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Seems like you had time to read some good and not so good literature. I have enjoyed H is for Hawk myself recently. Anyway, we are just back from France and off to South Uist on Friday. We will get in touch in May when we are back — it will be to see you. All the best from dank drizzly Norwich. Like Liked by 5 people. Dear Laurence, we hope you had a great time in France and you will enjoy Uist as well.

We keep our fingers crossed for sunny weather. Here it has just started to rain after gorgeous days we used for planting in our garden. We are looking forward meeting when you are back in May. Like Liked by 2 people. The book choices were varied, I like my Nordic noir, and have read some of Lackbergs stuff.

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And David du Chemin, I have read a number of his books, and listened to podcasts…he talks sense. But I have yet to read The Soul of the Camera, but intend to. Like Liked by 4 people. We have read some of her books and Dina even read her in the original language and was taken by her. She likes David DuChemin very much too. Now it started raining here and we are cosily sitting in our conservatory blogging. Good to hear from you! Have a great week! I did that even in the Arctic. Dina and Selma very much liked The Visual Toolbox.

Thank you, we have had a great sleep full of sweet dreams we already have forgotten. As far as the Visual Toolbox is concerned, I absolutely agree with you Sue. Each lesson has an assignment like a worksheet, I like that because every one of the lessons is a stepping stone to becoming more proficient with the tools of the photographic art.

Like Liked by 1 person. I thought I had replied to you earlier…but nothing shows up. Like Like. Thanks for the reading recommendations and kudos to Dina for the beautiful light in her set-top photos this week. Wishing you a great week. Therefore we always travel in autumn and winter. But we are sure she will write about it. I look forward to reading what she has to say about working with the dim light.

William Allard National Geographic is a master at this technique. We suppose that Dina will write about it. Thank you so much for mentioning William Allard, Allan. I have just studied his influential life work and like his approach very much! I love bad weather. Friends of mine are going to Norway and they very much hope for dramatic weather for photography.

Bright sunny days would spoil the fun. In this case I only used the natural light from the window, falling on the books. Do you have any favourite books on photography that you can recommend? Warm greetings, Dina x. I tend to retain bits and pieces of concepts and tips and process them with a camera in my hand.

Then I tweak the results to taste and move on to the next set of concepts. Steve McCurry is a mainstay for me lately—he has a lot of videos on YouTube. His use of available light is up there with Wm. Thank you. What a literary and photographic feast. It more than made up for what you gave up during the fast. The photos of the books are sumptuous too of course. Love from Beetley, Pete and Ollie. Like Liked by 6 people. Dear Pete, you seem to like old maps like our dear Master. Not only these maps with monsters and other fantastical beings are wonderful but the text is as well.

We are sure you will enjoy this book. We love constructing and then photographing such still lifes. We suppose that it started to rain in Beetley too. We needed this rain desperately for our garden. Like Liked by 3 people. Are you happy now? It has stopped raining and the sun is out here at the sea. We are happy that they were successful. Naja, Masterchen nahm 4 kg ab, aber er hat auch bereits 2 kg wieder zugenommen Also kein Grund zur Besorgnis. Wir fanden das besprochene Buch einen echt klug gemachten Krimi. Glad you have survived the fasting and emerged feeling invigorated.

Did the master manage to quit the smoking habit?

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The rest from social media was probably also very invigorating. Time to read and time to share is time well spent. Once it was travel that interested me most, but finally I am feeling more grounded. Oh dear, their flowery dresses are full of dirt because they were planting their favourite flowers in our garden. To have all this time for reading was great. Our dear Master even said that he could live without social media but only reading and working with Siri and Selma in the garden.

The problem is that our gardener is smoking all the time and likes him to join. About the garden, we learn from our as crazy as a knowledgeable gardener. Staying away from the social media was not that hard. Bin gespannt.

