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I was a little nervous about being able to access her straight away again, but no, there she is, right next to the vodka. I like her a lot. She means well and she is kind of a superhero. So it is fun to put my crazy Carrie cape on again. She also has to be so vigilant in maintaining her own well-being. She has a bomb ticking inside of her that she is always monitoring. Danes is gratified that people who live these dilemmas for real are fans of the show. She stays in touch with the female C. I think it is a more subversive message to send that a young Marine could find something in the beautiful and poetic and positive forces of this religion, rather than simply being brainwashed by it.

And I love playing it with her because she is just so good at it, so committed to it. Gansa said that the minute he and his co-developer, Howard Gordon, settled on the idea of a female C. It was more important for her to wait for the right offer and spend some time with her husband — she and Dancy married in They are in the world.

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I would rather not work than be a neurotic mess. She first proved this point to herself when she gave up her career for two years and took herself off to Yale University to study psychology , not long after playing Juliet. Marriage, Danes suggested, has been a liberation. Sitting next to the sea in Israel, I asked her about her sense of the difficulties of having a family while she and her husband both pursue their acting careers questions that were more pressing than I realized then. I went to high school and acted at the same time. See all results matching 'mub'. Hindi English Arjun Bijlani on why he enjoys anchoring shows and his hectic schedule.

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Danish Zehen's fan base increases on social media post his demise

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Nov 26, Tonya rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley-tbr , reading-challenge , ssbr , arc-reviews. I've been stingy with those lately and this book was refreshing and made me happy and I can't stop thinking about it. Loved this!!! Review to come What can I say about this book? It was white hot and a terrific start to the new Twisted Steel series. Can I just give kudos to Ms. I liked it. A LOT. Especially in reference to the hot hot hot Asa Barrons and the scene that it came from! It was refreshing and hot and it made me happy. I was only 35 pages in and messaging Mandy and Maria how much I was loving it.

Maria had already read it and loved it also so we were able to have some discussion about it when I finished. This is the story of Asa Barrons. A former soldier and co-owner of the custom body shop Twisted Steel. He meets Penelope Jean Colman aka PJ at an event and right from the get go the tension and foreplay is off the charts hot. I loved that Asa was a little older and little bit of a curmudgeon at times.

It was cute and funny to watch PJ coax him out. He put up a good fight and the man angst was done really well in this one. I love a little man angst! This book did a great job of giving a great story for Asa as well as an equally compelling story for PJ with her family struggles. She handles it great. I love how she sticks up for herself no matter what with both her family and with Asa.

It was sweet, hot and funny at times. It was handled smoothly and with humor. This was just an all around really well-developed story and I cannot wait for the next installment to find out what happens when fun-loving Duke finally meets his match! Jun 11, Liz F rated it it was amazing. Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley. OMG, this was a serious book. Seriously awesome!

I don't really know exactly what I was expecting but this book definitely surprised me. I really loved it and it had everything I could ask for! PJ, the heroine, was amazing.

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At the start of the book, she worked at her family's huge, successful tire business doing a job that was just a job. She was an artist and she wanted to branch out, which she did and I loved her bravery for doing it! She had Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley. She had the balls to go out and do her own thing, based on her own talents. She was also a very modern woman. She had tattoos and piercings and tried hard to not give a damn what people thought about her style.

She wanted to be judged based on her talent, not her hair or her ass or the fact that she had a vagina between her legs.

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And how can I not love that? She had some daddy issues but her dad really did do her wrong and I could find no fault in her reactions to or her feelings about him. She was smart and irreverent and had a wicked sense of humor. There were a couple of times that she was maybe a little too cool or too smooth but her honesty and her integrity more than made up for it. She demands honesty in all things and is always true to herself.

Damn, I seriously loved this woman! Asa was literally sex on two legs, like for real! Holy crap. I had a little difficulty picturing him clearly but wow, it sounded like all of his parts really went well together! He's this bad ass bruiser looking guy who restores engines, cars, motorcycles, everything!

But like a lot of bad ass heroes, he was squishy and sweet on the inside. The soft and squishy wasn't obvious at first and it took a while to see it. In fact, the best thing about Asa was that his sweetness just sort of creeped up on me and I didn't realize how sweet and squishy he was being until the heroine mentioned it.

