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After looking into the awesome pieces theyve done I knew I had to get this book to read up. Amazing detail and beautiful artwork throughout. The Chronicle is a great book detailing the ins and out of the underworld.

Sideshow Collectibles Mythos surrounding their story is amazing. What an eye opener. I was originally drawn into the Court of the Dead with the amazing premium format figures. This was a huge eye opener and shows that a huge amount of time an endless imagination went into creating the COTD. Simply blown away by this story line and cant wait to see it evolve. If you value art and well made products, this is a really nice book for the collector. I like that Sideshow put out something that is top quality, and detail oriented.

I just recently got into Sideshow's Court of the Dead and would love to one day see this turned into a movie. Love this book,amazing artwork and the amount of detail in the story itself makes it a interesting read. User manual to CotD. If you like reading books like Covenant of Primus or have had experience with books that delve into narration, then this is the book for you.

Truly a superb book, the illustrations are amazing and the story as well! I really wish to see more contents about this story in the future! Gorgeous art, in depth character and worldbuilding. Sideshow has creating a valuable new IP with Court of the Dead, and this book is a headfirst dive in! I love it, and you owe it to yourself to buy this. This book is truly fantastic. It is a wonderful guide in to the world of CoTD. I love Court of the Dead and want to know as much as possible about the Court and this book gives a lovely introduction to the world.

Any fan of the universe, the statues or just Sideshow should own this book. Great read, amazing illustrations, they alone are worth the price. Sideshow, has really stepped up their game with this companion piece to their Court of the Dead Line. Such amazing read! The depth and beauty this book provide, through such amazing and lush underworld is hard to explain with words.

This is it, after so many years, the creative team of Sideshow ventures into the land of creation, and what they created is far beyond, even my biggest dreams. The book is mesmerizing, the art, the lore is so deep and complex, while at the same time easy to approach. I really recommend this book. Seismologist warns of an impending Barely Lethal A teenage special ops agent coveting a "normal" adolescence fakes her own death and enrolls in a..

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Of course, this is a fun cameo of the type that DC and Marvel liked to do regarding their friendly competition. But from an in-story point of view, a few questions arise. Why was he in New York? Clark often got sent out of Metropolis on assignment. So that question is easy to answer. He might have been there for another story and stumbled upon this one. As for a young Clark Kent, several crosses in the Television Crossover Universe demonstrate that the golden age version of Superman existed in the Television Crossover Universe.

And there are crosses with the modern age post-Crisis version. And of course this is a silver age era story. Clark Kent Junior would later become the next Superman. And finally, DC One Million followed the same premise. Based on those three story series, I can theorize that the same case exists in the Television Crossover Universe. Pulling all that together, I believe that the golden age Superman follows pretty closely to the original stories.

But then he retired, only occasionally going back into action. So in this story, he chooses to let the young heroes handle things. The later appearances of a modern age version of Superman are likely to be Clark Kent Junior. He is buried with honors in Gotham City. By the s, the original Justice League of America and the Super Friends training program had merged, and was redesignated by the government as the Super Powers Team, with a more specific goal of protecting Earth and the galaxy against Darkseid.

It was at this time that Aquaman left the team to form his own Justice League of America, privately funded by Henry Heywood. At the same time, the children of the Justice Society of America also formed their own team called Infinity, Inc.

Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld

The set-up is created by the Joker and the Shaper of Worlds. So they team up. He claims to have once ruled this world, and now wants to reclaim it. Arriving on the scene to battle this alien wizard is Powerkid, Zap, and a new speedster hero called Speedy. Together, the three are able to stop him where one would have failed. Doctor Deadly flees into outer space. The three realize that only by working together were they able to defeat the villain, and that some threats only can be stopped by a team.

And so they put the word out that they wish to form a team, and are calling on any new heroes since there had been a recent explosion of new heroes who would like to join. Doctor Deadly will later be revealed to be Morgoth from the Lord of the Rings, who is possessing an alien scientist's body. Phil Sheridan came up with the name. In this reality, the Flash apparently doesn't exist, at least not in the early 80s.

I guess there's more than one Central City. Man-Killer fills in for Wonder Woman. Space Hero fills for Green Lantern. Waterman for Aquaman. The Toy for the Atom. Interestingly, later, Bird Boy was found to be constantly hopping around in time due to the Crisis. Screamer is Black Canary, obviously.

Witch Woman fills in for Zatanna. Stretch fills in for Elongated Man, but is actually Stretch Armstrong, as in the toy where you could grab his arms and stretch him out. Vic and Tornado Man took the place of Red Tornado. Tornado Man here is an older hero among the group, formerly having been a member of the Mighty Heroes. Fireman is the replacement for Firestorm. Chris Whaland was the Snapper Carr of the group. The PKP disbanded in , but in , I wrote a story from that retroactively added the character.