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Gerne wieder, gerne mehr. Das beste Buch was wir seit sehr langem gelesen habe. Die neue Wendungen haben uns immer wieder begeistert, Spannung von ersten bis zum letzten Seite. Liebe Vera, da kann ich Dina nur zustimmen. Happy reading! Freu mich. Schoen,Ihr Lieben, dass Ihr das Fasten ueberlebt habt! Den verwende ich, um hier organisch Ameisen zu killen! Gibt einbe prima Leseliste fur mich. Na ja, etwas Fasten in dieser Hinsicht habe ich ja seit Weihnachten in meinen Blogs betrieben.

Da sind wir glatt neidisch. Danke, lieber Klausbernd, fuer die Glueckwensche zu meinem Geburtstag. Yes, what a burden social media has become, Klaus, and — just to think that it is all quite voluntary? How much time have really invested in this thing that could have been used otherwise? I have not been fasting! My old body needs nutrition to function properly, but — I have dropped my Facebook account! Sometimes one becomes aware of a burden not before one stops it. So it was with me. Now I am using my notebook and phone much less and enjoy the freedom it brings.

Interesting — what joy and satisfaction afterwards as well. Leibowitz and The Phantom Atlas are my immediate choices. Dear Leya, what a great choice! Both books are very well made and great illustrated. You can look at them again and again. After more than a week of sunny and warm weather like in summer, it just started to rain here as well.

Haha — true. Very dry here before the rain came. So…outdoor work went before blogging. Your reading list ist impressive. Do you think fasting builds moral strength through the practice of self-control? Before I used to fast every Wednesday. It was lovely to read to you again, dear friends. Have a wonderful time in your garden. I have heard Peter has done wonders. Maybe Dina will present some insights soon. Dear Annalena, Annie Leibovitz is really a highly reflected artist producing great pictures in a style you immediately acknowledge as hers. Surely fasting builds up willpower, self-control and some moral strength.

We experienced that staying slightly hungry cleared our mind and it made us more productive. But do we need to be productive any more? Yes, Peter, our crazy gardener did and is still doing wonders and we learn a lot from him. He got us really into gardening. Congratulations to absolving your fasting! Fasting is humbling. My wife once observed that, ultimately, fasting is not so much about food as it is about pride. Fasting reminds us that our bodily comforts are not what is most important.

Thank you for book recommendations. Actually, you are right in the end it has to do with pride and always wanting to have something. Have fun reading it! The novel follows the tradition of the Inuit story. We loved it very much, its mood was gripping us. Well done, Fab Four! Have to rush to avoid the rush hour! Our dear friend Per Magnus, you have to read Joel Dicker. We are sure he will be the new star author.

With lots of love. We will mail. Vorletztes Jahr im Herbst war ich in Bradford. Seitdem bin ich Hockneytotalfan. Vor dem Besuch war ich Fan. Trotzdem sah ich das von Euch beschriebene Buch nicht. Hallihallo, liebe Ruth, wir waren erstaunt, wie kenntnisreich Hokney in der Kunstgeschichte ist. You sound thoroughly well nourished, Fab 4. Out with the food, in with the quiet tending of the mind. Dear Tish, it seems to us that no food triggers the mind.

From my own selfish viewpoint I did not like that you went on a fast, which also banned your blogging activities. Fortunately your fasting did not exclude the reading of books, which you described so well that I have put a few of them The Phantom Atlas being my favourite on my to read list.

All the best wishes for your upcoming adventure in Wales! Dear Peter, thanks a lot! We always travel in the time from autumn to early spring because we love the changing weather and that not that tourists are around then. Especially Dina likes dark skies for her photography. We are sure you will like The Phantom Atlas. The text is as interesting as the fantastic maps. Have fun reading it and drowning in the pictures. Indeed, it does like it did with us. Because we do that only once a fortnight and so we have enough time to think about our posts.