It was like, "That's just Asa. He had a sad back story but that just made him even more appealing! Whoa, Nelly, the Sexy Time was off the charts hot and super plentiful. I mean, for real, people! It ventured a good bit into BDSM territory with some blindfolding and spanking use implements in addition to an open palm, but I didn't feel like it was too crazy. I loved that PJ saw into the heart of Asa and knew he was worth the fight. It was funny and aggravating that Asa thought PJ was too young for him.

I loved that PJ put him in his place with that nonsense right away. These two were perfect for each other! I really loved this book I'm going to force Evie to read asap! So I thought this would be similar to a motorcycle club book and it wasn't.

by Ocean Vuong

And they'll need to love funny and unusual heroines who take shit from no man for the most part. Asa was definitely an alpha male but for me, I think was just about The Perfect alpha male I definitely recommend this book. Go out and grab this one - you won't regret it! Mar 24, Maria Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-reads , sexy-as-all-get-out , fully-reviewed-books , best-of , topish-of This sexy erotic romance is the first in the new Ink and Chrome series.

Asa has pulled himself out of a challenging upbringing to be a co-partner in Twisted Steel, a custom build motorcycle shop. He's got everything he wants right now - a successful job that he loves, money in his pocket and any girl he wants. When he meets PJ, a young, sassy, car enthusiast who just so happens to be carving out her own niche as a custom detailer, he views her as off limits. She's too young for him, and he think This sexy erotic romance is the first in the new Ink and Chrome series. She's too young for him, and he thinks his style of sex would be too much for her.

But PJ has her eye on Asa too and is more than willing to give him a few chances to get things right. When they do finally connect, will the passion between them burn out quickly or lead to a deeper relationship? This book had me entranced right from the start and a huge part of that was the character of PJ. She was such a firecracker! I loved how honest and forthright she was with Asa, showing him her interest in starting something with him right from the start and not playing any games. Her relationship with her family is complex , a different tone for each person.

With her sister she's funny and friendly and they have a really easy going friendship. With her brothers she's a bit more wary and things can sometimes be tense, in particular with her older brother who won't do anything that their father might disapprove of. With her father, heartbreakingly, she has learned since a young age that no matter what she does, she won't have his approval. Her position in the family tire business is precarious as her desire for taking it in a new direction runs into a wall time and time again.

But she's finally decided that she isn't going to take no for an answer and I admired her greatly for having the guts to make decisions about her future for her benefit, even at the risk of leaving the cushion of her family business. Asa was the perfect guy - a protective alpha male, a caring son and brother, a handsome and hardworking man, and a driven competitor. It's not hard to see why PJ is drawn to him from their first meeting and though it takes her a while to wear him down, when he finally accepts that he's not going to be able to resist her, the results are fan-freaking-tastic!

The sex scenes in this story are some of the hottest I've read, and include a good dash of humour as well as deeper emotional moments as they really connect. If I thought my ereader could catch fire, I would have had a fire extinguisher handy, that's how hot these two burn together. I really enjoyed the look inside Twisted Steel and the custom build shop they have going on, as well as learning about PJ's detailing work. The guys who work at the shop were a fun group, and the camaraderie between Asa and his partner Duke, and the introduction of their friend and former military mate Mick give a little view into what we can expect next in the series.

Though there are some emotional moments for PJ with respect to her relationship with her father, there isn't a lot of angst in the story or melodrama to hinder Asa and PJ's relationship. For me, it was definitely a winner and one of my favourite reads so far this year. Note: a copy of this story was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for review. Jun 04, The BookChick rated it liked it Shelves: read , lauren-dane , 3-star-read.

As a fan of Lauren Dane, I was super excited to see that she was starting a new series. The Ink and Chrome series begins its promising start with the first book, Opening Up. Opening Up is a fairly easy read with not a lot of gasp-worthy twists and turns. I would label it as a very slow and sweet read. Yes, Dane brings the heat as she always does but the story has an even pace from beginning to end. Good on one had because you pretty much know what to expect from the story and will be happy with As a fan of Lauren Dane, I was super excited to see that she was starting a new series.

Good on one had because you pretty much know what to expect from the story and will be happy with the happily ever after provided. Bad on the other because it lacks the high energy of many of her other novels. Now, a word on the characters. PJ is a free spirit and the youngest daughter of an affluent family of tire-industry moguls. Asa is a successful grease monkey who has a car and bike modification business with a few of his good friends. They pair experience an instant and powerful attraction for one another.