It featured every Super Comics character that ever appeared thus far. The story reveals that the Crisis affected all realities, including those of Powerkid, the Heroes of Earth, and Animal Town. This story also takes place in many time periods, involving the present day characters, Super-Bob from , Middle-Earth, the Space Patrol, etc. Joe, the Ghostbusters, and Madison Mermaid from Splash. There may be more that I can't remember.

…every interview I give is a chance to puncture the myth I've created about my work and refine it.

The story reveals that these realities which would be the TVCU, Horror Universe, and Looniverse , were affected by the anti-matter wall and the time and space anomalies. The Super Comics heroes and villains were all on the Monitor's satellite, along with heroes from the Marvel Universe as well. For the sake of the TVCU, these alternate realities were all divergent timelines with the exception of the Looniverse, which is a magical realm in the Void between realities.

Powerkid and other Super Comics heroes were part of a second team that invade the anti-matter universe. But after that, the Powerkid Police and Heroes of Earth had to deal with a separate crisis within their own realities. Doctor Deadly has taken advantage of the weakening of time and space to attempt to destroy all reality. Also during these events, the Anti-Monitor kills Powergirl, who Powerkid had a crush on. At the end of these events, the Powerkid Police disband and Powerkid retires. He also decides that he is no longer Bobby, and goes by Bob. Another effect of the Crisis is that Powerkid loses knowledge of the future, including his meetings with the Space Patrol.

Bruce Wayne jr takes over the role. Felix Faust captures Zatanna, and as they discuss his motivations, we are told not only the origins of Zatara and Zatanna, but also of Doctor Mist and Felix Faust. This was meant to be the post crisis revised origins of Zatara and Zatanna. In the original version of the story, proposed by Jean Marc Lofficier, Wotan was meant to be the main villain.

Wotan is from mythology, but this was the version who was an enemy of Doctor Fate. This story conflates Felix Faust with the original Faust. This story reveals that when Zatanna was young, she had an affair with John Constantine. The flashbacks show Zatara as a member of the All-Star Squadron. Zatanna is shown in flashbacks to have worked with many members of the DC supernatural community. Doctor Mist is a member of the Global Guardians, first appearing in the Super Friends comic book, but he is based on a character from H.

The Justice Society are shown in flashback to the storyline in which they are brought before congress and forced to retire, leading to the end of the golden age of heroes. Zatanna is also shown in flashback as a member of the Justice League of America. Jack and Peter Fitzhume Sr pose as psychiatrists to see him, with Ron tagging along, posing as their intern. Ford reveals to them that the Church was scouting areas around the country for a powerful ritual, under the guise of being roadies for Weird Al Yankovic and the Monkees Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz, and Davy Jones on their concert tour currently in Louisville.

The cultists are exposed and flee. Jack claims to be Ford's personal doctor to have him transferred to the Dunwich Mental Institute, but instead O'Donald joins the Enigma Quorum to help track down the cult's chosen location, which he knows must be near by. Ron Schabloski is so impressed by Yankovic of whom he was already a fan that he adopts a most unfortunate hairstyle for a time, and will later use the nickname "Crazy Ivan" in homage to "Weird Al".

Regrettably, Ron's new hairstyle actually happened. They live in Hadenville, Ohio, which is also the location for the headquarters of the new Heroes of Earth introduced in Heroes. It's also the setting for Dark Knight over Hadenville, a story in which a troubled teen creates his own Batman costume and become a vigilante. There's some that feel that this Joker might actually be an immortal who was the original Joker. Others might argue that the clown prince here is Creed Bratton of the Grassroots and the Office. Satan is a villain from Kari Utterson is a descendent of Dr. The "Batman Family" characters exist in the TVCU but are also subject to fictionalizations, which served as the templates for the Anti-Logic transformations.

It may seem Daredevil is too old for this type of adventure. But that's if he debuted in But in the TVCU he debuted in the early s, making him 20 year younger in this reality. The Batman here is Bruce Wayne Junior. The Two-Face here is not the original, former district attorney Harvey Kent.

Hyde is pretty much like his Marvel Universe counterpart.

  1. Six Organ Preludes and Fugues: Arranged for Piano (Kalmus Edition);
  2. Sport for the City and Pastime for the Country - with a touch of Hocus Pocus;
  3. What Is This World Coming To?.

