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Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses All forums Nikon 1 System Talk Change forum. Started Jan 23, Discussions. Forum Threaded view. Motion Snapshot captured smiles I could never get before!

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Jan 23, Re: Motion Snapshot captured smiles I could never get before! Nice use of video and music!!! One question: what happened on the first half that made such strong CA? The second half is very sharp and the colors seem real! My video is a series of Motion Snapshots. I import only the video files into iMovie. Put in the music and special effects for video.

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JacquesBalthazar's gear list: JacquesBalthazar's gear list. Thanx for posting.

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F Forum M My threads. You may also like. Nikon Inc confirms the Nikon 1 system is officially discontinued. Latest sample galleries. Canon RF 85mm F1. The results of the study, published in the international journal BMC Medicine , showed that participants in the dietary intervention group had a much greater reduction in their depressive symptoms over the three-month period, compared to those in the social support group.

At the end of the trial, a third of those in the dietary support group met criteria for remission of major depression, compared to 8 percent of those in the social support group. These results were not explained by changes in physical activity or body weight, but were closely related to the extent of dietary change. In other words, those who improved their diet the most experienced the greatest benefit to their depression.

Professor Jacka, who is director of the Food and Mood Centre and president of the International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, said the findings offered an important new strategy for the treatment of depression. The study suggests the new possibility of adding clinical dieticians to mental health care teams and making dietitian support available to those experiencing depression. Home Media Coverage.

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Who participated in the trial? How did the study work?

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Intervention and control conditions Participants were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The lack of limitations on South African and Australian players is a major talking point. The All Blacks strategy appears to be unsettling most of their franchises. Especially the Chiefs, even if that is not used as an excuse. That does not bode well for a new management group.

Still early days. Still time for sides to rebound, hold their nerve and to discover which XV starts and which players have impact.

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So Round Four fixtures have a lot to look forward too. Leading into this round, it is time for the Blues to rid themselves of the losing streak. The two Aussie local derby games are worthy of conference finals. And then up in Pretoria , fans enjoy yet another stellar derby game.

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Importantly, if the Sharks hold their own, they will be well placed after a month of footy. And fans will also be happily placed. While goals in July and into September and October, the time for players to act is now! And gladly, All Blacks restrictions are finally off, meaning the Chiefs can look the Crusaders fairly in the eye. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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