So the money you saved on the grocery bill was spent on books. Dear Anneli, we see it as an excellent trade, indeed! It seems to be that the mind needs more food than our bodies. I think that our Standard American Diet SAD , which includes high amounts of cooked meats, dairy, grains, and processed foods, overburdens and weakens our digestive and eliminative systems. Fasting is a very good way to change our eating habits and a digital detox sounds very good.

Paul x. Good morning, dear Paul, after the fasting, we feel better, lighter and more centred. And we agree, it changed our eating habits. We eat slower and less meat. And I think all of us that are seriously into blogging get it.

What Remains of Christa Wolf?

How to reduce the time without jumping ship is the question, given the value we get out of the experience. Enjoyed your opportunity to dip into photography. Dear Curt, we agree blogging can be like a real job. Well, but Dina and Siri and Selma quite often act like editors, very strict ones. I would have a very difficult fasting for ten days, especially as I have a part time job now where I have to be on my feet for hours three days a week. But we have to admit we privatise spending our day with reading, gardening and writing. Ein Aira ist so viel wie eine ganze Schachtel Lieblingspralinen auf einmal vernascht in nur einer Viertelstunde Zeit.

Die Zitrone lege ich beim Lesen gar nicht mehr aus der Hand. Gut, dass sie nur von innen dick machen. Fasten tut schon sehr gut. Es ist ein richtiger Multifunktionsspruch. Ich kommentiere wieder einmal etwas schwurbelig und gratuliere jedoch sehr herzlich zum erfolgreichen Fasten! Feiner Erfolg — dieser Beitrag, ein Genuss trotz oder auch gerade wegen der Askese!

Allerdings ist es selten, hier ein deutsches Buch zu finden, und wir wundern uns, welche Reise Malininowskis Buch wohl hinter sich hatte, bis es in Blakeney, unserem Nachbarort, sich zur Ruhe setzte. Fab Four of Cley, How wonderful to see you again. Congratulations on successfully completely the fast. Take care and glad to know my friends are in tip-top shape! GP Cox. Siri and Selma liked most the different sea monsters making old maps a masterpiece of art. Ansonsten ist es ein toll gemachtes Buch. Wir haben viel im Garten gearbeitet. I find I read more in fine weather because I hate to be indoors then.

Breakfast in the garden with a book is a great substitute for social media. Did you find it hard to come back to the latter, or were you quite keen to pick up the reins again? It does eat into your day and help you fritter time away. We mostly read at night or when the weather is wet and grey. Otherwise, we work in our garden. We love it! We got very slowly back to normal.

And now we still find eating and preparing food an unwanted break. Thanks and cheers. Dina, your still life photography is as splendid as your landscapes! Congratulations to the fab four on the successful fast. How many days was it in all? And many thanks for this treasure trove of reading material. You will love it. Dear Mark, well, well, you know every story has the tendency to become real. It happens what you are believing, and you feel the funny spirits and those erotic angels all around you and our beloved fairies are laughing happily that their dear Master and Dina are visiting their world.

Dear Tanja, oh dear, yes! Keine Kommentare vorhanden Jetzt ersten Kommentar schreiben! Bewerten Sie jetzt diesen Artikel. Schreiben Sie den ersten Kommentar zu "Dead to Me". Kommentar verfassen. A compelling new story from international number one bestselling author Lesley Pearse Spring Two girls meet by chance on Hampstead Heath. To an outsider, they could not appear more different. Verity is well-mannered and smartly dressed, Produkt empfehlen. Comment I'm not sure, Lara, if Jools is afraid of strange animals walking silently through the room, a penguin making soothing noises might also be too much to bear at the moment.

Or maybe it's alright, since penguin is no strange, but a known animal? Hm, your keyboard developed a strange accent, perhaps? Comment Which goes to show again that LEOnides crossing their fingers does indeed help. Kleiner Hinweis an hm--us Wenn wir jetzt nur Pad Thai Comment Hello topolina are you related to our Mousy? How nice that you decided to join us in our little chat! If you feel like it, you can tell us a little bit about yourself only whatever you feel comfortable telling us - but as Lara mentioned, shoe size and credit card number are obligatory!

