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Though she is expected to marry Jisoo, a wealthy soldier, she sneaks out with his cousin, her childhood friend Kyunghwan. The man she chooses will determine her and her family's fate.

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Kim's heartrending saga—told from the perspectives of five characters— examines how difficult choices can test even our closest relationships. Kate Harris grew up itching for adventure but frustrated by how few untouched places were left in the world to explore. In her 20s, desperate to make a discovery, she set out with a friend to bike the former Silk Road— a journey that took her through Tibet, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and other countries.

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Her captivating memoir, Lands of Lost Borders , will inspire readers to question their self-imposed boundaries and map out new adventures. This is the ultimate Austen adaptation for our time. Miranda returns to the island she was banished from and—in digging into Joseph's crime—uncovers secrets that will destroy the island's tranquil, exclusive facade. Pack this absorbing read in your beach bag. A time-travel company starts recruiting people to work as bonded laborers in the future, in exchange for care for sick loved ones in the present.

Polly signs on to help her soulmate, Frank, and they make a plan to meet in But Polly is rerouted to and must find him. When she and her boyfriend, Ethan, take a trip to Sonoma, she finds herself questioning where her life is going and abruptly accepts a job at a failing winery. She moves through life unsatisfied—with her stormy mother, with her headstrong husband—yet resigned to her milquetoast ways. But a call from a stranger will challenge Willa to put herself first. When newly widowed Pival hears her son, Rahi cast out of the family for being gay , has died, she refuses to believe it.

Hoping to locate him, she books a tour of the U. Pival sets out with struggling actress Rebecca and first-time guide Satya, a Bangladeshi immigrant, on a cross-country trip that will change them all. In The Strange Case of Dr.

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Couney , journalist Dawn Raffel explores the career of Martin Couney, a so-called doctor who saved thousands of preemies through his baby incubator sideshow at Coney Island in the first half of the 20th century. With fantastic detail, Raffel brings to life this complicated pioneer. Khakpour has been sick for as long as she can remember.

Having run away from home years ago, Amar is estranged from his conservative Indian parents when his sister announces her engagement— and her hope that the family can reunite for the wedding in California. Amar's homecoming will reopen old wounds for all. In A Place for Us , Fatima Farheen Mirza speaks to the roles religion and expectation play in a family and the clash of values between generations.

The stories of these three women will give readers a look into the tumultuous time during which they lived. Zac Hutchinson has grown up without a father, and his mother and grandfather keep stories about his dad mostly to themselves. This delightful debut novel follows the drama between the staff members at a DC-area Chinese restaurant. Through their complicated relationships and lifetime of love, Li explores the families we choose.

In her latest novel, Providence , Caroline Kepnes You puts a supernatural spin on suspense.

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When Jon Bronson is freed four years after being kidnapped, he has no memory of captivity. All he wants to do is reconnect with his soulmate, Chloe, and move on. But he soon discovers he has the power to kill people in an instant, putting everyone he knows in danger. This detective novel, love story, and thriller rolled into one explores the choices we make to protect the ones we love. What's the secret to happiness? In Katie Williams's Tell the Machine Goodnight , the answer lies in the Apricity , a device that analyzes a person's saliva and makes recommendations find religion, adopt a dog.

Apricity employee Pearl is baffled when her son refuses to use the machine, and she must reckon with his choice. This timely novel delves into the desire to optimize our messy lives. In a society that increasingly values connectivity, moments of solitude are hard to come by. But social scientists have found that time to oneself is essential to happiness and health. In Alone Time , Stephanie Rosenbloom reflects on her solo trips to Paris, Florence, Istanbul, and New York and offers even the most social of social butterflies strategies to reap the benefits of being alone.

