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More From Galih Trisna Nugraha. Galih Trisna Nugraha. Edwin Wardhana. Popular in Classical Music. Kyle Strasser. Rachael Hinds. Occasional easy hand-crossings are a delight to play and bring out the sparkling overtones of the piano. All selections are in their original form. Students will be challenged to create consistency in tempo while encountering syncopated rhythms, sixteenth-note runs and subtle rubato sections. Dennis Alexander LEVEL: Intermediate Youngsters and adults alike will be delighted with these enchanting arrangements of folk songs favorites.

A variety of musical ideas flourish, including hints of "America the Beautiful.

Piano Theori

The music in this six-book series is written in a variety of keys, styles, meters and tempos to appeal to both children and adults. The pieces have the distinctive Bober sound and are fun to play, in addition to helping pianists progress technically and musically. Whether performed on a concert grand, a digital piano or the family upright, these solos will truly sound "grand. Erupting volcanoes, stunning mountaintop views, moonlit tides and crashing waves are all depicted.

Contemporary harmonies are delicately woven in, giving the 4 movements a distinct feel. The trumpet-like fanfare in "Lights! These pieces offer students a special way to have fun at the keyboard while gaining good rhythm practice and training. These musical jewels for intermediate students are perfect for recitals.


Students will enjoy the hints of jazz sounds and rhythms, but most importantly, these pieces will entertain and spark their imagination. Book 1 is written at the late elementary level while Book 2 contains solos at the early intermediate level. An excellent way to introduce your students to this distinctive American contribution to 20th century music. The CD includes dynamic recordings of each song. Book 1 contains eight solos at the late elementary level while Book 2 includes seven solos for the early intermediate level pianist.

Three volumes of lyrical waltzes, romantic ballads, lively rags and swinging jazz pieces spanning elementary through intermediate grades. Entertaining for the performer and listener, this volume contains lyrical waltzes, romantic ballads, lively rags and swinging jazz pieces. Each volume contains seven pieces which help the student feel the mood of the music. The rich sonorities and colorful pedaling reflect the variety of sentiments the jewel titles portray.

These two collections feature a rich variety of sounds and styles for the pianist seeking adventure at the keyboard. Each collection contains seven solos. Book 1 is designed for late elementary pianists while Book 2 has been written at the early intermediate level. In this set of pieces, cats are colorfully and comically portrayed in musical settings that are at once fun and fanciful. Lyrics in each piece tell a clever and often silly story meant to amuse and delight.

Piano students at this early level are invited to enjoy pieces such as "Picture Purrfect," "Flea Season" and "Cowboy Calico. We're sure you'll enjoy the whole KittenKaBoodle! Helpful interpretation sections lend insight into the original pieces, plus special maps describe the formal elements of the music. All the pieces are lyrical, expressive and absolutely beautiful! Book 1 contains nine solos and Book 2 features eight.

Students follow a worksheet format designed to help them discover, then remember, scale notes and fingering. Great for elementary to late-elementary students who are learning scales for the first time or those needing motivation to learn all the scales, this book provides a fresh approach that is fun for students. This comprehensive book includes review and answer pages, plus a scale picture dictionary for quick reference.

Each of the four movements is a musical depiction of a special moment in Minnesota. Great for late-elementary to early-intermediate students who are learning scales for the first time or those needing motivation to learn all the scales, this book provides a fresh approach that is fun for students. The composer-teacher believes that every student's musical education should include experiences in a variety of popular stylings, including jazz, as a recurring phase of his or her studies. Students should also be encouraged to deviate from the written notes with their own improvisations if desired, for spontaneity is an essential ingredient of the jazz idiom.

Since no intervals larger than a 6th are used, these are good for small hands. Offers a lot of variety. Late elementary. Covers a wide range of the keyboard using 5-finger patterns. Easy rhythms with no 16ths or triplets. Its variety of styles has something for everyone. The four volumes are designed to benefit any student in the mastery of crucial elements of technique, to learn to play well both technically and musically, and to think and listen from the twin standpoints of facility and tone production.

Teaching Musical Fingers -- A Handbook for Teachers, stresses points to consider in teaching the exercises, as well as musical and technical attitudes to foster and develop. Publisher: Summy-Birchard Inc. Students will find it easy to relate to the "picture title" of each solo in order to determine its mood, style, and tempo. By interjecting their own musical ideas such as dynamics, lyrics, rubato, etc.

