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Cause of death: Already bitten, she decided to go out swinging and basically threw herself into an onslaught of oncoming zombies.

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Episode: 6 Who was she: Dwight's wife's diabetic younger sister. Cause of death: Devoured by the glass-encased remains of the children she used to babysit. Episode: 11 Who was he: The Hilltop resident who tries to kill Gregory after Negan kidnaps his brother. Cause of death: Stabbed in the neck by Rick. Gnarliness: 5. Episode: 3 Who was he: Alexandria's gardener; hat wearer. Cause of death: Devoured by walkers after unwisely choosing to split off from the rest of the group.

Gardeners suck at killing zombies, FYI. Episode: 3 Who was she: Part of Alexandria's crack supply run team Cause of death: Sprained her ankle while the group is trying to get out of the woods and was too slow to run away. Episode: 3 Who was he: Love sick Alexandria resident; married to Betsy. Cause of death: Devoured by walkers after he was too slow to climb a fence. Episode: 5 Who was she: David's heartbroken wife. Cause of death: Slit her wrists after learning of David's untimely death. Episode: 2 Who was he: One of Alexandria's tower guards. Gnarliness: 6. Episode: 9 Who was he: Alexandria's youngest resident after Judith but the compound's biggest Tiny Tim fan.

Cause of death: Eaten by the monsters. Episode: 9 Who was she: Sam's mother, and Rick's brief pre-Michonne fling. Cause of death: Devoured by walkers while trying to save Sam. Episode: 9 Who was he: Sam's, let's face it, asshole of an older brother.

'The Walking Dead' has quietly sidelined one of the comic's big characters and no one seems to care

Cause of death: Stabbed through the back by Michonne—to the protests of nobody. Waking up to the fact that the army abandoned them and that no one is coming to help, Maddie, Travis, Daniel, and their respective families pack up their cars to get ready to travel toward the desert. In order to do that, they need to rescue Liza and Nick from the military encampment downtown, something they hope to accomplish using a giant reanimated diversion. Daniel lets all the walking corpses out of the Coliseum, where the soldiers locked the living in with the dead, so that they can attack the army base on one side and our heroes can enter from the other side.

The plan works all too well as the walkers storm the fences and rip down the guard towers. Because of this new threat, the evacuation helicopters that were going to rescue Liza, the other medical personnel, and their patients retreat and leave all of them to die, or at least fend for themselves. Dr Exner tells Liza to run while she still can, but Liza is stunned by the violence and hopelessness she sees as the zombies take bites out of the military and one of the infected sacrifices himself into the rotors of a helicopter rather than turn into a zombie.

We could use a bit more of this in season two. This episode was really about retribution and people paying for their misdeeds. Daniel tortured Soldier Andy and he comes back to shoot his daughter in the arm. The soldier who bargained with Strand and took his cufflinks gets eaten alive by a zombie and Strand takes his bounty back with him. Chris was annoying as hell the whole season and finally some soldiers beat the crap out of him. See, everyone is getting what they deserve.

What they do to help them could actually end up hurting them. The same thing happens to Travis. Travis responds by pummeling Andy, probably to death. But this is a moment of transition for Travis, and everyone else. It seems like those that learn the best thing they can do is look out for themselves stand the best chance, because there will be negative consequences regardless. One of the things that differentiates Fear the Walking Dead from The Walking Dead: Original Recipe is that people are still being confronted with this awful tsunami of hopelessness for the first time.

Look at Dr Exner, who just sort of gives up. The worst thing? Her sister Maggie Lauren Cohan had just arrived outside. With an innumerable number of walkers catching up with the group on their way back to Alexandria, Glenn Steven Yeun and Nicholas find themselves trapped in an alleyway. Climbing onto a dumpster, the two are surrounded by the undead with no discernible escape. Nicholas draws his gun, utters a "Thank you" to Glenn before shooting himself in the head, his flailing body pulling Glenn into the pit of walkers below.

Despite the episode leading you to believe he died, it emerges four episodes later that he managed to crawl away as the walkers feasted on Nicholas' corpse leading to fan furore.

'The Walking Dead' has mishandled Heath - INSIDER

Season six returned from its mid-season break in typically dramatic fashion when an iconic moment from the graphic novels came to life: Carl takes a bullet to the eye. Following the stress of Carl surviving a bullet to the eye, Rick and Michonne realise they have more than just friendship in common. It was a welcome deviation from the comics that disarmed a number of the show's fans, and has been a relationship that's continued to shape the DNA of the series to this day. Season seven opened in brutal form as we discovered it was Abraham Michael Cudlitz at the opposite end of Negan's baseball bat.

Negan decides to punish the group once more after getting clocked round the face by Daryl. Without expectation, he thwacks Lucille round the head of poor Glenn. With his eyeball popping out of his head, he manages: "I'll find you, Maggie" before Negan proceeds to finish the job, ending Glenn's life.

In a moment that comic book readers never expected to manifest on screen, we meet Shiva — a living, breathing tiger belonging to the Kingdom's leader, Ezekiel Khary Payton.

Carol summed it up best: "I don't know what's going on in the most wonderful way. Having had a near-miss with a walker episodes before, fans were left blindasided by the reveal that Carl, in fact, giot bit by the walker and was slowly succumbing to his wounds. It's been the biggest deviation from the comics and one that fans were unanimously upset by.

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