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If he doesn't die in Avengers 4 , he may finally enter retirement instead. Remember, Harley is both talented with gadgets and looks up to Tony as a mentor. Plus, the last we saw Harley, he had just discovered a garage full of high-tech gear Tony had left for him to play with. I think it's safe to assume that Harley's been honing his tech-related skills since Iron Man 3. In the comics, there's a young man named Nathaniel Richards who, after failing to get in contact with Tony Stark, assembles the Young Avengers.

Obviously, Harley Keener doesn't have the same name as Iron Lad. Still, the MCU has never been known to follow the comics exactly as they are. But Emma Fuhrmann is 16 years old.

There's A New Theory About Why Harley Keener Is In 'Avengers 4,' And We're Clapping

So, there's got to be some kind of time- traveling going on in Avengers 4 'cause those numbers just don't add up. There are some obvious timeline inconsistencies with the theory that Harley and Cassie will launch the Young Avengers in Avengers 4. Still, if Harley does become Iron Lad, there will be an interesting connection between the two.

And let's not forget that the Russo Brothers said they'd be open to a Young Avengers movie. With so many possibilities for Harley's character in the MCU, it's difficult to say which path he will embark on. But I have a feeling that he's going to have at least a semi-important role in Avengers 4 because his and Tony's narrative certainly felt unfinished in Iron Man 3. Diply 17 May Well, in light of Avengers: Infinity War , I'm going to try and figure it out.

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In case you forgot and you probably did, because we all tried to forget Iron Man 3 , this is Harley Keener. Load Comments. But when you look at Iron Man 3 as a whole, Harley Keener's character feels pretty expendable. Harley is sort of like the Hawkeye of the Iron Man series. But because few fans understood the significance of Harley's character, his story with Tony felt unfinished. Six years later, will we finally understand why Harley was introduced to us? And, if so, what kind of role might Harley have in Avengers 4? Well, I've got a few theories lined up for you.

Yes, yes, I know.

Game of Thrones 7x03 - Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen

During his years in London, A. Housman completed A Shropshire Lad , a cycle of 63 poems. After one publisher had turned it down, he helped subsidise its publication in At first selling slowly, it rapidly became a lasting success. Its appeal to English musicians had helped to make it widely known before World War I , when its themes struck a powerful chord with English readers. The book has been in print continuously since May The poems are marked by pessimism and preoccupation with death, without religious consolation.

Housman wrote many of them while living in Highgate , London, before ever visiting Shropshire, which he presented in an idealised pastoral light as his 'land of lost content'.

A. E. Housman - Wikipedia

Housman began writing a new set of poems after the First World War. He was an influence on many British poets who became famous by their writing about the war, and wrote several poems as occasional verse to commemorate the war dead. This included his Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries , honouring the British Expeditionary Force , an elite but small force of professional soldiers, 'a rapier amongst scythes' [27] sent to Belgium at the start of the war. Fighting a well-equipped and much larger German army, they suffered heavy losses.

In the early s, when Moses Jackson was dying in Canada, Housman wanted to assemble his best unpublished poems so that Jackson could read them before his death. He published them as Last Poems , feeling that his inspiration was exhausted and that he should not publish more in his lifetime. Housman also wrote a parodic Fragment of a Greek Tragedy , in English, published posthumously with humorous poems under the title Unkind to Unicorns.

John Sparrow quoted a letter written late in Housman's life that described the genesis of his poems:. Poetry was for him …'a morbid secretion', as the pearl is for the oyster. The desire, or the need, did not come upon him often, and it came usually when he was feeling ill or depressed; then whole lines and stanzas would present themselves to him without any effort, or any consciousness of composition on his part.

Sometimes they wanted a little alteration, sometimes none; sometimes the lines needed in order to make a complete poem would come later, spontaneously or with 'a little coaxing'; sometimes he had to sit down and finish the poem with his head. Sparrow himself adds, "How difficult it is to achieve a satisfactory analysis may be judged by considering the last poem in A Shropshire Lad. Of its four stanzas, Housman tells us that two were 'given' him ready made; one was coaxed forth from his subconsciousness an hour or two later; the remaining one took months of conscious composition.

No one can tell for certain which was which. In Laurence Housman also deposited an essay entitled "A. Housman's 'De Amicitia'" there is a link to the text, below in this article, under "Further reading" in the British Library , with the proviso that it was not to be published for 25 years. The essay discussed A. Housman's homosexuality and his love for Moses Jackson. In More Poems , he buries his love for Moses Jackson in the very act of commemorating it, as his feelings of love are not reciprocated and must be carried unfulfilled to the grave: [31].

Because I liked you better Than suits a man to say It irked you, and I promised To throw the thought away. To put the world between us We parted, stiff and dry; Goodbye, said you, forget me. I will, no fear, said I If here, where clover whitens The dead man's knoll, you pass, And no tall flower to meet you Starts in the trefoiled grass, Halt by the headstone naming The heart no longer stirred, And say the lad that loved you Was one that kept his word. His poem "Oh who is that young sinner with the handcuffs on his wrists?

A Poet for the Age of Brexit

Housman's poetry, especially A Shropshire Lad , was set to music by many British, and in particular English, composers in the first half of the 20th century. In the cycle A Shropshire Lad was set by Arthur Somervell , who had begun to develop the concept of the English song-cycle in his version of Tennyson 's Maud a little previously. Ralph Vaughan Williams produced his well-known settings of six songs, the cycle On Wenlock Edge , for string quartet , tenor and piano in Ivor Gurney was another composer who made renowned settings of Housman's poems. Towards the end of World War 1 he was working on his cycle Ludlow and Teme , for voice and string quartet published in , [35] and went on to compose the eight-song cycle The Western Playland in Even composers not directly associated with the 'pastoral' tradition, such as Arnold Bax , Lennox Berkeley and Arthur Bliss , were attracted to Housman's poetry.

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A catalogue listed musical settings of Housman's poems. The earliest commemoration of Housman was in the chapel of Trinity College in Cambridge, where there is a memorial brass on the south wall. Gow , who was also the author of a biographical and bibliographical sketch published immediately following his death.

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  • Following in Bentley 's footsteps he corrected the transmitted text of the Latin poets with so keen an intelligence and so ample a stock of learning, and chastised the sloth of editors so sharply and wittily, that he takes his place as the virtual second founder of textual studies. He was also a poet whose slim volumes of verse assured him of a secure place on the British Helicon. He died on 30th April at the age of seventy-six.

    From , University College London's academic common room was dedicated to his memory as the Housman Room.

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    • More followed on his Worcestershire birthplace, his homes and school in Bromsgrove. The work of local sculptor Kenneth Potts, it was unveiled on 22 March The blue plaques in Worcestershire were set up on the centenary of A Shropshire Lad in As the th anniversary of his birth approached, London University inaugurated its Housman lectures on classical subjects in , initially given every second year then annually after These lectures are listed by date of delivery, with date of first publication given separately if different.

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