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Series Vol. A Vol. The real home seekers, however, settled on the edge of the clearing and had the benefits of both. The earliest settlers picked their lands, "squatted" and it was often twenty years before they entered them leg- ally and paid the government stipend. Oft-times the delay was due to the absence of a land office in the area. Eventually land offices were set up at Kaskaskia, Vincennes and Shawnee Town.

The Dials, Harriss, Sniders and related families lived in the south west part of Franklin County and the south eastern part of Perry. A description of the Franklin County terrairr will suffice for both, as they both lie in the Big Muddy and Little Muddy River drainage areas. Franklin County is 18 miles north to south and has a fall of feet, about 33 feet to the mile. It is 24 miles east and west with a fall of feet or 16 feet to the mile, which means that it is comparatively flat. Prairie lands cover much of the area interspersed with forests of oak, ash, hickory, maple, birch, elm, sassafras and wild cherry, The 'bottoms' were good hunting grounds, and after the first frosts the nuts fell and this became a fattening ground for the hogs.

Much of the river land is fer- tile and yields well. Rainfall measures inches per year with about one- half of it falling during the first quarter. Being north of the 'cotton belt' the principal crop was corn, with cotton for home use, sugar cane or millet for molasses, castor beans and small grains. Personal histories will supplement and enliven this description. To this area our ancestors migrated, sunk deep their roots, raised large families, inspired them with a love of liberty and a god-fearing way of life. Most were adherents of the Baptist faith. Their tenets included an abhorrence of human slavery and thus explains why many of them, under the leadership of their Illinois Rail Splitter were soon pitted against their brothers of the South in the great Civil War.

SLC Jones, the Haggards, the Kelleys, the Morrisses and others who were related to the Dials or soon to be. These neighbors and relatives formed a close-knit socio-economic unit as well as the backbone for the Hard Shell Baptist Church with its chapel and "Primitive Baptist Cemetery" located a little north east of DuQuoin. Here most of these early leaders and their immediate descendants are buried. David Dial came to Perry County early and a history of the county in writing of Paradise Prairie in the east central part of the county states:" Paradise.

Two older daughters did not come with them at this time. He squatted and built a cabin on section 28, in the edge of the timber, and afterward entered land in section 21, one mile north purchasing the improvement of David Rees, who had erected a round-log cabin. The two sons and two of the daughters are dead The others live in Franklin County, Illinois. Dated , February 3. The signers felt at the time that the county finances were insufficient to per- form such a mighty work.

It was built anyway. Elizabeth Dial-Dickey P. Sarah Dial-John G. Hester Ann Dial-John F. Turner, J. William Dial-Louisa M. William's second wife. The first six named were the children of David Dial and their family records will be presented later. John married twice as Mary Ann Kelley died early. Probate Records will help to clarify relationships. Witnesses were John Dial the other son and John Harris.

Probate papers in Box , File , e state that, "David Dial died intestate on or about the 23 July Proof of death was made by William Dial, and he and John F. Kirkpatrick, a son-in-law of David were the administrators. Mary Ann Kelley Dial who died about the same time as David is buried there and he may be also. His sale on 22 Sept. The land was additional. He was buried in a shroud made of 13 yards of domestic at I5e per yard, and a pair of cotton hose 5 Lynch Elijah Wells Wm. Murphy John Harriss O. McMillan Wm. Marriage Book I, Perry Co. Abstracted by Dep. Spurgeon, and received from Mrs. Hersey Montgomery of Monument, New Mexico.

Spurgeon, Aug. Perry Co. Court Records. Hodge 3. Jones 8. Kirkpatrick Turman 3. A final settlement of the estate is to be found in the Perry Co. Probate Records of , Book D, page The wife and a daughter, Sarah Dial Moore, had died prior to this time. Seven living children are shown and the orphan daughters of Sarah divide a share between them. Griffith Speer Moore Susan and William Dye appear as neighbors to William Dial her father on the census, and the family was living in Taney, Missouri, Flat Township when the Census was taken.

Both the Dye and Griffith families, granted power-of- attorney to Samuel Spear in the settlement of their "interest in the David Dial estate; 5 May , 9 November Dwelling Griffith 3. Superior numbers show the generation. Small Roman numerals show family members. David evidently married about Since Mary and Susan married in Kentucky and Susan had children born there, it is quite likely that David's family lived there for a short time before continuing the jour- ney from Tennessee to Illinois. She married William Dye about in Kentucky and their first child was born there.

