The Guatemalan Army, the Police and the intelligence services are intrinsically opaque, secretive and closed institutions, and it has been almost impossible to gain access to their records.

This policy of silence has survived the peace accords; it has survived the Historical Clarification Commission; and it continues today - despite the discovery of archives, the exhumations of clandestine cemeteries, the criminal convictions of perpetrators of human rights violations, and the unceasing demand for information by families of the disappeared. In the s, the State's counterinsurgency strategy to kidnap, secretly detain, torture and execute men and women because of their political activities mobilized family members desperate to learn of the whereabouts of their loved ones.

But the response was always the same: silence, ridicule, threats or worse. I worked in collaboration with the commissioners and was witness to their frustration before the government's repeated refusals to provide access to their archives. It had such an impact that in the final twelfth volume of their report the CEH reproduced dozens of letters between the three commissioners and the high command of the security institutions; letters that capture their exasperation in trying to obtain documents.

There were no documents, documents did not exist, they had been destroyed, they had been lost, or they remained under the seal of national security. It was exactly the kind of information sought repeatedly by the CEH, without success.