Credit card information: You wish! What else would you like to know? My favorite ice cream is hazelnut or Hagen Daaz Macadamia Nut Brittle yummyyy I live in Cologne, I love music listening to it as well as playing myself and I love speaking, reading, listening to English : Who is Mousy?

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Who knows, maybe we are related Stimmt das? Comment I guess this is, because "topolina" is Italian for small mouse. I just thought it sounded nice and I did learn a litte Italian in school. I will write again soon! Comment Exactly, topolina. We have someone called Mousy here in the CC, that's why I ask. And yes, Lara, the Italian Mickey Mouse is called Topolino, it sounds only logical that his girlfriend's name is Topolina. Comment I heard my name mentioned :- Welcome to CC topolina , benvenuto :- So you are a little mouse, that is nice.

Examining Text and Authorship in Translation

Comment wi-chan, thanks for the desserts :- And welcome to CC, topolina. I'm sure you will like it here! Comment Welcome, topolina, I know your brother already. It's your elder brother, I think ;- Lara 37, that's new for me that some keyboards performed the ' Entrundung ', too, like Jidisch for example ;-. Aber er wohnt wahrscheinlich nicht in K.

Lara, ist die Grille vielleicht in der Tastatur? Comment Two tiny corrections for hm -- us: Ob wir jetzt immer von dir als die italienische Minnie-Maus denken? Alternatives: Ob wir jetzt bei dir immer an die italienische Minnie-Maus denken? Comment hm-us the Mousy-doggies are fine. Took the boy to the beach Saturday morning and he had a blast. They openend the beach for dogs again after Labor Day. Comment hm: Anatevka - der Fiedler auf dem Dach. Have fun! Hallo, hh, wie war denn der Sommer bei euch? Hmm, das wird wohl auch unfreiwillig komisches 6g gewesen sein Comment No, it wasn't, neither 6g nor involuntarily funny.

Both questions were just fine! There are so many regional varieties to "at work" bei der Arbeit, auf der Arbeit, auf Arbeit Comment in der Arbeit is correct - don't trust anyone else. Sure we do! Everyone at least of a certain age here knows that Topolino manni suggested and what it's meant in German.

And welcome, too, of course. Comment hm: Our summer was short and divided - we had a great week in May and three wonderfull hot weeks in July, otherwise loads of rain, clouds. And all August and Semptember so far were too cold. I had some pretty quiet weeks at work, finally gave me time to work up on some projects and get my desk clean. A nice feeling. Do I really sound that busy normally? It's not that bad, really. I'd say " Comment Hi snails!

Welcome, topolina! Nice to meet another mouse-snail. Jools, that sounds really creepy. But I know days like these, they're unfailingly just the calm before the next storm Is there any ice-cream left? Comment Sure, Atalante, we just put it in the freezer so it won't melt! Help yourself! Comment wi-chan: You still have temperatures, where ice-cream would melt? You must be living far from away from here! Comment Thanks, wi-chan! Comment Oh, h h, I live in one of those new things. We call them "house". On the upside, they are much warmer than on the outside - on the downside, ice-cream melts inside!

Comment Ah, then. I've heard of those, but on my side of the pond we stick to the old ways, living high in the trees and in winter we find us a nice, cosy, dark and smoky cave. Comment Hi, hm--us! First I wrote some applications, without any success in most cases because I was "clearly overqualified" I hate that!!! So I'm working at home now since June, and yes, I'm very happy with that so far! Edit: And now I have to leave, hoping that having had enough sleep will make me even happier tomorrow.