They had a boy under 5 and a girl under five. Their third child was born in Illinois before they moved to Missouri about Deed Book D page 22 of Perry Co. The census of Taney County, Flat Township p. Taken 24 Sept. Smith, 1 March McDonnough's History states, "Dickey P. Smith was the first preacher in the county Perry. The will of Dickey P.

Smith was dated 'April It lists the heirs as wife Elizabeth and daughters Emilia and Sarah, and qualifies, "if my wife should be delivered of a third child previous to my decease or within eight or nine months thereafter, it shall heir the same. There were two papers in this file. Dickey P. Smith died 15 September, In the probate judges record book is a statement that Elizabeth and John G. John is known to have been her brother-in-law, husband of Sarah Dial. The 'See d.

JMcDonnough's Hist. Abstract of Perry Co. Box , , by E. Slightly to the east of his land is the old Watkins Cemetery with neither a stick or stone to show that it was a burying ground and to the west is the Denmark or Cottom Cemetery. Since the will was written only five months before Dickey's death there were likely no other heirs. The wife remarried Wra.

She and the daughters are in the Cen. The daughters would have been of Marriageable age about Emilia Smith b near Denmark, Perry Co. Sarah Smith was born about near Denmark. She married Reuben Dye 19 June with S. Keith, J. Bk I, Perry Co. She was when the census was taken and the family appears on the census at dwelling District 7, and when the census of Perry was taken they were at Date of census 6 July, Both parents were born in Tennessee and all the children in Illinois.

See h. The latter being discharged at Decatur, Alabama 5 November Dye Jr. Nancy and the parents of both were bom in Tennessee. The family included David ae 45, Nancy 37, Lovina 20 dau. She married John G. There is but meager information about John G. Moore, he is not to be found in the county court records or the county histories.

Dickey died 5 September Box , File Married John F. Kirkpatrick, 28 January John and his brother-in-law William were the administrators of David's estate in The family is listed as follows on the census: John F. Reuben D. He was born about in Tennessee, being under five on the census.

Harriss, J. She was the daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Jones Kelly. Records indicate that she died about one year later. Elizabeth E. Spurgeon, an able Deputy Clerk of the Perry County Circuit reports: We went over to the old Primitive Baptist Church which is one mile south of the land owned by David Dial and the most logical place, we thought, to find Dial graves. The stone was broken off here and no more of it could be found. The oldest stone was dated therefore this cemetery was in use before David Dial died in and he was likely burried there.

In view of John's marriage for a second time Perry Co. Turner J. John was a Civil War Veteran and an old book in the Perry County vaults contains a list of the parents and the birth dates of children, evidently for the purpose of determining eligibility for pensions. Hodges Williamson H. Dial b. David E.

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Enos or Ennis Dial b. Note: Mary Ann age 9 when the census was taken was not listed. McDonnough's History p. Index to Estates-Perry Co. Haggard brother of Louisa as 6 December, Louisa married Hodges soon after John's death and she may have died before as her children appear at 11, Osage, Franklin Co. Williamson age 21, David 14, and Ennis or Annias 9. Their cousins were next door. Burriss was living at 12 and Francis Marion at The Perry Co. Louisa 20 b. Perry, shows the family living with John A.

Louisa 30 b. Children Williamson 12, Mary Ann 9, David 5 all b. The Cen. Osage, Franklin Co. Ida 8 b. David 26 servant, had no children b. Parents Tenn. Census records list him as laborer, tenant farmer or servant rather than as owner. Why he had no holdings is left to conjecture as his father David, his brother William and most of the in-laws had ample real estate. His early death at 37 may indicate that he lacked physical stamina, and the death of his first wife and his father about may have offered lasting discourage- ment.

He was the eldest son of the family and at the time of his father's death was one of the administrators of the estate. He married, 14 July , a Frances Fanny Harriss b. After her death he married secondly Louisiana M. Nace, 7 November William was a farmer and expanded his holdings by purchase, both in Perry and Franklin Counties. In he purchased 40 acres from c his father in Perry County and a deed shows 40 acres purchased in as follows: "William Dial of the County of Perry, State of Illinois, buys from William Dawson, County of Franklin, Signed William Dawson.

In we read e "This indenture made this 24 day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty four, William Dial, party of the first part in consider- ation of the sum of five hundred dollars paid by Martin V. Dial his son of the County of Franklin, State of Illinois, party of the second part, the receipt is hereby acknowledged have granted and sold to the party of the second part, said land situated in the County of Franklin and State of Illinois, known and described as follows: The south east quarter of the north east quarter of section twenty, township 7 south, range 1 east being forty acres more or less and also 20 acres more or less the south half of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of township 7, section 15, range 1 east.