In her tender novel, The Dependents , Katharine Dion addresses the inevitable hurt that follows the loss of a loved one. While Gene Ashe prepares for his wife Maida's funeral, he thinks back on their loving marriage. But as his children and old friends share stories about Maida that shock him, he realizes how little he really knew about his lifelong partner. Dion's debut is a heartbreaking meditation on the long process that is healing from grief. Aja Gabel's The Ensemble follows Brit, Daniel, Henry, and Jana—four string players who form the Van Ness Quartet— as they navigate breakups, marriages, deaths, failures, and successes over two decades.

Gabel's rich characters and melodic prose fitting for a story about professional chamber musicians make the novel a satisfying read. Comparisons to Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings are apt. Every summer, Ruthie Beamish rents out her seaside home, uprooting her daughter and ex-husband he and Ruthie are separated but living together. When her new renter, the wealthy widow Adeline, moves in, Ruthie's life is suddenly in chaos. The High Season , National Book Award winner Judy Blundell's first novel for adults, is a wry, often hilarious story of a woman trying to keep it together when everything is going so, so wrong.

But it also seamlessly shifts to the experiences of other characters inside and outside the prison system to paint a powerful, damning portrait of America's criminal justice system and its winners and losers.

When Rebecca Stone, the white wife of a D. Jess hopes that a summer together will tighten the bond between father and son, but Adam seems unwilling to make room for William in his life. The act of catching, especially the grabbing and holding of a thrown, kicked, or batted ball before it hits the ground. A quantity that is caught: The catch amounted to 50 fish.

Something that is perceived or noticed: The mistake you found was a good catch. Informal A person considered to be an attractive or admirable romantic partner. A tricky or previously unsuspected condition or drawback: It sounds like a good offer, but there may be a catch. A device for fastening something or for checking motion: The car's hood has a safety catch. A choking or stoppage of the breath or voice: a catch in his voice. A snatch; a fragment: could only hear catches of the song. Music A canonic, often rhythmically intricate composition for three or more voices, popular especially in the 17th and 18th centuries.

To understand something: These students catch on quickly. To become popular: Skateboarding caught on quickly. To move fast enough to attain the same progress as another; draw even: caught up to the leader on the last lap of the race. To become equal or on a par with another: finally caught up with his brother in height. To bring an activity to completion or to a state of currentness: catch up on correspondence.

To bring another up to date; brief: Let me catch you up on all the gossip. To seize or lift suddenly: The wind caught up the umbrella and carried it off. To involve, often unwillingly: was caught up in the scandal. To captivate; enthrall: I was caught up in the mood of the evening.

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To become the subject of great interest and widespread enthusiasm: an idea that caught fire all over the country. To find or arrest after a period of pursuit: The police finally caught up with him in Omaha. To have unpleasant consequences for, especially after a period of quiescence: mistakes that caught up with him when he ran for president.

Synonyms: catch , enmesh , ensnare , entangle , entrap , snare 1 , trap 1 These verbs mean to take in and hold as if by using bait or a lure: caught in a web of lies; enmeshed in the dispute; ensnared an unsuspecting customer; became entangled in her own contradictions; entrapped by a convincing undercover agent; snared by false hopes; trapped into incriminating himself. Cricket tr cricket to dismiss a batsman by intercepting and holding a ball struck by him before it touches the ground.

Games, other than specified a game in which a ball is thrown from one player to another. Cricket cricket the catching of a ball struck by a batsman before it touches the ground, resulting in him being out. Music, other music a type of round popular in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, having a humorous text that is often indecent or bawdy and hard to articulate. See round 31 , canon 1 7. Examples: catch of fish; of songs, ; of favourite stories; of pretty stories, Switch to new thesaurus. Informal drawback , trick , trap , disadvantage , hitch , snag , stumbling block , fly in the ointment It sounds too good to be true - what's the catch?

Informal understand , see , find out , grasp , see through , comprehend , twig Brit. To gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase: capture , get , net , secure , take. To come upon, especially suddenly or unexpectedly: hit on or upon , surprise , take.

