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As we progress we will have more direction, more revelation and more life. These facts will impact our personal lives as well as our musical expression of our walk with the Lord. We will see changes in our lives and our relationship with the Lord as we progress from the outer court to the holy of holies. We should also expect a change in our approach and sound of the worship we present, yes even to the music we use in worship.

If we have ever wondered about the different levels of worship experienced in various places, understanding the three areas of the tabernacle can assist us to comprehend what is taking place. Some churches are in the outer court, some are in the holy place and other are operating within the holy of holies. It was never His intention for us to stay in the outer court. The outer court represents the start to our relationship with God, in other words our salvation experience. We are not intimately close, but we are in. It is a place of beginning. But God never intended for us to stay here.

The new and living way provided by Jesus was so we could draw near. If we stay here our walk with the Lord will remain shallow and distant. Most of us bring suitcases, even truckloads of junk.

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And all strapped to our souls. Some of it we have inherited from our families, some are attitudes and beliefs we have collected from daily life at school, university or wherever we have been vocationally. Some excess baggage we have even collected in religious organizations like church or even Bible school. The sad thing about all this junk is that most of us are oblivious to it hanging off us. To proceed onwards to enter the Holy place and then the holy of holies, the priests had to first be thoroughly cleansed in the outer court.

If they did not comply they did not go any further, or if they did they would die. Likewise the New Testament priesthood of all believers needs to be thoroughly. For a variety of reasons many believers stay in the outer court.

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For some it is a lack of understanding. For others the clean up process is too hard or too frightening. Fear, shame and the pain of dealing with it can keep some believers here all their life. Yet in the outer court the Lord has made provision through the altar of sacrifice appropriating what Jesus did on the cross and the laver of washing being cleansed and renewed by the Word for us to get the chains cut off and to lose our excess baggage. The mediator has been provided so we can come near. The Holy Spirit will comfort and help us to face up to the tough things.

Healing and deliverance bring freedom. We all need to deal with stuff. Let us not allow fear and shame to steal our inheritance. It is necessary for the excess baggage to be removed so we can get into the smaller areas of the holy place and the holy of holies. This is why the Lord has raised up so many healing and deliverance ministries in the last decades, to help the church deal with the baggage and be properly released and prepared to enter the Holy places in God. And what impact has this had on worship? Here the volume is also often turned right up, not because God is deaf, but because He is a distance away.

He abides in the Holy of holies. For musicians creating these songs of praise, they will probably be very much influenced by the style, techniques and sounds they have learned while developing their skills outside the kingdom of God. This has had a huge impact upon the sounds in the church. Non-musical believers in the outer court relate to this because it is also the sounds they are used to.

While this is an appropriate starting place, it creates a serious problem if the church does not move on from the outer court. Australia and the western nations are saturated in outer court worship. While this first step is good, there is more, much more for us to discover. Yet the full potential of the church will never be realized while staying in this place. The Spirit of the Lord is calling the church of Australia to move right into the Holy of holies.

Let us not be content staying afar. If we embrace the cleanup process of the outer court it will also have an impact upon our songs of praise. Even though at this stage one is still within the outer court, going through the processes of cleansing brings a greater depth of gratitude. Songs of praise become more refined, distinguished and much deeper. Songs will reveal a soul that is learning to walk in victory and to be an overcomer. Songs will begin to proclaim specific details of the victory of Jesus over the world, the flesh and the devil.

Some of the worldly attitudes and approaches to our songs begin to drop off. Our motivation for singing and playing music will be thoroughly tested. Even our vision or dream about our ministry will probably have to be subjected to death — maybe even nailed to the cross. Worldly jealousies between worship musicians and other ministries and church groupings have to die.

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Our flesh must be crucified with Christ. The outer court is a place where we begin to establish our relationship and walk with the Lord. The Apostle Paul encourages us to grow and mature in God. Moving into the Holy Place is where we enter into deeper communion with the Lord. However we cannot enter here without having first offered the appropriate sacrifices in the outer court. Between the outer court and the holy place is a curtain or veil.

