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That time has come and for the eight Sons of Navarus, this war will test all their strength and courage. They must unlock the secrets of the Prophecy of Idolas to defeat the Archons or perish in trying for none of their kind can be safe if the Archons win this battle. When her Master dies suddenly, Sara discovers his will leaves her to his nephew, as though she's a valuable piece of furniture.

She's ready to move into a hotel when she gets her first sight of the new owner, gorgeous six-foot-five Cal. Sara has a sudden desire to kneel at his feet.

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Only problem, he's not a Dom. Cal, a gifted but impoverished composer, barely knew his uncle. So it's a shock to inherit Bruno's fortune Under the terms of the will, they'll have to live as roommates before Cal can deed the house to her. Smart, lovely and graceful, Sara drives Cal crazy with desire. Cal is used to directing an orchestra to create the performance he wants, but he has to visit The Club to understand why his uncle left him The Bequest. Get A Copy. Published July 1st by Smashwords first published June 29th More Details Spiral of Bliss 1 included.

Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Spice Box , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 30, Dakota Storm rated it really liked it. I thought Ethan was sexy as hell and so protective of Mia.

From Abused Child to Serial Killer: Investigating Nature vs Nurture in Methods of Murder

Loved them together, very sexy. Twists and turns in this story make it a interesting and intriguing read. Jessa s another one I'm sure we'll get to know more in the future, very interesting character. Over all I enjoyed the book, wish it was a little longer but it sure packed a punch. Not a lot of info on Ethan turning into a werewolf thought it would have been covered more.

Sexy from start to finish and oh my The sex is explosive and only gets hotter and better while the book continues. Adam is sexy, demanding and in control in bed. Garrett is tender, sweet and so damn sexy in bed. Lauren she loves it all and both and her world turns blissful with both these sexy as hell men Scorching hot. His to Keep Wow!

Great story, I loved the characters from the beginning, especially Nic and Annie. I loved that they were hot for each other for years but I especially loved it when they gave in. These two are perfect for each other. Their sex is hot as hell, scorchingly hot. I thought the story was intriguing and action packed but their were a few things left open. The relationship between Annie's and Nic's parents, it was questioned by them but never uncovered, and I wanted to know about Karen at the shelter, too much left unsaid there. I thought the story romantic, sweet, sexy and intriguing but some left unsaid, I woud love to read more in this series and by this author.

I enjoyed His to Keep the most Jul 09, Twin Opinions rated it it was amazing. I love Emily! This was just a great read. Loved the plot and pirates! I got lost quickly and was sad to have it come to an end. The romance, the pirates, the curse, and the mirror made for a delight to read! Betita did an wonderful job of creating characters easy to relate to in such an unbelievable world. Which made it all so very believable for me! I loved it and so will you. I could not get enough of this hilarious read. I could read this over and over. I have never read a parody before but I am so glad I did this one.

Poor Ben, God love him, but nothing goes as planned for him. Kate's character was a little too over bard on her part but I still enjoyed this book. It was fun and a nice change for me. The comedy will have me coming back to this book over and over for a good laugh. This was perfect to me and I really had a great time reading this!

I found myself saying it can't already be over. I wanted more, so much more. A perfect read to me. Everything you could hope for and more. Boy is Jack a lucky man and poor Lexi, well her luck turns around quickly! A must read. The idea for this was great. I felt for Lexi so much. What a way to surprise your man and then have it end the way it did. Jack was perfect and I love him!

Such a great little read and now I need more. I hate when they go by so quickly. But wow was this good! I don't like the brothers thing in a book but, this is written so well that I over look it completely! This is a very sexy read with two hott men. If Lauren would have had to choose just one then, I would have hated it, so for once I really loved the brother aspect in a love triangle.

This was a great example of how to make it work and work well. I enjoyed it a lot and hope for more like it in the future! There are things I love and things I hate but overall a good vampire book. I was on the fence for this ones rating but the good writing won out and I say go and read this! The thing that I don't like is that Holly reminds Arie of Katarina, this just bugs me.

I don't know why but it does. I do love the mystery surrounding Holly though. A book with passion, mystery, suspense and paranormal makes for a really good read. One you should definitely pick up and give a try. Hot and steamy and throw a little danger into the mix It creates one fun read. With a well written story line and great characters, this book was hard to put down. I was extremely pleased with this read. I loved Nic. That strong alpha male that makes these romances so fun to read. Annie was a fairly easy character to relate too.

She wasn't my favorite heroine, but I enjoyed her character just the same. I always love when you add action to romance, so this story was the perfect read for me. It maybe my favorite of the set. So much going on and so much to lose. I really loved this set up for a book. A great read. Love Zoe and Jason. The past they have together only adds to the current mission. Who doesn't love a book with secret missions that are about sex? Great plot and one I will read over and over again!

More than Once I wanted to slap Live for her poor choices in this story. Dean is not much better. It is a good story and well written, but I was too angry during the book to enjoy it. Just when I would start to get happy I would get pissed all over because of one thing or another they did.

I also hate cliff hanger endings so that was just one more thing to add to my anger. Well written just not for me, but that's not stopping me from reading on to see if there will be a happy ending for Liv and Dean. Add in a paranormal twist and you have Blood Slave. Though there is loads of sex and violence it's still a very great story. So much happens and I just kept on thinking WOW! I absolutly love Hope's character and found her beautifully written. Loved the end and so worth every second for me.

A real page turner and I really enjoyed it. This is the first of it's type I have read that is written by a man and I must say I will be reading more of Travis Luedke's books. This was amazing! I loved this read. I loved every minute of this read. Very well written and wonderful characters. I loved Mia. She was easy to relate to and get into the story line. Well I love Ethan!