In 88, Batman collects evidence from bugging the Solucci crime family that connects them to the CIA, MKUltra, and police corruption--he then delivers this evidence to the offices of an unnamed Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. This crossover confirms Batman and the X-Files take place in the same universe. The Kingpin here is like his Marvel counterpart. The Scarecrow is not the original, but an obsessed "fan. This Huntress is not Helena Wayne, daughter of the original Batman, but rather Helena Bertinelli, daughter of a mobster.

Destiny returns, empowered by Know Man 1st app. Bart says it could be Batman if he's really let himself go. Batman was projected into the sky in this show. Since the golden age Batman stories occur in the Television Crossover Universe, we must assume that Selina Kyle was the Catwoman of the s from those stories.

In the Television Crossover Universe, we steal a little bit of theory from some non-mainstream DC stories in which Batman got older, retired, and had a family who carried on the legacy. Following that logic, the original Catwoman would have gotten older, retired and perhaps married Bruce Wayne!

Dick would have likely operated from the early s to the mid s, with Bruce Junior then taking over the mantle in the mid s and possible operating still up to the present. Each Batman had a Catwoman. Technically, even in DC canon, this Batman and Robin are not actually father and son, but I could see how the Predator could see them as such. Though not the same Tim Drake from the s.

Ivan Ronald Schabloski Erik did get quite a few cameos in there, both legit and otherwise. Ivan Ronald Schabloski Which reminds me; who's the redhead next to Popeye? Matt Hickman this is the end of the issue what happens is Barbaric gets Ricochet knocked up. But since they just formed The Special Operations Strikeforce to replace Youngblood who's missing and presumed following the events of Mars Attacks Image their handlers demand a quickie wedding.

Barbaric wants a big hero wedding just like [quote] "Reed and Sue". Ricochet reminds him that almost destroyed New York. He goes ahead anyhow and invites a bunch of heroes he's never even met. So then a group of the dumber villains attack the wedding. There's a big battle. They don't want to face Ricochet's wrath. Oh, and that's N ova Kane, the girlfriend of E-Man.. Ivan Ronald Schabloski Thanks. I recognized E-Man, but not Nova Kane. Matt Hickman Marge Simpson is also in the Crowd.

I like to think Bart was invited because he's the hero known as Bartman and brought his family along. I also like to think this means Homer punched out Doc Ock. Personally, I imagine that, since the Hulk is standing very close to the other Sinister Six, ol' Mean Green is probably responsible for Octavius missing the ceremony, given the way Erik Larsen handled them.

Matt Hickman Ock is with the rest of the Six in his white suit. Marvel First Appearance. Mighty Man II. Destroyer Duck. Leonard the Duck. Iron Hawk. Hot Led Ink. Kitchen Sink. Alpha Productions. Nova Kane. Teddy Q. AC Comics. Sentinels of Liberty. The Wildcats. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cartoon Books. Fone Bone. Thorn Harvestar. Ted the Bug. Bob Burden Studios. Flaming Carrot. Immortal Two. Big Bang. Ultra Girl. Knight Watchman. Thunder Girl. ShadowHawk II. Angel Murphy. The Vicious Circle. The Industrial Accidents.

The Rat Creature. Marge Simpson. Captain Marvel. The Fantastic Four. The Sinister Six. Captain America. The Hulk. Peter Parker. Jack Pumpkinhead.

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  • Brainquake (Paperback)!
  • The Scarecrow. The Tin Woodsman. Real World. Elton John. President Bill Clinton. President Clinton finally gets to meet one of his greatest idols in the form of SuperPatriot as he welcomes him and the rest of the newly formed Special Operations Strikeforce to the White House. It is pointed out to him that it is Dragon that is running the team, not SuperPatriot.

    Hawkins attempts to introduce Dragon to Clinton but he is not interested, preferring to witness the President getting verbally abused by SuperPatriot over the actions of the government to Third World nations. Hawkins grows frustrated with Dragon but is cheered up when Barbaric expressed a huge interest in being marketed as a celebrity. He also notes that the extra money would really help when Ricochet and he have their unborn child.

    At the S. She accuses her ex-boyfriend of recruiting her solely to upset her but this theory is rejected outright. Dragon points out that they are no longer together and he can do anything he desires but also Rapture and Smasher will not even be working together anytime soon as they are on completely different teams at the moment. Barbaric makes a desperate proposal of marriage to Ricochet and is relieved when she accepts.

    He then gives Hawkins a signal that their plan is in motion and they can now start preparing a toy deal. Barbaric goes to see Dragon and interrupts a training session between him and Smasher. He asks that Dragon be his best man and states that SuperPatriot is going to be giving Ricochet away at the altar. As he is getting his haircut changed to improve his image, Barbaric is confronted by Ricochet after she discovers the identities of some of the people he has invited to their wedding.