PJ wants to act on it and Asa does too………. There is a bit of heavy flirting for months before the couples final give into their passions for each other. Her father will absolutely make you want to hate him. He is mean, nasty, and hateful toward PJ and makes her life miserable. There are some pretty ugly moments of engagement between PJ and her father but Asa is so there! Fortunately for PJ, her family steps up to the plate and they all work together to remove her father and her equally nasty uncle from a position of power in the family company.

My issue with the story is primarily about the low energy of the story. There were no major moments that provided any excitement for the reader. When I said the story was even — even in that there were no peaks and valleys. No highs or lows to make the story engaging and interesting. I enjoyed the story overall; however, I missed the excitement and I kept waiting for it and hoping for it to happen. Now, don't pass over this book because of my feelings about it. It was good! I will definitely keep the series on my radar because I know that it will continue to grow and get better over time.

So, my final assessment: Read it for yourself! To be honest I feel guilty giving Opening Up such a rating. It had one of the best female leads with PJ. I adored her, she was the type of lead I want to see more of in the romance genre. In fact, she's the main reason I read well past when I should have. Problems is I just got done reading some great books. Most importantly great books with amazing sexual chemistry, and they weren't even romance central books. Sad truth is that Opening Up reads slow. It never really picks up and just plods alon To be honest I feel guilty giving Opening Up such a rating.

It never really picks up and just plods along. Asa is the male lead and he could have been swapped out with any other male alpha out there.

When he finally develops I had already checked out. Not to mention that Asa and PJ's chemistry would turn off and on for me. Most of the time it never reached the heights I needed it to. Plus the writing and I did not get along. I had to reread some of the dialogue. I couldn't tell which alpha male was speaking. The flow of what some characters were saying was off, and I don't think it was slang. Not to mention that the writing is a little barren to me.

For a while I kept thinking that Asa had a beard. Well over halfway it was confirmed and I kept wondering what kind of beard? The writing didn't create enough of a visual, emotions, and other key things to suck me in. PJ interested me. Not only her but her best friend and sister. I enjoyed how Opening Up addresses how being a woman, and being young, is used against you in the work environment. Working in the car industry makes it even worst. Or a lot of other industries that are male "only". PJ handles her self well and I love that she knows what she wants. When Asa tries to think for her, she shuts him down and tells him what's what.

She knows how far she's willing to court him, and when she needs to move on. She's not afraid to tell him no. Even in the bedroom. There was an awesome scene about saying no to back door action! She's amazing, and if the book was about her and her career I would have been on board. Sadly it's a romance and Asa did not interest me.

Which led to a lack of chemistry as a couple. I've read plenty of romance where the alpha male could have been swapped out for another one, but they had burning chemistry! For PJ I read this way past my quitting point. I dare say that many romance fans are going to love this book. If you are a big romance reader I insist that you give this book a try. In the end I wanted to quit, but I couldn't miss experiencing more PJ.

Sadly the rest of this book was boring and uninteresting. Sexual Content: Plenty of humor. Yes, sex. Sadly I found that pretty flat except for a few comedic points that were put in.

The Book Boys’ First Day of School!

The two had no chemistry. Originally reviewed at Book Whispers. May 19, Lindy rated it really liked it Shelves: adult-romance , blog-tour , blog-review. I was attracted to the beautiful book cover, as well as the summary. This story is told from the dual perspectives of the main characters, Penelope Jean "P. The pacing of the story was steady.

Asa Barrons is a "manly man. He co-owns his own successful motorcycle shop, Twisted Steel, with his best friend, Duke Bradshaw. When Asa and P. J has her eye on Asa, and when she is determined, she get's what she wants. Asa is attracted to P. J's stunning beauty, sex appeal, and amazing personality, but dismisses the idea of being with someone so young.

She is twenty-five, and at thirty-seven, Asa see's too much of an age gap. However, as P. The temptation of the sexy and alluring P. My favorite aspect of Opening Up was P. She was a strong, intelligent, hard-working, and ambitious woman. She had to deal with discrimination in the work place, even with her own family, yet she demanded respect and wouldn't let anyone hold her back.