Good night! Keine Ahnung, wie man das auf Deutsch sagt. Also, hier ist er. Comment Hi snails, sorry for a comment as OT as possible, but while I was googling for something completely different, I got the following hit of from? Von denen haben wir jede Menge im Keller. William Gibson of course does NOT write fantasy but what somebody once called 5-minute-into-the-future SciFi and recently just about a rather weird now , and what's more, his books are much much better than either of the others'. Deep breath. That simply needed to be said.

Wenn du meinst!

Das ist ja schlimm. Oder hast du CC heute zum ersten Mal gelesen? So pflichtbewusst bist du? Irgendeine Verbindung mit Schottland oder mit Gitarren hatte ich mir gedacht. In den letzten Wochen haben sich Bett, Sofa und viele Packkisten dazu gesellt. Er selbst ist abgehauen und war heute Abend auf einem Underworld-Konzert in London.

Und ich sitze noch da und arbeite. Das Leben ist wirklich ungerecht. Comment Nee nee nee, rum raisin rules Comment Just a short visit to say hello, a quick and late thanks to harambee, and welcome to the little mouse. It's too busy at the moment to spend lots of time here. For a few days I didn't see much more of my home than the bath- and the bedroom, fortunately not only because of the job Comment Sers Mitschnecken! Comment Thank you all for your kind words and offers to call me and make some soothing noises. This morning everything is back to normal.

I wonder why I don't feel like calling this guy back - and I am looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I'll go and watch what sounds like the most hilarious trash film ever - Big Tits Zombie - in 3D. I keep receiving mails like that, too. No matter how neutral the contents may be, the simple looks of the page or even the header make me aggressive.

I'm having trouble moving my head. One wrong movement this morning and now I am in serious pain. Apart from that, a calm weekend has kicked in for me. Mr Lore and older Lorbeerchen are off to see my niece have her first day at school. Comment lore: stiff neck? I have that sometimes after I feel asleep on the couch again. A hot water bottle strapped over the shoulder with a jumper or so works best for me. Or a looooong hot shower or bath - if you have a tub that is. Comment Jools Falling asleep on the couch is one majorly uncomfortable thing to do. At least on our couch.

Didn't have time to make it long, though. Painkillers and a bit of very gentle yoga followed. Now it's getting better, but I'm still hoping I won't have to carry little Lorbeerchen that much today. I might give the waterbottle a try later. Comment In my experience, sometimes, the period a not too strong painkiller works is enough to relax the strained muscles so the pain doesn't come back. Warmth - applied in any form, be it a hot water bottle, a mustard seed cushion warmed up in the microwave or an infrared lamp - also helps a lot, of course.

Comment supporting Goldammer :- for me warmth also helps to relax strained muscles. It does not work for my mother though, she needs cold things to relax her muscles. She says the warmth just makes her worse. Comment Hi everyone, thanks for the warm welcome. Speaking of warm: an infrared lamp is what definitely works best for me whenever I am really sore Comment Well, it's not really warm here, either, but at least the weekend's coming up. Mustn't grumble. Wenn man von den Tornados in NYC absieht.. Ich freue mich auf den Herbst.

Schwierig, aber, wenn man arbeiten muss. Comment Isn't it amazing how many things work so much better when relaxing on the couch and watching tv :. Comment harambee: Next niece, next english book. This time I tried one of your suggestions - let's wait and see if I get any reaction there. Comment Thanks for the info, h h. Which book did you choose? Of course, you don't have to tell ;- About the stiff neck: Most people seem to agree that warmth is useful. What is not so obvious: It is not recommended to give the muscles rest but this may depend on the exact diagnosis. Comment Keine Sorge, Steve.

Hier in den USA kommt man nicht so leicht an paracetemol. Comment Thanks for the recovery wishes, everyone! I'm better, and the waterbottle later on on the couch hopefully will remove the remaining pain. Comment harambee: The one about the boy in the bathroom of the girls. This is sort of a running joke in German. And: Good luck in getting rid of them! Comment SD3: No, I only found the thread yesterday.