Students will also be inspired to become more thoughtful and expressive musicians.

Book 1 includes 11 pieces for the late elementary to early intermediate pianist. These pieces will inspire students to become more thoughtful and expressive musicians. Book 2 includes 10 pieces for the intermediate pianist. Students will experience culture from around the world as they are guided on a musical tour through Spain, England, Australia, Mexico, Japan and the United States. The changes of season are represented in three romantic, lyrical movements. The scales used in the pieces are introduced with fingerings, and excerpts from the pieces are used in sight-reading examples.

What makes this book truly different, however, is the accompanying compact disc that features wonderfully orchestrated background tracks recorded at two different tempos that can be used for practice and performance. Each movement visits a different city and its highlights. Dayton, the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, is depicted in "Taking Flight," a lyrical piece with a soaring melody over an ostinato bass. The series introduces basic technical skills and expands the student's knowledge of style, form and artistic ideas.

The Repertoire Book provides newly composed music which reviews the techniques being taught, and bridges the gap between early levels of method books and intermediate masterwork repertoire. Repertoire Book 2 includes 15 original pieces that reflect the four stylistic periods and incorporate the technical skills learned in the companion book. Each lesson is presented in an instructional and enjoyable way demonstrating the building blocks for each pattern, providing brief instructions, and finally, an opportunity to apply what's been learned in a delightful musical selection.

It features dances, marches, sonatinas and other classic forms written especially for intermediate-level students. These pieces present a broad range of styles to enhance the young musician's awareness of classical, jazz, folk, and impressionistic sounds. Repeated listening and play-along with the CD will familiarize students with diverse musical textures and sonorities, including a piano sonatina with orchestra.

These new solos by the Fabers provide settings in harmony, style, and rhythm that explore the expressive and dramatic qualities of the piano. Includes a CD for both listening and play-along. Frances Clark, Louise Goss, and Sam Holland A comprehensive collection of technical experiences for students in the late elementary and intermediate years. Time-honored etudes, meticulously organized, graded and edited, plus detailed and invaluable suggestions for musical, rhythmic and physical practice.

Designed for use with the four-book Musical Fingers series of essential exercises.

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Many musical moods are explored to encourage the performer to play with more expression and musicality. Each composition is accompanied by a dramatic photograph. Goes the Piano, Book 1 Lynn Freeman Olson LEVEL: Late Elementary There's always a need for recreational piano solos, and these sparkling collections contain a wide variety of light styles that are guaranteed to delight students and audiences alike. Jazz, pop, Latin, country, blues, ballads -- you name the style, it's here! Grouped in three progressive books. Goes the Piano, Book 2 Lynn Freeman Olson LEVEL: Intermediate There's always a need for recreational piano solos, and these sparkling collections contain a wide variety of light styles that are guaranteed to delight students and audiences alike.

Performers are reminded that there are moments when the music pushes ahead, and other compositions where the performer can listen and linger. Listening is emphasized, then enjoying! Lyrical melodies arching above rich harmonies encourage the shaping of expressive musical phrases.

Carefully chosen dynamic markings help less experienced students develop finesse within the phrases. Grown-up titles and introspective melodies make this collection suitable for teenage and adult beginners too. This collection furnishes a grand selection of moody musings composed by one of Alfred's favorite composers, Martha Mier.

Whether wandering through Dream Castles or basking in the warmth of Song of Spring, students will find selections they relate to and look forward to performing. This would be something really different for the early-intermediate to intermediate student. Kenon D. Book One was written specifically to stimulate the rhythmic development of late elementary pianists, while Book Two is geared toward early intermediate levels.

Teachers will find many exciting recital opportunities in these collections. Book 4 completes this top-selling series by popular author, Martha Mier. Playing with musical expression is an important skill used in making music and is much more than just playing the notes on the printed page.

Music written in the Romantic style is the perfect choice for developing this skill. These short, musical sketches will encourage students to play with nuance and sensitivity.

Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 16, Grieg (Early-Advanced Piano Duet)

The 8 original piano solos depict various stops along this famous route from Chicago to Los Angeles. The 2 pages preceding each piece are peppered with historical facts, "off the beaten path" stories about each state, as well as practice tips. Phrase markings, articulations, fingering and dynamics have been included to aid with interpretation, and a large print size makes the notation easy to read.

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