    A huge number of heroes have been invited as Barbaric wants to recreate other famous weddings between superheroes. It is pointed out that those events always ended in disaster and he agrees to rein it in, despite having taken out a full page advert in a newspaper for their ceremony. The day of the wedding finally arrives and Dragon joins Barbaric in welcoming the wedding guests which consist of all kinds of superheroes.

    Hellboy is amongst the crowd and he gets to talking with Dragon about government work, offering the chance for Dragon to move over to the B. As the ceremony is about to commence, a number of villains carry out an assault but the sheer number of heroes present causes it to be a fairly one-sided affair. Ricochet screams for the violence to end as it is ruining her special day and all of the combatants soon stand down. The priest finally gets to carry out the ceremony and Barbaric and Ricochet are soon married. Ricochet throws her flowers which are caught by Smasher before Barbaric removers her garter belt.

    As he and Ricochet tease with one another about their wedding night, the garter is thrown out towards the male guests. The owner and his lackey are Burns and Smithers from the Simpsons. DC says this story still exists in an alternate timeline. When the JLA are sent to the future, the "Hourman virus" begins infecting the planet. It was planted in Hourman by Solaris, the evil living sun, as a means of prompting his own creation. Anything that crosses with Lovecraft gets solidly placed in the Television Crossover Universe.

    Because of this, the Hellboy comics and movies are in the Television Crossover Universe. Ironically, BJ was also the s Robin, who was pretty lighthearted and full of bad puns. This also brings in the modern age Jack Knight Starman series. Interestingly, that Starman series by James Robinson kept the same writer throughout and had a beginning and an ending.

    And though it took place in the DC Universe, which operated under the comic book time where the entire 75 plus years of DC Comics stories happened in the past 5 - 12 years only, the internal Starman timeline had time moving at the same pace as the real world. However, they can exist if they had very limited adventures, only operating occasionally, and mostly in secret and out of the public eye.

    While Starman is not a television or film character, I feel because of the nature of how his story is told, this story can bring in the entire Jack Knight storyline as told by James Robinson, but not all DC Starman stories. A new Sinister Six is formed. Because of the appearance of the Mystery, Inc team, and not as somethings, this must be the team from the newer animated films that started with Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. This film series continues with all the previous animated series as canon.

    In Zombie Island, the gang are all adults, post college. The team had split up and in Zombie Island are reunited. Based on the crossover rules I am using, that would place the revival film series if not in the Television Crossover Universe main timeline, at least in a divergent timeline. And indeed, it must be placed in a divergent timeline. And considering the Joker of the TVCU is immortal, they might know something about how that is possible, since nobody else does. Coincidentally, Angel has often been compared to Batman.

    Those could be pop culture references, comparing him to fictional characters. However, since the Lovecraft element places this in the Television Crossover Universe already, and some of those compared to are also already in the Television Crossover Universe, then we should just assume these are all references to real people. Thus, the reference to Crocodile Dundee brings his film series into the Television Crossover Universe. Likewise, a reference to the Blue Thunder helicopter in this book also brings in that film and television series.

    Terminator is also brought in, but a few things should be noted. First, the ever changing Terminator future timelines should present solid evidence that the future is not set, so many different future stories can all be part of the future of the Television Crossover Universe. The Justice League find themselves challenged by Predators who are altered to have the same powers and abilities and equipment as the Earth heroes.

    This story is a follow up to the previous encounters between Superman and Batman and the Predators. That team disbanded in the s, and this team was recently formed. As explained in previous entries, this is the third Superman and Batman. The Flash here is Wally West, who should still be old at this point. Perhaps the Speed Force kept him preserved. The Atom here is Ray Palmer, who also should be too old, unless his metagene also kept him preserved. And the Aquaman and Wonder Woman here could be long lived unaging heroes, or generational. The alien Dominators also appear in this story, who originated as villains in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Justice League Unlimited - Present. Additionally, virtually every known costumed hero is recruited as a member, in the same tradition as the All-Star Squadron. As with the All-Stars, not all heroes participate in each mission. Instead, missions are conducted by specifically assigned task forces.

    The Underworld Chronicles: Books 1 - 3

    Why is this important? The Aliens are technically called Xenomorphs, but I call them Aliens always capitalized. A short cutscene, which parodies the rumored dangers of laser eye surgery, Star Wars character Luke Skywalker, who wields a lightsaber to execute the surgery on the encouragement of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots in Transformers shows up to the Quahog synagogue for the Sabbath service.