I was googling my own threads as LEO's search function doesn't work looking for a particular link somebody had posted months ago and so, obviously, got lots of hits of threads with 'Gibson' in it. No surprise there. But then suddenly there was one that wasn't actually me! Intrigued, I looked at it, and the rest, as they say, is history. Would you like to have gone to an Underworld concert in his place him being your son, I presume? You must have an amazing and very big cellar with all that stuff, do you ever get lost? Do you ever feel that there's a strange presence?

Maybe somebody has moved in undetected. Seems a shame to waste a complete household Da kommt man eigentlich sehr leicht dran, nicht wahr, es sei denn, es hat auch Kodein oder so was und ist rezeptpflichtig. Aber um das Leber ernsthaft zu belasten, wenn es nicht schon sensibel ist, muss man ziemlich viel ein? Den Magen aber Gute Besserung weiterhin, Lore. Das muss eine Erleichterung sein. Comment aah, hm--us, good you "reminded" me!

I meant to congratulate AZ2 on his exams, too! They did go well, I assume? And now? Continue studying? They weren't finals yet, were they? How nice to have a face to the nick! I do like to get to know the real persons behind the nicks! But at first I read 'Quer l eichtourismus' and tried to imagine what that might be - corpses on their last journey? Kept horizontally so the limbs don't flop about? And what did poor SD3 do to deserve this?

Comment Hi hm and Goldammer! Unfortunately I probably won't make it to couch and tv tonight. I wanted to quickly finish up an article about Louis Pasteur that I wanted to hand in tomorrow and checked some facts with aunt Wiki. Because the German auntie didn't know much, I consulted with the French one and found heaps of contradictions between the two. Now I'm all confused and looking for new sources to confirm one side or the other. Comment Hoppla, die die die Leber, danke. Weil sie so sensibel ist? Ts ts Comment hh, thanks for the answer, of those books I suggested it's probably the easiest to read.

I assume that Amy knows it and many of the other books suggested in your thread as she works with children at in?? Lore, I hope you finally had the chance to go to bed?! Or are you still working on the article? A correcturito for hm: SD3 hat so viel Raum nicht mehr. Firstly, the word order is not perfect. Better SD3 hat nicht mehr so viel Raum. In addition, I would not use "Raum" in this context, but "Platz" if you'd ask me why I would give the useless answer that "keinen Platz haben" is a typical collocation, so you'd better not ask ;- : SD3 hat nicht mehr so viel Platz.

The last comment on this sentence is not a grammatical but a logical issue. If you say "nicht mehr" you would hint to the fact that SD3 had enough space in the past, but this space got lost somehow. Maybe you wanted to say that, if not: SD3 hat nicht so viel Platz. Comment harambee I got the article sorted this morning. My brains didn't work any more last night. I'm already at the next one. Comment I just arrived in the office to start some calculations. And while I am here unpaid extra time and wait for the results, I will try to tinker a success card for one of my sponsored kids in Nairobi.

She will sit the school leaving examination in November and success cards are very popular in Kenya. I have some ideas but I'm not sure whether they will work. Comment Well, good luck then! Did I already mention that I'm jealous of you having good contacts to Africa? I'd like to see Kenya one day, too. Comment Maybe one day you will, Lore! Comment Guten Morgen bzw. Wahrscheinlich kennt sich Candice damit besser aus. Letzteres ist informell. Work in a library geht auch, hat aber eine andere Bedeutung. When I'm doing research, I prefer to work in a library because it's quiet there.

Beruflich bin ich nicht an der Bibliothek angestellt. H: How long have you been working in the library? Before that I was working in my classroom. H: How long have you been working at the library? Ganz korrekt sollte man "jealous of your having good contacts Comment Thanks, Amy, for the explanations. And, of course, you don't have to look for the books we discussed LOL A small correction for you once again the word order Hauptsatz or Comment Hallo Schnecken! Gibson : Deine Vermutung ist richtig. Wie alt denn? So alt wie ich? Also so alt auch wieder nicht!!! Meine Rock-Konzert-Tage liegen aber leider hinter mir siehe oben.