They being free from all encumbrances. Signed and sealed and wit- nessed. William X his mark Dial. Revenue Stamp Filed October 3, at the hour 10 o'clock P. Evidently the hour of recording was A. David Dial was previously identified as "the earliest settler of Paradise Prairie; William was at the time. Alexander Rice from Robertson Co. Tennessee, and his son Abner. Perry County Deeds Book C page July Term of Court S Census of Perry Co.

They were among the early leaders of the Baptist Church. William's history pictures him as a rugged pioneer with a firm faith in himself and in his God. Although he and Frances were illiterate of book-learning they were wise in the arts of husbandry. Their children received the benefits of a few months of school each year when weather permitted and farm work did not interfere.

He, being of Tennessee stock, was no stranger to the rifle and he taught his boys to be expert marksmen as well as good farmers. The girls were trained in the home-making arts which included spinning, weaving, and dyeing of the wool and cotton, and oftimes the shearing of the sheep, as well as the culinary arts which included cook- ing and the curing and preservation of foods.

In those days the needs of the family were not to be met at the comer grocery. A few staples could be had for cash or barter at the neighboring towns but "boughten goods" were more to be dreamed of than to be had. A daughter might look forward to her sixth birthday as a time to expect her first print dress from the store which likewise was a signal that her formal education was about to begin at the country school. Rural life of that time and place will be reflected in the personal histories which are to follow.

Since land was plentiful every man had the desire for a homestead of his own. This made adult labor scarce and the development of large farms was rather dependent on the laborers of one's own household; the boy of twelve was often listed as a laborer or farmer and girls were listed as domestics and did their share in the fields as well as in the home. Large families were desirable and common, and William's family of nine boys and three girls, by Francis Harriss, was not the exception. Joshua Teague 13 February State Hist.

C Vol. See census chart. CM oo j. Louisiana M. Entries in the Census of Perry County are of interest. Spears, with daughters Milly Smith 18, Sarah Smith Linney D Gelham of Gilliam, a niece of Frances in residence Harris and Cynthia Wells. Sarah Haggard, m-in-law in residence. This totals 57 inhabitants and many of the parents only had a good start. This condition may have given reason for the admonition of one of the great aunts to a visiting nephew, "Don't throw rocks in this county, you may hit a cousin.

All returned safely. Burriss, however, was discharged because of the loss of his left arm due to a hunting accident while home on a furlough. William Dial died 15 January His will papers filed in Box 7, gives the following data: His widow, Louisiana M. Dial asked that his son F. Dial and son-in-law Howell Joplin be appointed administrators. Dial of Perry County were summoned to Court in Franklin County on 24 June as a petition was being filed to order and direct the sale of the real estate of said deceased for the payment of debts.

On 24 July , Franklin County, State of Illinois, a second summons to answer petition for the sale of real estate again summoned Sarah F. Dial dau. Teague to be in court in the Courthouse at Benton, The abstract of the proceedings of the July term of court states: Petition filed to Court stating that William Dial died 12 January that the specific amount of L.

Teague, William D. Moore, MayS. Dial his sons and only Heirs at law. Florence Dial, age 3 daughter of William Dial Jr. William and Frances Harriss reared a large family and have an extensive posterity. Died 20 May Joshua was a farmer, b owning land adjacent to William Dial in Sect. Joshua Teague, the son of Van S. It is located a short way north and east of Primitive. The family was closely associated with the Baptist Church, Joshua's nephew being a Baptist preacher in Du Quoin for many years. He md. Nancy Adeline King b 11 January In Martin was operating a farm at Ewing, Franklin.

He later lived at Benton. Children: Viola 5 Teague b 18 February Sept. Hill of Santa Ana. Tyrrell, he died 4 February , ae John Riley Moore 27 November See Temperance L. Moore Dial History for details. Children: born at Crawford's Prairie except as indicated. C McDonnough's Hist. Census Rec. Franklin Co. Charlie B. Teague Records. Md 6 December Thomas James Bowcutt.

Roy Nesbitt Coe on 19 Oct. John Ford md. William R. Edwin Johnson He died 9 January Rogers, Res. Long Beach, California. Riesland 25 November FRED G. He md Ora Taylor. They being first cousins once removed. Teague, Cen. S Cen. Johnson Dial was a Sgt. A Illinois infantry, enrolled 26 Sept. He transferred to Co. He married Susan Hogg bef. In the 18S0 Census of Perry Co. Duretha f 28 Susan f 9 Hi. James m S Malissa f 3 m. Book B. His family appears in the Cen. Johnson Dial 3 m 24 of Osage. Elizabeth 19 HI William D.

