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He explains how to keep Gold nugget plecos the right way, sets up a home from home for Neons, and offers some valuable advice on choosing community fish. Pages 8, 50and He puts a range of hang-on filters to the test on page He has some suggestions to help you get those finicky fish feeding on page I want to meet my fish face to face, at its own front door.

I dream of dangerous rivers. Hurling long lines from boats and shorelines is not adventurous enough for me; I want to get in the water. I want swirls and eddies that disorient, turning up into down, threatening to carry me to a watery grave.

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They may look rather like garishly dyed or tattooed fish, but in fact the specimens swimming about in this aquarium are all robots. These incredibly lifelike fish are on display in the the entrance hall of the newly-opened Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay in Japan — which is completely staffed by robots.


This is the second robot-staffed hotel operated by H. Rocky the red Oranda is a big girl.

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She weighs in at 2lbs 10oz and is nearly a foot in length. So if you need to capture them, then this book is for you. Linda Lewis is a full time writer, concentrating mainly on short stories which are regularly published in the UK and Australia. Her first novel, The Magic of Fishkeeping, was published in , but she has a clutch of non-fiction works, mainly practical guides to help other writers fine-tune their skills and successfully get published.

Linda regularly lectures and runs courses on writing across the country.

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She also has the distinction of winning the television show The Weakest Link which, in itself, must have been a source of many interesting ideas! This book is also available to download as a Kindle. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.