Bedauerlicherweise ist der Keller auf absehbare Zeit ausgebucht. Ab und zu mal schaut auch Bram Stoker vorbei. Am Mittwoch lief er noch im Kino, heute aber anscheinend nicht mehr. Hallo AZ2! Comment Thanks, SD3! Tinker with a success card seems to change the meaning, but maybe that's 6g thinking? I'd better go with Amy's suggestion "put together a success card".

Could I perhaps also say "I want to tinker on a success card"? The German analogon would be "Ich bastle an einer Karte". Aber ich denke auch success on the KCPE , wenn wie es scheint das wichtige Wort success unbedingt drin sein? With ginge vielleicht. Mal sehen, was die anderen sagen. Jetzt braucht man wohl einen Computer oder wenigstens Herr Goldammer Jr. Dieser Satz hat wohl auch Wortstellungs- und andere Probleme, sorry. Aber vielleicht habe ich es missverstanden. Aber noch ein ganzes Auto voll ist schon weg und die Garage wieder doppelt befahrbar, juhu Tinker ist ein intransitives Verb.

Man kann also nichts 'tinkern'. Man kann nur tinker with etwas, das schon besteht. Da du, harambee, tinker a success card geschrieben hast, bin ich davon ausgegangen, dass du die Karte schon gemacht hattest und lediglich verbessern wolltest. Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, musst du meiner Meinung nach ein anderes Verb nehmen. Es wird aber mit vielem 'getinkert'. The company Nuance offers a new version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, proving that even near-monopolies like to tinker with their products. So, das war die Mittagspause. Jetzt gehe ich spazieren.

Comment Thanks, my problem was that I had looked for a translation for the German "basteln" and accepted Leo's suggestion "to tinker". Obviously it does not fit in this context. Comment harambee , first you have to create or simply make something, then you can tinker with it. How old are the kids when they take that test? Send some of that warmth over here, please. I'm freezing my butt off.

Re Goodwill day: I wish I could report the same :- feel like living on a dump.. Congrats AZ2 and wi-chan a bit late, I know! Have a nice weeked! F5, SD3 already explained "to tinker". Comment Artisan, the students have to sit the KCPE after class 8, thus they are around 14 years old but some are much older if they had started school late. Comment manni3 und Amy-MiMi: Not commentint on the conjugation - but I would not use "aussprechen" here, but "sagen". Comment Bordsteinschwalbe Was wir alles im CC nicht lernen. Also die KCPE ist den ehemaligen? Comment h h - I fully agree about sagen but not about the shocking synonym for the swallows: die Damen vom horizontalen Gewerbe would be from the same register, wouldn't it?

Comment The misunderstanding tinker - basteln seems very common in German. I have seen it ever so often in the applications of my au pairs. Nearly every second one of them looks it up in leo for "basteln" and then uses it in the sense of doing handicrafts with kids. It can't ever be used in the sense of "to leave something in a place". Comment Amy Thanks for the nit-picky correction!

Comment Nearly every second one of them looks it up in leo for "basteln" Goldammer , why would your English-speaking au pairs look up 'basteln'? Or if they are German are there German au pairs in Germany? That was a very mysterious sentence. I like to sing along to things :. Talking of which, Trainspotting was very strange book to read as it's written like they speak and I frequently had no idea what was going on. It got a bit better when I began to read out loud not something I would recommend on a train but I must have missed so many details. I also remember that it said on the jacket: Deserves to sell more copies than the bible!

Even then I thought that was maybe overdoing it just a tad, and 10 years on it's all but forgotten. What was all the fuss about, we wonder. Well, I do.