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It is possible to remain outside of this veil too. There are three pieces of furniture in the Holy Place, which for the sake of space these descriptions will be brief and summarized. The priests had to place fresh oil in the lampstands twice a day and trim the wicks. Oil represents the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Many see this representing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit helps us in our walk with the Lord. One aspect of that assistance is to reveal hidden sin, to help us deal with things that may appear okay to us but are offensive to God — those areas that remained hidden and got missed in the outer court.

The light exposes the hidden works of darkness. Ouch, things that are close and very personal — things that can be hard to let go of. More trimming. The light speaks of Jesus. The more we allow the Spirit to work in us the more Jesus will shine through us. The more we let the light of Jesus show us the way to go the more we will be prepared to co-operate with the Holy Spirit. The affect upon our worship is that here we learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus said the true worshippers would worship in Spirit and truth. To be led by the Spirit we have to deal with that which opposes it, i.

Therefore this is not an easy place to be. The apostle Paul said that our flesh and the Spirit are at war.

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While a lot of our flesh is dealt with in the outer court, at the Lampstand we discover the war that exists between the flesh and the Spirit. It is here we discover which part of our flesh is not dead yet! One time I was speaking at a church in one of our capital cities and during one particular song the worship team which had been flowing beautifully in the spirit, suddenly changed rhythm and immediately we crossed over to the soulish realm. I took note but decided not embarrass anybody by mentioning it. The soulish realm is led by our thoughts, our feelings and our wants.

As music affects our emotions so much, worship music is particularly vulnerable to becoming soulish. Dealing with the flesh is a critical key to progressing any further. The refusal of many in the contemporary church to deal with soulish, carnal and fleshly manifestations is a significant reason that many are staying outside the veil. Musicians are sensitive people, and the soul plays a large part in that.

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If our flesh has not been crucified with Christ we play music how we like it. What appeals to us. As long as the flesh is alive and well, opinions about music will always create war among musicians and congregations alike. This is a big struggle area for the music ministry. We can only avoid the soulish realm by being heavenly minded. The flesh wars against the Spirit of God. Paul says that the answer to the flesh is to crucify it!!!! Most of us excuse it or pacify it! While many are still at the outer court, there are just as many churches in Australia today that are stuck at this very place of starting to worship in the Spirit but hampered by soulish music.

We must allow the Spirit to win this war if we are to proceed any further. Some of the struggles are because the soul desperately needs healing another subject altogether. Some of it is because we choose to listen to our wants and desires rather than listening to the Holy Spirit.

The Reformation

The gifts of the Spirit are limited if at all. It is as though the Spirit of God has been musically silenced. This impedes the release of other gifts and the ability to live and walk in the Spirit. Paul admonished the Galatian church for starting in the Spirit and finishing in the flesh. This is often called the Bread of His Presence. Jesus is the bread of life, the substance of our fellowship and communion with God. Bread was always used to establish covenant. Jesus the provider of the new covenant is remembered at the table of communion.

Here we have to totally trust in and totally commit to the covenant relationship. That is why these books were written. My heart has always reached out for more of Him to be expressed through what I do, and I want to share that journey with you. They cannot be earned, but God prepares the heart through the many things we go through as we walk with Him through life and ministry. Together with my husband I have pastored four churches, and we have always championed the arts in all their forms — seeking to reclaim what the devil has stolen and glorify God through every means possible!

I want to invite you, if you are a Christian praise and worship dancer, or someone with an interest in dance in a Christian context, to enthusiastically invest in yourself and your ministry, and enjoy this unique package of resources in which I share my heart for God, His Kingdom, His people, and the great future that dance and the arts have in His Church. All for a special one time price. Into The Tabernacle of His Presence. It is about the secret ministry of the dancer before the throne. It is here, and here alone, that anointed ministry is born.

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