He died about Married 1 Mack Royal or Roiel, b Tenn. They appear on the Cen. Anna 22 f housekeeper William J. Anna Joplin Nolen's Bible. The census indicates a previous marriage for each: 1 Howell Joplin m 43 farmer 3, Tenn. Anna Dial Joplin 32 Jackson Royal 10 James M. Joplin 3 Elisha Joplin 1 Howell Joplin was born in Tenn.

He married 1 Margaret Snider 16 December See Snider line. She was born 31 May , Osage, Franklin Co. Minnie Goldie Eisenhauer, b 7 July , d 14 July The old village was Osage, The Cemetery still remains. The nearest town is now Royalton. Died 19 June at Indianapolis, Ind. Umella Margaret 5 Dial, b 10 July , md R.

Unnamed infant, b abt , died at birth. Vernon 5 Swain, b 27 July Mary Ellen 5 Swain, b 9 December Browning of Leadford. Children: vii Alta M. Rowland, b Ohio, d 1 August Dial, North Concord St. See j. Dial, Christopher, Mother Catherine Rowland, b Va. Alonzo, b She and Minyard are buried at Harrison Cemetery. Dawson, b 27 January , children: Gertrude 15 Dawson, b , died at 18 mo.

Children bom at Royalton, Franklin Co. Mary 5 Dial, b 15 January , md , Shadowens. Bertha 5 Dial, b 12 August , md Charley Coclla. She is the daughter of Mount Wilson and Vancil. William Minyard 5 Dial, b P See Cen. Her parents were Holt Bell and Maria. Married John A. Children: bom at Christopher Guy T. Dessie Ramsey, b 7 April , md Claude Cummings.

Floyd Minyard 5 Ramsey, b 16 November , d 27 October Nancy Ann 5 Ramsey, 17 February , d 17 July Bacon and Mary E. The family was of Osage and Christopher. Since Alex's mother was given as Nancy, 1 and there is a ten year gap between him and his sister older than he, she is 2nd wife. Charley Pete 5 Bacon, b 25 November , d 28 March Pollie Lee 5 Bacon, b 8 October , d 12 September Carl Rector of Osage, Frkln Co. Married Laura Jane Nase, b 14 November , d bef. Laura md 2 , George Hunter of Marion, He did not appear of the Cen. She is a daughter of James Thomas Harris, Jr. Lewis, b 18 January at Carrier Mills, res.

West Frankfort. Helen Louise 5 Dial, 20 September , Herrin, Eugene Emerson 5 Dial, 15 November Hudgens, Circa first half 20th century. Moccasins with geometric beading and bag with floral beading and fringe. Toning overall and wear as expected with age. The interior with stylized floral motif and the exterior with shamrock and lappet form decoration. Pouch missing flap. Some bead losses. Includes two shoe form, two pillows, a small change purse and a small pouch.

Portrayed in midst of performing a dance. White body with white leather clothing and white fur on moccasins, around wrists, and headdress. Horns and feathers on the headdress. Shells throughout. Holding a bow in one hand and an instrument in the other. Black wooden base with signature underneath. Inherent chips to wood on left foot. Two holding feathers and two playing drums. Positioned on real piece of wood on a base of cross-sectioned wood.

Signed under base with name and "Mudhead Branch". Top left kachina is no longer attached, but is included. Stick of top kachina is broken off in hand, missing. Red buff pot with three appendages and flared rim. Circa to AD. Small loss to one appendage. Together with an ancient Middle Eastern pottery oil lamp. Lamp 3" long. In wood and glass case. Michaels, Maryland. Includes: 1 Twenty-two bird points, side and corner notched, in various raw materials. Includes: 1 Mid-west collection of five arrowheads and one knife. Arrowheads include side and corner notched of fine grained chert, one heat treated.

Knife of fine grain light modeled chert. Argentinean knife is water worn. Arrowheads include side, corner and bottom notched, one heat treated. In wood and glass display box. Tooth with whale with repaired tip and discoloration to back side. African influence to shape. Sunken eyes with wide nose and mouth. Two areas of splitting to base. Several other areas of cracking to head. Includes: 1 Chinese articulated acrobat.

Left leg detaches from pin. Larger with losses to one foot. All with patina. Scene of nomadic tribe settling along river. Framed in mosaic frame and mounted on paper with painted floral border. Eight losses to mosaic frame along inner and outer borders. Some separation of tiles along inner and outer borders. Inlay on lid of box as well as sides of box. Depicts flowers, birds, leaves, and Chinese characters. Parts of inlay missing throughout. Lid sits crooked on bottom of box.