Pirates 1986 720p BluRay x264 YIFY Serbian, France, Spain, Arab, Albanian. Italy, mudywehy.tk subtitle

They have to describe their childcare experiences in English in the application process. I realize that calling them " my au pairs" must have confused you. Comment Ah, thank you. That makes sense. I know what you mean: I teach a group of women at an English school, and I always refer to them as 'my mothers' because what they have in common is, obviously, that they're all mothers and that must sound equally strange.

But there I had you figured as the kind of person who has their own au pairs - now I have to again adjust my mental image ;. Wenn man tinker with sagt, versteht man, dass eine Fassung der Karte schon existiert. Autofenster im Regen offen lassen hatte ich vorher nur einmal im Leben gemacht.

Mann waren die Autositze heute nass! Comment Hi, Amy-MiMi! Hope you're well. I find it really amusing to, every now and then, find a reference to the old "Six-gear-thread" Comment Amy: Echt? To tinker something? Dann bin ich baff. Was bedeutet das denn? In jedem steht intransitive.

Man wird ganz komisch angeguckt, wenn man beim Lesen laut lacht. Diesmal habe ich aber keine Reiher gesehen. Es ist immer ganz toll, ein Paar im Tiefflug zu beobachten. Morgen laufe ich vielleicht rechts des Flusses. Hallo Wolfman! Comment Danke! Nowadays, in the UK and a few years back in Germany Irish travellers became notorious for offering to tarmac driveways, accepting the money and vanishing soon after starting the job without finishing it properly. Comment Goodnight, folks!

Comment There are tinker horses as well, of course, really nice ones with big Puscheln around their ankles. These days, though, it's mostly big, old Mercedes I think, ideal material for tinkering with or maybe that's already an old, sentimental image too and they all have big black 4x4s. Isn't 'tinker' a playing card, or what am I thinking of? Something, something, tinker, spy? Amy, at least now your car is clean from the inside too. Your canal sounds lovely, SD3, is that just outside your house? Lucky you. I love herons, they're so prehistoric.

That's how I imagine flying dinosaurs to have looked. I always stop when I see one and hope it will take off. Edit: the Puscheln seem to be called feathers - does that ring a bell with anybody? Comment Ja, feathers ist ein Begriff in der "Pferdesprache". Comment Thank you, Robert. Gibson auch.

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Ich glaube, es kommt teilweise? Irgendwas mit Rich man, poor man, beggarman, thief, soldier, sailor, Indian chief And I found the nursery rhyme: Tinker, tailor, Soldier, sailor, Rich man, poor man, Beggar-man, thief. Is there a full moon tonight maybe? Comment Gibson You have to adjust your mental image indeed, my two Goldammersons are both of age and don't need an au pair any more. I never had one, really. Only once, many years ago. My agency then still did incoming au pairs, too, and I housed a young man from South Africa for a few weeks - he'd messed up his host family within a few days and was practically "stranded" with me until he found another family which he also messed up shortly - in the end he left the programme, simply disappeared to England.

But while he stayed with me, he was quite cute and charming - we are still in touch occasionally. He is still quite chaotic Comment SD3: I've seen the film, and still I don't understand all the fuss around that film. Comment Good morning! The sun is shining and we will certainly take advantage of it since one never knows when we will have sunny weather again. In German the 'Puscheln' are called 'Behang' in 'horsalese'. And it's missing in LEO!!! I also don't know anything about 'Trainspotting' - not about the book or the movie or the fuss about it. I completely missed that. Comment Good morning everybody!

Thanks for the numerous comments on tinkering. For me, there are still two open questions: 1. Is there no good English translation for the German "basteln" as for example used in "wir basteln einen Adventskalender". Could the verb "to craft something" be used in this context? Should Leo's entries for Dictionary: tinker Dictionary: basteln be modified somehow? Comment Selima, you are not alone ;-. Comment Hi, harambee! So you will also take advantage of the nice weather??