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I really enjoyed the mix of paranormal. I found the world Makela built to be highly intriguing and I couldn't put these books down. I loved the action, plot and characters. What more can you ask for right? A great read that I highly recommend. Neil and Elaina are perfect. Such a beautifully written story that drags you in on page 1! I love second chance love storys and this one now tops my list!

Amazing is not good enough for a description of this one for me. Perfect with the HEA they deserve and after all they went through to get it. I was so in love with both characters and thrilled I got the chance to read this. For anyone who loves a good love story, I say this is your book. Left me dying to read about the next characters while still loving every second spent with Vasilije and Sasa. Boy was it a steamy read! Erotic doesn't seem to define it :. Add the revenge path of Vasilije and you have a great book. Looking forward to lads more from Bisset and her work and so much more of the Sons that are to come!

I am not sure how I feel about the story it's self though. It is very well written but Jim is a jerk so I really don't get why Sky was with him and why he gets mad over her job. He dumped her so it's not his business. That whole part was hard for me to get over but other than that I liked it. I read it straight through and enjoyed it. I just didn't connect as well with the characters as I usually do and that held me back a bit. Would I recommend this read? Like I said I really liked it.

My hang ups are me and me alone. I love the plot for this. Wow, did not expect to love this so much! Cal, swoon, it so hott! Who wouldn't want to fall at this man's feet? I love Sara's duel life! This was just a great story. The slow build up was perfect and I loved every page of Cal and Sara's story. I can not wait to get more from this author. I was pleasantly surprised by this book and enjoyed it a lot. It is hot and steamy and yet slow and loving.

I really did get lost in the story and the character's new lives. This was the perfect way to end this little series. The cover is great! A really fun read. I loved this incredibly sexy read! I was completely caught off guard for a moment with the hotel scene but then bam right back in.

I love that the author stays true to the characters throughout the stories. I also really enjoyed the new independence Jillian grasped and the move Dean made to visit the Players Club.

Ask A Porn Star: "Porn Set Horror Stories II"

Dean is the ultimate sexy husband and Jill is the confident woman we all want to be. I love this series! I can honestly not say enough about this series or the author. This is the kind of series you pick up over and over again. And honestly I can't wait to relive this series again and jump into the new series this preludes to! Great characters and I love the way Wilde sets up the next series. I can't wait to dive into it! I am really curious to see where Wilde takes us in this new series.

I just know it will be wonderful. She has yet to disappoint! Jul 18, Dakota Skye rated it it was amazing Shelves: erotic-romance. I had to write that in all caps because it is definitely hot. Nice mix of stories, some better than others of course , but all very well written. Overall, a great collection of spicy stories. Great beach read! The author has fit a full story in just a novella, complete with relatable three-dimensional characters and an engaging plot. They have a tentative chemistry at first that blossoms in to so much more.

As Cal is a composer, music is cleverly woven in to the story, providing a rich texture to the entire book. This novella is perfect for a single sitting; a sexy, romantic, satisfying, and wholly enjoyable read. Check it out! We got to review Torn Between Two Brothers and if that is any indicator of how this set goes Every girl would love either man, but what if you had to choose between the two and they were brothers? Lauren is a doctor with a stressful, busy schedule and sometimes she just needs someone to come home to.

And is that good enough? They seemed dry and slightly scientific, but that is a personal preference and not a hit against the book or Ms. Jul 09, Lyn is currently reading it. She regularly attended Brooklands aerodrome and motor-racing circuit during the s and 30s, and the Brooklands Museum has preserved a sitting-room from that era and named it after her.

The war marked the beginning of a lifelong interest in civic welfare and politics for Cartland, who served the War Office in various charitable capacities as well as the St John Ambulance Brigade. In , Cartland was elected a councillor on Hertfordshire County Council [7] as a Conservative and served for nine years. During this time she campaigned successfully for nursing home reform, improvement in the salaries of midwives, and the legalization of education for the children of Gypsies. A waxwork of Cartland was on display at Madame Tussauds , though according to her son Ian, Cartland was displeased because it wasn't "pretty enough".

Cartland's physical and mental health, particularly eyesight, began to fail in her mids, [ citation needed ] but she remained a favourite with the press, granting interviews to international news agencies even during the final months of her life. Cartland died peacefully in her sleep, on 21 May , seven weeks before her 99th birthday, at her residence, Camfield Place, near Hatfield, Hertfordshire. She had been suffering from ill health and dementia for six months beforehand, and was subsequently bedridden and sequestered.

Shortly afterward, Cartland's daughter from her first marriage, Raine, travelled to the family home. After originally deciding she would like to be buried in her local parish church, featuring a coffin of marble construction, covered in angels, this was later changed; Cartland was buried in a cardboard coffin, because of her concerns for environmental issues. Cartland left behind a series of unpublished novels, known as the Barbara Cartland Pink Collection.

These are being published in ebook format by her son Ian McCorquodale; each month, a new novel is published from the collection. In , to mark the 10th anniversary of her death, Cartland's first novel, Jig-Saw first published in , was reprinted. In addition, her collections of ebooks are available in Spanish, Italian and German.

The film was written by Jacquetta May. Her last project was to be filmed and interviewed for her life story directed by Steven Glen for Blue Melon Films.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Barbara Cartland bibliography. Archived from the original on 12 August Retrieved 12 August During her long career, my mother, Barbara Cartland wrote an incredible books, which were translated into 38 languages, making her the most prolific author of the 20th Century.

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