To perceive, especially barely or fleetingly: descry , detect , discern , espy , glimpse , spot , spy. To get hold of something moving : clutch , grab , seize , snatch. Idiom: lay hands on. To grasp at something eagerly, forcibly, and abruptly with the jaws: nip , snap , snatch , strike. You lock the batsman first and then spread the web - he gets trapped steadily. But these things are not learned easily. It takes years and years of work before you reach the top level. VV Kumar There are many components involved. A spinner has to spend a lot of time in the nets.

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You can possibly become a spinner by participating in a practice session for a couple of hours. But you cannot become a real good spinner. A spinner must first understand what exactly is spinning the ball. A real spinner should possess the following qualities, otherwise he can only be termed a roller. The number one thing is to have revolutions on the ball.

Then you overspin your off- or legbreaks. There are two types when it comes to imparting spin: overspin and sidespin. A ball that is sidespun is mostly delivered with an improper action and is against the fundamentals of spin bowling. A real spinner will overspin his off- or legbreak, which, when it hits the ground, will have bounce, a lot of drift and turn. A sidespun delivery will only break - it will take a deviation. An overspun delivery will spin, bounce and then turn in or away sharply. Then we come to control.

The spinner needs to have control over the flight, the parabola. Flight does not mean just throwing the ball in the air. Flight means you spin the ball in such a way that you impart revolutions to the ball with the idea of breaking the ball to exhibit the parabola or dip.

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By doing that you put the batsman in two minds - whether he should come forward or stay back. But if the flight does not land properly, it can end up in a full toss. The concept of a good spinner also includes bowling from over the wicket to both the right- and left-handed batsman. The present trend is for spinners to come round the wicket, which is negative and indicates you do not want to get punished.

A spin bowler will have to give runs to get a wicket, but he should not gift it. A spinner is not complete without mastering line and length. He must utilise the field to make the batsman play such strokes that will end up in a catch. That depends on the line he is bowling, his ability to flight the ball, to make the batsman come forward, or spin the ball to such an extent that the batsman probably tries to cut, pull, drive or edge.

That is the culmination of a spinner planning and executing the downfall of a good batsman. For all this to happen, all the above fundamentals are compulsory. Turn, flight and parabola separate a genuine spinner from an ordinary spinner. Goel Lala Amarnath. It was I was in grade ten. I was part of the all-India schools camp in Chail in Himachal Pradesh. He taught me the basics of spin bowling. The most important thing he taught me was to come across the umpire and bowl from close to the stumps. He said with that kind of action I would be able to use the crease well and could play with the angles and the length easily.

Kumar I am self-taught, and I say that without any arrogance. I started practising by spinning a golf ball against the wall. It would come back in a different direction. The ten-year-old in me got curious from that day about how that happened. That is how I equipped myself with the knowledge and put it in practice with a ball in hand.

If there was a bad ball, and there were many when I was a youngster in , I learned a lot from what senior players said, their gestures, their body language. Tie him up. Changli bowling tak [What are you doing? Bowl well]," they would say, at times widening their eyes, at times raising their voice. I would obey that, but I would tell them I was trying to get the batsman out. You cannot always prevail over the batsman, but I cannot ever give up, I would tell myself.

Goel My strength was to attack the pads. I would maintain the leg-and-middle line. Batsmen who attempted to sweep or tried to play against the spin, I had a good chance of getting them caught in the close-in positions, or even get them bowled. I used to get bat-pad catches frequently, so I would call that my favourite. Kumar My best way of getting a batsman out was to make him play forward and lure him to drive. Whether it was a quicker, flighted or flat delivery, I always tried to get the batsman on the front foot. Plenty of my wickets were caught at short leg, fine leg and short extra cover - that shows the batsman was going for the drives.

I would not allow him to cut or pull. I would get these wickets through well-spun legbreaks, googlies, offspinners. You have to be very clear about your control and accuracy, otherwise you will be hit all over the place. You should always dominate the batsman. You have to play on his mind. Make him think it is a legbreak and instead he is beaten by flight and dip.