Engraved in Tibetan script. Some scratches and small dents to exterior. Missing mallet. Geisha in a landscape on one side and framed scene of three figures in a landscape. Marked underneath. Black background with green, red, blue, yellow, and gold paint throughout. Rubbing to gold paint resulting in fading and exposure of white underneath. Both decorated with cartouches of figures and flowers. One with chipping to rim. Baluster form with scene of house by bridge. Mounted as lamp with carved wood base and cap. Area of loss to wood cap. Base with crack and two small losses.

Patina to hardware. A few small scuffs to back of vase. Rectangular form with landscape scene. Blue ground with floral and scroll motif on head and body, scaling on legs. Short tail and mane. Open mouth. Qing Dynasty. Jade insert moves around in dish. Minor cracking to enamel in lobed dish. Enamel missing on parts of container, bending to metal as well. Each horse with white grounds, floral motif, and saddle in relief.

Wooden stands with scratches and surface wear. Teapot missing spout. Signed under base. Circa 19th century. Baluster form decorated with enameled scenes of women and children and royalty with attendants between panels of flowers on a diapered ground. Meiji period. Elephant form handles. Mounted as lamps and resting on carved wood bases. Overall 19' to sockets. Lamp with harp with small chips to rim. Woodblock print. Actor portraying Matsu-dai-ya Shiro Samurai, Marks and seals in upper and lower right corners. Matted in a painted black wooden frame.

Crooked under matting due to the way it is attached to back board. Light toning to woodblock and matting. Light wear to frame. Suma Beach at Night. Matted and black lacquered frame. Not examined out of frame. Depicts, in relief, two quail near water, with cattails, another bird, and a butterfly.

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Background of gold paint. Sticker on the back with "Made in Macau". Inpainting on background. Wear, chips, painting to top border. Carved wood frame set with three painted porcelain panels of landscape scenes. Middle screen with calligraphy and seal marks. Brass hanging loop. With seals at bottom left corners.

In matching wood frames with decorative brass hangers. Cover with figural dragon finial. Circa late Meiji. Two woodblock prints. Mie River at Yokkaichi and a scene of rice paddies. Circa to With text and seals upper right and left. Matted and in black and gilt painted frames. Light frame wear. Mount Fuji from Lake Hakone. Text and seal to lower right. Brass top and base. Baluster form with floral motif at top and bottom with scenes of monks in gardens and interiors. Wired electric. Red stamped "China" under bases.

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Wear to exterior of box, discoloration and rubbing. Baluster form decorated with scenes of birds and branches of peonies. Mounted as lamps on wood bases with adjustabe brass hardware. One signed. With stone stoppers with brass spoons. Together with a blank lapis seal carved with a dragon. Housed in fitted box carved to lid with birds on flowering branches. Together with a jade and bone mounted painting brush. Brush 14" long. Six character mark under base. Together with a gilded bronze seated Buddha with right hand in gyan mudra and the left holding a jar.

Buddha with wear to gilding. Signed and sealed at lower left corner. Fabric border with floral motif. Bone rod. In orginal wooden box. Handwritten on back "Kakemono". Overall 75" x 19" wide. Wrinkling throughout. Crack to end of bone rod. One saucer with one chip.

Chip to footing of bowl. Wear to glaze and paint on each. Marks and seals in upper left and on right side. Light toning. Woodblock on laid paper. Iris and Kingfisher. Hinged at top margin inside matte. Characters and red seal at lower right corner. Title and artist name written in pencil on matting.

In cream matting. Ohara Koson is famous for his prints with animal subjects. He is considered as the uncontested master of kacho-e - images of birds and flowers - in shin hanga style. The prints made by Koson have been very popular since the s and s. Most prints were published by Watanabe Shozaburo and exported. Ohara Koson worked both as a painter and a print maker. Wear, toning, and marks to matting. In a carved and pierced rosewood frame. Dragons in relief surround the midsection. Octagonal wooden base. Round green shade. Crazing throughout glaze. Small dents to edge of base.

Pilling to shade. Yongzheng six character mark under base, but 20th century. Six character Daoguang mark under base but 20th century. Six character Kangxi mark under base, but 20th century. With Qianlong mark under base, but 20th century. Six character Qianlong mark under base but 20th century. Borders of flowers, fruit, and greenery. Scenes of birds and flowers and people in interiors. Faint handwritten markings underneath, "Peking". Asymmetrical bonsai with twisted branches and trunk, in a celadon vase with leaf and swirl motif.

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